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Shinystarters Minecraft Servers

Best Shinystarters Minecraft Servers 2024

  • MirageCraft VS Hypixel

    MirageCraft VS Hypixel
    Pros of Hypixel Cons of Hypixel
    Large player base Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames Can experience lag due to high player count
    Active community and events Pay-to-win elements in some games

    Pros of MirageCraft Cons of MirageCraft
    Play Pokémon in a Minecraft world Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Custom shiny starters and unique features Potential for limited gameplay compared to Hypixel’s variety
    Regular updates and events May require knowledge of Pokémon games to fully enjoy

    FAQ for Hypixel: – What is the player base like on Hypixel? – Hypixel has a large and active player base with thousands online at any given time. – What kind of minigames can I find on Hypixel? – Hypixel offers a wide variety of minigames including Bed Wars, SkyWars, and more. – Are there any downsides to playing on Hypixel? – Some players may find the server overwhelming due to its size and may experience occasional lag.

    FAQ for MirageCraft: – What makes MirageCraft stand out from other Minecraft servers? – MirageCraft allows players to experience the world of Pokémon in Minecraft, with custom features and shiny starters. – How frequently are updates and events on MirageCraft? – MirageCraft offers regular updates and planned events to keep the gameplay experience fresh. – Do I need to be familiar with Pokémon games to play on MirageCraft? – While not necessary, having knowledge of Pokémon games can enhance your gameplay experience on MirageCraft.

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  • ★ | Pixelmon Reforged (Online Since 2014) ★

    ★ | Pixelmon Reforged (Online Since 2014) ★

    [​NOTE] It only takes TWO Minutes To Install through our LINK Above!

    How is I-Pixelmon different from other servers?-Pixelmon Showdown-Battle Tower-Real Gym Leaders-Real Elite Four Members-Real Server Champion-Boss Room-Training Tower-EV Training Room-Boss Raids-Rewarded Trivia-Land Claiming-Actual Survival (Building and Mining)-Keep Inventory-GTS-WonderTrade-Player ShopsAND A LOT MORE!

    i-Network has been running since December of 2012! We are here for the long run. We are motivated to give our community expected updates, uptime, and most importantly, peace of mind knowing their progress won’t be gone from an unexpected server closure like most new servers nowadays.

    Join today for the ultimate Pixelmon experience!

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  • WishPlay | Minecraft server

    WishPlay | Minecraft server
    WishPlay is a Minecraft game project with a convenient server navigation system, cheap and balanced donations, a fair and responsive administration, a beautiful city, an open world for survival and creativity, apartments, transport, unique jobs and part-time jobs, and of course a pleasant atmosphere =) Look our videos on YouTube, get to know the server and join. Our team has been working on the Minecraft platform for more than 12 years, 7 of which have been with WishPlay. We sincerely hope that you will like our server and you will not only start playing with us, but also tell your friends about the project!Join us! We sincerely hope that you will like it and you will definitely invite your friends to our server!IP:

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  • Desert Star

    Desert Star

    Desert Star is a fun Minecraft Server to play on!

    The most realistic a Minecraft role play server gets!

    Get a job! Buy land! Go to school! And more! Please join!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Lunar empires

    Lunar empires

    New Minecraft Server
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  • ❤️ NESTCRAFT [1.16 – 1.20] Minecraft server

    ❤️ NESTCRAFT [1.16 – 1.20] Minecraft server

    A cozy place for a comfortable game both alone and with friends!

    We don’t have a wipe on the main world! The server is over a year old, it’s been through a lot! Administration 18+

    This server is, first and foremost, a hobby!

    I love administration and everything that comes with it! I am also a syst by profession. Admin.

    I am also a developer of unique Discord bots.

    And much more.


    I am providing you with a place where you can play for free, and most importantly comfortably, without lags!

    Either alone or with friends and no one will bother you!

    The goal of the server is to build a common city, where everyone has contributed to its development!

    The server is designed for a small circle of players who love long survival!

    Or they love building large projects, cities, villages, etc., or all of them together!

