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Hermitcraftstyle Minecraft Servers

Best Hermitcraftstyle Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Lunaris: where creepers are friend-zoned and diamonds are forever

    Lunaris: where creepers are friend-zoned and diamonds are forever

    Minecraft Server Overview:

    Name Lunaris SMP
    Type Hermitcraft style SMP
    Features Quality of life plugins such as more heads, dynmap, playerheadsdrop, etc.
    Community Looking for new and active members to join and build a community
    Application Whitelisted and application only, join the Discord to apply

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

    How can I join the Lunaris SMP server?

    The server is whitelisted and application only. Join the Discord server provided in the overview to find out how you can apply to join.

    What type of plugins does the server have?

    The server has quality of life plugins such as more heads, dynmap, playerheadsdrop, etc. for grief prevention and other features.

    Are there community events and competitions on the server?

    Yes, the server hosts fun competitions and events for the community to participate in.

    Is my base safe from griefing on the server?

    With the use of plugins like playerheadsdrop and other measures, the server takes steps to prevent griefing and stealing from bases.

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  • FlexzCraft [ Create ]

    FlexzCraft [ Create ]
    We started about a week ago on 1.20 with the create mod and several addons. Not to many other mods.

    We are still looking for several active players. There is an age requirement of 18. And you will have to fill in an application that will be processed.

      We do not allow PVP unless both parties agreeGriefing is not toleratedWhitelisted server


    Hope to see you soon!

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  • The Fruit Basket

    The Fruit Basket
    So that everyone knows, not everything on the server is finished! I am working on it though!The server information & rulesIf you’re ever on the server and something doesn’t work, is broken, or isn’t properly set up, do not be afraid to ping me in Discord and tell me!

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    We are currently whitelisted! Join the Discord to find out more! 🙂


    We are looking for players who are extremely community oriented, or even willing to be. The idea is to have a similar environment as the HermitCraft SMP server and be story driven like Dream SMP or the Stoneworks RP server, but with a little twist. There’s really no major inspiration from that other than community oriented building and interacting. This will involve lore made by the staff to help encourage players to make their own. Every season, a few months to a year, the server is reset and built up again by you in new and creative ways. If this sounds like your cup of tea, JOIN THE DISCORD HERE! Before any player will be allowed to join, they will need to prove themselves to us Staff. 🙂 Other than that, you will have free survival reign over the world as you would in a single player world. Just Be Courteous To Other Players and Try to make things look good to the best of your abilities. Also, all member updates are on the Discord channel.



    PC Only. We are based in Java Edition

    As the Seasons have gone on, we can no longer host the previous seasons as a creative test build world. They are much to big for the host server to handle along with the main world.


    Disclaimer:We change the theme for the server every season. We have done full vanilla SMP and almost entirely modded. This lets each season be a new and interesting setting to play, and to have fun with friends. This season we are doing Races, Custom Generation, and a mild continuation of the previous Season’s lore. We have an amazing spawn area this season as the theme is The Garden. We currently have custom made plants and food recipes to go along with the Custom Gen biomes alongside the vanilla biomes.


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  • NotHermitCraft

    What is NotHermitCraft?a Vanilla Survival Multiplayer Server for Java Minecraft 1.20.4!

    We are a family friendly, community-driven server established in 2019.Inspired by HermitCraft to play Minecraft the way it’s supposed to be played, together!

    All kinds of players, of all ages, from all over the world! Coming together to create something beautiful.Looking for more members for a long lasting experience with limitless potential and a great bunch of people.

    See some of the server’s creations on Imgur SOON. Join our Discord server to apply for whitelist.Players can join with no mods installed but Simple Voice Chat is highly encouraged!

    HermitCraft inspired

      Diamond economy with a shopping district.(proximity) voice chat – with deep dark/warden interaction!custom items. (like hermit’s hats. not them, but that kind of thing)custom music discs and goat horns.minigames. (ft. our own take on Decked Out)events. (e.g. the * Life series, Bingo, UHC, Blood on the Clocktower or even non-Minecraft Game Nights!)vanilla+ datapacks. (see below)difficulty: hard.small daily/big monthly in-game events for roleplay, laughs and just something to do!whitelist – fair voting system from proven dedicated members for new applications.a Discord bot that allows you to chat with players in-game.

