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  • TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    Comparison of Hypixel and TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server


    Pros Cons
    One of the largest Minecraft servers Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames and activities Can experience lag during peak times
    Active and competitive player community Some games require premium access

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server

    Pros Cons
    24/7 uptime Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Friendly and helpful staff team Limited minigames and activities
    Unique features like NPC-driven gyms and Discord contests Possible lack of diversity in gameplay


    1. Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel is known for having one of the largest player bases in Minecraft servers.

    2. Can both servers experience lag?

    While Hypixel may experience lag during peak times, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server boasts a 24/7 uptime.

    3. Are there unique features on TheNodeMC Pixelmon server?

    Yes, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server offers unique features such as NPC-driven gyms, Discord contests, and RPG Trainer leveling.

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  • Digzone


    Digzone is a survival – skyblock hybrid server, with some truly unique aspects to our game mode that players are sure to enjoy.

    When you join you can jump straight into your skyblock world and start the challenge of building your own personal island. Create your infinite cobblestone generator and start building. Generators have been custom built to provide more than just cobble, and will upgrade with your island level to produce better and better ore yields. The best part? Your generator level will follow you into your survival world when you decide to leave the island. Mcmmo skills will be used in both worlds as well!

    But be warned, your inventory is tracked by which world you are in, so always be sure you’re purchasing the supplies you want, where you want them!

    We will be implementing ranks and voting systems soon, so come join us as we grow into a thriving Minecraft community in our own unique way!

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  • Sennaplaza


    (We put so much effort into a beautiful banner, but doesn’t support it, click here to still view it:

    Welcome to Sennaplaza. This Dutch server is full of fun things waiting for you. Whether you open a shop, want to do parkour or just want to survive, there is something for everyone. With an active staff team you always have someone who can help you or talk to you. We are constantly working on the server and regularly organize events. Will you be our newest player? On our server we use a super lightweight, home-made Resource Pack, with which we can take your playing experience to the next level. This combined with a strong player-based economy, anti-grief plug-in and many useful Quality of Life things make for a great survival experience. To create an even closer community, you also have the option to live in the Community Village, where you can claim a plot and live together with dozens of other players. If you don’t want this, you can of course also live in the beautiful, almost endless world.

    Our best features at a glance: � Custom, lightweight Resource Pack | � Strong player-based economy | � Great anti-grief plugin | � Pleasant community and the Community Village | � Many Quality of Life fixes | � No P2W (Pay 2 Win) | � Almost endless world to explore | � Friendly, hands-off staff team | � Minigames such as KotH, PvP and parkour | � Optimized for the latest Minecraft versions

    Website: | Discord: | Twitter:

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  • Kulture studios

    Kulture studios

    Kulture invites you to explore its enchanting Pixelmon 1.16.5 server, a haven for players seeking a non-pay-to-win environment. Our mission is to seamlessly blend the very best elements of the Pokémon universe into a single, unforgettable experience. We’ve carefully crafted a world filled with diverse in-game activities, an array of mods and plugins, and an original Pokémon adventure while still embracing the classic Pokémon spirit. Notable Features: Warzone Invasions PixelMMO Unique Custom Texture Pokémon Challenging Npc Gyms Exciting Player Gyms Thrilling Battle Tower Epic Raids Dex Rewards Engaging Poke Hunt

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  • Hazecraft


    Play with friends to build a fantastical town, explore new dimensions in advanced gear, level professions, earn money, or just hang around to chill. Hazecraft is a longstanding survival server with a rich history and a focus on being welcoming.

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  • Anomlymc smp server

    Anomlymc smp server

    AnomlyMC – Explore the Ultimate Minecraft Experience with Custom realms SMP, Skyblock, and Lifesteal!

    Are you ready to take your Minecraft adventure to the next level? Look no further! AnomlyMC is here to offer you a gaming experience like no other. Our server combines the best of survival with custom plugins, skyblock challenges, and the thrilling world of lifesteal. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable journey!

    Server IP : Version: Java Edition 1.20 +

    What Sets Us Apart?

    Survival with a Twist: Our survival mode is enhanced with a variety of custom plugins that add new dimensions to the game. From exciting quests to unique items, you’ll never run out of things to explore and conquer.

    Skyblock Awesomeness: If you love the challenge of starting from scratch and building your empire in the sky, our Skyblock mode is perfect for you. Gather resources, expand your island, and compete with others to become the ultimate skyblock master.

    Lifesteal for the Brave: Unleash your inner vampire with our lifesteal feature. Engage in epic battles where you can steal the life force of your opponents to stay alive. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other!

    Why Choose AnomlyMC?

    Active and Friendly Community: Join a community of passionate Minecraft players who are always ready to lend a helping hand or team up for exciting adventures. Discord :

    Experienced Staff: Our dedicated staff members are experienced and committed to making your time on the server as enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, they’re here to assist you.

    Regular Events and Updates: We host exciting events and tournaments to keep things fresh and engaging. Plus, we’re always working on improving the server with regular updates and enhancements.

    How to Join: We are welcome java and bedrock players and also non premium minecraft players (Tluncher) Launch Minecraft and select “Multiplayer.” Click “Add Server” and enter the server IP: Save and select the AnomlyMC from the server list! Join the adventure and start your journey today! AnomlyMC is the perfect place for Minecraft enthusiasts who crave a unique and challenging experience. Whether you’re into survival, skyblock, or lifesteal, we have something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the fun – join us now!

    Follow us on for the latest news and updates. We can’t wait to see you on the server!

    Join us today at for the Minecraft adventure of a lifetime! and for our discord community !

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  • Recrafted Civilizations

    Recrafted Civilizations

    Hello and welcome to Recrafted Civilizations! Who are we? Recrafted Civilizations is a long-standing Historical Roleplay server which is set in the year 1848. We use an Earth map and we allow players to join and lead nations from the year 1848. Recrafted has been around since 2013 and is now coming back after a short hiatus which has allowed us to improve the server and the fundamental mechanics of how the server operates. We are now back with new, innovative ideas which no one else in the Historical RP genre offers.

    What do we offer? Recrafted offers a wide variety of features, such as technology trees for nations through our factory system which lets players invest resources into their factories to get a technology advantage over other nations. Example technologies are better guns, more efficient production methods and many more. Players are able to join an immersive RP environment, develop their characters and conduct diplomacy between nations. Wether you want to lead your nation to create new allies, go to war for resources and territory, work alongside nation members to build entire cities or simply enjoy hanging out in the local tavern to make friends, there are many possibilities for you here at Recrafted.

    How can I play?: The server is currently preparing for it’s official launch on October 9th 2020. In the mean time, we invite you to find out more about Recrafted and the community by joining us on: Discord at: Website: Dynmap:

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  • pepemochi


    Japan’s largest element game server! You can play creative, survival and athletic! Please participate by all means.

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  • Survival vanilla cc

    Survival vanilla cc


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  • Verpy


    Welcome to Nordic Empire Gaming! A restarted community by a new owner/ex-admin Quigybobo – March 3, 2019

    What we offer: Friendly staff team, Time based rank, Discord integration chat, Minimal banned items, No pay2win, Voting rewards

    Server IP Direwolf20 1.12.2 v2.5.0:

    Information: Discord: Website:

    voting on this site will not gain any rewards but is greatly appreciated!

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  • Flowbox


    a Box Server

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