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Economysurvival Minecraft Servers

Best Economysurvival Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Cube Survival – ⚡FREE RANKS⚡ [1.8 – 1.20+] [SMP]

    Cube Survival – ⚡FREE RANKS⚡ [1.8 – 1.20+] [SMP]
    A Survival SMP server with /claim, /rtp, /back, /store, PVE, PVP, and much much more! We have custom plugin development and an active staff as well. Come visit and see all we have to offer!

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  • Matly Middle School

    Matly Middle School
    🌟 Welcome to Matly SMP! 🌟

    Embark on an unforgettable Minecraft adventure unlike any other! Join us in the realm of Matly SMP, where survival reigns supreme and creativity knows no bounds.


    💎 Unique Economy: In Matly SMP, we’ve put a twist on traditional economies. Say goodbye to diamonds and hello to poisonous potatoes! Embrace the challenge of using this unconventional currency as you trade, barter, and forge alliances with fellow players. Adapt, strategize, and thrive in our dynamic marketplace.

    🌍 Inclusive Community: Players of all ages are welcome in Matly SMP! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your Minecraft journey, you’ll find a place to belong among our diverse and friendly community. Connect with like-minded adventurers, collaborate on projects, and forge lasting friendships that transcend the digital realm.

    💬 Discord Integration: Join our Discord server to chat, share tips, and unwind with fellow players. With dedicated channels for different interests and age groups, you’ll always find someone to talk to or team up with on your next epic quest.

    Are you ready to embark on a journey of endless possibilities? Join Matly SMP today and discover a world where imagination knows no bounds. The adventure awaits!


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  • Red Citadel | Clans – War – Anarchy | Survival with AntiCheat

    Red Citadel | Clans – War – Anarchy | Survival with AntiCheat < Join us at discord!Brand new community looking to grow!Survival world with some QOL plugins.High performance 24/7 server, so no lag!

    Server Information


    VersionWe are running on 1.20.4 Paper.

    PluginsDeadChests (places your items in a temporary chest for 30 minutes when you die so they do not despawn), Anti-Xray. Shop where you can buy/sell a few items. /trade to trade with other players over a distance. Premium anti-cheat to keep bad actors out. Teleport to your bed with /home bed. PvP and raiding is allowed, but reasonable diplomacy is encouraged.

    More information in our discord.

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  • Earth Atlas: Minecraft Towny

    Earth Atlas: Minecraft Towny
    🌍 Welcome to the Ultimate Minecraft Earth Experience! 🌍

    Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure like no other? Look no further! Our Minecraft Earth server is now live, boasting the latest version 1.19.3 with a mind-blowing 1:750 ratio!

    🚀 What Sets Us Apart:Cutting-Edge 1.19.3 Version: Immerse yourself in the latest features, blocks, and mechanics offered by Minecraft Earth.Massive 1:750 Ratio: Explore a vast world with unparalleled detail and scale, offering endless possibilities for exploration and creation.Dedicated Community: Join a thriving community of passionate Minecrafters who share your enthusiasm for adventure and creativity.Friendly Staff: Our team of moderators is always here to assist you, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.Regular Events and Challenges: Participate in exciting events and challenges to test your skills (upcoming siege war plugin).🌟 Highlights:

      Build towns, create nations, and explore sprawling landscapes in a world teeming with possibilities.Team up with friends to control the economy.Engage in PvP battles, and wars.

    🎮 How to Join:Simply fire up Minecraft Earth, select our server from the list, and dive into the adventure of a lifetime! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, there’s something here for everyone.

    Don’t miss out on the excitement! Join us today and let your imagination run wild in the ultimate Minecraft Earth experience.

    🌐 Server IP:📱 Discord:


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  • Sedonia SMP | Crack & Premium

    Sedonia SMP | Crack & Premium
    Version: 1.20.4

    Welcome to Sedonia SMP! Dive into an endless adventure where creativity, exploration, and commerce converge in a dynamic and thrilling Minecraft world. Explore below the unique features that make Sedonia SMP a must-play destination:⚙️ Regular Updates: Enjoy a unique gameplay experience with our regular additions; we build the server around your suggestions.

    🏠 Claims: You can protect your structures, griefing and stealing are forbidden, we want a perfectly welcoming game environment

    🌟 Dynamic Economy: Test your trading skills and manage your wealth in a vibrant economic system.

    🛍️ Shop & Playerwarp: Explore shops and player locations, or create your own.

    🏆 Base Beauty Contests: Showcase your creativity and win rewards for the most stunning bases.

    ⚔️ No Free Kill: It’s forbidden to kill other players for no reason, friendly fights are allowed and all consensual fights are allowed.

    🏨 Sales Hotel: Buy, sell, set prices, categorize what you’re looking for.

    🗺️ Interactive Dynmap: Explore our world in real-time and discover the map in a whole new way.

    🔥 Nether and End World: Dive into the mysteries of the Nether and End for epic adventures and hidden treasures.

    ⛏️ Resource and Survival World: Explore worlds specially designed for resource gathering and survival.

    🔄 No Map Resets: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your work will never be erased by a map reset.

