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Newserver Minecraft Servers

Best Newserver Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Girl-Town MC

    Girl-Town MC
    Hello! Welcome to Girl Towns planet minecraft page!

    We are a small but passionate discord/minecraft server, We are an lgbtq+ friendly community where everyone is welcome.

    This server has some cool features I guess;

    – tpa requests



    -land claiming

    -chest shops

    -terralith (fancy terrain generation)


    My discord is:


    Join the discord!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Lunaris: where creepers are friend-zoned and diamonds are forever

    Lunaris: where creepers are friend-zoned and diamonds are forever

    Minecraft Server Overview:

    Name Lunaris SMP
    Type Hermitcraft style SMP
    Features Quality of life plugins such as more heads, dynmap, playerheadsdrop, etc.
    Community Looking for new and active members to join and build a community
    Application Whitelisted and application only, join the Discord to apply

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

    How can I join the Lunaris SMP server?

    The server is whitelisted and application only. Join the Discord server provided in the overview to find out how you can apply to join.

    What type of plugins does the server have?

    The server has quality of life plugins such as more heads, dynmap, playerheadsdrop, etc. for grief prevention and other features.

    Are there community events and competitions on the server?

    Yes, the server hosts fun competitions and events for the community to participate in.

    Is my base safe from griefing on the server?

    With the use of plugins like playerheadsdrop and other measures, the server takes steps to prevent griefing and stealing from bases.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • InspirePVP /Factions/ PVP/MCMMO/Ranks/ Special Crates + Much More!

    InspirePVP /Factions/ PVP/MCMMO/Ranks/ Special Crates + Much More!
    Welcome to InspirePvP Faction Server!Form Alliances: Forge alliances with other factions to strengthen your position and conquer your rivals. Coordinate attacks, share resources, and stand united against common enemies.Epic PvP Battles: Prepare for adrenaline-fueled battles as factions clash for supremacy. Engage in intense PvP combat where skill, strategy, and teamwork are the keys to victory. Will you emerge as the ultimate champion?Economy and Trading: Establish a thriving economy by trading with other factions, setting up shops, and engaging in commerce. Amass wealth, acquire rare resources, and become a powerhouse in the world of trade.Custom Plugins and Events: Immerse yourself in a unique gameplay experience with custom plugins and events tailored to enhance your adventure. From epic boss battles to special events, there’s always something new to discover.Are you ready to conquer the world? Join Faction Server and write your own epic tale of triumph and glory!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Coliseum Kit PvP

    Coliseum Kit PvP
    Coliseum Kit PvP is a fun custom made server with 9 unique kits, all with their own play styles. The server includes parkour, spectator mode, and more!

    Kill streaks make you stronger! The higher streak you have, the more your health increases!

    The more players, the more fun! Join now!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Lavish SMP

    Lavish SMP
    Welcome to LavishSMP!

    Bringing back the Real F2P Experience for all newcomers!

    Here are some of the JAM PACKED features this server has to offer you!


      – Rankup System! (Fully Custom Ranks)- Jobs! (Brand New Never Before Seen Jobs Coming Soon Too!)- Building World and Resource World! (No More Worries About Losing The Things You Love!- Keep Inventory On / Best Tool Swapper / Auto Sorting Chest and Inventory!- Player Shops and Player Warps! (Fully Customizable!)- Claims! (You Can Only Claim The Build World!)- Teams! (Invite Your Friends and Dominate the Scoreboard!)- Fully Custom Items and Enchants!- Custom Commands and GUI’s (Coming Soon!)

    I am a solo developer on this server, we opened our doors on 03/01/2024!

    The server is in an ALPHA stage at the moment!

    Inventories will stay always, but balances have a chance of resetting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    We hope to see you there!


    New Minecraft Server
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  • ImpactMC


    Premium Factions, 24/7, Voting Rewards, Need Staff, Skills, Custom Skins, Quests, KoTH, and so much more!

    Join today, and start your quest on becoming the strongest faction in ImpactMC. We look forward to a challenge.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • N&M ~ All The Mods 9 ~ v2.5.0

    N&M ~ All The Mods 9 ~ v2.5.0
    Are you looking for a small community to enjoy the mod pack, come join us! We have a small basic server with 30gbs of ram, FTB teams, and Chunks are enabled, along with force load chunks offline.

    Server informationAll The Mods 9 Version: 2.5.0

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Krystal Network

    Krystal Network
    Welcome to the Krystal Network!

    We are a small creator and public Minecraft server who thrive to produce a good time for all players on the Krystal SMP!Our friendly staff team is available anytime to assist players whether their in our Survival or Factions servers!Staff applications and builder applications are open and will be until the end of February!

    What makes us stand out from the rest?: Well that’s simple, our factions server allows for no land claims, our survival server is a safe haven for builders of all kind!

    Member Plugins – McMMO, Veinminer, Homes, Tpa, Graves and custom enchantments!

    Krystal Network staff will also be hosting live events weekly which are accessible through the servers Discord serverDiscord server: [color=#3598db][/color]Twitter: [color=#3598db][/color] YouTube: [color=#3598db][/color]

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  • FrostyCraft!

