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  • TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon VS Hypixel

    Comparison of Hypixel and TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server


    Pros Cons
    One of the largest Minecraft servers Can be overwhelming for new players
    Wide variety of minigames and activities Can experience lag during peak times
    Active and competitive player community Some games require premium access

    TheNodeMC Pixelmon Server

    Pros Cons
    24/7 uptime Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Friendly and helpful staff team Limited minigames and activities
    Unique features like NPC-driven gyms and Discord contests Possible lack of diversity in gameplay


    1. Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel is known for having one of the largest player bases in Minecraft servers.

    2. Can both servers experience lag?

    While Hypixel may experience lag during peak times, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server boasts a 24/7 uptime.

    3. Are there unique features on TheNodeMC Pixelmon server?

    Yes, TheNodeMC Pixelmon server offers unique features such as NPC-driven gyms, Discord contests, and RPG Trainer leveling.

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  • TotallyNotSuspicious


    Apply here:

    (Applications are rarely denied unless there is a lack of effort!)


    TotallyNotSuspicious is an SMP established in 2018, focused on creating an environment where interactions between members are highly valued – the primary goal is for the community to be inclusive of all people. Every member is welcome to join with open arms; no one is judged here. Why should you join us?

    • Servers hosted in North America – with 20 TPS constantly
    • Discord to Minecraft chat
    • Simple Voice Chat integration
    • Suggestion forums
    • Ticket systems, answered immediately
    • Diamond economy, no shop plugins
    • Organized Dragon Fights and other various events.


    Our server uses Discord for communication, for events/updates. Joining the Discord is required in order to be whitelisted on the server, but applying is simple and easy, with the process being completed within the Discord Server.

    Alternatively, the role of Discord Member is available – if you would just like to chat and/or join the server without playing.


    Inbetween seasons, we host custom modded mini seasons, lasting around a month – usually starting in December and June! These can range from snowy adventures with magic, to high tech summer modpacks. The current ongoing miniseason started on the 15th of December!

    If you’d also like to see a few images of spawn from previous seasons;

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  • FroobWorld






    FroobWorld is a small survival server that’s been going since 2011. If you enjoy the old-school style of SMPyou will probably enjoy our server.

    Our rules are pretty standard. Essentially – no griefing; no stealing; and no cheating. We keep the chat at PG-13 levels.

    Some features of FroobWorld:

    • Land claimingwith no limit to the size (within reason)
    • Lockette-style chest locking
    • /rtp, /home, /spawn, /tpa, /back
    • Long-term maps
    • 32 view distance
    • We don’t take donations or give prizes in exchange for votes

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  • The Grotto

    The Grotto

    The Grotto 🗻

    Connect with / Join our Discord

    The Grotto is a Survival PvE server focused on creating an amazing gameplay experience for our community members.

    Travel from border-to-border across our expansive survival world..

    Equip yourself with custom-enchanted gear and battle dungeon bosses in our hand-built dungeons..

    Form towns and nations with the lands claim system..

    With our variety of gameplay-related features and improvements, no one play-style is expected or required, play how you want to play.

    Feature Previews 🍿

    Some of our features include:

    • 🚀 Player Levelling System

    • ✨ Custom Enchantments

    • 📯 Daily Quests

    • 🗾 New Crafting Recipes

    • 🧟 Modified Monster Spawning

    • 🗼 Beacon Effects

    • ⚔️ Boss Dungeons

    • 🪓 Regenerating Resource Mines

    • 🦘 Parkour & Chat Minigames

    Things We Don’t Have

    Don’t waste your time joining a server if it doesn’t have a specific feature you want! Some of the features we do not offer are..

    • McMMO

    • Towny

    • Raiding

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  • Better MC

    Better MC

    Public Better MC server. We have a small growing community with very active players everyone is friendly and always willing to help new players. Make sure to join our community on discord for support, server updates and more!

    Modpack Version IP Address
    Better MC [FORGE] – BMC4 v26



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  • Parallel


    Looking for a server that lets you explore like never before? Welcome to Parallela semi-vanilla SMP where players can travel through rifts between worlds in order to face great dangers, traverse uncharted territory, and collect gleaming treasure. Featuring a vibrant community and continuous updates, you’re sure to never get bored.

    🔮 IP Address (1.20+): 🎉 Join our Discord:

    💻 Server Website:

    📸 Server Photos: (“Server Images” tab)

    Server Features

    • Parallel Worlds & Open-World Gameplay: Our new overworld and our older overworld are interconnected! In fact, it’s more like open-universe gameplay. Players aren’t restricted from exploring all aspects of vanilla Minecraft, and they can also check out space, a sky dimension, and much more! Secrets are uncovered around every corner…
    • Custom Features: Explore rifts to other worlds, discover custom structures and fight through difficult custom dungeons, interact and trade with characters, add charms to your items, and much, much more!
    • Active, Dynamic Community: You’ll never have trouble finding a friendly face on here! Players are also willing to help you out in any way possible, whether it be building, fighting, or gathering resources. Join our Discord to learn about our regular server events!
    • Participate in Lore: Players actively shape the server’s story that has been taking place since April 2020 – learn more about it here!
    • Active Economy: An actively-maintained Shopping District featuring dozens of vanilla chest shops! Characters also sell custom goods in and around the spawn town!
    • Quality of Life Improvements: Better wandering traders, shooting stars, player + mob head drops, XP storage… no detail is too small!
    • NO LAG: Parallel uses dedicated server hardware to deliver you a constant stream of 20 TPS, lagless gameplay

    Server Rules

    • No griefing/looting (staff can roll back damages)
    • No hacking (our anticheat mitigates hacked clients)
    • Be respectful when interacting with other players through chat and gameplay
    • A fuller set of rules can be found on our website!

