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growing family Minecraft Servers

Best growing family Minecraft Servers 2024

  • TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    Comparison of Hypixel and TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server


    Pros Cons
    One of the largest Minecraft servers Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames and activities Can experience lag during peak times
    Active and competitive player community Some games require premium access

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server

    Pros Cons
    24/7 uptime Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Friendly and helpful staff team Limited minigames and activities
    Unique features like NPC-driven gyms and Discord contests Possible lack of diversity in gameplay


    1. Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel is known for having one of the largest player bases in Minecraft servers.

    2. Can both servers experience lag?

    While Hypixel may experience lag during peak times, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server boasts a 24/7 uptime.

    3. Are there unique features on TheNodeMC Pixelmon server?

    Yes, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server offers unique features such as NPC-driven gyms, Discord contests, and RPG Trainer leveling.

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  • Janitor’s Closet SMP

    Janitor’s Closet SMP

    Welcome to The Janitor’s Closet! Originally started as a small survival server 2 years ago, over time we set up servers to have a more worldbuilding and roleplay aspect to them.

    The reason we are telling you this is because over the course of these 2 years we have learned from mistakes and have set up a new server that’s purpose is to provide worldbuilding via all roleplay, nations, lore, and drama

    We want players to join and build their own stories, and see how theirs interacts with others in the grand scheme of things. Everybody is welcome!

    Discord Info:

    Joining our Discord is required, everyone who joins does have to fill out a quick app after reading the rules, this is so that we filter out any bad folks and goons.

    Joining the discord is also jus fun, we have a nice community and once in a while we host an event jus to bring people close and remind everyone that we’re all pals at the end of the day

    Our Plugins!:

    • Dynmap
    • SimpleVC
    • SetHome
    • Deadchest
    • CombatLog
    • Brewery
    • And others!

    Come join us in our small but hopefully growing community and make your story!

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  • PokeClash Cobblemon SMP

    PokeClash Cobblemon SMP

    Welcome to PokeClash! A small-time server just looking to have fun without everything locked behind a paywall! We try to keep things as simple as possible for anyone who joins! We may not boast some of the features other servers have, but we try to be as fun as possible!


    Cobblemon Version: 1.4.1 Fabric


    ✅ Dex Ranks

    ✅ Player Markets

    ✅ Player Warps

    ✅ Land Claiming

    ✅ Breeding with Daycare

    ✅ Mass Outbreaks ✅ Catch Combos

    ✅ Pokehunts

    ✅ PokeBingo

    ✅ PokeBuilder

    ✅ Custom Pokemon Skins

    ✅ Fakemon

    ✅ WonderTrade

    ✅ Cobblemon Community Leaderboards

    ✅ Community PokeTasks

    ✅ GTS

    ✅ Pokemon Trading

    ✅ Player Gym Leaders

    ✅ Legendary Spawns!

    ✅ Keep Inventory

    ✅ Resource World

    ✅ Cosmetics

    ✅ Custom Terrain Generation

    ✅ Server Events

    ✅ Cobblemounts

    ✅ Custom Starters

    ✅ EV Training NPCs

    Server Links & Info


    Mod Packs

    Modrinth Modpack:

    CurseForge Modpack:

    Technic Modpack:

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  • Aurora


    Hello everyone!

    Are you ready to embark on a journey like no other in the enchanting world of Minecraft? Look no further than Aurora SMP, where the possibilities are as vast as the starry night sky ⭐

    A World of Imagination

    Survive and thrive in our brand new season 2 world. An engaging multiplayer experience awaits where the community matters. Join forces with friends or go solo; the AuroraSMP realm is yours to conquer. The only limits are the ones you set yourself!


    Join a warm and welcoming community of fellow adventurers, where bonds are forged and friendships blossom. From sharing survival tips to collaborating on monumental builds, AuroraSMP is where lasting connections are made

    Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer eager to explore, AuroraSMP is the place to ignite your imagination and create unforgettable memories. Your adventure begins here, under the Aurora. 🌠

    Server Details:

    We are running on Fabric 1.20.2 on a dedicated server, giving you the most authentic vanilla feel. Everything will work exactly as you expect it to in vanilla survival.


    Only one player needs to sleep to skip the night

    Endermen will not steal your precious dirt

    You can adjust armor stands if you understand the infuriating book

    A Shulker will always drop two Shulker Shells.

    Wandering traders will sell you mini blocks. (Basically custom player heads) for decoration

    Mobs have a chance of dropping their heads when killed by a player.

    Players always drop their head when killed by another player.

    We offer a Bluemap allowing you to have a 3D view of your creations in your web browser.

    We also have Gyser installed so bedrock players can join in on the fun we have going on here too!

    To request to join our server please add TaintedPixels on Discord

    See our trailer:

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  • GeoPoltica: Age of Steel

    GeoPoltica: Age of Steel

    GeoPolitica: Age of Steel

    We offer:

    🌎 – Earth Map

    🏳️ – Countries

    🛩️ – Movecraft Plugin for Artillery, Guns, Ships, etc.

    ⚔️ – Geopolitics and War

    💰 – Gold based economy

    💸 – GDP System

    🟩 – Slime fun plug-in

    🔫 – Custom Guns

    The server is releasing March 2nd, 4pm est Saturday As a Player, this server is truly amazing. One of the funniest experiences I’ve had on Minecraft, there is truly something for everyone. Constant PVP in the Wilderness, however, if that’s not your thing, complete safety in your claims, where building, roleplaying, and Redstoning are popular and emphasized. IF this is up your alley, you should consider joining my nation, the HRE. We will be going to war About a week after the server launches, we accept players of All skill levels and experience, you need to be willing to listen.

