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Best AGES Minecraft Servers 2024

  • SenranCraft: Where Normalfags Fear to Tread

    SenranCraft: Where Normalfags Fear to Tread

    Welcome to our EPIC Minecraft server where we embrace all things Senran Kagura! Why join, you ask? Well, let me tell you some outrageous reasons:

    • Age is just a number here! We don’t care about ages, we only care about having a good time and building some EPIC structures!
    • Twerk like a ninja! In our server, you can show off your twerking skills while dressed as your favorite Senran Kagura character. It’s a sight to behold!
    • Ninjas vs. Creepers! Join us for our special event where ninjas from Senran Kagura battle it out against creepers in an EPIC showdown. Who will emerge victorious?
    • Senran Kagura skin contest! Show off your creativity by designing the best Senran Kagura-themed skin. The winner gets bragging rights and a virtual high-five!

    So what are you waiting for? Join our EPIC Minecraft server now and let the Senran Kagura madness begin!

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  • ForeskinCraft – Where every block is a surprise! Ages 1 and up welcome!

    ForeskinCraft – Where every block is a surprise! Ages 1 and up welcome!
    Welcome to our Minecraft server where you can explore and build to your heart’s content…and also discover the wonders of foreskins! Yes, that’s right, we have a special quest where you must find and collect as many virtual foreskins as possible to unlock exclusive in-game rewards. Who knew Minecraft could be so educational?

    Join us and embark on a hilarious adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll probably question why you didn’t know about foreskins sooner. But hey, better late than never, right?

    So come on, join our server and let’s uncover the mystery of foreskins together. Who knows what other surprises await us in this crazy world of blocky fun!

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  • Anarchy in the Modern Ages 1.20.4 Java Edition

    Anarchy in the Modern Ages 1.20.4 Java Edition

    Minecraft Server Overview

    Server Name Modern Anarchy
    Server IP
    Launch Date July 2023
    Latest Version 1.20.4
    Location New York

    Anarchy at Its Finest:

    • Unleash your creativity with no bans or limits on this Java-based Minecraft anarchy server!
    • Hack like a pro with only kicks for attempts.
    • No bans ever – only mutes for hate speech, hard slurs, or chat spam.

    Pure Vanilla Delights:

    • Experience the true essence of Minecraft with no vanilla altering plugins or meddling admins.
    • Embrace griefing in this survival wasteland with no resets ever.

    World Exploration Extravaganza:

    • Discover a vast 3×3 million block world border.
    • Respawn within 500 blocks of 0 0, allowing you to redefine your survival journey.
    • Explore and exploit the nether roof.

    No Teleports, No Shortcuts:

    • Immerse yourself in the vanilla purity with no /tpa or /home commands.

    Hard Difficulty, No Compromises:

    • Test your survival skills in the toughest conditions on this anarchy vanilla Minecraft server.
    • Uncover the mysteries below spawn – good luck!

    Engage with the Chaos Makers:

    • Join our Discord for updates and lively discussions.
    • Server owner, Vorlice, is available for technical queries.

    Behind the Scenes:

    • Launched in July 2023, always synced with the latest version (1.20.4).
    • Powered by robust hardware in New York for a lag-free experience.

    Support the Chaos:

    • Vote or donate to color your name in chat and stand out in the vibrant community.

    Server IP:


    Question: Are there any banned items on the server?

    Answer: No, there are no banned items on the server. You have full freedom to use any items you find or create.

    Question: Is hacking allowed on the server?

    Answer: Yes, hacking is allowed on the server, but only kicks will be given for attempts.

    Question: Are there any rules against griefing?

    Answer: Griefing is allowed and even encouraged on the server. Embrace the chaos and survival wasteland environment!

    Question: Can players use /tpa or /home commands?

    Answer: No, the server prides itself on vanilla purity and does not allow for teleportation commands or shortcuts.

    Question: What is the world border size on the server?

    Answer: The world border is a vast 3×3 million blocks, providing a large and exploration-heavy environment for players.

    Question: How can players support the server?

    Answer: Players can vote or donate to color their name in chat and help support the vibrant community on the server.