    [—————————-News Board————————-]

    maintenance will end on 3/2/24

    [—————————-Minekeep Hosting————————-]

    Server hosting we use!

    Their discord:

    They have great support ๐Ÿ˜€

    [—————————-Server infomation——————————-]


    This is an upcoming server! we would like to have you!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • N&H Survival

    N&H Survival
    We are a brand new bukkit survival server, we are mostly vanilla but we do have essential plugins and more to enhance the gameplay. The gameplay feels vanilla but we have many commands to add convenience. Join today and check us out!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Crafters-Island


    Welcome to Crafters-Island! We strive to maintain a free to play environment for all to enjoy. This means that all of the things that we sell in our store are mainly cosmetic purposes and don’t give players an advantage over each other. We currently offer 3 game modes SMP (1.15.2) – SMP is our most popular game mode. Build, explore, fight, or just hang out with lots of other players in this non-competitive vanilla focused game mode. Prisons (1.12.2) – Enjoy Prisons like you never have before with classic prisons feel. Unlock some of our custom enchants with tokens, that are gained by mining. Creative (1.15.2) – Unleash your inner creativity and show off your builds to everyone with monthly build competitions hosted on the forums. Players gain access to world edit if they vote. All our servers are joinable in 1.12.2-1.15.2, the versions listed are their respective version. Where can you find us? Well, I’m glad you asked. We have many ways in which you can find us that will be linked below.

    Website: Forums: Discord:

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  • ChrisCraft


    Fun, nice staff, bukkit and ranks! Owner: rc286970 You can appy for MOD and Member on our site! If you vote you get 3 diamonds! Have Fun!!! Join Today!!!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • ODD_Craft


    Welcome This server is a bit of a vanilla twist. I’m trying to keep the plugins as low -key and quality of lifeish as I can. Most features will be open right off the bat. I’m not big on rank locks and payed content. I am new to setting this stuff up so forgive me in advance XD. I’m willing to add and remove stuff if enough people want it. So come check us out the server it’s brand new and the groups just starting to form . Current Plugins Veinminer Crop ClickerGrief ProtectionJobs WIP

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Herocraft MMORPG

    Herocraft MMORPG

    HEROCRAFT MINECRAFT MMORPG SERVER MULTIPLAYER: The Original Heroes RPG Minecraft server. Many Classes to chose from! Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric and more! Many Professions! Engineer, Smith, Farmer, Merchant and more! Many Skills! Cast Fireball, Backflip, Bolt and 200 more! Custom Mobs and Items! Towns! MAGIC! MELEE! PvP! MMORPG! Enjoy a truly RPG experience in a Minecraft World!

    Level up and gain attribute points to spend. Customize your character as you level to obtain the game style you like. If you like Dungeon & Dragons and Minecraft this is the server for you!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Dino Kraft

    Dino Kraft

    Survival Server Looking to Expand! Brand New! Need Builders/Helpers! – New World -Friendly Owner -Fun Plugins! -Open to Suggestions! -1.15

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Libton-Craft


    New Minecraft Server
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  • Douglas Weisgerber

    Douglas Weisgerber

    Acorn is a semi-vanilla survival multiplayer server with no grief, no theft, and pvp only in pvp arenas Players can make their own shop starting day 1 and even set a warp to it. They can also build their own pvp arena. All donator perks can be obtained simply by voting

    New Minecraft Server
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  • GloCraft


    Have you been looking for an Australian Server with No Lag, Excellent Permissions and a friendly, highly active community of players? Then GloCommunity is the server for you!

    At GloCraft, we strive to have that one thing other servers don’t, which means you’ll have great time! We offer a wide variety of plugins, such as Essentials, LogBlock, SimpleWarnings LWC, Modreq, Chestshops, Worldguard and Worldedit, and an extensive Anti-Grief Experience, along with 10 Ranks that are gained through being active and playing on the server frequently, while not breaking any rules. Because the server is still new, you might have a higher chance of becoming a Moderator, though first you need to prove that you can be trusted, and that you have what it takes to be one!

    We now have a website aswell! Come online for forums, updates and much, much, more!

    Don’t be afraid to throw us a diamond!

    We now have a rank available to the public that lets you use worldedit!

    The server is run by 2 internet friends, and offers great flexibility and an awesome experience!

    So COME ON DOWN to GloCommunity. It’s worth it!

    Also, on the No Lag! side of things, if you don’t live in Australia, you might get some lag ๐Ÿ˜› This is an Australian server, so naturally, Non Australians might experience some lag.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • CaveCraft


    Looking for a chill server? Join us! We have survival for now. Working on kit pvp and bedwars! Good Luck!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Mosaic Republic

    Mosaic Republic

    The Mosaic Republic (40 slots) is a all round server. This means there are role-play elements, PvP and true survival. A planned feature as well is to add an arena where players can go to the and fight till the death for prizes The server is new, we are building up to have a well established and also having a great time.

    New Minecraft Server
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