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Towny Minecraft Servers

Best Towny Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Vanilla Minecraft: SMP – Where creeper explosions are just Nature’s way of saying hi!

    Vanilla Minecraft: SMP – Where creeper explosions are just Nature’s way of saying hi!

    Minecraft SMP Server

    Unique server that’s up 24/7
    Play together
    NO lag
    Active and fast growing community
    Build at spawn
    Upcoming staff roles
    Version: Java 1.20.4

    Join us today and discover the joy of Minecraft SMP. Our server is waiting for you!

    Join our Discord server


    Question Answer
    Is the server up 24/7? Yes, the server is always up and running.
    Are there any lags on the server? No, our server is optimized for a smooth gameplay experience.
    Can I build at spawn? Yes, players are encouraged to build and interact at spawn area.
    Is there a Java version requirement? Yes, the server is running on Java 1.20.4 version.
    How can I join the server’s Discord community? You can join our Discord server by clicking on the provided link above.

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  • Cobbletwo VS Hypixel

    Cobbletwo VS Hypixel


    Pros Cons
    Extensive range of mini-games Can be crowded at times
    Frequent updates and events Pay-to-win elements in some game modes
    Active and large player community May experience lag due to high number of players


    Pros Cons
    Mega Evolutions Smaller player base
    Super Tower Battle Lack of certain popular mini-games
    Over 400 Pokémon Less frequent updates


    1. What sets Hypixel apart from Cobbletwo?

    Hypixel offers a wide range of mini-games, frequent updates and events, and has a large active player community. However, it can be crowded at times and may experience lag due to the high number of players.

    2. What does Cobbletwo have to offer?

    Cobbletwo features Mega Evolutions, Super Tower Battle, over 400 Pokémon, and other unique gameplay elements. It has a smaller player base and may not have as many popular mini-games as Hypixel.

    3. Are there any pay-to-win elements in either server?

    Hypixel has some pay-to-win elements in certain game modes, while Cobbletwo’s system is not mentioned to have any pay-to-win aspects in the provided information.

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  • Hunter


    The Hunter is a fun Minigame and SMP Minecraft Server. With Bedwars, The Bridge, Murder Mystery and a SMP.

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  • ESCraft


    ESCRAFT – Elder Scrolls Inspired Minecraft Server

    Inspired by the popular series of games, Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind and ESO. This server aims to merge Minecraft and the the universe of Elder Scrolls into one. Carve out your territory in this survival, semi roleplay adventure. Compete in an emerging civilization with a challenging economy and growing obstacles.

    Features: Custom Races: Argonian, Breton, Altmer (High Elf), Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer (Orc), Bosmer (Wood Elf) Towny: Claim your land to protect it against bandits Custom Map (In development) Player built world (In survival) Challenging economy Vampires & Werewolves Brewery

    Come Join us on this amazing adventure and make your mark as an adventurer, explorer, conqueror or bandit chieftain! #Skyrim #ElderScrolls #Minecraft #Vampire #Werewolves #Races #Tamriel #Elf #Khajiit #RPG #SemiRoleplay #Roleplay #CustomRaces #Races

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  • Cube Survival

    Cube Survival

    A Survival SMP server with free playtime ranks, /claim, /rtp, /back, /store, PVE, PVP, and much more! We have custom plugin development, an active staff, and an economy as well. Come visit and see all we have to offer!

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  • AsteroidMC


    Welcome to AsteroidMC, where adventure awaits in the vast realm of Minecraft!

    Are you ready to embark on an epic journey in the world of survival crafting? Look no further! Join us on AsteroidMC, the ultimate Minecraft survival server where your imagination knows no bounds!

    Land Claiming: Stake your claim in this untamed land! With our advanced land claiming system, protect your hard-earned creations from griefers and invaders. Build, explore, and expand your territory with confidence!

    Custom Items: Unleash your creativity with our array of custom items! From powerful weapons to unique tools, our custom items add an exciting twist to your survival experience. Discover rare treasures and craft legendary gear to dominate the wilderness!

