New Minecraft Servers

SERVERS UPDATED April 17, 2024, 6:14 PM

New Minecraft Servers

Terms of Use

1. The Covenant of Fair Play

Thou shalt not wield the dark arts of hacking, cheating, or any form of digital sorcery to gain undue advantage in the realms showcased herein. Playeth fair and respect thy fellow adventurers, for the spirit of Minecraft is in community and creativity.

2. The Scroll of Civility

Our kingdom thrives on harmony. Thus, any troll under the bridge or dragon in the skies spreading flames of hatred, bigotry, or bullying shall be banished forthwith. Speak kindly, craft kindly, and build friendships, not fortresses of solitude.

3. The Tome of Creativity

Thou art encouraged to unleash thy imagination! However, remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Do not conjure creations that infringe upon the creations of others. Plagiarism is the dragon we all must slay.

4. The Ledger of Liability

While we strive to keep the portal to each server as safe as a well-lit village, we’re but humble guides. We cannot man the battlements for every fort. Thus, your journey through each portal is at your own risk. Arm yourself with wisdom and caution.

5. The Map of Ownership

All lands, realms, and servers belong to their respective lords and ladies (server owners). We merely provide the magical maps (links) to find these kingdoms. Treat each realm with respect, as though you’re a guest in another’s castle.

6. The Potion of Privacy

We mix a powerful potion to protect your privacy, but we need some ingredients from you (like cookies, not the delicious kind, sadly). Fear not, for we use these ingredients wisely and keep them safe from the dark witches and warlocks of the web.

7. The Chronicle of Changes

Like the seasons in the land of Minecraft, our terms may evolve. We’ll sound the horn when significant changes arise, but do check back as you would with your crops and livestock.

8. The Quest of Queries

Should you find yourself puzzled, lost, or in need of a bard’s tale, our scribes are at the ready. Send forth your ravens (or just email us) with your inquiries.

By crossing the threshold into our grand archive of Minecraft servers, you hereby agree to these terms, sealing the pact with the most sacred and binding of magics: common sense and good humor.

Adventure awaits, brave soul. May your pickaxe never dull, and your creeper encounters be few.