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Friendly staff Minecraft Servers

Best Friendly staff Minecraft Servers 2024



    Skyblock Custom server, aimed at achieving a higher level of skills by facing multiple enemies, along with special tools that will make you progress faster, you can enjoy the company of adorable pets that can be obtained by saving the server’s global currency.

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  • Green gem

    Green gem

    Green Gem is a Minecraft 1.20.4 Survival Land Claim server. We have Jobs, PlayerWarps, Chest Shops, Playervaults, Keep Inventory, Homes, and Minigames. Win XP at the arcade. Make money with Jobs. Earn points with Jobs and spend them at the Jobs Shop. Create your own Chest Shop and set a Warp to it. Spend money earned with Jobs at other player’s shops. Claim land and build a big house or base. Compete with other players for baltop. Get the best gear. Make the best shop. Have fun!

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  • Project Eden VS Hypixel

    Project Eden VS Hypixel
    Hypixel Project Eden
    Large player base Focused on creating a community feel
    Wide variety of minigames Weekly minigame nights
    Hosts popular events and tournaments Organizes trivia and holiday specials
    Advanced chat system Player-driven economy
    Well-established and reputable server Fresh worlds and helpful staff


    1. **Which server has a larger player base?** Hypixel has a larger player base compared to Project Eden.

    2. **Which server focuses on creating a community feel?** Project Eden is focused on creating a community feel for its players.

    3. **Which server hosts more events and specials?** Hypixel hosts popular events and tournaments, while Project Eden organizes trivia and holiday specials.

    4. **Which server offers unique features like mcMMO and a player-driven economy?** Project Eden offers unique features like an in-depth wiki, mcMMO, and a player-driven economy.

    5. **Which server has a more established reputation in the Minecraft community?** Hypixel is a well-established and reputable server in the Minecraft community.

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  • FroobWorld: Where even the cows are semi-vanilla but the creepers still go boom! 1.20.4

    FroobWorld: Where even the cows are semi-vanilla but the creepers still go boom! 1.20.4

    FroobWorld Minecraft Server

    Server Information:



    FroobWorld is a small survival server that’s been operating since 2011. If you enjoy old-school style SMP, you will likely enjoy our server. We have established rules that include no griefing, no stealing, and no cheating. Our chat is kept at PG-13 levels.


    • Land claiming with no limit to the size (within reason)
    • Lockette-style chest locking
    • /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back commands
    • Long-term maps
    • 32 view distance
    • No donations or prizes given in exchange for votes


    Question Answer
    Can I grief on the server? No, griefing is not allowed on FroobWorld.
    Are there any limits to land claiming? Within reason, there is no limit to the size of land you can claim.
    What kind of commands are available? Commands such as /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back are available for players to use.
    Do you accept donations? No, we do not accept donations or give prizes in exchange for votes.

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  • TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    Comparison of Hypixel and TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server


    Pros Cons
    One of the largest Minecraft servers Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames and activities Can experience lag during peak times
    Active and competitive player community Some games require premium access

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server

    Pros Cons
    24/7 uptime Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Friendly and helpful staff team Limited minigames and activities
    Unique features like NPC-driven gyms and Discord contests Possible lack of diversity in gameplay


    1. Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel is known for having one of the largest player bases in Minecraft servers.

    2. Can both servers experience lag?

    While Hypixel may experience lag during peak times, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server boasts a 24/7 uptime.

    3. Are there unique features on TheNodeMC Pixelmon server?

    Yes, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server offers unique features such as NPC-driven gyms, Discord contests, and RPG Trainer leveling.

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  • Evolvemc

    Server IP:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • KiwiSMP VS Hypixel

    KiwiSMP VS Hypixel
    Hypixel KiwiSMP
    Pros Pros
    Large player base 1.20.1 supported
    Wide variety of game modes Bedrock supported
    Regular updates and events Survival, OneBlock, EarthSMP
    Professional staff team Public Lifesteal SMP
    Cons Cons
    Can be overcrowded Smaller player base
    Can experience lag at peak times Less variety of game modes


    1. Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel has a larger player base compared to KiwiSMP. It is one of the most popular Minecraft servers in existence.

