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Playtime ranks Minecraft Servers

Best Playtime ranks Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Kilocraft VS Hypixel

    Kilocraft VS Hypixel

    Hypixel Server

    Pros Cons
    Large player base Can be overcrowded
    Wide variety of minigames Not a vanilla survival experience
    Regular updates and events Premium ranks can be expensive

    Kilocraft Server

    Pros Cons
    Vanilla survival experience Smaller player base
    Community-focused features May not have as many minigames
    Regular snapshot updates Less active development team


    Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel has a larger player base compared to Kilocraft.

    Which server offers a vanilla survival experience?

    Kilocraft offers a vanilla survival experience while Hypixel focuses more on minigames and other game modes.

    Which server has more community-focused features?

    Kilocraft has more community-focused features such as player suggestions, playtime-based ranks, and pwarps.

    Which server receives more regular updates?

    Hypixel receives more regular updates and events compared to Kilocraft.

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  • DragonShield VS Hypixel

    DragonShield  VS Hypixel
    Hypixel DragonShield
    • Large player base
    • Wide variety of mini-games
    • Frequent updates
    • Professional staff
    • Active forums
    • Welcoming atmosphere
    • Reward system for playing
    • Unique custom mobs
    • Weekly boss events
    • 300 different enchantments
    • Accommodates offline and non-premium players
    • Cross-play for Bedrock players


    Question Answer (Hypixel) Answer (DragonShield)
    How large is the player base? Hypixel has a very large player base with millions of active players. DragonShield has a smaller but active community that is welcoming to all players.
    What kind of mini-games are available? Hypixel offers a wide variety of mini-games including SkyWars, Bed Wars, and more. DragonShield focuses on unique features like custom mobs, weekly boss events, and a PlayTime Rank system.
    Is there a reward system for playing? Hypixel does not have a specific reward system based on play time. DragonShield rewards players with better kits and perks based on their PlayTime Rank.
    Do they offer cross-play for different versions of Minecraft? Hypixel does not offer cross-play for Bedrock players. DragonShield offers cross-play for Bedrock players, as well as accommodating offline and non-premium players.

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  • Unofficial Irrelevance 2 Frenemy: Not Modded, SMP, PVE, PVP, or anything else really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Unofficial Irrelevance 2 Frenemy: Not Modded, SMP, PVE, PVP, or anything else really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    PumpKraft Minecraft Server

    Modpack Prominence 2 [RPG] v2.7.7hf
    Server IP

    Feel free to join our server directly or our discord!

    PumpKraft is a modded Minecraft community with a wonderful Prominence 2 [RPG] server!

    Our extra features include:

    • Toggleable PvP status
    • Claim protection
    • Homes/rtp/tpa system
    • Playtime ranks
    • Trade shops
    • Recently reset world!

    We always make an effort to keep this community positive and productive for everyone, and everyone is welcome!


    Question Answer
    Can I toggle PvP status? Yes, our server has toggleable PvP status.
    Is there claim protection? Yes, we have claim protection features in place.
    Can I set homes and teleport to players? Yes, we have a homes/rtp/tpa system in place.
    Are there playtime ranks available? Yes, we offer playtime ranks based on activity.
    Is there a way to trade with other players? Yes, we have trade shops available for players.
    Has the world recently been reset? Yes, we have recently reset the world for a fresh start.

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  • Denature


    Join for a unique skyblock experience with custom money generators, custom gamemodes to earn in-game money, a non pay to win environment, and a balanced economy.

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  • Magic RPG – RPG and magic LAUNCHER FOR PC AND PHONE Minecraft server

    Magic RPG – RPG and magic LAUNCHER FOR PC AND PHONE Minecraft server

    Hello, wanderer! You find yourself in the world of magic and technology, where you can find many interesting modifications of both magical and industrial directions, even combine one with the other, creating various solutions and automating your development! Over a long period of time, you will never get bored playing, as there are unique recipes and new research in ThaumCraft. To diversify your survival, we hold competitions and automatic events that will make your games on the server more interesting. It all depends only on you and what you want to achieve!

