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Best Mini Games Minecraft Servers 2024

  • mofucraft VS Hypixel

    mofucraft VS Hypixel
    Hypixel mofucraft
    Pros Pros
    1. Wide range of mini-games and activities 1. Unique and diverse server types
    2. Large player base and active community 2. Japan-focused experience with some features for foreigners
    3. Regular updates and events 3. Economy, jobs, pets, and strong enemies on main server
    Cons Cons
    1. Can be overwhelming for new players due to the sheer number of games 1. Language barrier for non-Japanese speaking players
    2. Potential for lag and server issues due to high player count 2. Limited information and resources in English


    **FAQ** 1. What makes Hypixel stand out from other Minecraft servers? – Hypixel offers a wide variety of mini-games and activities, as well as a large player base and active community.

    2. Are there any downsides to playing on Hypixel? – Some players may find the sheer number of games overwhelming, and there could be potential for lag and server issues due to the high player count.


    **FAQ** 1. What makes mofucraft unique compared to other Minecraft servers? – mofucraft offers a Japan-focused experience with features such as economy, jobs, pets, and strong enemies on its main server.

    2. Are there any challenges for non-Japanese speaking players on mofucraft? – Language barrier may be a hurdle for non-Japanese speakers, as most of the server’s content is written in Japanese. Additionally, there are limited resources available in English.

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    Who are we? ArticMC is India’s Best Minecraft Network

    What do we have? ⇨ Ultimate Lifesteal And more gamemodes coming soon!

    (Artic MC is available for both JAVA Edition and BEDROCK/POCKET Edition of Minecraft) ◆ JAVA IP: ◆ Bedrock Port: 26100

    Come Join the artic and compete with many other players to drill the leaderboard!

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  • Hunter


    The Hunter is a fun Minigame and SMP Minecraft Server. With Bedwars, The Bridge, Murder Mystery and a SMP.

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  • Project Eden VS Hypixel

    Project Eden VS Hypixel
    Hypixel Project Eden
    Large player base Focused on creating a community feel
    Wide variety of minigames Weekly minigame nights
    Hosts popular events and tournaments Organizes trivia and holiday specials
    Advanced chat system Player-driven economy
    Well-established and reputable server Fresh worlds and helpful staff


    1. **Which server has a larger player base?** Hypixel has a larger player base compared to Project Eden.

    2. **Which server focuses on creating a community feel?** Project Eden is focused on creating a community feel for its players.

    3. **Which server hosts more events and specials?** Hypixel hosts popular events and tournaments, while Project Eden organizes trivia and holiday specials.

    4. **Which server offers unique features like mcMMO and a player-driven economy?** Project Eden offers unique features like an in-depth wiki, mcMMO, and a player-driven economy.

    5. **Which server has a more established reputation in the Minecraft community?** Hypixel is a well-established and reputable server in the Minecraft community.

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  • LebenMC


    The idea of ​​this server comes from the quiet gaming scene; no game has managed to be actually fun anymore. In games like Fortnite, Valorant, etc. you were now forced to actually train in order to have fun in the respective game. This emptiness gave rise to the idea of ​​developing our own game; after several attempts, or rather failures, a forced cancellation was planned. But what now, the idea of ​​programming your own game didn’t come to fruition for the time being and after all it’s a truth that you will always come back to Minecraft no matter how no matter when, that’s why there is now from the thought the idea was forged to create an actual Minecraft server and from this idea a playable concept emerged that is created, implemented and managed by Jauni in the form of a Minecraft server.

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  • CraxeCraft Survival

    CraxeCraft Survival

    TR : Hello and welcome to CraxeCraft! On our server, unlimited adventure and fun awaits you. Packed with many unique features and events that will take your Minecraft experience to another dimension, CraxeCraft offers the perfect platform to test your survival, exploration and creativity. Build your own unique world, collect resources, build magnificent structures and interact with other players. Compete with your friends and win prizes with our fun mini games. Also make new friends and take on projects together in our friendly community. Our professional and active management team is always ready to help you. Join now and be part of a unique world to have an unforgettable Minecraft experience in CraxeCraft!