    🎁 Crates: Win incredible rewards by opening crates with keys.

    Join us today and experience a unique gaming experience in our thriving community of passionate players on Sedonia SMP! 🌍

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  • OasisCraft Network

    OasisCraft Network
    OasisCraft Network Minecraft Server

    IP: Java, Windows, Console and Mobile.

    OasisCraft SMP Features:

      Gaming Like 05′ LAN Parties: The 4 Owners remember times of getting together because you were SO BORED! AT LEAST you were bored together. Gaming lost it’s touch – and our community BROUGH IT BACK! Come see yourself a community that truely cares for one another! Everyone is welcome!

      Anti-Cheat, Anti-Grief: Our expeditious and amazing Staff team, backed with the TOP hyper-efficient programs/software to keep your experience Relaxing & Enjoyable! Constant updates and attention.

      Custom 15k x 15k Map: Built fully custom to y=512, this World you’ll soon be lost in has 10 Villages, 8 Pillager Outposts, 2 Monuments, an Ancient City, and even a Mansion! Of course there are more things like Strongholds, Swamp Hut, Shipwrecks, Ocean Ruins, Ruined Portal, Jungle Pyramid, Desert Temples, and more! But you have to experience them for yourself!

      Fully Custom Economy: Featuring an incredibly balanced economy and stores the OasisCraft network allows you to Strut Your stuff with amazing acheivements and quests. With Custom hand drawn titles in game and in discord you can amass a True EMPIRE!

      Enhanced Gameplay: Not only can you delve into dungeons – vast in size and thick with enemies; but you can earn custom armors, tools, cosmetics, and currencies through this amazing breakthrough in Minecraft SMP Play. You’ve Never Seen Minecraft Like This Before!

      Founding Legends: For the ENTIRE first year of OasisCraft you can become a Founder and Enhance your gameplay with voting rewards, exp boosts, jobs, skills, crafts and more! Your journey will never end as more content and YOUR builds adapt this mystical world.

    OasisCraft Community:

    OasisCraft is played by the owners – we connect with each and every person. Doing so allowed everyone to natrually enjoy getting to know one another and has created the best Community today. 24/7 Support. 4 Developers, 1 Community like no other. OasisCraft truly has changed the way Minecraft is played.

    We can’t WAIT to discover this world together – SEE YOU IN GAME!

    OasisCraft Network Minecraft Server

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  • Land of Shadowz

    Land of Shadowz
    Welcome to the Land of Shadowz server! We’re a PvE server with an economy, custom mobs, mcMMO, custom enchants, and a few other things we plan on adding.

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  • Knight-Z – Survival | Towny | Zombies | Quests | Jobs

    Knight-Z – Survival | Towny | Zombies | Quests | Jobs
    In the realm of Knight -Z, a medieval kingdom once flourished amidst lush landscapes and towering castles. However, a malevolent force unleashed by the dark sorcerer Malgazar plunged the land into darkness, awakening hordes of undead creatures.

    As the sun sets and darkness descends upon the land, the people of Knight-Z brace themselves for the horrors that await them. At intervals during the day, the realm is engulfed in apocalyptic zombie, marking the arrival of Malgazar’s unholy minions. From the depths of forgotten catacombs to the abandoned ruins of once-great citadels, the undead surge forth in a relentless tide, seeking to extinguish all semblance of life.

    Server Features!

      Towny build protection! /rtp for teleport away from spawn location.Server shops with real market pricingQuests (more being added soon!)JobsZombie Apocalypse!Daily Dragon Reset with Rewards!Player Ranks – /ranks or /rankup

    Join us on Discord! Lets discuss any future updates or needs of the server, we will always listen to the players and better the server!

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  • IllusiveMC Survival | 🌟1.20 Survival 🌟MCMMO 🌟VeinMiner 🌟Land Claims 🌟Players Shops 🌟Custom Enchants 🌟Death Chests 🌟 Supply Drops

    IllusiveMC Survival | 🌟1.20 Survival  🌟MCMMO  🌟VeinMiner 🌟Land Claims 🌟Players Shops  🌟Custom Enchants  🌟Death Chests 🌟 Supply Drops
    IllusiveMC is a Non-Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server. Our Server has features like mcMMO, Voting Crates, VeinMiner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more!

    We are a Community Driven Server, meaning that we take our members feedback to help improve the Server!

    The Server is also actively moderated by our staff team, so if you ever run into issues, whether it be with players on the server or with the server itself, they can help sort it out!

    On top of that, the Server receives monthly updates that always bring something new & exciting, so you’ll never find yourself having nothing to do!

    You can join our Discord Server to either learn more about the Server or interact with the Community.

    Other Information:

    Discord –

    Server Store –

    Twitter –

    Website –

    IllusiveMC Survival | 🌟1.20 Survival  🌟MCMMO  🌟VeinMiner 🌟Land Claims 🌟Players Shops  🌟Custom Enchants  🌟Death Chests 🌟 Supply Drops Minecraft Server

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  • MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support – 1.20 Survival

    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support – 1.20 Survival
    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support - 1.20 Survival Minecraft Server

    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support - 1.20 Survival Minecraft Server

    IP: play.magmamc.netVersion: 1.20.2Website: IP is the same as our java server IP. Keep the bedrock port as the default bedrock port.

