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Best act Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Blocky McBlockface: The Adventures of Steve and Friends

    Blocky McBlockface: The Adventures of Steve and Friends
    Are you tired of playing on boring Minecraft servers where nobody understands your true identity? Look no further, because on our server, you will find a character that is literally YOU. Yes, you heard that right. This character is so eerily similar to you that it’s practically your twin. People will stop you on the street just to comment on how identical you are to this character. It’s like looking in a mirror, but in Minecraft form. Join our server and embrace your true self, because this character is indisputably you. Who knows, maybe this character will become self-aware and start questioning its own existence. The possibilities are endless on our server, where you can finally find your place in this world. So what are you waiting for? Join now and discover the true meaning of identity crisis in the most hilarious way possible!

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  • NuclearCraft: Where Creeper Explosions are Just a Warm-Up Act!

    NuclearCraft: Where Creeper Explosions are Just a Warm-Up Act!
    Are you tired of the same old boring Minecraft servers? Well, look no further because our server is like a post-apocalyptic wasteland… but with a twist! Thanks to our top-secret technology, we’ve managed to save the Fallout TV show from cancellation and now it’s more popular than ever!

    Join our server and experience the chaos of a world where mutated creepers roam the land, ghasts have taken over the Nether, and players must scavenge for resources in abandoned vaults. But don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to team up with your favorite Fallout characters like Dogmeat and Nick Valentine to take on epic quests and battles.

    So why wait? Join our server now and be a part of the craziest Minecraft adventure you’ve ever experienced! Who knows, maybe you’ll even stumble upon a hidden stash of Nuka-Cola and become the ultimate wasteland warrior!

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  • SoulCraft – HermitCraft for Dummies, where even the chickens have rewards and act mature to avoid the whitelist drama!

    SoulCraft – HermitCraft for Dummies, where even the chickens have rewards and act mature to avoid the whitelist drama!

    Soulcraft Minecraft Server

    Server Information
    Community Mature and active
    Gameplay Hermitcraft-style
    Rewards Exciting rewards

    Join us now and experience the thrill of exploration, the joy of building, and the camaraderie of an active community. It’s like unwrapping a brand new toy every time you log in!

    Don’t miss out on the fun – come be a part of the excitement at Soulcraft today! 🚀


    Question Answer
    How do I join Soulcraft? Simply connect to the server using the IP address provided!
    Is there a whitelist? No, the server is open to all players.
    Are there any rules to follow? Yes, please refer to the server rules channel on our Discord server.
    Can I bring my friends to play? Absolutely! The more the merrier!

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  • EGMC



    New Minecraft Server
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  • Conivia Craft

    Conivia Craft

    SMP Semi-Vanilla Based Server! Survival server with a few adjustments to make it more relaxing! Gameplay shouldn’t be stressful, we implemented a few unique features to ease the stress of gameplay! We have included automining features and simple commands! We have the back command, gravestones, and all teleporting commands in use! The best part is, we have Fly in survival! Our spawn area has all functioning blocks free to use to help players along!

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  • DerpCraft


    Welcome to DerpCraft! This is a medieval RPG server with many unique custom features such as a leveled ranking system, mob bosses, and themed islands. Come grow your kingdom and dominate the server!

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  • The Epoch

    The Epoch


    Quests: Complete tons of fun quests, and get free ranks as you play with cool commands!

    Old Terrain Generation: When you spawn in, you’ll get the nostalgic InfDev terrain, and the further out you go, the newer the terrain will become!

    Bedrock Compatible: Bedrock players on any device can login and play with their Java buddies!

    No Rules: Hack, grief or bully others. It’s anarchy, you are free to do whatever you want!

    While we are completely anarchy, there is an anti-cheat. This is mainly done to prevent movement hacks from creating an insanely large world size.

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  • McBlocks Server

    McBlocks Server

    McBlocks is a nice community where the staff and players get along well. McBlocks has two servers, a Creative server ( and a Survival server ( The server has different ranks. You start off as a guest. To get builder you must show you will follow the rules and you must have played for a small amount of time.

