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Parkour Minecraft Servers

Best Parkour Minecraft Servers 2024

  • TulipSurvival 1.20.4 | Your safe place | Semi Vanilla Friendly Survival (Very Friendly Admins!)

    TulipSurvival 1.20.4  |  Your safe place  |  Semi Vanilla Friendly Survival  (Very Friendly Admins!)
    TulipSurvival is a semi vanilla Minecraft Survival 1.20 server with quality of life plugins to make your experience even better!

    Come join our welcoming community 🙂

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    Who are we? ArticMC is India’s Best Minecraft Network

    What do we have? ⇨ Ultimate Lifesteal And more gamemodes coming soon!

    (Artic MC is available for both JAVA Edition and BEDROCK/POCKET Edition of Minecraft) ◆ JAVA IP: ◆ Bedrock Port: 26100

    Come Join the artic and compete with many other players to drill the leaderboard!

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  • Hunter


    The Hunter is a fun Minigame and SMP Minecraft Server. With Bedwars, The Bridge, Murder Mystery and a SMP.

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  • Carrot mc

    Carrot mc






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  • Jumpcraft 2.0

    Jumpcraft 2.0

    Welcome to Jumpcraft 2.0, the ultimate destination for Minecraft parkour enthusiasts! Explore our extensive collection of over 800 parkour maps, catering to all levels of skill and experience.

    Whether you’re seeking laid-back fun on our casual maps, looking to tackle challenging courses that combine maps for an extra thrill, or aiming to level up your skills with our rankup maps, Jumpcraft 2.0 has something for everyone.

    We’re dedicated to keeping the excitement alive with regular updates and new features. Use hints to obtain Secret Tags (Tag Hunts) or go ahead and try catch all the ever-growing achievements as you conquer each course.

    Dress to impress with our range of cosmetic options and dive into the festive spirit with our seasonal events, promising special rewards and surprises for all participants.

    Join our community today and embark on an endless journey of parkour excitement at Jumpcraft 2.0! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, there’s never been a better time to jump in and start exploring.

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  • Freedom Realms MC

    Freedom Realms MC

    Freedom Realms MC is a multi genre server! We offer Survival, PvP, One Block, and Parkour. With plans to add many more game modes! Join our custom discord for a fun in-game proximity chat! Thanks for checking out the server and we look forward to seeing you in game!

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  • Mine jump

    Mine jump

    !!YOU NEED A MOD TO JOIN THIS SERVER!! This server uses a custom written mod that you can find on Modrinth ( It overrides vanilla movement and replaces it with a recreation of source engine bhopping and strafing. You simply join, do /map and then start bhopping!

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  • PhyrixNetwork Skypvp

    PhyrixNetwork Skypvp

    Do you want excited pvp with other players? And are you searching the best pvp server for training pvp skills? So you are able to try PhyrixNetwork skypvp server in terms of getting experience on your pvp skills.Also there is a good economic system that you can spend your time with players or your friends.If you want to enjoy with our server join us :).

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  • Rtrix


    MINIGAMES • Practice – Get ready for exciting fights on various kits whether 1v1 or 2v2. Train your PvP against realistic PvP Bots and get ready to fight! • Modern Practice – Get ready for exciting fights on various kits whether 1v1 or 2v2. Play new PvP and kits like Crystal PvP and more! • BuildFFA – Kill as many players you can and get coins for special items in the shop or buy cosmetics. • BedWars – Play Solo and Doubles modes like on the popular Hypixel server. You can also practice Bridging, MLG and Fireball/TNT Jumping. • BoxPvP – Arm yourself in the best stuff and get ready to fight against others! We offer crates, nexus, season specials and VIP zone. • SkyBlock – Experience many adventures on SkyBlock and use your creativity to build your island!



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  • SkyLyfe VS Hypixel

    SkyLyfe VS Hypixel

    Hypixel VS SkyLyfe


    Pros Cons
    Massive player base Can be overcrowded at times
    Wide variety of minigames Some games may be overwhelming for new players
    Regular updates and events Occasional server lag


    Pros Cons
    Unique twist on Skyblock gameplay Smaller player base
    Custom dungeons and quests May not appeal to all players due to its specific theme
    Active and diverse community Limited gameplay compared to a larger server like Hypixel

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Hypixel or SkyLyfe better for minigames?

    Hypixel is better known for its wide variety of minigames, while SkyLyfe offers a unique twist on Skyblock gameplay with custom dungeons and quests.

    Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel has a massive player base compared to SkyLyfe.

    Which server is better for new players?

    Hypixel may be overwhelming for new players due to the variety of games offered, while SkyLyfe’s specific theme may not appeal to all players.

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  • MightyNetwork


    Maytinwork the official server! The server includes: Skymains and Crystal! Welcome to enter and play and of course vote!

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  • StarNetwork


    Star Network is a cracked minecraft server!

    We have a small community and are growing, we have some cool server features such as: ranks, crates, an awesome staff team!

    We also have an economy with a /shop! You can gain money from ‘/sell’-ing stuff or by completing our events that we host!