    2. Which server supports the latest Minecraft version?

    KiwiSMP supports Minecraft version 1.20.1, while Hypixel may take some time to update to the latest version due to its size and complexity.

    3. Which server has a more friendly community?

    Both Hypixel and KiwiSMP have friendly communities, but KiwiSMP is known for its close-knit and welcoming player base.

    4. Which server offers more game modes?

    Hypixel offers a wide variety of game modes, including minigames, arcade, and adventure modes. KiwiSMP focuses more on survival and custom SMP experiences.

    5. Which server has better server stability?

    Hypixel has better server stability overall due to its size and resources. KiwiSMP may experience occasional downtime or lag during peak times.

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  • UNBELIEVABLE! FlameBurst Lifesteal server will BLOW your mind with INSANE Custom Items!

    UNBELIEVABLE! FlameBurst Lifesteal server will BLOW your mind with INSANE Custom Items!

    Minecraft Server Overview

    Are you looking for a fun server with Custom Items, Custom Bosses, a competitive economy, and an active owner who is constantly working to improve the server and fix bugs? Well, look no further!



    Feature Description
    Custom Items Unique items created specifically for the server.
    Custom Bosses Challenging bosses designed to test players’ skills.
    Competitive Economy An economy system that promotes competition and trading among players.
    Active Owner The server owner is dedicated to improving the server and addressing any issues.

    Questions & Answers

    Q: How can I join the server?

    A: You can join the server by using the IP address in your Minecraft client.

    Q: Are there any rules on the server?

    A: Yes, we have a set of rules that all players must follow to ensure a positive gameplay experience. You can find the rules on our Discord server.

    Q: Can I suggest new features for the server?

    A: Absolutely! We welcome player suggestions and feedback to help improve the server. Feel free to share your ideas on our Discord server.

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  • UNBELIEVABLE! THIS SERVER WILL CHARM YOU – JOIN NOW for unlimited fun and 30 players!

    UNBELIEVABLE! THIS SERVER WILL CHARM YOU – JOIN NOW for unlimited fun and 30 players!
    Server IP
    Overview TTAC is a basic vanilla server started about 2 years ago. We have an active community, filled with nice players and amazing builders. We encourage co-op on the server and players are rewarded for bringing a friend(s) on. We have a voting system which helps the server grow across several websites. TTAC is becoming bigger and better everyday! Are you the next leader? The Journey begins here.
    Server Features Friendly Staff, World Backups, 24/7, Support, No Lag, Dedicated Server, No Limits, Discord
    Notes Spawn Protection: 100 Blocks
    Worlds Backed up daily
    Server Rules (Permanent Ban) No Hacking, No Cheating, No Exploiting, No Racisms, No Lag Machines, No Threating, No X-Ray, No Bullying, Keep Chat Clean, Don’t Be Dumb.
    Server Rules (Allowed) PVP, Teaming, Unlimited Farming, Greifing, Mob Farming, Redstone Machines, Building, New Chunk Loading, Stealing, Raiding

    Questions & Answers

    1. Can players bring friends on the server? Answer: Yes, players are encouraged to bring friends on the server and they are rewarded for doing so.
    2. Are there any limits on the server? Answer: There are no limits on the server, players have full creative freedom.
    3. What are the server rules for permanent ban? Answer: The server rules for permanent ban include no hacking, cheating, exploiting, racism, lag machines, threating, x-ray, bullying, keeping chat clean, and not being dumb.
    4. What are the allowed activities on the server? Answer: Allowed activities on the server include PVP, teaming, unlimited farming, griefing, mob farming, redstone machines, building, new chunk loading, stealing, and raiding.

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  • Quarry


    [1.20] Quarry is a high-quality Minecraft Prison server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you!


    Private Mines Pets Custom Armor Cool Enchants Team Based Quests Daily Rewards

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  • Rede orpheus chronos

    Rede orpheus chronos

    Join our Brazilian minecraft server with more than 180 mods in 1.16.5!

    A totally innovative themed server!

    “Everything must have a beginning, this is no different with journeys. The beginning of your journey is the beginning of your timeline, in this world you will have to make a single and important choice: which chronology do you want to follow?”

