New Minecraft Servers

SERVERS UPDATED April 17, 2024, 5:49 PM

New Minecraft Servers

Privacy Policy

1. The Gathering of the Harvest

As you traverse our lands and marvel at the servers, we gather only the essence necessary to enhance your quest (like IP addresses, the type of dragon you ride, aka your browser type, and the scrolls you peruse, aka site navigation data). Fear not, for we do this not out of malice, but to tailor the experience to your noble preferences.

2. The Sanctum of Consent

Before we collect any shards of your essence, we seek your noble nod of approval. Should you decide to keep your essence shrouded in mystery, you can do so by adjusting the incantations within your magical mirror (browser settings).

3. The Conclave of Cookies

Our alchemists concoct small but powerful tokens called Cookies. These are not the delectable treats you might find in a village bakery but magical sigils that help us remember your saga’s chapters as you navigate our realm. You can command these cookies to vanish with a wave of your hand (or through your browser settings).

4. The Vault of Secrecy

Like the treasures in the deepest dungeon, your information is guarded within our fortress, protected by ancient spells and robust magic (security measures). Only the most trusted mages and knights (our staff) have the key, and even then, only for noble purposes.

5. The Portal to Other Realms

On occasion, we may guide you to other kingdoms (third-party sites). Be warned, brave traveler, for once you step through these portals, our spells of protection can no longer shield you. Read the runes and sigils (privacy policies) of these lands with caution.

6. The Right to Wield Power

You, noble adventurer, have the power to view, amend, or even erase the personal scrolls we hold about you. Should you wish to wield this power, simply send a raven (contact us), and we shall assist you on your quest.

7. The Chronicle of Updates

As the world evolves, so too does our Book of Privacy Spells. We’ll light the beacons and send word when significant updates are made, but do return to peruse the latest version, as one checks on a well-tended crop.

8. The Gathering of the Council

Should you have inquiries or wish to parley about your privacy under our watch, summon us (contact us), and we shall respond posthaste, for open dialogue strengthens the bonds of our alliance.

By venturing forth into our realm and utilizing our archives of wondrous servers, you acknowledge and agree to the incantations laid forth in this Enchanted Book of Privacy Spells.

Embark on your journey with peace of mind, knowing that your secrets are safe in our keep.

May your ventures be fruitful and your data secure!