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Multiplayer Survival Minecraft Servers

Best Multiplayer Survival Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Cavitecraft


    CaviteCraft is a Philippines server that provides unique, next-level gameplay, along with the possibility to invite or meet new people and experience plenty of features that you are sure to enjoy.

    Warning! Bedrock and outdated versions are not supported!

    Learn more about usDiscord: https://discord.cavitecraft.comOnline Map: https://map.cavitecraft.comWebstore: Coming Soon!Forums: Coming Soon!

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  • Eterniamc – smp rpg

    Eterniamc – smp rpg
    Welcome to EterniaMC – Your Ultimate Minecraft Adventure Awaits! 🚀

    About Us: EterniaMC is not just another Minecraft server; it’s a dynamic universe where endless adventures await! Dive into our immersive RPG experience and discover a world like no other. With custom code and features tailored to provide the ultimate gaming experience, EterniaMC is the place to be for Minecraft enthusiasts of all ages!


    🌟 Custom Code: Experience Minecraft like never before with our custom-coded features and enhancements.

    🛠️ 25+ Custom Professions: Choose from over 25 custom professions and tailor your gameplay to your unique playstyle.

    ⚔️ RPG SMP Experience: Immerse yourself in a rich RPG experience with a thriving SMP community.

    🖥️ Cross-Platform Support: Whether you’re playing on PC (Java) or console/mobile (Bedrock), EterniaMC welcomes all players!

    🎯 Complete Randomly Generated Quests: Embark on epic quests that are randomly generated for endless excitement and challenge.

    🏗️ Master the Art of Engineering: Craft custom machines and engineering marvels to shape the world around you.

    📈 Progression System: Level up your player, professions, or machines to unlock new abilities and achievements.

    🏰 Start Your Own Clan: Band together with friends and start your own clan to conquer the realms together.

    ⚔️ Epic Dungeon Crawls: Delve into treacherous dungeons filled with danger and mystery.

    🐉 Fight Legendary Bosses: Challenge mighty bosses and claim legendary loot as your reward.

    🏆 Leaderboards: Compete against others and climb to the top of the leaderboards for glory and recognition.

    🧙 Unlock New Skills and Masteries: Hone your skills and become a master of your craft with our skill-based progression system.

    ✨ Powerful Magic System: Cast powerful spells and harness the forces of magic to overcome your foes.

    🛡️ Craft Over 200 Custom Items: Explore endless crafting possibilities with over 200 custom items at your disposal.

    Join Us Today: Ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Join us on EterniaMC and become part of our growing community! With endless possibilities and adventures waiting to be discovered, there’s never been a better time to join the journey.

    IP Address:

    Discord: Join our Discord community

    Website: Visit our website

    Trailer: Watch our trailer

    Join us today and let the adventure begin!

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  • Earthsmp


    Discover the Netherlands’ leading SMP server, where you can experience an extensive skills system, exciting jobs, challenging quests and many other features! Join our vibrant community and immerse yourself in a world full of adventure, collaboration and surprises. Build, explore, improve your skills and make new friends as you experience the ultimate Minecraft adventure.

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  • Titan craft

    Titan craft

    Pixelmon Titans << PC only play.pixelmon-titans.comEmbark on a pixelated adventure in Pixelmon Titans! Capture and train your favorite Pokémon in a vibrant survival world. Protect your home with our unique Protection Stones, and climb the ranks with daily rewards and custom crates. Engage in epic battles at the Battle Center and explore the vast lands with random teleportation. Join the ranks of VIPs and kickstart your journey with a default kit loaded with Pixelmon items. Dive into an economy tailored for trainers and set out on an unforgettable journey!

    Mine City GTA << ALL DEVICES play.titan-pixel.comStep into the bustling streets of Mine City GTA, where roleplay meets action-packed adventure. Navigate the city with realistic 3D vehicles, wield an arsenal of 3D guns, and immerse yourself in the vibrant economy. Rent apartments, own houses, and gamble at the casino. Experience the thrill of bank heists, join gangs, and climb the criminal ladder. With over 150 food types, customizable characters, and proximity voice chat, Mine City GTA offers an unparalleled urban roleplay experience. Are you ready to rule the streets?

    Towny << ALL DEVICES play.titan-pixel.comWelcome to our Towny server, where community and creativity collide! Build and manage your own town with our enhanced Towny addons. Unleash your inner inventor with Slimefun, offering over 500 new items and 200 machines. Cultivate your garden in Exotic Garden, battle in the PVP Arena, and complete over 150 quests for rewards. Dive into the world of Drugs Tycoon, auction off your treasures, and explore dungeons for epic loot. With natural disasters and a casino on the horizon, there’s never a dull moment in Towny!

