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InventoryKeepers Minecraft Servers

Best InventoryKeepers Minecraft Servers 2024

  • MirageCraft VS Hypixel

    MirageCraft VS Hypixel
    Pros of Hypixel Cons of Hypixel
    Large player base Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames Can experience lag due to high player count
    Active community and events Pay-to-win elements in some games

    Pros of MirageCraft Cons of MirageCraft
    Play Pokémon in a Minecraft world Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Custom shiny starters and unique features Potential for limited gameplay compared to Hypixel’s variety
    Regular updates and events May require knowledge of Pokémon games to fully enjoy

    FAQ for Hypixel: – What is the player base like on Hypixel? – Hypixel has a large and active player base with thousands online at any given time. – What kind of minigames can I find on Hypixel? – Hypixel offers a wide variety of minigames including Bed Wars, SkyWars, and more. – Are there any downsides to playing on Hypixel? – Some players may find the server overwhelming due to its size and may experience occasional lag.

    FAQ for MirageCraft: – What makes MirageCraft stand out from other Minecraft servers? – MirageCraft allows players to experience the world of Pokémon in Minecraft, with custom features and shiny starters. – How frequently are updates and events on MirageCraft? – MirageCraft offers regular updates and planned events to keep the gameplay experience fresh. – Do I need to be familiar with Pokémon games to play on MirageCraft? – While not necessary, having knowledge of Pokémon games can enhance your gameplay experience on MirageCraft.

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  • The Blaizecraft Network | Hub Server

    The Blaizecraft Network | Hub Server

    Introducing The Blaizecraft Network – A new way to play the servers you want, when you want! Servers: • Creative • SMP • Factions • Sky Block • Sky Grid

    Features: • Knowledgeable and active staff • Strong Community • Lag free and 24/7 uptime • TS3 server

    Check For the latest information about the server.

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  • Czcrafter


    Welcome to Czcrafter! Great server with: Factions, Survival, Raiding, and pvp of course!! Make sure to check out our site, and join today!

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  • HappyDiggers MC

    HappyDiggers MC

    HappyDiggers MC is a small community server. Here we play survival Minecraft with a few quality of life perks. This server has been around for over 10 years.

    We have a very simple rule for this server: respect the staff and other players. This helps keeps unfriendly people out and makes it a nice place to be.

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  • SlivenCraft


    One of the oldest Bulgarian Minecraft servers. We have opened in the late 2013 and have been running since then. Come and play with our friendly player base!

    Events – Every Friday, Sunday and Saturday

    Discord: jokerzhd#2672 | Puke#8110 Facebook: Skype: slivencraft IP: Join now! – 1.8 – 1.17

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  • JediCraft


    Jedi-Craft is a new and unique experience that combines Star Wars and Minecraft to create a thrilling game-mode. Discover over 50 weapons, drive 5 different types of vehicles (Even AT-AT Walkers!), explore a scenic starwars themed world, and much more!

    For the true adventures, you can become a Jedi or Sith and learn the ways of the Force. Some of the Force abilities you can learn are; Force Push, Pull, Choke, and Lightning.

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  • Pixelmon


    Join this server The mod pack requiered is poke packs from the voids wrath launcher Thank you!

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  • Minemee


    Minemee is a long-established Minecraft server. We’ve been up since 2010. The server has fun and easy to talk to players and Admins alike. We’re not trying to be a big server. We’d rather build a community where all the players know each other.

    We are entirely free and we don’t have any donator rank. We offer different game modes including our own SMP, Creative and Mini Games. We are also hosting other game servers like TF2.

    Join us and have fun!

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  • Monuments & Mayhem

    Monuments & Mayhem

    MaM is an “enhanced vanilla” survival server. Our goal is keeping the core gameplay experience of Minecraft intact, while solving common problems that can ruin multiplayer. We also extend gameplay with fantastic new features that fit well with vanilla Minecraft.

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  • LucosSurvival


    ================= LucosSurvival ================= Welcome to us! We love our players!

    Rules: No lying No scamming Griefing is allowed on unclaimed builds. Teaming is allowed.


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  • Pixel Palace

    Pixel Palace

    Come for a good time at pixel palace. We are trying to get some committed player to build a strong community on our server. What are you waiting for JOIN!

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