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  • Obsidianland

    Obsidianland is a survival minecraft server just nornal survival create bases meet new friends and have fun! The server is on java but also supports Bedrock edition! ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————

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  • ShardLand • Opening Serera server Minecraft

    ShardLand • Opening Serera server Minecraft

    Server website:

    Shardland is an anarchic Minecraft server where rules are minimal or non-existent. On this server, players are given complete freedom of action; they can build, destroy, and interact with each other without restrictions. In Shardland, players can independently create their own communes, clans or factions and cooperate or compete with each other. There are no moderators on the server, which means that players themselves control every aspect of the game and the evolution of the server. This is a place where your imagination and creativity can run wild, but be prepared for unexpected turns of events and interesting interactions with other players. Ultimately, Shardland provides a unique Minecraft experience based on anarchy and free creativity.

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  • Alkaxeon rpg smp

    Alkaxeon rpg smp

    Story about Alkaxeon Once upon a time, in the world of Alkaxeon, the land was plagued by powerful monsters and fearsome beasts. Villages were frequently attacked, and people lived in constant fear of being devoured or enslaved. But then, a group of brave warriors and skilled archers emerged, determined to rid the land of the evil that threatened it. These heroes travelled the world, venturing into dark dungeons and battling fearsome uniques, determined to reclaim the land and bring peace to its people. They formed teams, working together to overcome challenges and defeat powerful monsters. With their courage and skill, they proved to be a formidable force. As they travelled, they discovered strange and powerful artifacts scattered throughout the world. They learned that these artifacts were imbued with ancient magic, and that by socketing gems into them, they could increase their power. This was a game-changer, and the heroes worked tirelessly to acquire the gems and socket them into their weapons and armor, growing stronger with each new item they found. In time, the heroes became legends, their names known throughout the land. People would tell tales of their bravery, and young warriors would set out to follow in their footsteps. Some would claim lands of their own, using their newfound power to protect their homes from griefers and raiders. And thus, the world of Alkaxeon was forever changed. Though monsters still roamed the land, the people no longer lived in fear. Instead, they looked to the sky and saw the shining constellations of the warriors and archers who protected them, knowing that they were safe, and that the heroes would always be there to defend them. Note: As there are no mages in the world of Alkaxeon, the heroes’ abilities and weapons were limited to that of warriors and archers, making their battles even more challenging and epic. One day, a new hero appeared in the world of Alkaxeon. This hero was unlike any other, for they had discovered the lost class. They had completed a quest that no other hero had ever completed before, and had defeated the final boss. With this newfound power, the hero traveled the world, performing feats of incredible strength and cunning. News of this hero quickly spread, and other heroes were eager to learn the secret of the lost class. Some whispered that the hero was a powerful mage, despite there being no mages in the world of Alkaxeon. Others said that they had unlocked the power of the gods, and were now unstoppable. In time, the hero became known as the most powerful warrior in the world of Alkaxeon. They led teams of heroes into the toughest dungeons and defeated the strongest uniques, always emerging victorious. And so, the legend of the lost class grew, inspiring new generations of heroes to set out on their own quests to discover the secrets of this powerful hero. In addition to battling monsters, the heroes of Alkaxeon were also known for their trading skills. They would visit shopkeepers and trade items, using their wealth to acquire the gems they needed to socket into their weapons and armor. They would also trade with other players, using their in-game money to purchase rare items and weapons. And so, the world of Alkaxeon flourished, with heroes battling monsters, trading with each other, and performing feats of incredible bravery and skill. The people were safe, and peace reigned in the land. And as long as heroes continued to rise, the world of Alkaxeon would always be protected.after thousands years , new unique  which has intelligent and used  powerful artifacts has appeared and killed enormous number of heroes and innocent people , Legend says to that monster is driven away somewhere  inside the  Lost Maze in Nether world. Survived heroes has gathered together and left on mission to kill it. But they still didnt came back, people lost hope and monsters started attacking villages .As time went higher classed monsters and uniques became more intelligent and they learned to speak their own man from village accidently found item that allows him to understand monster’s language. He bringed alot of magi gems and items to monsters and offered them to they will get more of them. If they don’t attack villages more. They Agreed with condition to none human will use Magi gems and artifact items anymore. Every new hero who got invited to world, will have to choose between much more classes but they will not be able to use full power of items. Human which got that item which allows his to speak monsters language is one of current “Heroes” in side of Main town in Alkaxeon. His name is Balthasar, even if they all lost their power, Gyda still can to summon new heroes to Alkaxeon.Note: Some Magi gems and items are not given to monsters so Heroes have chances of getting some of them, and if some gems no works its because of class you choose. Not all classes can use every Magi Gems even if they can socket items with them.Current Heroes in town are known as “Last Hope Party” , Which includes : Gyda – Priest , Gerald – Great Warrior , Elric – Archer , Felix – Divine Paladin and Balthasar – Necromancer. Those 5 are the one of last strongest party alive in the Alkaxeon.