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  • David’s Fluffy Cloud Kingdom – Come play and get lost in the clouds! Java & Bedrock supported, suitable for ages 13+

    David’s Fluffy Cloud Kingdom – Come play and get lost in the clouds! Java & Bedrock supported, suitable for ages 13+
    DavidsCloud <a href="">Minecraft Server</a>

    About Davidscloud Minecraft Server

    About Davidscloud
    Davidscloud is a long-standing gaming community that believes in creating a place for all gamers to get together and enjoy playing various games together without worry of pay-to-win spoiling the enjoyment. Our community is friendly and works together to achieve a place everyone can find something to enjoy. Our Minecraft server, specifically, has been around since 1.7.10 and plans on staying around for a long time to come.
    Player Protection
    Our Minecraft server has variety of features for our members to enjoy. Key to keeping your experience enjoyable is our grief prevention system and friendly admin team. Players start off with 2,000 blocks they can claim, and accrue 120 every hour of playtime. These claims cannot be destroyed or built upon by anyone other than the Owner of the claim, or Trusted players. Plus your pets are also protected in the same fashion! If for some reason there’s ever a problem, our Admin team will investigate and assist whenever necessary.
    With us focusing on your security, you can focus on enjoying the features on our server that add to your survival chances should you choose to use them, completely free without pay-to-win! Such as our banking system that gives interest for every hour you play. This lets you save up some cash to spend at the Market set up at the Survival Spawn, where our new Merchants offer a small variety of goods, like fish, potions, wood, and other miscellaneous goodies you might be looking for.
    Multiple Worlds
    Bit bored traveling over the same old Minecraft landscape? Our server isn’t just the one traditional Survival world, it’s actually linked to another realm giving you more to explore! Find Zedmun at the Survival Spawn for the opportunity to be transported to our new Amplified World! Added in 1.18, it has all of the new caves and cliffs you could want with the added craziness of being amplified. Additionally, we’re working on adding an Event World and a Creative Plot World that would be accessed via our Hub so you will have even more places to enjoy. We would love to see you here when they launch!
    Another Tidbit
    Curious why Java and Bedrock were in the same title? Simple, that’s because our server now allows cross-play between the Bedrock and Java versions! Anyone can play on our servers regardless of if they play on console or PC, provided they have a paid Java account of course. That means you get to play with friends you might not of been able to before due to platform restrictions! Plus, with more people able to play on our servers the more fun can be had by all as our community grows. So we are looking forward to seeing you and your friends join us at Davidscloud!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can I join the Davidscloud Minecraft server? A: You can join the server using the IP for the Vanilla (Latest Version) or Port 19132 for Bedrock Crossplay.

    Q: How do I protect my belongings on the server? A: Players start off with 2,000 blocks they can claim, and accrue 120 every hour of playtime. These claims cannot be destroyed or built upon by anyone other than the Owner of the claim, or Trusted players.

    Q: Is there a banking system on the server? A: Yes, there is a banking system that gives interest for every hour you play. You can save up cash to spend at the Market set up at the Survival Spawn.

    Q: Are there multiple worlds to explore on the server? A: Yes, in addition to the traditional Survival world, there is an Amplified World added in 1.18. There are plans to add an Event World and a Creative Plot World accessed via the Hub.

    Q: Can Java and Bedrock players play together on the server? A: Yes, the server allows cross-play between Java and Bedrock versions, enabling players from different platforms to enjoy the game together.

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  • Banter & Beyond: The World That Never Ages… Like Most of Us

    Banter & Beyond: The World That Never Ages… Like Most of Us

    Welcome to Build Banter & Beyond!

    World started @ 10PM MT Feb 8th 2024


    Server-side mods / Datapacks:

    Coord Finder
    Blazeandcave’s Advancements
    Vertical Slabs
    Simple Voice Chat
    View Distance Fix


    FreeCam is allowed to take screenshots or look at builds.(not to find spawners, strongholds, ect..)
    Sand/Gravel/Gravel/Rail, or powdered concrete dupers are allowed.
    Tnt Dupers are allowed.
    Carpet dupers are allowed.
    Mob switches are allowed. (MUST have an off switch.)
    DO not dupe anything besides Sand/Gravel/Powdered Concrete/TNT and Carpet dupes for fuel.
    No leaving floating tree’s at spawn.
    Bases must be at least 700 blocks away from spawn.
    If using a large amount of hoppers, they must be covered to decrease lag.

