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dungeon challenges Minecraft Servers

Best dungeon challenges Minecraft Servers 2024

  • DragonShield VS Hypixel

    DragonShield  VS Hypixel
    Hypixel DragonShield
    • Large player base
    • Wide variety of mini-games
    • Frequent updates
    • Professional staff
    • Active forums
    • Welcoming atmosphere
    • Reward system for playing
    • Unique custom mobs
    • Weekly boss events
    • 300 different enchantments
    • Accommodates offline and non-premium players
    • Cross-play for Bedrock players


    Question Answer (Hypixel) Answer (DragonShield)
    How large is the player base? Hypixel has a very large player base with millions of active players. DragonShield has a smaller but active community that is welcoming to all players.
    What kind of mini-games are available? Hypixel offers a wide variety of mini-games including SkyWars, Bed Wars, and more. DragonShield focuses on unique features like custom mobs, weekly boss events, and a PlayTime Rank system.
    Is there a reward system for playing? Hypixel does not have a specific reward system based on play time. DragonShield rewards players with better kits and perks based on their PlayTime Rank.
    Do they offer cross-play for different versions of Minecraft? Hypixel does not offer cross-play for Bedrock players. DragonShield offers cross-play for Bedrock players, as well as accommodating offline and non-premium players.

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  • Tomatocpvp


    1.20 new server open 12h a day, easy to start with this balance based server, use /ah and /shop to make your way to the top.Promote all kind of pvp, also cpvp in spawn!Different crates and awesome feature!Come play with us!

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  • EstiNet Factions

    EstiNet Factions

    EstiNet Factions 3.0! —————————————- It’s back and better than ever! This new curated EstiNet Factions experience is balanced (not OP!), fun, and perfected.

    * Stable, running the latest version of Minecraft (with 1.8+ support too!)

    * Auctions, Shops, and everything that you’d expect!

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  • Wynd


    We’re not quite ready yet, expect this description to be expanded upon when we open.

    Wynd is a server running 1.15.2, aimed at hosting a relaxed survival experience.

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  • Fairy network

    Fairy network
    Server IP:

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  • Survime


    Welcome to Survime!

    We are a small, open comunity survival server

    Features: – Survival Mode – No Lag (Average 20TPS) – Quality of Game/Life elements – Awesome Comunity – Discord Server – Website

    Server IP – Website – Discord –

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  • PokeHeaven Online

    PokeHeaven Online

    PokeHeaven Online is a brand-new pixelmon server which has a very welcoming community. Here at Pokeheaven Online we listen to what our players want and/or need and we will try to satisfy them with a lot of features. We hope you will join our lovely community and see you soon on our server!

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  • Cabbage mc

    Cabbage mc

    Cabbage MC is an expansive, Avatar-themed Minecraft RPG server enriched with a plethora of features to elevate your gaming experience. Utilising the Project Korra plugin, the server introduces elemental bending into the Minecraft universe. Players have the liberty to born into one of the Four Nations—Fire, Air, Water, or Earth—and harness the power of their chosen element.

    In addition to iconic Avatar landmarks and specialised quests, we offer pro-bending arenas where you can test your mettle against other benders. Our dynamic server ecosystem also includes a free-to-play rank progression system, allowing you to unlock new abilities and special perks as you climb the ranks.

    But that’s not all! Explore our DynMap to get an aerial view of the sprawling kingdoms and plan your next adventure or conquest. Survive the treacherous BloodNight, where the difficulty spikes and rare rewards are aplenty. Participate in Towny to establish and govern your own towns or join others in creating a bustling community.

    We feature a Jobs system where you can take on various professions to earn Cabbages—the server’s exclusive currency. From mining to farming, choose a job that complements your elemental abilities and contributes to the player-driven economy. Use your hard-earned Cabbages to trade for exclusive items, abilities, or even invest in the ever-evolving marketplaces.

    So, are you ready to dive into a vibrant, engaging community and master the arcane arts of elemental bending? Join Cabbage MC today and embark on an unforgettable journey through a world of mystique and wonder!

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  • PokePlex


    Welcome to Pokeplex, run by those who enjoy the pixelmon experience and giving players the opportunity to experience what this great mod has to offer! Features Include: Backpacks Biomes O Plenty Huskycrates Daily and Weekly Shiny Starters Pokedex Rewards Lucky Drop Dungeon Increased Legendary and Shiny Spawns Keep Inventory and No Hunger Limited Lag! Custom Shopkeepers Custom Pokemon Texture Event Crates

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  • SMP Survival Server

    SMP Survival Server

    SMP Server Rules: No cheating/hacking/exploiting/spamming/harassing/ads/grief Do not lag the server with large machines, farms, etc. PvP only allowed when agreed upon from both players AFK or idle is allowed, no time limit. Stay as long as you’d like! Be positive, friendly, & respectful

    Mostly Vanilla Survival Multi-Player No reset! World will never be reset or wiped The End is the only world that will be reset every so often for loot Set your player home using /sethome & teleport to your home anytime using /home Use a golden shovel to claim land! you start with 500 claimable blocks and get another 200 for every hour you play! Just type /kit Claims to get a shovel!

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  • Grapemc


    Play GrapeMC! Custom fun unique survival with a chill friendly community! Enjoy this uniquely developed server with custom perks, differentiating experiences and much more all on a freshly generated world with a massive border! And hey, who doesn’t like free rewards? Well join us online and vote now 😉

    Here is a lot for you as a player to find on your adventure, a server who works actively to make sure you have the best possible experience on GrapeMC.

    IP: [1.16.4-1.20.1]Discord:

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