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Toggleable PvP status Minecraft Servers

Best Toggleable PvP status Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Unofficial Irrelevance 2 Frenemy: Not Modded, SMP, PVE, PVP, or anything else really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Unofficial Irrelevance 2 Frenemy: Not Modded, SMP, PVE, PVP, or anything else really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    PumpKraft Minecraft Server

    Modpack Prominence 2 [RPG] v2.7.7hf
    Server IP

    Feel free to join our server directly or our discord!

    PumpKraft is a modded Minecraft community with a wonderful Prominence 2 [RPG] server!

    Our extra features include:

    • Toggleable PvP status
    • Claim protection
    • Homes/rtp/tpa system
    • Playtime ranks
    • Trade shops
    • Recently reset world!

    We always make an effort to keep this community positive and productive for everyone, and everyone is welcome!


    Question Answer
    Can I toggle PvP status? Yes, our server has toggleable PvP status.
    Is there claim protection? Yes, we have claim protection features in place.
    Can I set homes and teleport to players? Yes, we have a homes/rtp/tpa system in place.
    Are there playtime ranks available? Yes, we offer playtime ranks based on activity.
    Is there a way to trade with other players? Yes, we have trade shops available for players.
    Has the world recently been reset? Yes, we have recently reset the world for a fresh start.

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    The best Minecraft server that is on the server list! Check out our solutions and commitment to creating a unique Minecraft server.

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  • Box pvp romania

    Box pvp romania
    Do you want to play on a really good BoxPvp server? Well you are lucky! Here on BoxPvpRomania we have lost of plugins,kits,many armour types,top notch trading and more! With Bilingual helpers and with other people we’ve made the best Pvp server for you! Join our discord server for more info!

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  • AncientRPG


    A modded mmorpg server based on the anime show, Sword Art Online. The server features guilds/guild wars, grinding, quests, professions, custom items, mobs, and bosses, and MUCH more!

    Server version 1.12.2 Discord:

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  • MiningDragon


    Minecraft Server || Survival || SkyBlock || Creative || Factions || Lobby Parkour || Hide And Seek || Speed Builders

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  • Unitycrafts


    Welcome to Unity Craft, an extraordinary Minecraft server that offers an unparalleled pure survival experience. Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring world with expansive landscapes, ready to be explored by intrepid adventurers like you. This server distinguishes itself with its unwavering dedication to pure survival gameplay, where every decision carries weight and every triumph is met with a profound sense of accomplishment. Embark on captivating quests and daring adventures, thoughtfully designed to challenge your abilities and lead you to exciting new frontiers. Join a thriving community of passionate and skilled players, united by their love for Minecraft, and eager to forge lasting bonds as they explore this captivating universe together. Sharpen your skills in thrilling battles against formidable foes, and unearth hidden treasures as you strive to become the ultimate survivor. Enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience with our low ping server, ensuring seamless and lag-free gameplay at all times. Our devoted 24/7 support team stands ready to assist you with any inquiries, ensuring your time at Unity Craft is marked by utmost comfort and guidance. Unity Craft staunchly upholds the principles of fair play, categorically rejecting any pay-to-win practices. Here, every player stands on equal footing, and success is a testament to skill and strategy. Seize the moment! Cast your vote for Unity Craft, and set forth on an unforgettable journey through the captivating realm of pure survival. Let us together elevate Unity Craft to the pinnacle of Minecraft servers, fostering a vibrant and prosperous community that cherishes the essence of true survival. Join us now and become an esteemed member of our ever-expanding Unity Craft family – where adventure knows no bounds!

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  • RoyalCraft


    -= RoyalCraft =- Welcome to RoyalCraft! We are a Minecraft Network Built By the players for the Players! We have Staff Active 24/7 to Assist you with any Problems and Answer any questions you may have. Join today and Experience Greatness!

    Our Current Game Modes: – Skyblock – Factions – OP Factions

    IP: Website: Store: Discord:

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  • New Tarsis

    New Tarsis

    The world has a initial world border of 15.000 and is separated by a huge wall

    There are two opposing factions, where players can join any of their ranks, be the king or queen, commander or officer. If the role doesnt exist, ask for it and if nothing stops you, you can have it!

    The players interact with the opposing factions and god, who plays a constant role of sometimes trying to destroy the world. You may try to win over god if youre mighty enough, or will you side with him? You choose!

    I, the owner, play as god. I give players quests and challenges to fullfil if they want to have interesting goals and milestones to achieve. I will build dungeons and world structures, that will in a near future build up into a pve event. You as a player have the choice to participate on the factions war, or the war against god. Or if you want, you can just enjoy vanilla by not joining either things.

    In any way, my goal is to make the players have fun, and enjoy their time on my server. For now we’re keeping things simple, but soon we will be adding plugins to improve the quality of the server.

    Hope to see you soon^^

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  • Crusher basement

    Crusher basement

    – We just launched on August! If you’re looking for a new community to join, this is for you!– We’re a non-P2W server, and never will be! All donation ranks grant purely cosmetic perks and benefits!– A realistic, dynamic economy. The server has a finite amount of money to distribute between players.– A special Secret Market, where you can get rare and powerful items.– A well-thought-out, balanced, and progressive ranking system, with each rank containing a specific set of perks and more! Join our server now and check it out with /ranks.– And so, so much more! An auction house, player warps, chest shops, quests, claims, player-made clans., and the list goes on!What are you waiting for? Join our server and start today!

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  • ChopeNetwork


    Psst, you. Yes, you over there. Do you enjoy Minecraft Survival? Great. Bored? Disconnected from friends? You’re in luck.

    Come keep us company, have fun with your friends, whatever you feel like! It’s a minecraft server. But not any ordinary one.

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  • DragonCraftHD


    We are DragonCraftHD We are a team consisting of 8 people. DragonCraftHD is a server like no other. We specialize in the Jobs System. With the help of which everyone has the chance to get items to boost trade in goods.

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