    During the existence of the project, we have formed a small friendly Family!

    Now, in our time, it is very difficult to find those same players… But I try!

    If you are the one who may become part of our Family, do not miss the moment!

    Once you enter the server, you will not be able to leave the spawn! Not so simple!

    Carefully read the information in the hologram and follow it!

    This determines whether you will gain access to the server or not.

    The main idea of ​​the server: Develop in the city! You can survive and get resources outside of it!

    Look at the screenshots on the website. In the center there is a city (spawn), around 3 islands there is a residential area.

    In the residential area, I distribute territories where you can develop, build your own projects, houses, etc.

    You don’t have to develop in the city, you can do it outside! Where to develop is up to you!

    The state of the city is preserved every day! In our Discord you can track the development of the city.

    And when I accumulate a lot of frames, I will make a beautiful timelapse of how it developed!

    I personally tell everyone about the nuances of the server, etc. In general, I help you figure it out if necessary!

    I’m giving you a temporary flight to get acquainted with the city and select a territory!

    If you are going to build something big, I will definitely help you, at least with a private conversation!

    It is possible even with the territory, for example, to clear it, do teraforming, etc.

    The number of privates is not limited, the main thing is that they make sense!

    This is the server where the Admin really monitors the server and worries about every player!

    I created the landscape of the city, which took several months. This is not the final version. I built 70% of the spawn, the remaining 30% was helped by server players. I do privates, of which there are already more than 500 at the moment. Not counting those that have been remade.

    If you have any difficulties, someone offended you, forgot your password, some kind of error, etc.

    You can always write to me on Discord, I will definitely help you!

    If for some reason you suddenly cannot play for a long time, it is better to warn about it!

    All I need from you:

    Have a discord with a microphone, it is advisable to be active in it! Be active on the server, log in at least several times a week!

    Entrance is closed to all others (there are exceptions)

    Or paid entrance, and not for everyone! I won’t give away any saved downs even for money.



    You’re stupid, stupid rules. Nobody will go to discord! No one will play for you!

    No one is keeping you here! Go somewhere where you don’t have to go to Discord.

    And where is the big online! This is truly an indicator of the coolness of the server!

    I’m embarrassed to talk.

    I have already communicated with more than 1000 players, whom I haven’t heard from!

    I don’t care what your voice is! We are all human, no need to be shy!

    The main thing is that you are adequate and have an interest in my project!

    I do not have a microphone.

    You can use your phone as a microphone or install Discord on your phone.

    If for some reason you can’t talk, you won’t be able to join the server, sorry!

    Of course there are exceptions, at least if you can somehow confirm your identity!

    Or paid entrance. And not everyone!

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  • Smalls Secret Server

    Smalls Secret Server

    Smallsyo Twitch Minecraft server. Open for all to join. Please read the rules and don’t cheat. We’re a mostly vanilla server with a few plugins to enhance the experience. For ages 12 and above only please.

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  • Arkha box

    Arkha box

    This is a Spanish PvP boxing server.Join up! It’s free..

    New Minecraft Server
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  • GtaMC


    * We have over 40 Custom Guns including Tiers 1 through 5 weapons that can be found in chests, special CheatCode items than can be bought at our store or won in crates, and much more!

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  • TeslaCraft – Survival and 40+ Mini-games Minecraft server

    TeslaCraft – Survival and 40+ Mini-games Minecraft server

    TeslaCraft is a server on which everything is thought out to the smallest detail!

    The administration of our server tries to help every player to the best of its ability.

    We will listen to all your advice, complaints and wishes on our forum:, where no one will be left unanswered.

    We are constantly working to improve the server: adding new features, mini-games, and fixing any problems that arise as quickly as possible.

    Three official VKontakte groups:



    Creative: (For those who like to draw, make videos, write poetry, etc.)