    Unique Survival << ALL DEVICES play.titan-pixel.comSurvive, thrive, and conquer in Unique Survival! Experience a survival adventure like no other with over 200 quests to challenge your skills. Protect your territory with powerful Protection Stones and earn rewards through diverse jobs. Expand your arsenal with backpacks and turrets, and form alliances with the Marriage System. Navigate a balanced economy, fend off bloodthirsty creatures during Blood Night Events, and showcase your prowess in RPG Skills. With Auction Houses, Dual Horse, and ranks to climb, Unique Survival offers an epic journey for the bravest adventurers!

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  • Filipinofriendlysmp

    Server IP:

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  • Lotus 8 mc

    Lotus 8 mc

    Lotus 8 MC Network is a branch from Lotus 8 Esports which maintains our network and focus’ on a Healthy Mindset, Good Sportsmanship, Mental Wellbeing and a Meditative Mindfulness leading towards one of our goals of leading the Esports industry and utilizing Performance Mindset Mindfulness, or PMM for short, to all gamers alike to unlock potential and elevate their performance within the world of gaming. Our network is driven to put your mind and resourcefulness to test in our well crafted gamemodes developed by our Developer Team to provide both challenging and casual gameplay.

    Casual Gameplay is a term we use to identify one of the 3 types of gameplays that the user may experience. Casual is where the player would want to play our official gamemodes without any major restrictions like; Time Limited Connection, Passphrase Required to play, Unable to see any other use unless in the same gameplay category, and Limited Chat. These restrictions are only for one other Gameplay Category called the Educational Gameplay Category. The casual gameplay if mainly made up of the following gamemodes; Custom Survival, Classic Survival, Custom Skyblock, Classic Skyblock, Classic Factions, Custom Factions, Skygrid, Hardcore Survival, UHC Survival, Lifesteal, etc etc

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  • Sylvanmc


    SylvanMC is a new towny server

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  • Ph-craft


    PH-CRAFT is a smp server with tons of extra features. With free ranks you can earn by playing, voting and grinding. Come check us out at! Start your journey now!

    Join Discord Server:

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  • Gb network

    Gb network

    vote us !


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  • Primecraft survival

    Primecraft survival

    PrimeCraft is the ultimate Minecraft experience brought to you by ACE! Join us in a realm where Java and Bedrock players unite to explore, create, and conquer together. Our server offers a diverse range of gameplay options, from survival challenges to creative building endeavors. Engage in thrilling PvP battles, embark on epic adventures, or simply unwind with friends in our welcoming community. With dedicated staff ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience, PrimeCraft promises endless fun for players of all skill levels. Join us today and embark on your journey to become a legend in the world of PrimeCraft!

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  • UKCraft


    New Minecraft Server
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  • MineCarts

    MineCarts is an Creative and PvP server We offer different sizes of plots and also some mini games.

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  • CrypticCraft



    We are a server that has a focus on Survival/PvE. We are open 24/7 and are not whitelisted. Our staff are friendly and skilled and the community we have are awesome! We try to install plugins to make the experience as fun as possible, while still considering whether those plugins will slow the server down.

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  • SVmineFB


    ====SVmineFB==== We offer: – Nice atmosphere – Lots of events and other fun – Every 2 weeks you can win various games!!! – Comprehensive and helpful Administration Adres IP: Status: Online 24/7 Minecraft version: 1.5.2 We cordially invite you, join us!

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  • Supermine


    IP: PLAY.SUPERMINE.SE WWW.SUPERMINE.SE WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MCSUPERMINE – Towny – Build a town or join a town that already exists – Good Admins and Mods – Events – Good plugins to make the server nice and good – No team – Jobs

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  • Legacy Craft

    Legacy Craft

    Welcome to Legacy Craft where your Minecraft adventure begin. This server is a Survival server. This server has Factions, PVP, and Mcmmo. We also have economy with a rank system. We also allow griefing on the server. This server is a 24/7 server with no Lag. This is a new server. There is great Admins that can help you if need so. Let your Adventure begin and become Legendary. JOIN NOW:

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  • Minecraft Finite

    Minecraft Finite

    Minecraft finite is designed to be a server hub with diffrent options to choose from:

    Options: – PVP Style with Factions Survival , – NO POWERLOSS – You keep your base, however chests are accessable by all players. – PVP Arena – Contains: PRO-Style-PVP, CTF, Skyblockwarz , 3 Kit Arena’s, Spleef Arena, Parkour Race PVP, PitFrenzy PVP – Fun Games – Toxic Survival map, Dsweny Parkour, Parkour – Creative Plots

    You make money playing and winning games, playtime over all , or selling stuff to the shop in factions.

    It sems to be my hobby to build and create new mini-games so this list is always increasing, stop back every now and then to see what is new!!

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  • The Citadel

    The Citadel
    The Citadel

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  • KillarCraft


    We are having problems with server but we will fix them.

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  • TaylorCraft


    TaylorCraft is a network of dedicated Minecraft servers; creative, survival, factions and kitPvP. With a fantastic staff team which will aid your travels throughout the servers and assist with any issues you witness occurring. Each of our servers have endless possibilities for things that can be done and have strong, thriving economies and a strong community.





    Main IP Website

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