    So what are you waiting for? Join Parallel to start crafting your journey today!

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  • CloudMC Season 4 OUT NOW!

    CloudMC Season 4 OUT NOW!

    CloudMC season 4 has officially launched and it’s time for you to play!

    The map of CloudMC season 4 is something you have not seen yet! The map features 2 vertical stacked dimensions, which are the overworld and sky islands and possibly a cave world coming soon….

    To claim a nation, you make a team in-game to set your home, and use the map in discord to mark your land so its protected from griefers and thieves. Claims are enforced through staff, so any damage done by outsiders will be rolled back.

    When you have a nation to server, its important to establish relations with others, like alliances and trade deals. This is to build up your own power and perhaps undermine your rival’s power.

    If you need to, you can declare war. In wars, KeepInventory is turned off, and its a team deatchmatch to control the battlefield. And remember, good planning, clever tactics and dicipline amongst your soldiers is the key to success! (example of war

    Bedrock is supported



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    🌠 Welcome to Aurora Imperium 🌠

    Aurora Imperium is an SMP where anything is allowed, except for hacking and flying. The server is barely a month old, but it has multiple long-term players that have known each other for years. You can explore, build, fight, and create your own destiny in a world full of mystery and adventure.

    🔮 Unravel the Enigma: Journey through enigmatic landscapes that whisper tales of ancient civilizations and long-forgotten lore. Explore sprawling ruins, delve into dark caverns, and uncover the truth hidden within the shadows.

    ✨ Features ✨

    Aurora Imperium offers a unique and immersive experience with features such as:

    • Cross-platform play with Geyser, connecting Java and Bedrock editions
    • Height limit of 1024 blocks, allowing you to build to new heights
    • CoreProtect, ensuring your builds are protected from griefers
    • DiscordSRV, bridging the gap between in-game chat and Discord channels
    • Player and mob heads, collecting trophies of your conquests
    • ImageOnMap, displaying custom images on in-game maps
    • GSit, enabling new sitting animations for players and mobs

    • IP:, port 25565

    • Discord:

    The shadows await… Will you answer the call? 🌠

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  • Cosmicburrito’s server

    Cosmicburrito’s server

    This is a small public server I’m starting for my friends and anyone who wants to have a fun server with un-invasive modding, I’d like to keep griefing to a low though. The mods i have on the server include, supplimentaries, mystical oak tree, amendments, MmmMmmMmmMmm, forgery, map atlases, and waystones.

    server address:

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  • Turtlecraft



    ——————————————— Server IP: Server Trailer: Here Discord Server: Join Server Dynmap: Here

    Welcome to Turtlecraft Season Three, which offers multiplayer fun for everyone! Feel free to hang out and build, explore, socialize, and make new friends! Turtlecraft is public as well, so as long as you agree to follow the rules, you and your friends and family are all welcome to join and make memories! ——————————————— WE OFFER:

    – A beautiful floating airship spawn with a villager for custom items (like invisible item frames, cosmetic items, etc.)! – The Dungeons & Taverns datapackfor custom structures around the world to give you more to explore! – GriefPreventionto claim land and prevent spam/griefing! – Proximity chat compatibility via SimpleVoiceChatso you can interact more easily in-game! – Minor crafting datapacks (like armor stand statues, cauldron concrete, more wood from logs, etc. (no mob heads)) – A 10,000 x 10,000 block mapall pre-rendered with Dynmap so you can see where your friends are and plan where to adventure next! – DiscordSRVso you can stay connected with people on the server via #chat-log even when you’re not in-game! – Optional custom resource pack that keeps the vanilla-style textures while also fixing broken/out-of-place ones and refreshing a few to give them a polished look! (Download the Turtlecraft Resource Pack here.) – 3 Admins to monitor player activity, get rid of trouble-makers, and make sure any questions are answered! – An efficient system for getting rid of trouble-makers (first strike is a warning, second strike is a ban). ——————————————— The End dimension will be locked for the first week after the server opens, but after that, the End and the Dragon Egg are both fair game to whoever snags them first. Come say hi and vibe with us on the Discord server and in-game!

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  • Foggy Willows

    Foggy Willows

    Foggy Willows is all about simplicity. Running on the latest vanilla jar with no datapacks or plugins, unlike 95% of servers that claim to be vanilla. We strive to give you a plain boring vanilla experience. There is no fancy confusing spawn or 100 anecdotes you have to read. Be warned, players are expected to sort out their own social issues. Play how you want to play. We have a small player base of normal people, but are looking to expand.

    • Always on the latest stable vanilla jar
    • Dedicated high spec host on fiber optic
    • No world border
    • No plugins
    • No tp/sethome
    • Hard mode
    • Discord
    • Java Only


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