Best dump Minecraft Servers 2024

  • ScamDumpers Minecraft: Where your shady deals get a second chance to shine (or fail spectacularly)

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    ScamDumpers Minecraft: Where your shady deals get a second chance to shine (or fail spectacularly)
    Are you tired of being a meme stonk bag holder? Well, on our Minecraft server, you can finally dump those scammy bags and start fresh! Join us for a wild ride filled with diamond-encrusted memes, lava diving competitions, and a secret underground society of chicken overlords. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to escape the meme madness and join our wacky world of blocky adventures. Who knows, you might even uncover the legendary treasure of the Notorious Sheep Pirate! So what are you waiting for? Dive in and let the chaos begin!

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  • Blocky Battle Royale

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    Blocky Battle Royale
    Are you tired of boring, normal Minecraft servers? Well, look no further because our server is a literal dump…literally! We have transformed a giant garbage dump into a Minecraft world filled with trash mobs, garbage-themed builds, and even a landfill dungeon to explore.

    Join our server if you want to experience the thrill of fighting off hordes of mutant rats and toxic waste zombies. Build your base out of old tires and broken appliances, or challenge yourself to survive in the radioactive wasteland biome.

    New Minecraft Servers - Blocky Battle Royale

    But wait, there’s more! We have special events like the Trash Olympics, where players compete in garbage-themed mini-games for epic loot. And don’t forget about our weekly Trash Talk Tuesdays, where players can battle it out in PvP arenas made entirely of trash blocks.

    So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Minecraft experience that’s as ridiculous as it is fun, come join us at our dump-themed server. Just be sure to watch out for the giant mutant seagulls…they’re not friendly.

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  • NecroCraft: Chapter 3 – LOLz Edition

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    NecroCraft: Chapter 3 – LOLz Edition
    Are you tired of boring old Minecraft servers where you have to follow the rules and play nice with others? Well, look no further because our server is the wildest, craziest, and most chaotic place you’ll ever find in the Minecraft universe!

    Join us if you want to ride on giant flying pigs, battle evil llamas with laser eyes, and mine diamonds with a pickaxe made of pure rainbow! Our server is so insane that even Herobrine himself wouldn’t dare to set foot in it.

    New Minecraft Servers - NecroCraft: Chapter 3 - LOLz Edition

    But that’s not all! We also have a secret underground dungeon filled with dancing skeletons, a hidden village of talking cows, and a magical portal that leads to a dimension made entirely of cheese! Trust us, you’ve never experienced Minecraft like this before.

    So what are you waiting for? Join our server now and prepare for the most epic, ridiculous, and hilarious adventure of your Minecraft life! Just remember, once you enter, there’s no turning back. So grab your diamond sword and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

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  • Crafty AF: Making INT a Dump Stat

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    Crafty AF: Making INT a Dump Stat
    Welcome to our Minecraft server, where we encourage you to make Intelligence a Dump Stat! Why waste your precious skill points on smarts when you can use them for more important things like mining diamonds or building epic structures?

    Join us and embark on a quest to prove that brains are overrated in the world of Minecraft. Our server is filled with ridiculous challenges that will test your creativity and resourcefulness, all while laughing in the face of logic and reason.

    New Minecraft Servers - Crafty AF: Making INT a Dump Stat

    Forget about crafting intricate redstone contraptions or solving complex puzzles – on our server, it’s all about embracing the chaos and embracing the derp. Who needs intelligence when you have a sheep army at your disposal or a giant roller coaster that defies all laws of physics?

    So come join us and show the world that sometimes, being a little bit dumb can be a whole lot of fun. Who knows, you might even discover a new appreciation for the beauty of simplicity in a world filled with crazy shenanigans and absurdity. Let’s make Minecraft great again – one derp at a time!

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  • TacoCraft: Where we embrace the chaos and dump all the diamonds you have! #tacobellover69

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    TacoCraft: Where we embrace the chaos and dump all the diamonds you have! #tacobellover69
    Are you tired of boring old Minecraft servers that are as bland as a plain taco? Well, look no further because our server is here to spice things up like a fiery jalapeño! Join us for a wild ride filled with taco-loving players who are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

    Why should you join our server, you ask? Well, let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, a player named tacobellover69 stumbled upon our server and was instantly greeted by a herd of dancing tacos. Yes, you heard that right – dancing tacos! From that moment on, tacobellover69 knew they had found their forever home in the wackiest Minecraft server around.

