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Best griefer protection Minecraft Servers 2024

  • TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    Comparison of Hypixel and TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server


    Pros Cons
    One of the largest Minecraft servers Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames and activities Can experience lag during peak times
    Active and competitive player community Some games require premium access

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server

    Pros Cons
    24/7 uptime Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Friendly and helpful staff team Limited minigames and activities
    Unique features like NPC-driven gyms and Discord contests Possible lack of diversity in gameplay


    1. Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel is known for having one of the largest player bases in Minecraft servers.

    2. Can both servers experience lag?

    While Hypixel may experience lag during peak times, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server boasts a 24/7 uptime.

    3. Are there unique features on TheNodeMC Pixelmon server?

    Yes, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server offers unique features such as NPC-driven gyms, Discord contests, and RPG Trainer leveling.

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  • Arefy Network VS Hypixel

    Arefy Network VS Hypixel
    Category Hypixel Arefy Network
    Player Base One of the largest Minecraft server networks with millions of players Smaller player base but growing steadily
    Game Modes Wide variety of game modes including mini-games, PVP, and more Currently offers Prison, SkyBlock, and Survival game modes
    Experience Established in 2013, Hypixel has years of experience and reputation Arefy Network has been around since 2014 but is relatively newer compared to Hypixel
    Community Large and active community with forums, events, and more Community is smaller but friendly and growing

    **Hypixel FAQ:**

    1. What game modes does Hypixel offer? Hypixel offers a wide variety of game modes including mini-games, PVP, and more.

    2. How big is Hypixel’s player base? Hypixel is one of the largest Minecraft server networks with millions of players.

    3. How much experience does Hypixel have? Hypixel was established in 2013 and has years of experience and reputation.

    4. How is the community on Hypixel? Hypixel has a large and active community with forums, events, and more.

    **Arefy Network FAQ:**

    1. What game modes does Arefy Network offer? Arefy Network currently offers Prison, SkyBlock, and Survival game modes.

    2. How big is Arefy Network’s player base? Arefy Network has a smaller player base but is growing steadily.

    3. How much experience does Arefy Network have? Arefy Network has been around since 2014 but is relatively newer compared to Hypixel.

    4. How is the community on Arefy Network? Arefy Network’s community is smaller but friendly and growing.

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  • Wholesome SMP

    Wholesome SMP

    Interested must join:

    Wholesome SMP is a HermitCraft stylecommunity driven SMP for Java 1.20.4+ where your voice matters. We have a tightly-knit long-lasting community which makes Minecraft as fun as possible. We have a diverse playerbase from all around the world (literally from America to Asia to Australia) and welcome all. There are playerbase-initiated weekly events and minigames on the server, and there are many community projects/builds/redstone farms from our players that you can try your hand at. Our goal always has been try to achieve an actual community that fills the void there is present in other servers.

    We are a group of friends, and we like making close bonds with people; and thus are cautious in giving out actual bans unlike generic SMPs, however we DO NOT TOLERATE serious offenses such as stealing.

    Key Features

    • ✅ Playerbase-initiated events and games every weekend

    • 🔨 Large scale builds entirely built by the community

    • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Create your own groups and contribute to creating a story for the server

    • 🗳️ Community driven economy (trust-based system)


    • 🪬 Coreprotect – protects you from griefers

    • 🔉 Proximity Voice Chat – talk to players around you

    • 🗺️ Squaremap – see where your friends are

    • 🛏️ Multiplayer sleep

    • 🟧 Player Heads

    • 📚 Armor Statues Book

    Hope to see you on the server soon! 🙂

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  • CreativeFun VS Hypixel

    CreativeFun VS Hypixel
    Hypixel CreativeFun
    Pros Pros
    – Popular server with a large player base – Large 512×512 plots for building
    – Wide variety of minigames and game modes – Advanced WorldEdit commands for creative building
    – Regular updates and events – Access to redstone for more complex builds
    – Active community and forums – Ability to create your own minigames using your builds
    – Professional server management and support – Roleplay names and plot chat for immersive experience
    – Large-scale custom maps and adventures – Grief protection to keep your builds safe


    Question Answer
    How many players does each server support? Hypixel supports thousands of players, while CreativeFun supports a smaller but dedicated community.
    Which server has more minigames? Hypixel has a wider variety of minigames and game modes compared to CreativeFun.
    Can I create my own builds on these servers? Both servers allow you to build, but CreativeFun specifically offers large plots and advanced building tools.
    Is there active community and support on these servers? Both servers have active communities, but Hypixel may have a larger player base with more forums and support options.
    Are there regular updates and events on these servers? Both servers regularly update their content and host events, but Hypixel may have more frequent updates and larger-scale events.

