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Best Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Unofficial Irrelevance 2 Frenemy: Not Modded, SMP, PVE, PVP, or anything else really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Unofficial Irrelevance 2 Frenemy: Not Modded, SMP, PVE, PVP, or anything else really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    PumpKraft Minecraft Server

    Modpack Prominence 2 [RPG] v2.7.7hf
    Server IP

    Feel free to join our server directly or our discord!

    PumpKraft is a modded Minecraft community with a wonderful Prominence 2 [RPG] server!

    Our extra features include:

    • Toggleable PvP status
    • Claim protection
    • Homes/rtp/tpa system
    • Playtime ranks
    • Trade shops
    • Recently reset world!

    We always make an effort to keep this community positive and productive for everyone, and everyone is welcome!


    Question Answer
    Can I toggle PvP status? Yes, our server has toggleable PvP status.
    Is there claim protection? Yes, we have claim protection features in place.
    Can I set homes and teleport to players? Yes, we have a homes/rtp/tpa system in place.
    Are there playtime ranks available? Yes, we offer playtime ranks based on activity.
    Is there a way to trade with other players? Yes, we have trade shops available for players.
    Has the world recently been reset? Yes, we have recently reset the world for a fresh start.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • AlltheMods 9 Minecraft server

    AlltheMods 9 Minecraft server

    Welcome to the ATM-9 server! This is an exciting game world specially designed for the ATM (All the Mods) modpack version 9 in Minecraft.

    The ATM-9 server offers exciting adventures and a variety of opportunities for crafting, construction and exploration. We have brought together the best mods such as Applied Energistics, IndustrialCraft, Tinkers’ Construct, Thermal Expansion, Ender IO and more to offer you a unique gaming experience.

    On the ATM-9 server you can create and develop your base, explore the vast world and expand your skills in using technology. You will have access to a variety of tools, mechanisms and capabilities to automate processes.

    We guarantee a stable and safe gaming environment on the ATM-9 server. We have zero tolerance for cheating, malicious modifications or cheats. Our team of administrators and moderators is always ready to help you and answer all your questions.

    Join the ATM-9 server and immerse yourself in the exciting world of modified Minecraft. Here you have everything you need to become a tech master, progress in the game and enjoy interacting with our friendly community of players. We are waiting for you on the ATM-9 server!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Blackstone Arcadia

    Blackstone Arcadia

    We created Blackstone Arcadia based on a memory, a faint memory of how Minecraft servers used to be. The servers used to be simple and more community-based. In-Game purchases did not overpower those that did not purchase anything. There was no fancy HUD or busy and obnoxious chat. There were no crazy minigames or objectives. Playing on a server used to mean one simple thing: enjoying Minecraft as it was designed with friends.

    To bring back our memory, we set out to create our own server. Blackstone Arcadia is an SMP server with a few plugins to protect our players from griefing, preserve long-term enjoyment by blocking mob grinders and automatic farms, and allow for a simple way to trade with other players in an economy. First and foremost, we strive to create that community we had a decade ago by having an active Discord and cooperating in-game. To encourage cooperation and trust, PvP has been disabled in the overworld and the end, while preserving it in the nether and our PvP arena. Additionally, we brought back the 1.8 PvP configuration on our 1.19 server!

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  • Druhilman

    Server IP: druhilman.ddf

    New Minecraft Server
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  • UNBOUND server Minecraft

    UNBOUND server Minecraft

    Simple vanilla survival with cool mechanics!!!))

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Mega Skywars

    Mega Skywars

    Mega Skywars is community oriented practice/skywars server run by the community and owned by pvpUS. It features a variety of gamemodes to play such as the competitive ranked mode. We hope to see you there!

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  • adventurelands


    Features New exciting biomes and content in all 3 classic dimensions 2 additional dimensions to explore Updated transportation: Bigger ships, better rail & horsecarts The ability to recruit and command armies Build your own civilization with minecolonies A worldmap and tons of quality of life features

    To join you will need to use the adventurelands modpack on Curseforge. The easiest way is to select the modpack linked below and start Minecraft through the Curseforge App:

    Have fun playing!

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  • Havoc lands

    Havoc lands

    Welcome to Havoc Lands Survival

    Custom Features:

    – 500 custom enchants

    – Towny Claims – Custom Recipes

    – Shops

    – Pets

    – Bosses

    – Raids/Dungeons

    – Mcmmo and a lot more!

    Boss System:

    – Custom World Bosses

    – Quest Bosses

    – Dungeon Bosses

    – Raid Bosses

    All our boss battles are custom made with new ones being made everyday!

    Power System:

    To go along with them custom enchants we also have a fully custom Power system for your character.

    Power is used to make your character overpowered but just remember there is always someone stronger than you. Raising power is simple just fight our custom level mobs or even take part in our raids and dungeons.

    The better your team does the better the rewards you get.


    We will be implementing events based on the feedback we get from players.

    Our events will be held every week. Rewards will be Ranks, Keys, Money, Exp, and more

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  • SailLand server Minecraft

    SailLand server Minecraft

    > The server is dedicated to the game Minecraft

    > Version – 1.12.2 and higher


    > Duration of Wipe – 2 Months


    > Server GRIFERSKY


    > There are Jobs, Clans, etc. on the server.

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  • MediaHex


    MediaHex Network is a server where you can play calmly because our staff constantly monitors the infrastructure, the internet, and there are very few people.

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  • Serveur overcraft

    Serveur overcraft

    :dagger: :pick:

    ≻ Presentation:

    OverCraft is a mini-game and Survival server currently in development

    ≻ Recruitment:We are looking for motivated people to work on the project

    ≻ On the server there will be:

    • Do practice• You PVpbox• You SkyBlock • And more!

    We look forward to seeing you on the server, just press the green button below!We are still few, we are counting on you!

    •   Serveur discord:•   Site Web:•   Twitter: @OverCraft_off•   contact: [email protected]

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