    New Minecraft Servers - TacoCraft: Where we embrace the chaos and dump all the diamonds you have! #tacobellover69

    But that’s not all! Our server is also home to the legendary Taco Bell Tower, where players can battle it out for the title of Supreme Taco Master. And if you’re lucky, you might even stumble upon the elusive Taco God who will grant you three wishes – all taco-related, of course.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us today and become part of the craziest, most taco-licious Minecraft server you’ll ever experience. Remember, on our server, the tacos are always fresh and the fun never stops!

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  • Eu4oria

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    🌟 Elevate Your Minecraft Experience to Euphoric Heights! Join Our Survival Server Today! 🌟 – Server IP: Minecraft Version: 1.20.4 – Are you ready to dive into a Minecraft adventure that feels like playing alongside your closest friends? Look no further – our Survival Server is your ticket to euphoric gaming experiences filled with camaraderie, excitement, and endless possibilities! 🔒 Fairness Guaranteed with Anti-Cheat: Say goodbye to unfair advantages and embrace a level playing field! Our advanced anti-cheat system ensures that every player experiences the thrill of genuine survival, free from exploits or cheating. 🏰 Secure Your Territory with Land Claiming: Build, explore, and conquer without fear! With our land claiming system, your creations are protected from griefers and intruders, allowing you to focus on crafting your dream world alongside your trusted allies. 🏠 Create Your Sanctuary with /Home: Transform any corner of our vast world into your personal sanctuary! With the /home command, teleport instantly to your chosen base, ensuring that you’re always just a step away from the comforts of home sweet home. 🔄 Connect Seamlessly with /TPA: Forge bonds and embark on epic adventures with ease! Our /tpa command lets you teleport to friends and allies effortlessly, turning every journey into an opportunity for shared triumphs and unforgettable memories. 🌍 Craft, Explore, Thrive – Together: From epic builds to daring expeditions, our server is a canvas for your wildest dreams and aspirations. Join a community where every player is valued, every friendship cherished, and every moment shared is an adventure in itself. ⚔️ Join Our Thriving Community Today! ⚔️

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  • Ascending Embers

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    Ascending Embers

    ─ ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ Ascending Embers ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ ─



    Live map:

    Everyone is welcome at Ascending Embers! Our server is a calm and comfortable place for everyone. We are looking for both active and semi-active players. We help each other in any way we can, so if you’d like a helping hand with redstone, need advice with a build, or if you’re just new to the game, we’re here for you!

    ─── ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ Features ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ ───

    A calm and relaxing community for everyone 🏳️‍🌈 The server is on Hard difficulty ☠️ A separate Creative world ✨ We have a render distance of 30 chunks! 👀 Elytra drops from killing the dragon to ensure everyone has a chance of getting one 🦋

    ─ ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ Rules & additional information ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ ─

    1. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
    2. Don’t intentionally provoke others, or be intolerable.
    3. Griefing or stealing will not be tolerated.
    4. Hacking, X-raying, Duplicating items, or otherwise cheating will not be tolerated.
    5. Don’t build your base on the spawn island. It’s reserved for shops and amusements.
    6. The secret color when applying for membership is “salmon”.
    7. No amount of bigotry, hate-speech, sexism, racism, or discrimination will be tolerated.

    Since we are grey-listed you will be able to log onto our server without applying, and chat with all the members as well as move around and have a look at our server. Then, if you feel like our server would be a nice home for you, just head to our Discord (link above) and make sure to read the rules thoroughly before applying in our applications channel.

    We strive to be as vanilla as possible on Ascending Embers, but we still have a few plugins: – Core-protect is used to check for grief – Essentials is for our grey-list and /spawn – Multiverse-core for the multiple worlds. – Sleep-most is to allow a single player to skip the night if someone is afk. – Silk-spawners is pretty self-explanatory. We realize this goes a bit far from vanilla, but it’s a thing we feel vanilla needs. This allows us to trade the spawners with each other as well. (Long term world only)

    Server location: Montreal, Canada (but with a really good connection to Europe, and even Australia) Server Specifications: Our server is run on a dedicated machine at GGServers. An 8-core 5Ghz CPU ensures a constant 20 TPS, along with our NVMe SSD storage and 1Gbps connection.