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  • GamerTee Network VS Hypixel

    GamerTee Network VS Hypixel

    Hypixel VS GamerTee Network


    Pros Cons
    High number of players Can be crowded and laggy
    Wide variety of mini-games Some games may not be as well-maintained
    Frequent updates and events Can have long queue times to join games

    GamerTee Network

    Pros Cons
    Owned by a popular YouTuber Smaller player base
    Active 24/7 staff support May have fewer mini-games
    Focus on PvP gamemodes Less frequent updates

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the player base like on each server?

    Hypixel has a high number of players at all times, making it easy to find games to join. GamerTee Network may have a smaller player base in comparison.

    2. How often are updates and events released?

    Hypixel is known for frequent updates and events to keep the player base engaged. GamerTee Network may have less frequent updates in comparison.

    3. Which server has better staff support?

    GamerTee Network boasts 24/7 staff support for players, ensuring that assistance is always available. Hypixel also has staff support but may not be as readily available.

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    |The Greatlands Realm| 16+


    🏰 Welcome to The Greatlands Gaming Community! 🏰

    ✅The Greatlands is a fantasy world rich with lore where you can find many different mystical creatures, kingdoms, gods/goddesses and many more roaming the land. Nothing about this world is normal, from monsters that’ll change shape to floating sky kingdoms, the Greatlands has it all!

    What Do We Offer?: ⚔️

    ✅This server is for the Minecraft Realm, YT Series, and book ‘The Greatlands’. Here you can enjoy anything gaming related, please follow the rules and respect other members! Our staff will help you out with any questions or concerns you may have! We offer a unique role-playing experience for RP enjoyers that you can only find here!

    A Little Bit About Us!:

    ✅This is a project we’ve created by many different creators all around the world more than 2 years ago and has turned into something bigger than we’d ever imagined. Founded back during the pandemic The Greatlands has been an ongoing community since bringing in many different players every year!

    How Do I Join?


    The Greatlands Realm trailer & other Greatlands related content please enjoy:)\_3qOveUds

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  • Advancius Network VS Minewind

    Advancius Network VS Minewind
    Minewind Advancius Network
    • Unique hardcore survival experience
    • Focused on player vs player interactions
    • Less emphasis on ranks and progression
    • Minimal rules and restrictions
    • Open world with no borders
    • Requires a tough mindset to survive
    • Offers a wide variety of game modes
    • 100+ free ranks available
    • Community events every weekend
    • Focus on creating quality experiences
    • Discord community for better communication
    • Integrated rank system for skill and hard work


    Q: What makes Minewind different from Advancius Network?

    A: Minewind offers a unique hardcore survival experience with less emphasis on ranks and progression, while Advancius Network provides a wide variety of game modes with 100+ free ranks and regular community events.

    Q: Which server focuses more on player vs player interactions?

    A: Minewind is known for its focus on player vs player interactions, providing a tough mindset to survive in the open world. Advancius Network offers a range of game modes with different types of player interactions.

    Q: Does Advancius Network have a Discord community?

    A: Yes, Advancius Network has a Discord community for better communication and to engage with players outside of the game.

    Q: Are there any restrictions on Advancius Network?

    A: Advancius Network has a more structured environment with integrated rank systems that reward skill and hard work, offering a different gameplay experience compared to Minewind’s minimal rules and restrictions.

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  • InsanityCraft VS Minewind

    InsanityCraft VS Minewind
    Minewind InsanityCraft
    Pros Pros
    Unique and challenging gameplay Offers a variety of popular game modes
    Player-driven economy Experienced and established network
    Rogue-like elements for a more intense PvP experience Active and growing community
    Cons Cons
    Can be challenging for beginners May not have as unique gameplay compared to Minewind
    Can be harsh for solo players due to intense PvP environment May not have as active or dedicated player base as Minewind


    1. What makes Minewind unique compared to InsanityCraft? – Minewind offers unique and challenging gameplay with rogue-like elements for a more intense PvP experience, while InsanityCraft offers popular game modes in a more traditional multiplayer setting.