    – Play even from your phone! Launcher with mods for Android and PC!


    – Create CLANS and conduct clan wars

    – Mini games with mods on each server – weapons, bosses

    – Character menu on the F4 button in the video phone: Block store, Market for trading, Cases, Whales, Warps and businesses

    – Character customization and decoration: Set a unique hairstyle, beard, hat, glasses, bracelet, watch

    – Your own mod for 200 3D decorations

    – Your own techno mod for 50 mechanisms and 100 types of armor, weapons and tools – Energy Addition

    – Unique chat – make it a convenient size, move the chat across the screen, Emoji, stickers, two types of chat style

    – YOUR JOB / warp job – earn in-game currency

    – Mining farm and crypto exchange – /crypto – earn game currency

    – Mod for your bosses, menu with bosses

    More than 10 different branches and builds of modified servers. Choose a server to suit your taste.

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  • Versus skyblock

    Versus skyblock

    Versus Skyblock

    PayoutsCustom ParkourCustom EventsBetter EnvoysRank rewarded cratesDaily rewardsHarvest Booster Events24/7 support

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  • SurviveToThrive


    ThriveToSurvive is a server I’ve always wanted and never can get! 5 minute death bans, no hub, shop, spawn and much more!

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  • 🧨 19132 » ANARCHY | VANILA 🏡 Minecraft server

    🧨 19132 » ANARCHY |  VANILA 🏡 Minecraft server

    ⛏ DrugMine – The best Minecraft server with cool and sophisticated modes, such as:

    ► Anarchy

    ► Mini games


    ⚡️ ip: Port: 19132

    ✨ Version: 1.20+

    ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂► Anarchy – Rules? There is no such thing in this mode. Hardcore, complete freedom of action, equality between players and donors. All this is Anarchy. Unlike Vulture or Survival, this mode is unique in that you need to develop and build your base from hostile players. Privates are made in the form of blocks that have their own range and rarity.► What is unique about this server?Constant development and addition of new things

    Full emphasis on the players and the comfort of the game. Thematic nature of the project and Uniqueness of the modes.

    The best protection against all types of attacks

    Server stability

    Direct communication with management and responsiveness

    We work from 2022

    ✠ Choosing DrugMine means choosing the best server.Come visit us ➥ 19132

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  • The green grass

    The green grass


    –Some more details about our new survival created April 1st, 2023–

    -Balanced player economy with Auction House

    -Enhanced Semi-Vanilla hard survival experience with harder mcmmo levels

    -Unique balanced survival: OP mending and fortune removed, no auto farms (better multiplayer)

    -Mature and personal community driven, give ideas and suggestions on discord

    -Updated frequently and growing quickly. Bug fixes and almost 24/7 support.

    The Green Grass

    Welcome to the Green Grass Survival! The Green Grass is a new challenging survival server where you must work together to survive and achieve glory! For those who are tired of flashy banners and artificial pay-2-win mechanics, this is a breath of fresh air! Our world is aimed to be an immersive legacy experience filled with tweaks and changes that make the long term gameplay more interesting, fresh, and true to the game mode! Our only plugins aim to increase the quality and authenticity of the classic survival multiplayer. Various hardcore survival rules have changed and thus creating an interesting and exciting new multiplayer world including nighttime survival, no keep inventory, and even the classic auction house! If you are looking for a true survival experience with friends, join our no-pvp hard survival server at the Green Grass.

    Signature Classic Economy

    The classic Auction House plugin is the only economy mod we desire for a simple and amazing system of trading. Unlike other servers with inflated prices and broken money mechanics, our economy is protected by strict rules to balance the value of all items in the game! No longer can a player mass produce iron or gold while being afk. And no more can anyone so-easily obtain countless valuable late game materials like the overpowered books of mending or fortune enchantments by simply trading some emeralds. Now, server wealth has been redefined to a more natural progression where players working together who have spent more time and skills learning all the game elements will earn true wealth to trade with others for valuable resources! Our classic $ represents the nostalgia good ol’ days before fancy servers ruined it all. Here, there is no admin shop or random jobs. The players decide the prices, easily accessible on the /ah!