    =SHORT STORY The story of Alkaxeon is a fantasy adventure story with elements of action and RPG gameplay. It is set in a world plagued by powerful monsters and beasts, and follows a group of heroes who venture out to rid the land of evil and bring peace to its people. The heroes are known for their courage and skill, and they become legends as they battle monsters and find powerful artifacts imbued with ancient magic. The story introduces a new hero who has discovered the lost class and becomes known as the most powerful warrior in the world. The hero inspires other heroes to set out on their own quests to discover the secrets of the lost class. The heroes are also known for their trading skills, and the world of Alkaxeon flourishes as they trade with each other and perform feats of bravery and skill. However, a new unique monster appears that has killed many heroes and innocent people. The surviving heroes set out on a mission to defeat it, but they have not returned. The world has lost hope, and monsters have started attacking villages. Over time, the monsters have become more intelligent and have learned to speak their own language. One man from a village discovers an item that allows him to understand the monster’s language, and he offers the monsters gems and items in exchange for them not attacking villages. The monsters agree, but with the condition that humans will not use the gems and items anymore. The man becomes one of the current heroes in the town of Alkaxeon and is known as Balthasar, the Necromancer. The current heroes in the town are known as the “Last Hope Party” and include a Priest, a Great Warrior, an Archer, a Divine Paladin, and Balthasar. They are the last remaining strongest party alive in Alkaxeon in current moment. =

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  • Anarchy 1.20.1 Minecraft server

    Anarchy 1.20.1 Minecraft server
    The owner of the server “Anarchy 1.20.1” has not yet added a description. This Minecraft server is very different from other servers, but not like the others.

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  • UnicraftMC Factions

    UnicraftMC Factions

    > **Server Features** ▸ Quality Hosted ▸ Active Community ▸ Core Faction Features ▸ Moderated and Friendly ▸ Constantly Updated

    > **Faction Features** ▸ Strong Foundational Economy ▸ Essential Commands ▸ Defend and Conquer ▸ Create Alliances ▸ Create or Join a Faction ▸ Help or Betray Your Allies ▸ Raid and Loot Goods

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  • Godfire


    GØDFIRE Minecraft is an all-immersive experience within the mythological world of gods and monsters.

    – Player Economy– Jobs– Skills– Player Shops– Player Warps– Resource World– Custom Items– Crates

    Will you survive?

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  • Spellbound



    – Dedicated and Friendly Community – Amazing builds! – 24/7 Uptime – Frequent Backups

    TO JOIN: Join our discord and check #sams-server-info for whitelist application! Looking forward to seeing y’all!

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  • PeWorld Minecraft server

    PeWorld Minecraft server

    PeWorld7 is a large-scale private server based on vanilla Minecraft with a focus on construction and RP themes. Server version –

    Java 1.20.1 | Bedrock – 1.20.12

    Lack of lags, frequent events, the ability to create/join clans and cities, brewing various alcoholic and relaxing drinks, an adequate community and a responsible attitude towards the server are our trump cards.

    Buy a pass or sign up for a sponsorship and start playing with us!

    Opening of the project on February 2, 2021

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  • Wholesome Haven

    Wholesome Haven

    Anarchy server with a couple gameplay bettering plugins! Plugins included: Luckperms,Unlimitedanvil,Images,XPtome,Bettergiants,Zenchantments,Vault,Spigot,FloodgateBukkit,Slimefun,Mythicmobs,Goldenenchants,Modelengine,Wild,Actionhealth

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