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  • United Lands

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    United Lands

    Welcome to United Lands, a unique Towny-based Earth SMP experience! Discover our immersive features:

    📸 Video Trailer: Watch our exciting trailer showcasing war, masterwork gear, and vibrant towns on the server. Watch here:

    🌎 Explore the World: Delve into our 1:500 Earth-based map! Nations can claim unlimited lands with low upkeep costs, shaping borders as needed. Discounts available for larger groups.

    ⚒️ Gameplay: Engage in town building, land claiming, and immersive RP. Collect custom items like rifles and unique food, such as mangoes, rice, croissants, and sushi!

    ⬆️ Progression: Forge your path through diverse avenues:

    Choose from 7 unique jobs with skill trees for enhanced abilities.

    Unlock powerful components of Masterwork Armor through skill progression.

    Access player upgrades for increased convenience, like extra storage and additional /sethomes.

    💰 Thriving Economy: Experience a player-driven marketplace (accessed via /mp) for buying, selling, and trading items. Utilize currency for upgrades, skills, and upkeep. No forced prices or admin shops!

    💸 Non-P2W Environment: United Lands takes a stand against pay-to-win schemes. All store items are purely cosmetic, ensuring fairness and balance. Donations solely support the server without providing unfair advantages.

    ⚔️ Epic Wars & Combat: Immerse yourself in our unique warring system for towns and nations. Join for thrilling battles, rewarding experiences, and the pride of victory. Fight alongside friends against towns and nations alike.

    Join us at United Lands and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

    📑 IP┋ 📑

    💬 Discord ┋ 💬

    🗺 Map┋ 🗺

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  • Badcraft Vanilla

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    Badcraft Vanilla

    On top of a vanilla SMP, Here are a few features that make this SMP unique:

    ● Vanilla Anarchy (Players will be on the same playing field. This means no hack/cheat clients, unfair modifications, or exploits This experience should bring you back to the old days of Minecraft when there were no rules, but everyone was on the same level.)

    ● Bedrock Support (Support both Java and Bedrock editions, so everyone is welcome to join, regardless of which device you are playing on.)

    ● Trade System (Allows you to trade items with anyone no matter how far away you are. This prevents item scamming and creates a global economy.)

    ● Head Drops (Heads will drop from your enemies! Whenever you kill another Player or Mob, you can receive their skull.)

    ● Leaderboards (Compete to be better than the rest of the players in combat, building or mining, and more. We have a system that tracks statistics of our top players in certain categories.)

    ● Fixed Phantoms (Unlike many servers, we have fixed phantoms to work correctly. When you go to sleep, In addition, they will leave you alone for 7 days.)

    ● Member Rank (Annoying spammers or advertisers are delayed. To post URLs and chat without delay, you must verify yourself.)

    ● No Sethomes, Warps, or Tpas (All forms of travel are completely vanilla. This makes the world feel much bigger and immerses players in the environment more.)

    ● The Map will never Reset (The goal is never to reset any form of data like Map, Player, or anything else as long as the server lasts.)

    Server Rules:

    1: No usage of Hack or Cheat Clients, X-Ray Resource Packs, Mods, Tools, Software, or any other form of external assistance that provides an unfair advantage over others.

    2: Using any form of exploits, bugs, or flawed game mechanics is strictly prohibited.

    3: Do not intentionally lag or disrupt the server system.

    Server Information:

    Established » 8/19/2023

    Server IP »

    Bedrock Port » 19132

    As of writing this post, 2,420 unique players have joined this server and counting!

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    🌟 SERVER IP: 🌟


    (Install our Personally Made CurseForge ModPack)


    – I-Pixelmon has been Hosting Pixelmon Servers since 2014, Non-Modded Minecraft Servers Since 2012!

    – With over a decade of experience, we provide all players with what matters the most: Amazing Features, Zero-Lag, 24/7 Up-Time, Dedicated Staff-Team and Most Importantly A Server Here To Stay For The Long Run!


