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24/7 uptime Minecraft Servers

Best 24/7 uptime Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Dune SMP: Where sandcastles rule and pvp gets sandy! Join now!

    Dune SMP: Where sandcastles rule and pvp gets sandy! Join now!

    Minecraft Server Overview

    Features Description
    Lifesteal Unique ability to steal life from enemies.
    24/7 Uptime Server is always available for play.
    50k by 50k World border Limits the playable area to a specific size.
    Economy system In-game currency system for trading and transactions.
    EssentialsX Plugin providing essential features for gameplay.
    Minecraft Java and bedrock support Players on both Java and Bedrock editions can join.
    Better RTP Improved random teleport feature for exploration.

    Join our Discord server for more information

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: How can I join the server?

    A: You can join by using the server IP provided or through our Discord server.

    Q: Is PvP allowed on the server?

    A: Yes, PvP is allowed but make sure to read the server rules before engaging in combat.

    Q: Are there any rules I need to follow?

    A: Yes, there are server rules in place to ensure a positive gaming experience for all players. Please read them carefully.

    Q: Can I invite my friends to join the server?

    A: Yes, you can invite your friends to join the server as long as they follow the server rules.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    Comparison of Hypixel and TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server


    Pros Cons
    One of the largest Minecraft servers Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames and activities Can experience lag during peak times
    Active and competitive player community Some games require premium access

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server

    Pros Cons
    24/7 uptime Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Friendly and helpful staff team Limited minigames and activities
    Unique features like NPC-driven gyms and Discord contests Possible lack of diversity in gameplay


    1. Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel is known for having one of the largest player bases in Minecraft servers.

    2. Can both servers experience lag?

    While Hypixel may experience lag during peak times, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server boasts a 24/7 uptime.

    3. Are there unique features on TheNodeMC Pixelmon server?

    Yes, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server offers unique features such as NPC-driven gyms, Discord contests, and RPG Trainer leveling.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • xapros junior high

    xapros junior high

    Some info:

    – We have holiday themed events every few months filled with minigames and collectable items!

    – We’re whitelist only so no dealing with random rogue players 🙂

    – We have 5-15 different players who log on daily

    – We always have many new people, so no matter the age of our world, you’ll never be behind!

    – Zero lag and 24/7 uptime

    – We’re a no reset server so your base will always be saved no matter how inactive you are

    – No land claims, tps or any immersion breaking mods that take you out of the vanilla feeling

    – Strict rules against stealing/hacking/griefing!

    – Some of our builds:

    Join the discord to apply!

    New Minecraft Server
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    Server IP:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Hell Blaze

    Hell Blaze

    Lithuanian survival server. Join for active admin drops and economy. Auctions, custome items and so on!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Anicloud ➜ Anarchy, survival, mini-games⭐ Minecraft server

    Anicloud ➜ Anarchy, survival, mini-games⭐ Minecraft server

    On our project you will find many unique modes and mechanics, which, basically, have no worthy analogues in the CIS and even in the world. We highlight such modes as: Mmorpg, Z-Arena, LuckyBlockWars, BedWars and many others. New mobs, blocks and other items without mods. The server has been operating for more than 10 years and continues to develop. We use the latest versions of Minecraft to give you a unique experience. To play on the server you need Optifine.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • KitchenCraft


    KitchenCraft is a survival Minecraft server with a variety of plugins and custom ranks! Time to come get lost in the sauce!

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  • Zeland


    Survival, but better. This is raw Minecraft at it’s finest.Difficulty: As Hard as it gets.What makes Zeland unique?– Large Biomes with Generated Structures 10x rarer. No free handouts here. If you want it, you have to earn it. (Strongholds, Mob Spawners, Nether, and End remain unchanged)– Wandering Traders and Pillager Patrols are disabled.– PvP allowed, but must follow rules of war.– Do what you want.  Build Farms, have a store, fight the Ender Dragon, Fly.

    Zeland was my personal Survival world that I’ve opened up to the public. Feel free to pop in, say hello and look around. If you like what you see, then claim some land and build a home! My only ask is that you are respectful and clean up after yourself.  The goal is to create a server full of good honest people, epic builds, an economy, and a place of dreams.  Come show off your building skills, meet new friendly people, and play some Survival Minecraft.  Come to Zeland!

    As a protection against griefing, I back up the server regularly.

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  • DayZ BattleGround

    DayZ BattleGround

    We present you the Zombie Apocalypse server in the pixel game Minecraft. On the server You will find a lot of unique systems, such as: Cars, weapons, spawn random loot in chests, a unique system of clans and an interesting map. We are a real favorite of DayZ projects. Our project has been in existence for 2 YEARS, and over time we have become popular in all CIS countries.

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  • LoneCraft-Java-Anarchy🗡️ Minecraft server

    LoneCraft-Java-Anarchy🗡️ Minecraft server

    Also, besides anarchy, we have a vanilla bedrock server, no pvp and no vultures

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  • Cocoa Craft

    Cocoa Craft

    We are a small survival server looking for new players. Come join us and join a community open to ideas and a new perspective to minecraft.

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  • Try smp

    Try smp

    TRY SMP Sri Lankan Minecraft server that has many features like Kits, Grief Prevention (Claims), Slimefun and much more. Join our Discord server to get more information about our server. Join our server, play and enjoy!

    Discord: – – store.trysmp.comTwitter: –

    Java Ip: – Port: – 2101

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  • Sentinel MC

    Sentinel MC

    Minecraft server. Prison Factions Skyblock Creative Survival Factions

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    New Minecraft Server
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