    Rules: No Griefing No inappropriate Structures

    Owners: moss_crow, chrisbs and woder22

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    Hello, this server is new and we are happy about every new player. Join if you want to play on a city build and have fun.

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  • ShadeCrest Creative

    ShadeCrest Creative

    Server IP:

    Shade Crest is a collection of Minecraft servers with a strong community that values fun, competition, creativity, and variety in gameplay. While being competitive in groups, we genuinely respect one another, help each other out, and share experiences via our forums and teamspeak. We have a professionally led team of helpful staff that are constantly working to improve the server for the community. Shade Crest was founded in February 2011 and while we do not wish to be the biggest server, we do want to be one of the servers people think of for quality creative and survival experiences.

    Shade Crest Creative is a multiworld server which promotes cooperative, creative building with an emphasis on quality building skill. Over time as you continue to prove your building skills, our staff are granted additional ranks which also grant you access to worlds and tools like WorldEdit and VoxelSniper.

    Plots – Everyone is allowed to build at /warp plotworld after claiming a plot Creative – This is our main creative world where the community does big collaborative building projects. After you prove your skills in the plot world, you will be allowed to build at /warp creative and other worlds below PixelArt – Those interested in building 2D or 2D pixel art can do so at /warp pixelart Redstone – Those interested in redstone engineering, you can do so at /warp redstone Builders – Rank Builder I have full use of creative mode at /warp builderworld Architect – Only the best builders of the server are allowed to build at /warp architect

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  • PrancingPonyMC


    What is PrancingPonyMC? PrancingPonyMC is a Survival RPG server that combines the best elements of survival gameplay with exciting RPG features. We have implemented basic commands such as teleportation, home setting, warps, and more. Additionally, we have introduced custom features that unlock as you progress through in-game ranks, as well as various quality-of-life improvements. While currently focused on survival, we have ambitious plans to create a well-balanced survival + RPG server that keeps players engaged and entertained.

    Why choose PrancingPonyMC? Active Development As a new server, we have abundant potential for future updates. We are not only in charge of deciding what gets added, but we also encourage player involvement through feedback, polls, suggestions, and more. Your voice matters, and together, we can shape the server into something truly special. Non-Pay-to-Win We are committed to maintaining a fair playing field for all our players. Donations will only grant cosmetic perks and will never provide any advantages over others. We believe in fostering a community where skill and dedication are the key factors for success, rather than monetary contributions. Balanced Progression Our server is designed to be enjoyable and engaging without excessive grinding. You can earn in-game currency and progress through your chosen class by simply playing the game. We discourage the use of mega automatic farms that could potentially unbalance the gameplay and focus on a more balanced experience. Continuous Improvement Our goal is to start small and build a strong foundation, ensuring that every aspect of the server is polished and well-maintained. We have ambitious plans for the future, and we are constantly striving to improve and provide new content and experiences for our players.

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    If you’re looking for a small to medium sized server with a steady population of regular players that you can recognise each time you login then we are the server for you.

    Our main server is a Survival experience with Towny however you don’t need to create a town you are free to build your creations any way you want anywhere you want.

    We also offer Creative and Skyblock servers. You are free to play on these as-well.

    We have been operational since September 2010. We aren’t a new server, we have a lot of experience and our servers are run very professionally with exceptional uptime.

    We have a great looking website and active forum, an IRC Server and a YouTube Channel. We also make use of custom plugins and web services. Not gimmicks but real substantial fleshed out custom features that make the game more enjoyable to play.

    Finally if you ever don’t want to play with us any-more you can simply select your creations in-game, save them and then export those saves to your home computer. Once there you can integrate your builds in to your single player world or import them in to another server. We strongly believe that what you create belongs to you, we are simply providing you the space to put your things.

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  • 100 Block MC

    100 Block MC

    Survive in a 100,000 block vanilla world border! This is Vanilla, not anarchy. Please don’t cheat, and just have fun!

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