      Season 4(ever)Previously we started a new season when the Hermits did but have now opted for Season 4(ever).

      This season intends to be around for a very long time. We’d like to create a full, rich and immersive world with purpose, lore and passion. Instead of starting again, again. Even though we’ve already begun, there is plenty for you to do. Not just in terms of mining and crafting, but also with minigames, events, roleplaying, and more!

      In the season that never ends, it’s a great place to leave your mark! There’s lots to take part in and there’s also people eager to take part in your ideas.


          Being active on Discord is highly encouraged. (for events, updates, sharing content, feeling like a community when we can’t get in-game, etc.)

          Voice chat allows things such as custom goat horns and music discs, deep dark interaction and some events we host to work.

          NHC’s resource pack is required for custom items/models. You can download it automatically when joining.

          The server is located in the UK but we have players connect from all over the world without issues!

          seed: 46942827301

          world border is set to 20k blocks in every direction, but there’s a soft border at 10k.

          If the server files get too big or there’s another sigificant update, we can delete everything beyond 10k blocks in every direction.

          We try to emulate HermitCraft and their wholesome vibes as much as possible.Play fair and have fun with others. Be the pleasant experience. Use common sense.

          breaking the following may result in a ban from the Discord and Minecraft server.


          1. NO ADULT/NSFW CONTENTkeep swearing to a minimum, in game and on Discord. family friendly text, images or links featuring/referencing nudity, sex, hard violence or other disturbing graphic content.

          2. NO GRIEFINGthis includes stealing, leaving a mess in terrain of active areas, etc.

          3. NO CHEATINGsuch as hacking, X-raying, duping, glitching, replicating, faking items, etc.• freecam mods can be used but must not be abused to give an unfair advantage.• duping falling blocks (sand, gravel, anvils etc.) is not allowed.• duping TNT (lit entities, not items) is allowed for farms that require it.

          4. BE CONSIDERATEpranks should be tasteful and cleaned up after all.don’t kill people for no reason.go away to gather massive amounts of materials.consider decorating that ugly farm!!

          5. TAKE IT EASY!please keep in mind any “war” or fighting about things (ex: glowsquid vs iceologer) is purely RP based and should not be taken as any more than this. we’re all here to joke around and have fun, so respect people’s wishes if they don’t want to participate.

          6. DO NOT BREAK DISCORD’S TOS ( / )

          by mukitanukiArmor StatuesCustom Roleplay DataName Formatting Station

          by VanillaTweaksafk displaysilence mobsanti enderman griefmore mob headsplayer head dropsnether portal coordscoordinates hudwandering trader: hermit edition

          by VanillaTweaks (crafting tweaks)craftable bundlesuniversal dyeingsandstone dyeing

          Our server runs Fabric mods to improve server side performance/networking, to help with moderation/protection and of course voice chat.This has no effect on gameplay/mechanics and is identical to vanilla Minecraft otherwise.
            FerriteCore – Reduces the memory usage of Minecraft in a few different ways.Krypton – Optimizes the Minecraft networking stack and entity tracker.Lithium – No-compromises game logic/server optimization.ModernFix – An all-in-one mod that improves performance and reduces memory usage by fixing bugs that do not compromise the game experience.View Distance Fix – Fixes the fog when having a higher render distance on the client than on the server.Multi World Borders – Makes world borders work per dimension.Ledger – A logging mod similar to CoreProtect. (for moderation)InvView – Allows admins to open the inventories and ender chests of players. (for moderation)Simple Voice Chat – A working voice chat in Minecraft!Enhanced Groups – providing useful features to Simple Voice Chat groups.Voice Chat Interaction – Voice chat skulk sensor activation and warden detection.AudioPlayer – Put your own audio files on music discs! (powered by simple voice chat)MC-Discord-Chat – Minecraft < > Discord chat bridge inspired by BRForgers/DisFabric.

