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  • MirageCraft VS Hypixel

    MirageCraft VS Hypixel
    Pros of Hypixel Cons of Hypixel
    Large player base Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames Can experience lag due to high player count
    Active community and events Pay-to-win elements in some games

    Pros of MirageCraft Cons of MirageCraft
    Play Pokémon in a Minecraft world Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Custom shiny starters and unique features Potential for limited gameplay compared to Hypixel’s variety
    Regular updates and events May require knowledge of Pokémon games to fully enjoy

    FAQ for Hypixel: – What is the player base like on Hypixel? – Hypixel has a large and active player base with thousands online at any given time. – What kind of minigames can I find on Hypixel? – Hypixel offers a wide variety of minigames including Bed Wars, SkyWars, and more. – Are there any downsides to playing on Hypixel? – Some players may find the server overwhelming due to its size and may experience occasional lag.

    FAQ for MirageCraft: – What makes MirageCraft stand out from other Minecraft servers? – MirageCraft allows players to experience the world of Pokémon in Minecraft, with custom features and shiny starters. – How frequently are updates and events on MirageCraft? – MirageCraft offers regular updates and planned events to keep the gameplay experience fresh. – Do I need to be familiar with Pokémon games to play on MirageCraft? – While not necessary, having knowledge of Pokémon games can enhance your gameplay experience on MirageCraft.

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    Hello! We invite you all to our survival RPG server. → Missions +1200 → Jobs → Valid for all versions → Clan system → Custom crates → Infernal mobs with custom items and amulets → Professional fishing and tournaments → Temporary/permanent ranges and OP kits → Skills and mana → Customized trading system → Protections

    Come in and discover for yourself what else nn has →

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  • Servidor hiroland

    Servidor hiroland


    Hello everybody!

    We’re back with the Hiroland server, a root survival server style with land protection, clans, skills (mining, excavation, agriculture, agility, etc.) and much more.We brought the essence of the old survival, in the most current version of Minecraft, with current and updated functions. Server based on version 1.16.5, but we accept versions above 1.10.x. We recommend using 1.16+ to take full advantage of the resources!

    Bring your friends and have fun!Equipe Hiroland

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  • ❤️SunnyWorld❤️ Survival, BedWars, Vulture 🔥 1.12-1.20 Minecraft server

    ❤️SunnyWorld❤️ Survival, BedWars, Vulture 🔥 1.12-1.20 Minecraft server

    Minecraft 1.8 – 1.12.2 and higher ➜ IP –

    Russian minecraft server “SunnyWorld”


    ★ ➜ |Mini-Games|

    ★ ➜ |Clans|

    ★ ➜ |Trampolines|

    ★ ➜ |Weddings|

    ★ ➜ |Weapons|

    ★ ➜ |Auctions|


    ★ We are in contact ★

    ➜ IP –

    Buy donut here:

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  • SkyVill Survival – Romania

    SkyVill Survival – Romania

    – Realistic Survival (1.19.3) – – New skystems: Rune, Key, Pet, New Mobs etc.- – New items: Cosmetics, Furniture, etc..- – Custom Map Generation (Realistic) – – Ranks & Customization of texture – – Romania Community and English language – Dailys, events, rewards and more . . . –

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Piggy hat

    Piggy hat

    High version pure plug-in server is committed to building a warm Minecraft server community We are an up-to-date, free of modifications server, with only simple and convenient plugins. We are eagerly dedicated in constructing a welcoming and friendly Minecraft community Versionedition:1.19

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Uniquecraft


    UniqueCraft is a BRAND NEW 1.19 Faction Server! (NOW COMPATIBLE WITH BEDROCK)

    UniqueCraft is a fun faction server for all players around the world! Main language is English, but other languages are acceptable. The server has a variety of fun and unique ideas implemented into the server to create an amazing experience while playing on UniqueCraft. We are a one-of-a-kind Faction Server that stays up to date with recent Minecraft Versions! We are not stuck in the 1.7-1.8 era. We keep moving forward, and keep upgrading!

    If you enjoy a friendly community, or you like to start beef with other players, by raiding, griefing, or even killing them we are the perfect server for you! We are a mixture of all sorts of people. But we care about you first! We also have the option to be a “Peaceful Faction”, which disables raiding, griefing, and pvping for you and your faction!

    UniqueCraft focuses on bringing the best Faction and PVP experience for the players, from being able to grind for crate keys, McMMO levels, and tokens to afk farming, auctioning your valuables, and even just chill out farming crops!

    Features:– Current Version: 1.19– 1.9+ Combat With Shields– Intensive PVP– Weekly Events & Giveaways– Overworld Border of 20,000 x 20,000 (Tons of land to explore)– Nether Border of 10,000 x 10,000 (Nether Update)– Custom Crates– Gen Buckets– Faction Upgrades– Outpost– Vote Party and Milestones– Unique Experience– Custom Mob Health – McMMO– Multiple Currencies (Tokens and Money)– Gigantic /Shop– Auction House– Silk Touch Spawners– No Lag– 24/7– SO MUCH MORE…

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  • Cloud – We are trying for you. Join us! Minecraft server

    Cloud – We are trying for you.  Join us!  Minecraft server

    Join us, we have just opened, free and cheap donation!

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    Our latest version of the Bearcraft server running on the latest MC version.

    Since 2012

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  • Zorlecraft


    Update: New Dedicated IP! Welcome to Zorlecraft a 1.19 factions pvp server located in the US. We’re a server looking to provide a fun factions experience. The server ip is and we’re currently running version 1.19. We’re a brand new server looking to evolve and grow. Check us out and give us some feedback!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Frawlah


    A modded survival server with cross-play! Play with your friends on both Java and Bedrock Editions! Build, Destroy and have fun!For Java Edition, use frawlah.shock.ggFor Bedrock Edition, use [Port: 25736]

    New Minecraft Server
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