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  • BanglaNetwork


    Welcome to BanglaNetwork, the premier Minecraft server for Bangladesh! Immerse yourself in a vibrant community where Bengali culture meets the blocky world of Minecraft. Explore sprawling landscapes inspired by the beauty of Bangladesh, build your dream structures, and embark on epic adventures with friends. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, BanglaNetwork offers endless possibilities for creativity and fun. Join us today and experience the magic of Minecraft with a Bangladeshi twist!

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  • – Network – Network

    TeamEnvex.DE Network ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Hey! Welcome to teamenvex your cracked/premium training network! here you can play all your favourite gamemodes with nontoxic community and train your skills we also allow all versions from 1.8 to 1.20! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ What are our gamemodes? : – BedWars – Bedwars-Training – CWBW-Training – LetsKnock – MLGRush – Practice – Clutches (Reducer, Clutch, BedClutch, etc) – FastBuilder (Bridge Training) – KnockbackFFA ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join TeamEnvex Today! : IP: TeamEnvex.DE [1.8-1.20]

    Discord Invite Link: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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  • OuterWorlds


    In a distant past, Earth faced its demise due to an intense war between Aliens and Humans, leaving the planet uninhabitable. With only a few dozen survivors known as the Galatians, they displayed extraordinary technological prowess, developing powerful vehicles capable of traversing galaxies. After years of searching, they discovered a new home named “Wanderlust” – a place of endless exploration.

    Through time, the Galatians harnessed the planet’s mystical powers, unveiling abilities beyond their imagination. They crafted enchanted weapons with lightning-casting and teleportation capabilities, safeguarding themselves against potential threats like the Aliens. However, greed began to consume some Galatians, leading to conflicts over land and resources.

    Amid their internal strife, the Aliens from Earth heard about the new colony and embarked on a quest to find the Galatians. Instead of annihilation, the Aliens cursed the remaining Galatians, transforming them into monsters. A fierce battle ensued, lasting for days until another advanced human civilization from a distant universe detected the commotion on their satellites and set course for Wanderlust.

    These newcomers, technologically superior, rapidly claimed the resource-rich planet from the Aliens and the Galatians. Unaware of the Galatians’ human origins, they saw them as adversaries. The Galatians fiercely defended their outposts against the Humans, and in turn, the Humans safeguarded their new territory from the Aliens.

    As more humans arrived on Wanderlust, history repeated itself, and conflicts for land resurfaced. Today, the struggle continues between Humans, Galatians, and Aliens, creating a saga of epic proportions on the enigmatic planet Wanderlust.


    Discord – Forums – Store –

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  • Kara Network

    Kara Network

    Kara Network is a Brazilian survival server. The server supports the most current versions of Minecraft, that is, any version from 1.20. Welcome, player!

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  • Socialist Federal Republic Of Balkan

    Socialist Federal Republic Of Balkan

    Welcome comrades, to the Socialist Federal Republic of Balkan MC!

    Step into a virtual reimagining of the historic Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, where collective prosperity and solidarity reign supreme. Set in Minecraft version 1.20.1, our server offers a truly immersive survival experience infused with the spirit of socialism.

    In our virtual society, every player plays a vital role in the collective effort to unite the diverse Balkan nations under the banner of socialism. From Croatia to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro, Greece to Bulgaria, Romania, and beyond, all are welcome to join hands in pursuit of a common goal.

    Embrace the principles of collectivism as you work together with fellow comrades to harness the resources of the land. With no individual land claims, all territories and riches are shared among the community, reflecting the ethos of equality and communal ownership.

    Engage in robust economic activities within our socialist utopia, where banks, auctions, and other features facilitate fair distribution and collective growth. Together, we build thriving communities, establish equitable trade networks, and uplift each other in the spirit of solidarity.

    Join us in the Socialist Federal Republic of Balkan Minecraft Server and be part of a grand vision to unite the Balkans under the banner of socialism. Together, let us forge a brighter future where cooperation, equality, and comradeship pave the way to prosperity for all. Solidarity forever!

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  • Azure MC

    Azure MC

    Tha Best LifeSteal Server 24/7 Online Whit Custom Items And JAVA+BedRock And Join Now For Best Experience And Server Have Nice Crates And Best Ranks And Kits And We Have Best Staffs Member And Join Discord To Get Staff Support And many More JOIN NOW

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  • Alicia 101

    Alicia 101

    Alicia 101 is a Survival Minecraft server running natively on 1.20.4, but supports backwards up to Minecraft version 1.9.0 for anyone who wishes to access it.

    Features: Players Jobs, Players Quests(over 600 quests in total), Bank system, Marriage system, Lottery system, Daily Rewards including Vote Rewards, Gamble and bet Bar, Auction House, Fisherman Job, Custom Blacksmith, Custom world biomes, PVP Arena, Purchasable ranks and keys and many, many more to come…

    We are a new server, but we have a big gaming community server from Alicia Online game with over 6000+ players on our discord server. This is going to be a partnership connection between Wikilicia and Alicia 101.

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  • Meadow Mines

    Meadow Mines

    Meadow Mines is a new survival server running on 1.20.4! We have a fresh economy, an auction house, a skill system, and the ability to claim your land! Join the Discord server and become a part of this new community! We are actively working to make this a thriving SMP community. Also, the icon is a picture of my beloved dog Sully so that’s cool

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