          We also have an optional client-side modpack.NotHermitCraft Minecraft Server NotHermitCraft Minecraft Server

          If you’re a fan of Minecraft, HermitCraft and epic fun times – This is the server for you. What are you waiting for? Get involved! Be the community! NotHermitCraft Minecraft Server

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        • Idunn smp

          Idunn smp

          Welcome to Idunn, the ultimate Minecraft experience! Our server has been going for one whole year and counting, offering endless hours of fun and adventure. We’re proud to offer cross-platform access, allowing you to connect from either Java or Bedrock edition. This means that you can join in on the fun, no matter what device you’re using!

          Like other servers we offer player driven economies, kingdoms, minigames(hopefully), and just a general Minecraft experience. So whether you want to band together with your friends, set up farms to corner the market, or just explore the world there is something for you! Plus thanks to being run on a java server we also have the Slimefun addon, which adds a whole new dimension to the game. It offers a wealth of possibilities, from automatic farms to powerful machinery, all designed to help you achieve your goals while keeping the game fresh and exciting!

          Some fun things we have:– A custom currency– Kingdoms! (aka nations)– Some custom mobs and items– Nightly VC’s. You can almost always find someone in vc to talk to– Friendly people– A community. We don’t just play minecraft, a number of our people play other games too. 🙂

          If you are looking for a new home or want to play with others, we hope you join us. Please join our discord to be whitelisted.

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        • CitadelCraft


          Citadelcraft Network was born as Citadel, a Minecraft faction with a small group of people. 5 years later we have evolved into a charity based network, playing a wide range of games.

          Our hardworking team brings some of the best content around!

          What we offer: – Kingdoms – Realistic Survival – PixelArt – More to come!

          Website: Facebook: Twitter: Email: [email protected]


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          Ever wanted to play football in Minecraft?Welcome to Slimeball, the ultimate soccer experience from versions 1.8 to 1.20!

          Join now for thrilling matches, team-building, and unforgettable goals!

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        • FSMC


          Survival server with lots of fun plugins -Custom Dungeon -Fun Quests -Cracked Minecraft -Custom Villager Shop -Bank -Chest Shop Comming Soon -New lobby -A lot of new updates comming soon

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        • UgarisMC


          * UgarisMC * UgarisMC is a nice Dutch-language Minecraft server. On this server you can play Skyblock and soon other mini-games!

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        • Sapphire smp season2

          Sapphire smp season2

          Sapphire SMP is a multiplayer vanilla survival server. This is our first public season with new features (See some below). At Sapphire we strive to make a fair experience for all that use our services so our server has no ranking system or vote rewards.

          What we plan for Season 2:– Server will be open for public applications. (Applications will be open in the next few days via our website)– Fresh world with only a spawn building. (This means there will be no prebuilt shopping district or nether hub)– Voting system. (To help get our name out there you will be able to vote for the server. There will be no voting rewards)– Support for ViveCraft– And more

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        • Paradise Kingdom

          Paradise Kingdom

          Hello cosmic traveler! Come see the crystal castles and greet the local inhabits at Paradise Kingdom. This kingdom has no fancy ranks and everyone is welcome. We have simple ideas with no intent to over populate or use rune magic to corrupt the people. Come and create your own town with your bare hands, but watch out for the night creatures… they can hurt. Grab your things and head on over to the Paradise Kingdom

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          Thank you for your vote, you will receive your gifts shortly! Have fun on!

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        • Abitatibi-mc

          Server IP:

          New Minecraft Server

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        • Just Another Vanilla Down Under NZ

          Just Another Vanilla Down Under NZ

          Just a basic Vanilla Minecraft server hosted in the South Island in New Zealand. 1gb/s Networked Server. 24/7. Good for anyone close by that has no low latency servers they can connect to!

          Happy to TP people around the world if they want to live far out etc.

          Open to comments, feedback and if any requests for changes here – [email protected]

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