    Abilities and Skills: Rise above the rest with our dynamic abilities and skills system! Hone your expertise in various disciplines such as mining, combat, farming, and more. Unlock special abilities and unleash your full potential as you progress through the ranks!

    Community and Events: Join a thriving community of fellow adventurers! Collaborate with other players, form alliances, and embark on thrilling quests together. Participate in exciting events hosted by our dedicated staff team, from PvP tournaments to scavenger hunts.

    Active Development: We’re committed to delivering the best Minecraft experience possible! Our team of developers works tirelessly to introduce new features, fix bugs, and ensure smooth gameplay for all players.

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    The first anti-toxic server in Indonesia. This server has various interesting features that might add to your experience in playing Minecraft Survival. This server can be used by Java and Bedrock for all versions

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  • Imperialism


    A minecraft earth towny server where YOU can form your own empire, explore a 1:750 scale map of the real earth and found your own towns and nations!

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  • Welcome to LumaMC: The Server That Makes You Say “WOWza!” – Survival, Towny, Jobs, and More, Now Updated to 1.20+!

    Welcome to LumaMC: The Server That Makes You Say “WOWza!” – Survival, Towny, Jobs, and More, Now Updated to 1.20+!
    Server IP


    Welcome to LumaMC! Are you on the lookout for a new Minecraft server that goes beyond the ordinary? Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience with LumaMC, where we bring together thrilling features, custom plugins, and a vibrant community!


    • Towny: Establish and grow your own town, form alliances, and build a community.
    • mcMMO: Level up your skills and become a master.
    • Custom Items: Unique items with special abilities.
    • Player-Based Economy: Engage in resource gathering and trade.
    • Hoarder Plugin: Sell bulk items for extra cash.
    • Ranks System: Climb ranks for titles and abilities.
    • Artmap Plugin: Express creativity with map designs.
    • Dynamic Seasons World: World transforms based on the season.
    • Fishing Competitions & Custom fishing: Test fishing skills for rewards.
    • Jobs: Work jobs to earn cash.

    Why LumaMC:

    Whether you’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time or taking your first steps into Towny, LumaMC is your new home. We’ve crafted an inclusive space where every player can thrive and enjoy. Join us for endless adventures and be part of our collaborative community!


    Q: How can I join LumaMC?

    A: You can connect to our server using the IP address

    Q: What is Towny?

    A: Towny allows players to establish and grow their own towns, form alliances, and build communities.

    Q: What is mcMMO?

    A: mcMMO is a plugin that allows players to level up their skills and become masters of their craft.

    Q: Is there a player-based economy on LumaMC?

    A: Yes, players can engage in resource gathering, production, and trade to influence supply and demand dynamics.

    Q: How can I participate in Fishing Competitions?

    A: Test your fishing skills and compete for rewards in our custom fishing competitions.

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  • TrekCraft VS Hypixel

    TrekCraft  VS Hypixel

    Hypixel VS TrekCraft


    Pros Cons
    Massive player base Lots of competition and crowded
    Wide variety of minigames May feel overwhelming for new players
    Regular updates and events Potential lag due to high player count


    Pros Cons
    Committed Towny/Survival server Smaller player base
    Extra plugins for enhanced experience Limited minigames and content compared to Hypixel
    Welcoming community with events Potentially less frequent updates

    TrekCraft is not any ordinary server, we are a committed Towny/Survival server with tons of extra plugins to enhance your experience at TrekCraft. Our towny server is a welcoming community where you can build and play with minimal drama. We include Mcmmo, LWC, Jobs, awesome custom boss mobs, ArtMap and much more. Here at TC we have a friendly community that takes part in events every week and an all player staff that will help you through any situation. We’ve been around since 2014 so you know that you can trust us to last. When you find yourself on TrekCraft you feel like you are part of the family, and that is exactly what we want you to feel.

    Take time today and come join us at You can also visit our website at

    Minecraft is an adventure, Trek it. -TC2014

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  • Bonnies Skywars Server

    Bonnies Skywars Server

    THIS IS A WIP NOT DONE YET. My Skywars Server!!! adding bedwars and duels!!! so basicly i got board and made a server. this took me so long so plz vote.