    EN : Welcome to CraxeCraft! Dive into a world of limitless adventure and excitement. CraxeCraft offers a plethora of unique features and events to elevate your Minecraft experience, providing the perfect platform for survival, exploration, and creativity. Build your own unique world, gather resources, construct magnificent structures, and interact with fellow players. Engage in fun minigames, compete with friends, and earn rewards. In our friendly community, forge new friendships and embark on collaborative projects. Our professional and active management team is always ready to assist you. Join now and become part of a vibrant community, crafting unforgettable memories in CraxeCraft!

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  • PesueMC


    Pesue is perhaps Finland’s friendliest game server where everyone can be their wonderful self! You can find the most popular game formats in Finland such as: Survival, PvP, Creative and tons of fun mini-games!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Rtrix


    MINIGAMES • Practice – Get ready for exciting fights on various kits whether 1v1 or 2v2. Train your PvP against realistic PvP Bots and get ready to fight! • Modern Practice – Get ready for exciting fights on various kits whether 1v1 or 2v2. Play new PvP and kits like Crystal PvP and more! • BuildFFA – Kill as many players you can and get coins for special items in the shop or buy cosmetics. • BedWars – Play Solo and Doubles modes like on the popular Hypixel server. You can also practice Bridging, MLG and Fireball/TNT Jumping. • BoxPvP – Arm yourself in the best stuff and get ready to fight against others! We offer crates, nexus, season specials and VIP zone. • SkyBlock – Experience many adventures on SkyBlock and use your creativity to build your island!



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  • MythicDragon


    A hungarian OPkingdoms server with a lots of minigames and events with a enjoyable communitie. If you are interested join in our communitie

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  • MunchyMC VS Hypixel

    MunchyMC VS Hypixel
    Hypixel MunchyMC
    Large player base Fun community
    Wide variety of mini-games Maze Runner game mode
    Regular updates and events 1.7-1.15 compatibility
    High-quality server performance Opportunity to make new friends


    Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel has a larger player base compared to MunchyMC.

    Which server offers a wider variety of mini-games?

    Hypixel offers a wider variety of mini-games.

    Which server has more frequent updates and events?

    Hypixel has more frequent updates and events compared to MunchyMC.

    Which server is compatible with more Minecraft versions?

    MunchyMC is compatible with versions 1.7 to 1.15, while Hypixel’s compatibility may vary.

    Which server has a more community-oriented atmosphere?

    MunchyMC is known for its fun community and the opportunity to make new friends.

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  • Nexi


    To switch it up and stand out from other servers, we developed a special chunk claiming system which uses EXP.

    Features – Custom coded Network. – Sell and buy items from other players on the market. – Easiest server shop which is custom made. – Easy grief prevention with a nexus using EXP. – Visit daily to claim rewards every day. – There are rewards for voting. – Not pay-to-win. – More stuff planned!

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  • TekRP Amplified

    TekRP Amplified

    Amplified World of Survival. Enjoy the challenge of survival in an Amplified world that has a few Gamerules and Datapacks applied. This server allows 20 players for now, a 500k x 500k map of which is a random spawn area. Please come in and enjoy but “watch your step!” 🙂

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  • Angardia


    Angardia is an open, free-to-play Medieval-Fantasy themed world where players get to:

    – Evolve in a friendly, inclusive community– Experience the world through a native 32px texture pack based on Dokucraft– Get free access to hundreds of custom furniture, decorations, blocks and items!– Collaboratively build incredible towns that stand the test of time – Towns can generate exclusive resources daily based on their biome – Several towns can share a culture and communicate through their private culture chat – Nations – Wars // you can play peacefully or participate in: – Riots – Town VS Town – Independence Wars – Civil Wars – Nation VS Nation – Alliance VS Alliance – World Wars– Become a master in your favourite craft(s), with all jobs unlocked from the get-go– Use an unlimited state-wide shop or trade through your own private shops with your fellow players

    ### What’s more?– We use our own, easy-to-use customs menus to minimise manual command input– Over 180 chat emojis to better communicate with your fellow players– Get free rewards through daily logins and votes– Access to a full-featured, integrated Discord server. It includes many straightforward tutorials if you ever feel lost!– No custom Minecraft client required — log in and play!