    2. Why should I choose InsanityCraft over Minewind? – InsanityCraft is an experienced and established network with an active and growing community, making it a reliable choice for players looking for a stable and established server.

    3. Can beginners enjoy Minewind? – Minewind can be challenging for beginners due to its unique gameplay and intense PvP environment, whereas InsanityCraft may offer a more accessible experience for new players.

    4. Which server has a more active player base? – Minewind may have a more active and dedicated player base compared to InsanityCraft, making it a better choice for players looking for a more lively and engaging community.

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  • PokeLeague VS Hypixel

    PokeLeague VS Hypixel
    Server Hypixel PokeLeague
    Pros Large player base, numerous minigames, regular updates, professional staff Unique story-driven content, exciting features, amazing builds, dedicated building & development team
    Cons Can be overwhelming for new players, occasional lag spikes Smaller player base, may lack some traditional minigames, less known compared to Hypixel

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question Hypixel PokeLeague
    How many players are typically online? On average, there are tens of thousands of players online at any given time. Player numbers vary but tend to be in the hundreds or low thousands.
    What type of minigames are available? Hypixel offers a wide range of popular minigames such as Bed Wars, SkyWars, and SkyBlock. PokeLeague focuses more on unique story-driven content related to Pixelmon, with occasional traditional minigames.
    How often are updates released? Hypixel is known for regular updates and new content releases to keep players engaged. PokeLeague also releases updates regularly to enhance the gameplay experience.
    Is the staff professional and active? Hypixel has a dedicated team of professional staff members who actively monitor the server and assist players. PokeLeague also has a committed team of staff members who strive to provide a positive gaming environment for all players.

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  • [PRIVATE] Galactic Craft 1.17-1.19 | Movecraft | Planets | Factions | Creative Plots | Quests | Guns | Ship Battles

    [PRIVATE] Galactic Craft 1.17-1.19 | Movecraft | Planets | Factions | Creative Plots | Quests | Guns | Ship Battles

    The server is currently whitelisted. Please use the Discord to request a whitelist to join. Invite can be found at the bottom of the description.


    In a far off galaxy, humanity has learned to master the stars. Adventure, trade, and galactic warfare have connected distant star systems together in alliances and rivalry. Various factions struggle over control of sectors, and rampant piracy plagues trade routes. In this galaxy, control your ship, serve with your crew, and build your empire.

    Construct starships of any size, and equip them with different devices and weapons to travel to over 11 unique planets. Defend yourself with a variety of handheld weapons, and engage in large scale sieges for control over sectors in space.

    Galactic Craft is a server that was established in 2014 as a Realm. Since then, we’ve grown into a larger community. You can have flyable ships, guns, PVP players, Creative Plots, go on quests, fight against custom mobs, and more! The server is primarily factions, but there’s also smaller minigames that players can partake in. A server wiki is also available for those who want to learn more about the server’s functions._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Here’s a list of what we have!

    +Custom Guns!+Custom Plugins!+Custom Events!+Custom Heads!+Custom Resource Pack!+Unique Ranks!+Minigames!+Creative plots!+Quests!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________For ship gameplay, we’re using Eirikh1996’s Movecraft fork for 1.13+. There’s a variety of ship types you can build and fly! You can wage wars in these ships, transport passengers or cargo, and even take them to space!

    +Speeder: A small ship class used to fly around at normal speeds. Unlike all other craft types, they don’t require any fuel so it’s good to have one if you’re just starting out. Also unlike all other vehicle types (except for Boats and Submarines), Speeders are unable to travel to and operate within the vacuum of space, but are faster than all other ship types except for Interceptors.

    +Interceptor: The second smallest ship class on the server. Interceptors are adept at fast-paced hit and run tactics and getting to places extremely quickly. Interceptors can match speed with a Speeder.

    +Fighter: A ship type about the same or slightly bigger than Speeders. These are typically stronger than Speeders, but can’t move as fast as Speeders and they require fuel. Typically good for a crew of one to three people, and also good for one on one fighting against ships of the same class or assault missions.

    +Bomber: Bombers are stronger, slower versions of Fighters. These ships have an extra capacity for bombs, torpedoes, and missiles. These ships are best suited for attacking large capital ships from a distance and taking on enemy strike craft in a support role.