    🔷 Player Ran Gym-Leaders! 🔷

    🔷 Player Ran Elite-Four & Server Champion! 🔷

    🔷 Pixelmon Showdown & Pixelmon Showdown League! 🔷

    🔷 Boss Raids! 🔷

    🔷 Battle Tower & NPC Trainer Tower! 🔷

    🔷 Shiny Starters! 🔷

    🔷 Land Claiming & Actual Survival Gameplay! 🔷

    🔷 Pixelmon Skills Plugin! 🔷

    🔷 GTS & WonderTrade! 🔷

    🔷 Boss Room & EV Room! 🔷

    🔷 Black Market & Custom Tutor NPC! 🔷

    🔷 PokeDesigner Plugin – Customize Your Pixelmon! 🔷

    🔷 Pixelmon Plushies! 🔷



    (Check Submission Date Below!)

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  • Puddle Craft

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    Puddle Craft

    ☆ Welcome to Puddle Craft! This is a community based semi-vanilla Minecraft server (what a mouthful) geared towards long-term and large-scale survival builders of all kinds. Ideally, we would love to have a big map of bases/kingdoms, of course in any style or theme, all connected together. This could be through sea/river guides, railroads, footpaths, and any other creative forms of travel to get from point A to point B. Of course you can also take off and explore to do your own thing, but we encourage being apart of our vibrant community of crafters 🙂

    ☆ Essentially, this is a safe space for everyone looking for a faction of people to make friends and for those looking for a long term server where your builds and belongings will be kept safe, no matter how long of a break you take.

    It is my mission as the owner to make sure no one will ever have to go through the heartbreak of losing timeless builds through resetting or closing down a server ever again. Even in the future if we ever have to close down Puddlecraft, for whatever reason, both the world seed and a world download will be provided. But that won’t be happening anytime soon.

    ☆ This server involves a very simple and quick whitelisting process, please join the discord to view the rules and get started!

    ☆ 𝙎𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙤𝙣 6/5/23

    𓆝 𓆟 𓆞 𓆝 𓆟 𓆝 𓆟 𓆞 𓆝 𓆟 𓆝

    ☆ We have a variety of features and plugins to make things more interesting, such as: ☆

    – Time-Based Roles: no pay-to-win required! We have a bit of a ocean/Ponyo theme going on here as a overall aesthetic, so the longer you stay, the deeper your sea creature originates from! Going all the way from Sunlight to the Hadalpelagic trenches, so mark your calendars!

    – Dynmap: A Google Maps-like map for the server that can be viewed in a browser via link found in the Discord

    – Armor stand editor: Edit custom armor stands to take your builds to the next level

    – Invis itemframes

    – /Hats: put a variety of blocks or items on your head with the command /hat !

    – /nick colors: customize your username’s colors in chat to help stand out!

    – Farm protect: makes it so you can run and jump on crops without them breaking. Now you can have the dramatic scene of you running through a wheat field as the sun sets you always dreamed of.

    – Armored Elytras: Tired of constantly having to switch between your chestplate and elytra? Now you can combine the two! (Warning: it *is* permanent!)

    – 24/7 Uptime! The server will have a very quick restart every night at 3:00 AM (EDT) to make backups in order to keep our server healthy!

    – One player sleep

    – /sit plugin that lets you sit anywhere you want or right clicking on slabs or stairs to sit on them

    – Dragon egg respawn: No more fighting over who gets the first dragon egg, everytime you respawn and kill the dragon it’ll drop a new one!

    – player and mob head drops

    – proximity chat using simple voice chat

    – AMB: can buy minis of all blocks through wandering traders

    – husks drop sand

    – Minecart Speed Plus

    – Universal Dyeing – allows you to re-dye the color of any dyeable blocks after being dyed

    – Custom nether portals – allows you to make a nether portal in any custom shape

    More plugins can/will be added over time and suggestions are always encouraged!

    ☆ Just be mindful that while we do have quite the number of plugins, all of them are small additions to the game that should just be implemented into base game but aren’t. I prefer to not have plugins that make things as easy as possible, and would like to keep it as vanilla (but better) to encourage creativity and community efforts.

    You can see all the other details about the server in the Server Info channel once you’re whitelisted in the discord !

    ☆ This is my first time ever hosting/managing a Minecraft server on my own, so constructive input or suggestions from the community on how to make our server a better place is always welcome.

    𓆝 𓆟 𓆞 𓆝 𓆟 𓆝 𓆟 𓆞 𓆝 𓆟 𓆝 𓆟 𓆞

    ☆ I’m not great at ADs but uh, yeah !! To sum it up, we have a really great and welcoming community, so if you’re interested, feel free to click the link above to join our discord. 🙂

    New Minecraft Server
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  • BadWolfMC

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    Experience BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server – a long-running, drama-free, and inclusive community for adults! Join one of the best online communities you’ll ever be a part of, where members from around the world come together to forge friendships and share their Minecraft passion!