    Server Rules: Ranks:

    Why choose us?MagmaMC originated as a non-pay-to-win Survival server, which sets us apart. We offer the same types of ranks as pay-to-win servers, Use /rankup in-game to see how long it will take to Level up.

    Our goal is to remain a payment-free Survival server. We have already established a fantastic community of friendly users who can assist you.

    With years of Server experience, we know what we’re doing and are solely focused on providing the authentic Survival Experience our players expect.

    To ensure a safe environment for everyone, we have implemented some strict rules due to the varying ages on our server.

    Server Features~ Java and Bedrock support ~

    ~ Land Claiming ~

    ~ Economy ~

    ~ Free Rankups ~

    ~ Blackmarket “auction house” ~

    ~ PvP Disabled by default “/pvptoggle” ~

    ~ Safe Trade Menu ~

    ~ ChestSort ~

    ~ Tpa command ~

    ~ Decoration Heads Menu ~

    ~ Player Warps ~

    ~ Player Shops ~

    ~ Land Claiming ~

    ~ Bank Account ~

    ~ 2fa Security “/2fa” ~

    ~ Fish Market ~

    ~ Multiple Free Kits ~

    ~ Daily rewards ~

    ~ Voteparty for more rewards ~

    MagmaMC [SMP] 💎 | Java and Bedrock support - 1.20 Survival Minecraft Server
    We are an expanding Survival server with a friendly community. We reset the end every month to give everyone a fair shot at killing the End Dragon. We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest Minecraft version. Our server employs menus to assist you in navigating, but if you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the chat or on our Discord server!
    Hopefully, we see you soon on MagmaMC!

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  • X Æ a-12 anarchy

    X Æ a-12 anarchy

    Hello Minecraft hackers! 😛 X Æ A-12 Welcome to Anarchy. This is a world without borders, where you can explore freely and write your own story.

    This server offers a true anarchist experience. Here everyone is equal and no rules limit you. Get creative, collaborate with other players or go your own way. To survive here you must rely only on your own intelligence and skills.

    Get together with your friends on our server and start big projects or participate in epic battles with your enemies. Anything can happen at any moment!

    X Æ A-12 Get ready to create your own legend in Anarchy. Remember, here you will be limited only by your unlimited freedom and imagination! Have fun!

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  • Mc Koridorius

    Mc Koridorius

    Mc Koridorius is a survival server that offers ranks and extra /sethomes for voting, grief protection, custom player shops and friendly staff!

    We preserve your survival experience, and do not allow raiding or griefing, which means all your builds are completely safe. If you like pure survival, this is the server for you!

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    Built on a community as old as Minecraft itself, SMPMC has existed in various forms over the years. The administration and moderation have over 50 years of combined MC experience from all angles and playstyles, and we strive to create and preserve an environment where any adventurer can thrive.

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  • Raidingmc


    RaidingMC is a factions server that has been up and down for the past few years, the server has switched ownership and has been re-released to public. To see more info of what is in the server check out the servers discord with /discord in game and check out the change logs.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Infinity Evolved

    Infinity Evolved

    GamiCraft Network is a small whitelisted community of players that enjoy playing minecraft and other games. We just launched infinity evolved (normal mode) recently and are looking for more people to join us!

    All information about our servers can be found on our discord, simply copy paste the link below and you’ll automatically be invited. Make sure to read everything under the “start here” category on the left before making a whitelist application!

    Discord Link :

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  • Opboxpvp


    THIS IS MY BOXPVP SERVER VERY GOOD WITH RANKSMINE AND VERY MUCH MOREBoxpvp,Season 2 came out!!!Mine you’re way to better gearPacked with tons of PvPPlay Now! Why Not?JOIN OUR DISCORD FOR MORE INFO:

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  • SagesPrison


    SagesPrison is currently in BETA! So there are some things that need testing!

    SagesPrison is a unique minecraft experience set in space! Mine your way out of the ranks as you continue to get higher and higher in the economy. Some of our features are listed below:

    Crates Custom Mines Custom Spawn Custom Plugins Gangs PvP Plots and so much more! Hop on to see it for yourself!

    We hope you enjoy your experience at SagesPrison and hope to see you on soon!

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  • ZeroXPvP


    New upcoming Factions server consisting of many new and custom features that no other Factions server has! Daily Packages, Reasonable prices, Custom GUIs, Custom Enchantments, Semi-OP Kits, and much more! Come join the server at **NOTE** WE ARE CURRENTLY IN MAINTENANCE

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  • Nsnetwork


    NSNETWORK is the most amazing Lifesteal network you will ever find. We have mind-blowing amazing builds, A lot of friendly and supportive staff, an active community! We currently offer the following gamemodes on our network: – Lifesteal with an amazing experiece. More Gamemodes will be added soon…

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  • SecludedMC


    SecludedMC is a unique Minecraft Network, that is home to many great Minecraft Gamemodes! Come join us today! IP:

    New Minecraft Server
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