    +Corvette: Corvettes are moderately sized ships that are best suited for medium-range recon roles and anti-fighter support. These ships can match speeds with a Fighter, but are only slightly faster than Bombers at cruising speed.

    +Frigate: This ship class is slightly bigger and sturdier than the Corvette, but are moderately slower. This class of ship is typically used as a mobile residence or long-range transports. The Frigate is a balance between the sturdiness of a Destroyer and the reliability of a Corvette.

    +Destroyer: The Destroyer is a larger, heavily armored version of the Frigate. It can take 5% more damage while matching the speed of a Frigate. These ships are generally used as long range recon, anti-frigate, and anti-corvette ships.

    +Cruiser: Cruisers are mainline capital ships typically good for larger factions. These ships are larger and require more fuel than smaller ships, and are generally used as command ships or heavy transports. That being said, they’re also slower than smaller ships.

    +Battleship: Like Destroyers, this class of ship is the armored equivalent of the Cruiser class. Battleships can take 5% more damage than Cruisers, but sacrifice speed for armor. These are typically used as heavy cruisers and mobile weapons platforms.

    +Carrier: Carriers are larger than Cruisers and Battleships, but have armor equivalent to that of a Frigate or Destroyer. These massive ships are rare and are generally used as mobile cities or platforms used to carry and launch smaller ships such as Fighters and Speeders. These can also be used as command ships, and it’s recommended to keep these ships out of the line of fire and behind friendly lines. Their main advantage would be the ability to carry tons of smaller strike craft.

    +Dreadnought: Arguably the strongest ships out there, these massive ships are more armored and deadly than any other. Because of their immense size, they’re slower than anything else and require more fuel than any other ship. These ships can serve as carriers, mobile cities, command ships, or heavy assault ships.

    +Boat: Boats are the aquatic equivalent of Fighters and Speeders. They don’t require any fuel and can be as large as a Cruiser, but they can’t fly or submerge under water. These vessels are generally best used as a transport for ground personnel or tactical vessels designed to destroy other Boats.

    +Submarine: Submarines can be larger than Boats and their ability to submerge underwater makes them excellent stealth vehicles. However, Submarines require fuel and can’t use cannons while underwater. These are best used to assault bases that are underwater or destroy vessels of the same class.

    On top of these, we have plenty of other things unique to the server! We have shields to protect your ship from damage, custom laser cannons that you can fire at other ships, and faster than light travel to get to places quickly!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Lastly, we have different planets that you can fly to in space. Once you reach the planet, your ship will come with you once you enter the atmosphere! Different planets will have different atmospheres. Here’s a list of the planets we have:

    +Alderaan: Alderaan is the starting world with vast plains, tall forests, large rivers, and snow capped mountains. Alderaan is limited on resources, and is an excellent place for those wanting a peaceful life. Alderaan manufactures and sells the S-91x Pegasus Starfighter and ACS-102 Speeder. Alderaan can be found in the Aldera star system.

    +Hoth: A snowy planet with numerous hills. Hoth has no vegetation and no natural resources. Excellent for camouflaged bases and prison bases.

    +Corellia: Corellia is a temperate planet with vast oceans, mountains, plains, luscious caves, swamps, and forests. Industrialization and pollution has resulted in the destruction of some of the forests on Corellia, and certain regions in the water are dark in color. Near Corellia is Vigor Station, a place where you can buy ships manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Coronet City on the planet itself is home to a dozen unique vendors to buy ships such as the YT-2400 Light Freighter or YV-929 Freighter, or highly expensive armor sets and weapons. The ore deposits beneath the surface consist of moderate amounts of iron, coal, diamond, and redstone.

    +Tatooine: A desert planet with a few canyons, desert fauna, and extremely large mountains. This planet is completely absent of any water and very low on natural resources. Tatooine is one of the best places for base building, as the terrain is extremely flat and open.

    +Dantooine: Dantooine is a planet located in the Raioballo star system. Dantooine’s surface consists entirely of a vast plains biome with very numerous trees, rivers, and caves. However, it has little to no ores and various other natural resources. Dantooine gets frequent rain and combined with its flat land makes it an excellent choice for farming.

    +Sullust: A magma-based planet with a barren and dangerous surface. Sullust’s land consists of mainly stone hills and ridges, magma pockets, and has numerous unique geographical features such as spiked mountains and lava rivers. The most notable feature of Sullust is its extreme supply of all ores. The surface is blanketed with numerous large iron deposits and within Sullust’s extensive cave system in addition to large amounts of just about any ore within the caves.