    • 🖧 Our network features 4 servers with 8 different game modes so you’ll never get bored! Enjoy Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, AcidIsland, OneBlock, Prison, Magic& lots of minigames including Bed Wars, Hide & Seek, Paintball, Elytra Challenges& Parkour!
    • 🐉 Ever wanted to fight an actually challenging dragon? We have loads of custom mobs!
    • 🗒️We’re greylisted! Guests are welcome to log in and explore, and build permissions will be granted once your application is approved.
    • 💬 Connect and chat seamlessly via our integrated Discord server.
    • 🔀 Enjoy Java-Bedrock Crossplay from any device!
    • 🧰 State of the art hardware on Chicago’s fiber optic backbone ensures superior stability and performance worldwide!
    • 🎟️ Recurring, seasonal, and one-off events including weekly Bed Wars tournaments and Discord watch parties keep things fresh and fun!
    • 🪶 Loads of things to do and amazing places to explore, including dungeons, quests, and vaults with unique and powerful prizes!
    • 🏪 Balanced, diamond based economy with Player Shops & Jobs!
    • 🍹 Up your game with custom potions for enhanced effects and fun with our permanent and seasonal recipes!
    • 🗺️ Stalk your friends and view your builds from space with our dynamic live maps!
    • 🛡️ Keep your builds safe with multiple protection options featuring granular customization that you control!
    • 🌎 Lots of public farms and eco-friendly resource worlds to keep the main worlds pretty and prevent resets!
    • ❓ Find answers to all your questions on our helpful wiki.
    • ✨ Lots of little extras to enhance your experience both in game and out!
    • 👥 Seriously the best online community you’ll ever have the privilege of belonging to, with members from all walks of life.

    Our Mission

    Our goal is to be your oasis away from drama and screaming children, a place to unwind and have a little fun and get creative. Our philosophy is to always enhance the game, not take away from it. We are laid-back and won’t get on your case about language, but still request that everyone be respectful of the many cultures that find a home here. We have been directly reviewed and approved by Mojang for MUG/EULA compliance, and we encourage and welcome feedback from all of our users.

    Membership Application Required

    If you like the place and the rules fit your style, apply for permissions at!

    General Server Rules

    (full rules here)

    • All players must be 18 years of age or older – that’s the whole “Adult Minecraft Server” bit.

    • No Griefing – Breaking or placing blocks within another player’s clearly defined area is strictly prohibited. This is true even in PvP and for seemingly abandoned builds – if it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

    • No Client Mods/Exploits – Client modifications (other than Optifine) or exploits to the game are not allowed. (Including but not limited to: Badlion, Forge, Fabric, Lightloader, Lunar Client, flying, speed, x-ray, item duplication, glitching, etc.)

    • No Advertising/Spam – No advertising servers/websites/mods in any chat or spamming messages.

    • Common Sense/Maturity – This is a game. Be respectful, have fun, don’t rage, don’t participate in drama, don’t harass people, mind the server conventions, etc. Absolutely no harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

    Come take a look around as our guest at IP: We hope you’ll be as excited about this place as we are!

    We look forward to seeing you in game!

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  • Blithe SMP

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    Blithe SMP

    Blithe SMP is an active and engaging whitelisted community running on Minecraft 1.20.4 and we are recruiting for new members to join us! Why Blithe? We have a very active and engaging community of over 250 whitelisted members, regularly seeing 10-15 players active at one time. We are a community that prides itself on engagement and fun, hosting weekly regular server games and events for prizes. We are a server inspired by the popular Hermitcraft SMP, taking some of the fan favorite features from this and implementing them in new and exciting ways! We run on a super powerful server with 256GB ram, meaning that the server is always up 24/7 with minimal to no lag. We use a mod pack that is totally optional to improve your player experience, including things such as proximity chat and a minimap/hudmod. These are totally optional though, and do not affect core gameplay, which we try to keep as close to vanilla as possible, only adding some plugins and datapacks such as multiplayer sleep and customizable armor stands to improve the multiplayer experience! We also have a Creative server for everyone to freely use to plan and test builds and designs, and a Last Life server which runs sessions every weekend if you want to scratch that more competitive itch. How do I apply to join Blithe SMP? Great! We are glad you are interested in joining us! You can apply to join our whitelist and become a part of our community today by visiting our discord server