    Apply here:

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: What is the purpose of the server?

    A: The purpose of the server is to create a community that can build together, banter with each other, and explore beyond Minecraft’s normal limits. The goal is to never reset the world, but instead, move the spawn point far away when boredom or change is desired.

    Q: How can I regenerate health without natural health regen?

    A: Players are given two golden apples when they spawn to regenerate health. They can also use potions, beacons, or craft golden apples to restore lost hearts.

    Q: What server-side mods/datapacks are used?

    A: The server uses Bluemaps, Coord Finder, Blazeandcave’s Advancements, VanillaTweaks, Vertical Slabs, Simple Voice Chat, and View Distance Fix.

    Q: What are the rules of the server?

    A: The rules include being 18+, allowing FreeCam for screenshots, allowing certain duper methods, requiring bases to be 700 blocks away from spawn, and covering hoppers to reduce lag.

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  • Sky Servers Survival VS Hypixel

    Sky Servers Survival VS Hypixel
    Pros Cons
    Various mini-games and activities Can be overwhelming for new players
    Large player base Can experience server lag during peak times
    Frequent updates and events Some pay-to-win elements
    Sky Servers Survival
    Pros Cons
    Australian server with dedicated hosting May have a smaller player base
    Unique survival experience Limited mini-games and activities
    EULA compliant with no pay-to-win perks Potential for less frequent updates


    1. How many players are typically on Hypixel vs Sky Servers Survival?
    Hypixel typically has a larger player base compared to Sky Servers Survival.
    2. Are there pay-to-win elements on either server?
    Hypixel has some pay-to-win elements, while Sky Servers Survival is EULA compliant with no pay-to-win perks.
    3. Which server offers a unique survival experience?
    Sky Servers Survival offers a unique survival experience compared to the mini-games and activities on Hypixel.
    4. Can I expect frequent updates and events on both servers?
    Hypixel is known for frequent updates and events, while Sky Servers Survival may have less frequent updates.

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  • The Dark Ages

    The Dark Ages

    The Dark Ages Beautiful Resource packs and Mods to Allow for an immersive high quality experience

    Become a nation ruler and conquer the lands, siege castles or build massive cities become part of a community and work together with other players to make memories

    Active hardworking admin team that you can rely on. They will listen and take feedback to make the server better

    Custom Armor and weapons to allow for unique immersive pvp experiences Movement has become easier with Small Ships and many horse mods to make traversing the land a fun easy experience

    Amazing siege machines

    Medieval Conquest, Forge 1.18.2. Join Today!

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  • Rapid Skies

    Rapid Skies

    A new released standard Minecraft Skyblock server, Includes Minions, Crate keys, Mob coins, Spawners and more! Feel free to come and stop by to join us in this adventure! Server versions above. Now with £/$ 100 IS Top!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • AmaruGamma


    Welcome to AmaruGamma! A server in which we have a Towny Chill and a community that will welcome you with open arms, currently we already include Quests, Skills, Mobs and Custom Items and much more to come! We also have Bedrock compatibility! What are you waiting for? Join AmaruGamma! Host located in Chile Bedrock Compatibility IP JAVA: IP BEDROCK: Puerto: 25565English: AmaruGamma is a Minecraft Towny server for players who speak Spanish. It also features quests, skills, mobs, and custom items, with much more yet to come! AmaruGamma is hosted in Chile, and its cross-play support makes it possible to join from both Java and Bedrock. Bedrock players can join the server using “” as the IP and “25565” as the port.