    ### Will I ever need to pay real money to enjoy the content or get an edge?– FREE ranks system! You won’t ever pay for rank advantages!– All of our world’s currencies are available to free-to-play players!

    Read more and meet us on our Discord!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Centural Us

    Centural Us

    Snapshot Java Vanilla Survival

    This is a Developmental Server. All players will have OP until 1.17 releases, you may also join our discord as an Alpha Tester Role.

    Please join our discord

    Rules No Breaking United States Laws No Hack/Modded Clients

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Wixel Network

    Wixel Network

    New Australian based Survival Server by Wixel Network and sister server of!

    Mcmmo, hard difficulty and a friendly community welcoming any newcomers to the Wixel Survival Server. Expect friendly players helping you out or maybe even joining a town/community with others!

    Survive with friends or even find some new ones! Our community is always friendly and almost like a family. We love meeting new people and accept anyone! When the weekend comes, join in on the weekly Server Events to win prizes and just have fun playing things like The Walls, Survival Games, Boat races and much more!

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  • Punkincraft


    PunkinCraft is a new SMP server with player driven economy, SkyBlock, MCMMO, Jobs, Towny, and more. Economy is the main focus of PunkinCraft with custom jobs, player shops, and more.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Skyvele Network

    Skyvele Network

    The Skyvele Network We support versions 1.8 – Latest

    We are an advanced network with a range of features only available on our network. Our staff and community members are all very friendly and happy to help. We hope to see you in-game.

    Our gamemodes: – Skyblock (Never seen before unlockable areas and secret chests) – FFA Realm (Custom texture pack, sounds, upgrades and much more)


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  • Silent network

    Silent network

    Dive into our meticulously crafted Minecraft universe, where we offer two thrilling game modes: OP Prisons and OP Skyblock (We will also have Survival, Creative, OneBlock, and Generators). Whether you’re an expert builder or a seasoned explorer, our server caters to all playstyles. Conquer the ranks of OP Prisons through cunning strategies and resource management, or embark on a skyward journey in OP Skyblock, where creativity takes flight. You’ll discover unique features and custom content that set Silent Network apart from the rest.

    At Silent Network, we believe in the power of community. Our Discord server is the heart of our player interaction, where you can connect with like-minded gamers, share your adventures, and stay updated on server news and events. Join us in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, where you’ll forge friendships, collaborate on projects, and become part of something greater than yourself.

    Silent Network is not just another server; it’s an evolving experience. Our dedicated team of developers and administrators works tirelessly to bring you exciting updates and fresh content regularly. We value your input and actively seek feedback to tailor the server to your preferences.

    Connect with us on Discord, explore our Minecraft server, and discover what makes Silent Network the ultimate destination for Minecraft players. Let’s craft, build, and explore together!

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  • Ryland Economy Survival

    Ryland Economy Survival

    Welcome to the latest iteration of Sts’s Ryland. We have a new 1.15 world ready to be explored!

    The server will have 99.9 uptime forever, so if you’re looking to dedicate yourself to a small, but growing community, this is your chance!

    We have a multitude of premium plugins that have been fully updated and configured to give you the smoothest 1.5 experience possible: Mcmmo, ranks, playershops, jobs, land protection, kits, silkspawners, keepinventory and more.

    Rules: No griefing active claimed towns, hacking, x-raying, stealing, harrassing, spamming, disrespecting staff or other players, or ban evading

    New Minecraft Server
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  • ZDOG5


    Fun, classic server! Factions, voting rewards, economy, ranks, and more! New server, open to suggestions! Help create the community!

    New Minecraft Server
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