    Any Questions? Feel free to comment below or send a direct message to our account, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible! Some Server Rules -16+ server -No Greifing -No Hacking / Xray -No Hate speech You can find full rules here:

    Thank you for reading! Check out our fun Season four trailer! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • MC Bending

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    MC Bending

    Welcome to our laid-back server featuring an incredible Korra plugin! With this plugin, you can immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Select your allegiance: whether you wish to stand with the mighty Fire Nation, master the waves as a formidable Waterbender, soar through the skies like an Air Nomad, or command the earth beneath you as a steadfast Earth soldier. Our dedicated staff prioritize player satisfaction, and we keep rules to a minimum. Join us in the server! – Destin, server owner

    Server IP

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Server26

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    ️Attention 18+ means 18+ Please be 18 or older! It should go without saying, but apparently these disclaimers are never enough.

    We are a longstanding SMP with currently over a dozen active players and we are looking for more! A few players have been there since the early days, others since last year, and a few joined only recently.

    • Overview

      Our main guideline to leave the “meta” of pure Vanilla survival as unaltered as possible (for a public server).

      The only 3 plugins that interfere with this are:

      GriefPrevention, a sleep voting plugin, and player item shops for trading. That means as many features from other plugins you know from other servers are absent by design and won’t be added. There are two ranks “new” and “player”they do not give any benefits. You can not buy “power” for real money here and we have no adminshops. Everything on the map was build and farmed in survival.



    • No Warps, No /tpa, No /stem

    • No (Mojang) chat reports

    • No McMMO or alike, No donation perks or any such frills

    • The world will never reset

    • Land claiming

    • Player trading via signs (No adminshops)

    • 20% of player need to sleep to skip the night

    • All made in survival, including spawn area, etc

    • Lots of public farms.

      Rules: TL;DR: Be reasonable and don’t be a dick.

    • Community

      What you have read so far sounds like your cup of tea? Well then you may fit right in. Laid back rules, a close knit community, having some events from time to time, and there is always something you can help with. Staff and ohter players are usually available to help you. Need help digging? Just died far away? Raid an Ocean Monument? No problem! We also have a Hermitcraft-like shop area for players using a trade shop plugin.

    • Gameplay

      This is supposed to feel like a vanilla server. The default currency is diamonds. This is not enforced its just what everyone uses. No warps, you have to walk, fly by Elytra, or set up infrastructure such as piston bolts or blue ice highways. You can focus on long term projects, take your time, because we NEVER RESET the map. Megabases welcome. Leave for months, pick right up where you left. In +7 years time we built a lot of farms and infrastructure. This makes it a lot easier to get going early in the game, especially for endgame players. But fear not, there is always need for expanding upon whats already there.

      The spawn city is protected. Areas there are released for community builds. Outside the city you can build your own base(s). You will get more claimblocks during play.

    • Specs & Plugins

      Hosted in Germany with 128GB Ram, a Intel i9-9900k, and 1TB NVMe SSD; the server runs on Paper. Regarding updates we don’t always run the latest version but we plan to update to every major release eventually. In case an update brings a big change in world generation (e.g. 1.18) we delete chunks that have been loaded less than 5 minutes. Meaning someone likely just passed by while exploring.

      For land claiming we use GriefPrevention, which lets you protect areas you selected with a golden shovel. You can allow certain or all players to build and or access chests/buttons, on your claim. It also protects your claims and the worlds surface from creepers. Then there is also a chest shop plugin. You can use iron nuggets to create villager-like trades. You can do this anywhere, but its recommended to do this in the shopping area or your claim. Harbor is a plugin which skips the night, if 20% or more players are in bed. Lastly there is one that lets you rotate Glazed Terracotta.

      Additionally we have some datapacks and tweaks: Ghasts don’t break blocks. You can silent mobs by naming them “silent” (undo with “unsilent”). Your 1st kill of the Enderdragon gets you an Elytra. Craftable Enchanted Golden Apples. Hermitcraft posable Armorstands. Some recipes have been tweaked (bone blocks directly from bones, recolor glass,… )

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