    +Avalon: This planet is currently home to a hornet’s nest of Cylon Centurions. Rumors have it that this planet was where the Cylons launched their first attack from, and was frequently used as a staging ground. Once the Cylons left the general population alone, it was suspected that Avalon was where they had retreated to. Avalon is an extremely hot magma planet with large lava lakes and small lava oceans. Terrain wise, it’s similar to that of Hoth and Dantooine.

    +Carlac: Carlac is a medium sized snowy tundra world with numerous hills, similar to Dantooine. Most of its surface consists of beautiful trees, mountains, and ice caves. Carlac also has plentiful deposits of gold, diamond, emerald, and redstone ore below its surface. Carlac also is known for its large amounts of amethyst crystals located below the surface within its cave systems.

    +Eadu: Eadu is a dark, stormy planet located in the Bheriz star system. Frequent rain and lightning storms plague the planet, so much so that the sun is rarely ever seen, covering Eadu in complete darkness. Eadu’s rocky terrain consists of large mountains, canyons, rivers, and stone spires making ship travel hazardous and difficult, especially for large ships. The planet has no vegetation and little wildlife. Eadu’s caves contain a large amount of lapis lazuli, redstone, coal, and emerald deposits, and the surface has numerous deposits of coal making this planet an excellent choice for obtaining fuel. Eadu is home to the Eadu Energy Conversion Laboratory.

    +Utapau: Located in the Tarabba system, Utapau is a large, grassy planet with numerous hills on its surface. Utapau has little to no vegetation and is known for its large amount of vastly deep sinkholes that are often used for cities and bases. Numerous caves stretch throughout the planet and often serve as passageways between the sinkholes. Large deposits of gold, iron, redstone, and diamonds populate these caves. Utapau is home to the Buuper Torsckil Abbey Devices ship company, known for producing hyper-lethal ships such as the Porax 38 Starfighter.

    +Scarif: Scarif is an ocean world with numerous islands, and contains lots of tropical flora and marine life. Scarif has little to no caves and shallow oceans. Small amounts of iron, diamond, emerald, gold, lapis, and redstone can be found beneath the sea floor. Scarif is most often used as a vacation spot or tourist resort due to the isolation and pleasant environment. This planet can be found in the Abrion star system.

    +Dandoran: Dandoran is a planet with rocky terrain and vast forests. Dandoran is divided into large continents by narrow ocean pathways. The oceans are filled with plant and animal life. A fair amount of caves are also located underneath the surface, as well as inside some small mountains. Dandoran’s resources consist of gold, iron, emerald, copper, coal, diamond, and redstone, but is particularly high in the first four mentioned resources. Dandoran is located in the Doran star system.

    +Geonosis: Geonosis is a hot, barren desert planet with numerous canyons, mountains, jagged plains, vast caves, and tall rocky spires. Geonosis is home to the Geonosians, a race of sentient and highly xenophobic bug-like creatures known to live in the caves below Geonosis. There is little life on the planet beyond the Geonosians, and Geonosis’ resources consist of unimpressive amounts of lapis lazuli, coal, emerald, copper, and redstone. There are no other resources besides the previously mentioned ores. An arena is located on the planet which the Geonosians use to host gladiatorial matches against many different exotic and dangerous animals from all over the galaxy. The planet itself is surrounded by a large ring of asteroids with numerous ore deposits. Geonosis is located in the Ea star system. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________We hope you decide to join us! If you have trouble joining, please visit our support center in the Discord! Thanks!Discord:

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  • Thor Craft

    Thor Craft

    Thor Craft is a mostly vanilla minecraft experience with some quality of life plugins to make everyones game play that much more enjoyable.

    Plugins include Dynmap, Deathchest, Anti grief, claims, mob heads, Single player sleep, Coords list, Shulker respawner, and waystones.

    We have a discord community with a polling tab specifically for players to suggest plugins that they think would benefit the community as a whole and they get put in a poll for everyone to have a fair say in the matter.

    This is a java based server that launched less than 12 hours ago so we are still new, there has been no dragon fight yet as people are still getting up and running so join now to be part of the major server milestones.

    The discord link is listed below for you to check out server rules and see if you might want to join.

    Look forward to meeting new people.

    New Minecraft Server
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