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  • Veach SMP!

    Veach SMP!

    Hello there,

    Veach is a new cracked smp. We are looking for more players to keep the community active.

    Plus we also have a private smp that you can join if you spend enough time in the discord server!

    No crazy applications needed Just join!

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    🌟 Prepare for the Ultimate Adventure with WILZON Minecraft Server! 🌟 Opening Soon!

    🎮 Immerse yourself in a world of boundless excitement with our electrifying Gamemodes, featuring: Survival 🌲 Skyblock 🌌 PvP ⚔️ And MORE To COME! 🎉

    💥 About Us: Get hyped for thrills on our cutting-edge 1.20 server currently under development. We’re crafting something extraordinary just for you!

    🔌 Experience Seamless Gameplay: Dive into the action with plugins like ViaVersion and Geyserensuring smooth gameplay across versions, even on bedrock! 🚀

    💼 Exciting Features Await: Survival boasts dozens of quests and jobs, while Skyblock offers its own unique challenges and rewards!

    🚀 Join Us Now and Be Part of the Journey! Embark on this epic adventure and create unforgettable memories. Join our Discord server for more info and exclusive updates!

    🔗 Discord Invite: Join Now!

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    We are looking for long term Minecraft players, we play survival and have a lot of mods. We have fun, and well we are now accepting new players if you would like to join our server. Mostly have PVE, but we are also making an arena for PVP. Also we work together as one team, kindalike Roleplay.

    Some of the mods we use: Ice and Fire, IC2, Buildcraft, Galacticraft, Galaxy Space, Flans mod etc…

    If anyone wishes to join or looking for more information please contact me on discord by adding Perseus92 #5240

    IP adreess:

    We have about 99 mods so have a good pc.

    Come and join us we’re gonna have fun.

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  • LunarisSMP


    Welcome to Lunaris SMP ━━━━━━━━━About Us━━━━━━━━━━━━ We are a brand new whitelisted Hermitcraft inspired minecraft server operating on paper 1.20.4 looking for the best and brightest in the minecraft community! We are looking to nurture an active skillful community of players that want to take this game to its limits, whether that be by creating giant farms or beautiful kingdoms. If you’re interested so far we encourage you to carry on reading and then join our discord server to apply and find more information on the server! ━━━━━━━━ On the Lunaris SMP we have some amazing quality of life plugins and data packs that keep the game nice and fresh while still keeping that vanilla feel, here are some of the main ones! ☾ Drop Heads – Players drop the head of their skin on death. ☾ multiplayer sleep – makes it so that only one person has to sleep in order to skip the night. ☾ Armor Stand Tools – Allows you to better customise the position of armour stands and more! ☾ essentialsx discord – Allows you to view the minecraft in game chat from the discord. ☾ Coreprotect – Ensures that everyone is safe from grief or theft without any land claiming of any sort. ☾ Simple VoiceChat – It’s as simple as the name implies, just proximity chat for minecraft! full list of data packs and plugins available in our discord server ━━━━━━━━━ ☾ Community We welcome players that prefer to stick to any playstyle weather that be building or the technical stuff, as long as you know what you’re doing we’d love to have you on the server! Additionally we run Lunaris as a democracy meaning that every player gets a say in big decisions or projects on the server. ━━━━━━━━━ Applying to join ━━━━━━━━━ The application process to join Lunaris is actually very quick and easy, all you have to do is join our discord (linked below) and do /apply, then select the Lunaris SMP application, from there the bot will direct message you and ask you a series of questions, after you’ve completed that our admins will review your answers and whitelist you if you’re a good fit for our server! ╰┈➤ ❝ Join Us Today:

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  • Celestia Worldbuilding

    Celestia Worldbuilding

    Welcome to Celestia!

    We are a newly formed worldbuilding server that is focused on building history. This server promises minimal admin intervention, and when needed, a friendly, unbiased staff team. Come join Celestia and experience a true worldbuilding server. There are no weird plugins, this is a pure worldbuilding

    Become a powerful king ruling an empire spanning the globe, become a humble bartender, become a rich merchant and travel the world, or become a bum living in the slums of your local town.

    What we offer:

    A server at the beginning of history : This is a newly formed server that was only launched a few weeks ago. You will be apart of the early historical periods of this server

    Towny : Used to claim your builds and for diplomacy with other nations

    Various guilds: From the brewers guild, to the mapmakers guild, to the builders guild. There will always be a community ran guild that you are able to freely join.

    The freedom of worldbuilding : You are able to do almost anything you desire in this server, as is worldbuilding.

    Documented history : There will be a wiki page for the server, ran by the historians guild. By simply participating in the server you are adding to the collective history of the server.



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  • Create+ Server

    Create+ Server

    Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey by joining the Create+ Server, where innovation meets limitless creativity! Our server is not just a gaming platform; it’s a thriving community of passionate individuals who share a common love for pushing the boundaries of what Minecraft can be. Imagine a world where your imagination is the only limit – with an array of custom plugins and carefully curated mods, Create+ offers a unique gameplay experience that transcends the ordinary. Build, explore, and collaborate with like-minded players as you engage in thrilling adventures and construct awe-inspiring structures. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless and enjoyable environment, with regular events, competitions, and updates to keep the excitement alive. Whether you’re a seasoned builder, a Redstone wizard, or a casual player seeking a friendly community, Create+ welcomes all. Join us now and become part of a vibrant universe where creativity knows no bounds. Unleash your inner architect and forge lasting friendships on the Create+ Server – where every block placed is a step towards an unparalleled gaming experience!

    The IP Address is provided in this discord server:


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