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  • Minecraft RolePlay server

    Minecraft RolePlay server

    RolePlayRPCraft Store:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Muspelheim


    Muspelheim is a Minecraft SMP server with PVP enabled along with Griefing. We are 100% Vanilla other than some custom villagers at spawn and the VanillaTweaks Player Head Drops and Armored Elytra Datapacks. End is disabled but the admins are planning a way to get Elytras. The World is 45k blocks in each direction. Hack and Exploits are not allowed and are heavily moderated.The name is inspired from the realm known as “Muspelheim” in Norse Mythology, the world of chaos and fire.

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  • Hambrientosmc


    2 modes available, depending on your preference, you can wage wars with your team, conquer and be the best on the server or play survival without Classic PvP and make farms and constructions

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  • Cube Cave

    Cube Cave

    RankUP, McMMO, Play to Win, Survival, Jobs, Clans and more. We are waiting for you in our community

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  • ActivMine server Minecraft

    ActivMine server Minecraft

    Welcome to the ActivMine project!

    We have 3 game modes:

    Vanilla 1.18.1



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  • Bee SMP

    Bee SMP

    Bee SMP Season 2. New Season to thrive and survive. We are already a month into the new world, join when you can! Remember to vote!

    (Warzone currently, the owner abused Op to destory all bases)

    Join if you would like to fight)

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  • Pyrakia towny

    Pyrakia towny

    Prepare for an epic adventure as we announce the grand reopening of Pyrakia!

    Get ready to unwind and immerse yourself in a serene and relaxing experience with the launch of our towny-based first feature-complete server, Chillville!To celebrate, we are hosting a giveaway event that will run from July 1st to July 31st.During this period, you will have the chance to win one of five rewards in Steam cash, including a $25 card, a $10 card, and three $5 cards.To participate, simply complete tasks in the ticket system, which can be accessed in-game with ‘/tickets’.

    At the end of our Chillville giveaway event, we will be running a second giveaway event to launch our to-be-named Hardcore SMP server into it’s open-beta phase.This event will be run with the same (or better) rewards and ticket system, but will be much harder and will run for three months – from August 1st to October 31st.To end in style on October 13, as the days grow shorter and the nights darker, the bone-chilling M-Rated Halloween event “Bloodfest” begins.Brace yourself for the arrival of horrifying new monsters that will test the limits of your courage and cunning in the unforgiving Deathly Rift that will feature a newly renovated Haunted Mansion.

    We are also thrilled to announce that our entire network is now funded by a new credit system called “Folding At Spawn” – a unique and meaningful way to fund the server for the foreseeable future.Powered by the renowned “Folding At Home” program and backed by the potassium-rich Banano cryptocurrency, it allows users to donate their computing power to vital disease-fighting research.By running Folding At Home with a Pyrakia Folding At Spawn account, players can earn PyCredits for their invaluable contributions while funding the server.With this system, we should be able to run several new servers, with new multiplayer games in the future while also donating to notable charities.

    We owe a heartfelt thanks to our users Spythrine for funding more than the entire first payment cycle, and  TaytheDwarf who provided more than 50% of the server upkeep during the second payment cycle with Folding At Spawn credits.

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  • Cobblestonia


    Cobblestonia is a 1.16.5 anarchy server, with no rules and looking for players. It offers a stable server, with little downtime and is completely vanilla. The owner is Abaia, and a co-owner is feed_chicken. It is 2 months old so spawn may be a bit beat up. Give it a shot and see if you can make it.

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  • ❤️ FAWEMC ❤️ Survival, MiniGames ⭐ 1.8-1.17+ Minecraft server

    ❤️ FAWEMC ❤️ Survival, MiniGames ⭐ 1.8-1.17+ Minecraft server
    The owner of the “FAWEMC Survival MiniGames 1.8-1.17” server has not yet added a description. This Minecraft server is very different from other servers, but not like the others.

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