    Unique Survival Challenge

    Unlike short quick single player games, The Green Grass semi-vanilla world has been tweaked, balanced, and changed to bring out the best of the survival that Mojang is too afraid to do themselves (because of kids). Plants grow at a much more realistic speed. Blacklisted fortune enchantments can no longer offer an unlimited amount of resources. Totems of undying no longer cheat death. While beds will still set your home, sleeping has been completely disabled for numerous reasons. We feel like it’s a much more immersive minecraft when days last longer and nights aren’t skippable. This creates an interesting more dynamic day/night cycle where survival is an additional aspect to building structures, indoor activities come into play, and the starry night sky is visible at least for a short time. No more boring votes to skip the night, or keep inventory which takes out all the difficulty! With a much more challenging environment, gameplay with friends is so much more satisfying and our balanced game progression is much longer and enjoyable!

    MCMMO Redefined

    Now before you think this is just another MCMMO plugin, think again. Our MCMMO plugin is being completely customized to still offer the most immersive vanilla experience while giving the players a cool leaderboard for your personal skills! Any game breaking elements have been disabled, and only the subtle progression elements give you a feel for who your character is on the server! Don’t let it fool you, all skills have been tweaked so it’s easier to level up in the beginning, but much much harder as you become more talented. So getting that mining level from 29 to 30 will be that much more satisfying! Leveling in the Green Grass doesn’t get in the way of your doing, and scales accordingly. You wont see many rapid levels past 10 for each skill, and members can be recognized for absolute skill mastery with levels past 50 to 100! Old School Runescape fans will absolutely adore this subtle rpg addition to players.

    Friendly Community

    While we aim to offer the best challenging survival world, we have turned pvp off (excluding designated areas) to give you a safe friendly place to play together! Any disrespectful and dramatic players looking for pure anarchy and greifing will be deleted :). We believe in a challenging and cooperative experience against the environment, not other players. The Green Grass offers the good ol classic Greif Prevention plugin to claim more land over time for you and your friends while protecting what you’ve earned! We also have moderation plugins like anti-cheat, anti-xray, and core protect so all things are logged and can even be rolled back in time. Our server owner and staff also play legit in survival and are always willing to give you the best service and attention you may need for any problems that occur while you play!


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  • Takecraft


    Whitelist community server (Guests are adventure mode)

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Better12 S4

    Better12 S4

    Fun survival world with small comunity and some ppl making vids So if you wanna join then join the discord! And play some 1.18 survival with us!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • 💣 19132 | VANILLA AND GRIF 🔥 Minecraft server

    💣 19132 |  VANILLA AND GRIF 🔥 Minecraft server

    Survival and mini-game servers – Fecraft

    Address: fecraft.ruPort: 19132

    Supported MinecraftPE versions: 1.1 – 1.20▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Hundreds of different commands and unique features

    Unique generation, many warps, custom armor crafts

    Responsive administration, work is being done on the server every day.

    Various systems of experience, clans, protection from griefers.

    Many types of cases, magic items.

    There is a server for SkyWars, and other mini-games are being developed.

    Bank, casino, lucky blocks, transformation into mobs and much, much more!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Prime survival

    Prime survival

    |1.19.4| Bedrock Support| Custom Items | Events | Crates | Jobs |Discord| More! |


    Vanilla-Style Custom SMP

    Enter a world where you can master the ranks, accumulate wealth,  boast your loot on the battlefield or just hang out in one of the most community-driven servers in Minecraft.Prime Survival is dedicated to providing players with a place they can be rewarded for their time spent grinding and growing, here, you can play hassle-free and gain a sense of community that you won’t find on any large-scale servers.

    • *Join a Friendly Community* •

    • *Monthly Events with EPIC Rewards* •

    • *Custom Items, Vote Rewards, Free Ranks*  •

    • *Crates, AuctionHouse, Jobs and More!* •

    Enjoy a server that is constantly evolving to enhance the player experience, with a host of plugins that make it truly unique!

    New Minecraft Server
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