    What we have:

    ✓ Opportunity to earn free titles

    ✓ Large set of mini-games, including:



    •SkyWars Solo

    •SkyWars Team

    •Murder Mystery



    •The Hunger Games (HungerGames / SurvivalGames)

    •Battle of the Builders Solo (BuildBattle / Master Builders (Solo))

    •Team BuildBattle / Master Builders (Team)


    •TNTRun (TNTRun)

    •Hide And Seek / BlockHunt

    •Mixgame (Block Party)

    ————————————————– ——————–

    •Mario Party / Tarkada (TeslaArcade / Mario Party)

    Mode, which includes 26 micro-games:

    ◔ Gravity/Dropper

    ◔ Hot Potato / TNTTag

    ◔ SpeedRun

    ◔ GunGame

    ◔ One Shot (One In The Chamber / OITC)

    ◔ Shooting gallery

    ◔ Traffic light

    ◔ Jumper

    ◔ TNTRun (TNTRun)

    ◔ Sumo (Knockout/ Sumo)

    ◔ Elytra racing

    ◔ Combination (Memory game)

    ◔ Battle of the miners (Battle of the Ants / AntWars / Crazy Miners)

    ◔ Minefield

    ◔ Musical chairs

    ◔ BowSpleef

    ◔ Splegg

    ◔ MixGame (Block Party)

    ◔ Quake (Quake / Quakecraft)

    ◔ Seekers (Grinch Simulator)

    ◔ Replica

    ◔ Pigpocalypse


    ◔ Snake

    ◔ Splatoon

    ◔ PvP Championship

    All of these micro-games can also be played individually in

    •Arcade Games

    In the lobby you can even play

    ◔ Tetris – The best adaptation in the world of Minecraft

    ————————————————– ——————–

    •Crocodile (Draw My Thing)

    •Sheep (SheepQuest)

    •Annexation (TurfWars)


    •(The list is growing)

    ★ Vanilla survival (without privates and teleportations, with griefing)

    ★ Survival world with elements such as:

    ✓ No wipe system

    ✓ Monthly competition for the best building on the server

    ✓ Developed infrastructure, including such facilities as:




    •The shops

    ✓ And also:

    •Developed economy







    ✓Balanced and auto-filled objects are equipped for each profession:




    •PvP Arena

    •Mob Arenas

    ✓ And of course, moderators and helpers who keep order on the server.

    What we don’t have:



    ✖127, etc. lvl’ov

    What we are actively fighting:


    ✖Famous people



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  • GlacialTempo


    Come and play some vanilla survival! We have keep Inventory so you wont feel anxious about losing items when you die!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Duckworld smp

    Duckworld smp

    Welcome to DuckWorld SMP, a semi-vanilla survival server running on 1.19.3 Fabric.

    Creating your own story and playing with others. Build, farm, grind, make your shop, organise events, plan an insane base, visit other’s creations… this is Minecraft, the possibilities are infinite. Thats the entire essence of this SMP server

    DuckWorld SMP is a +18 community. We are searching for mature and long-term players. If you want to join us in this adventure, you can apply through the discord linked below. The end is already open so no need to wait to get your elytra’s! We currently have a small community that we would love to expend.

    Play on a full dedicated machine with a Ryzen 9 5950X (32 cores) GPU and 128 GB RAM. The server is located in Germany. You can play no to minimum lag, we use Fabric and not Paper.

    We value the freedom of the players. You have nearly no restrictions on what type of farms you want to make, or how big your base will be. Freely build and create on this server.

    We have some small (quality of life) mods and datapacks like:

    – Carpet

    – Lithium

    – MoreMobsHeads

    – Armor Statues

    – Fast Leaf Decay

    – Cauldron Concrete

    – Player Head Drops

    – Silence Mobs

    – Wandering Trader Mini Blocks

    – Custom Nether Portals

    – One person sleep

    This server is mostly vanilla.

    The only big addition, and technical players will love it, is the possibility to spawn a bot to act as an AFK player. These bots can even auto-attack. No need to afk your farms any more, you can play and have proper rates.

    We hope to see you soon on the discord and on the Minecraft server!

    New Minecraft Server
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