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  • RoyaltMC


    RoyaltMC is in an incredible phase!!Currently, the REVEX Server is active – 1.20+ The server is cross-platform – Java and Bedrock Survival mode with 3 different worlds to choose from Exclusive perks available in each worldCome adventure with us!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Raspberryboat // Survival

    Raspberryboat //  Survival

    Raspberryboat An unique 1.20 survival experience.Survival: An enhanced survival experience. – Land claiming – Leaderboards – Unique voting events – Custom currency – Quests – Tasks – Jobs – Skills – Pet shop – Cosmetics – Endless fun

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Copper Valley MC

    Copper Valley MC

    Welcome to Copper Valley MC, a small, adult-only survival server focused on providing a chill, stress-free experience after a long day of class or work. There are a couple plugins that alter game-play in a fun and fresh way. Mobs are leveled, so as you venture further from spawn, the more health and attack the mobs have. Protect your land with Towny, and forge alliances with neighboring towns. MCMMO provides a comprehensive skills system to level up your player. Create chest shops to sell your items and set a warp so others can visit. Tired of survival? Take a break in the skies on your very own Skyblock island!

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  • Vindicterra


    Welcome to Vindicterra – Unleash your Minecraft adventure on our Custom 1:300 Europe Map! Immerse yourself in a realm of unparalleled excitement with our one-of-a-kind features:Custom Factions Plugin: Forge alliances, wage epic battles, and conquer territories like never before! Our unique Factions experience adds a strategic layer to your gameplay, where power and diplomacy reign supreme.Custom Economy: Amass wealth, trade with fellow players, and dominate the economic landscape. Our tailored economy system brings a fresh twist to the game, offering endless possibilities for entrepreneurial minds.Custom Items: Discover a treasure trove of exclusive items meticulously crafted to enhance your Minecraft journey. From powerful weapons to awe-inspiring artifacts, each item is designed to elevate your gameplay to new heights.Custom Resource Pack: Immerse yourself in the beauty of our bespoke resource pack, tailored to complement the grandeur of our 1:300 Europe Map. Every detail is carefully designed to deliver a visually stunning and unique Minecraft experience.Server IP: Join the adventure now! Embark on a quest across the vast lands of Europe, where every decision you make shapes the course of your destiny. Unleash your creativity, build mighty fortresses, and engage in epic battles on Vindicterra!Don’t miss out! Join us at for an unparalleled Minecraft journey filled with conquest, camaraderie, and customization. Vindicterra awaits – Claim your place in the grand tapestry of our custom-crafted world!

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  • Fantasy on Aincraft Online

    Fantasy on Aincraft Online

    What is FAO? FAO is a Minecraft server that takes inspiration from the iconic work “Sword Art Online”. In this exciting world, you will enter a universe full of challenges, missions and lasting friendships. With diverse gameplay, epic combat, and the opportunity to explore a vast world, FAO is the perfect place for SAO fans and Minecraft lovers.Staff Wanted: We are looking for new Staff members who are passionate about FAO. If you have the skills and dedication, you could join our team!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • GeodeSMP


    Welcome to The Geode…Server Open 15/08/23 9:00am ESTIf you have found us you have been called and have answered…We are a new, up and coming server currently in our research and development season. Our focus is to gradually grow a community and SMP experience around our players.It is what it will become… It is becoming what it will be…If you are seeking a server to call home you have just found one.“Eight words the witches creed fulfil; If it harms none, do what thy will.”

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Kozers Universe

    Kozers Universe

    Join the Kozers Universe Java Minecraft server!! (also compatible with Bedrock) From Towny to Faction to the new Creative Plot world, WE HAVE EVERYTHING!! Weekly server events are also broadcasted on Twitch!! (bi-weekly End event along with the World Games) {Server is still very new and is having things added every day} >========================< – Towny Earth Map : Jump into the obsidian portal in the HUB!! – Creative Plot World : Go through the glowstone portal in the HUB!! – Weekly Events on Twitch and Kick – Active and Dedicated Community

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Ecaz MC

    Ecaz MC

    Our true single player mob spawn rates provide a place to build any farm you can dream up, and have it live up to its full potential. Love building? Join in on building huge community projects, or design some of your own to show off. If those aren’t your thing enjoy regular game play with a few Quality of Lifes extras. Or have fun with the optional add-ons of building skills and doing quests. It’s all up to you.

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