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  • Lunaris: where creepers are friend-zoned and diamonds are forever

    Lunaris: where creepers are friend-zoned and diamonds are forever

    Minecraft Server Overview:

    Name Lunaris SMP
    Type Hermitcraft style SMP
    Features Quality of life plugins such as more heads, dynmap, playerheadsdrop, etc.
    Community Looking for new and active members to join and build a community
    Application Whitelisted and application only, join the Discord to apply

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

    How can I join the Lunaris SMP server?

    The server is whitelisted and application only. Join the Discord server provided in the overview to find out how you can apply to join.

    What type of plugins does the server have?

    The server has quality of life plugins such as more heads, dynmap, playerheadsdrop, etc. for grief prevention and other features.

    Are there community events and competitions on the server?

    Yes, the server hosts fun competitions and events for the community to participate in.

    Is my base safe from griefing on the server?

    With the use of plugins like playerheadsdrop and other measures, the server takes steps to prevent griefing and stealing from bases.

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  • Duality SMP

    Duality SMP

    Duality SMP is a survival multiplayer server similar to Hermitcraft in spirit: mostly vanilla with a few quality of life plug-ins; small and friendly community; group events / teamwork; shopping district, etc. We are community-run — major decisions, plugins/datapacks, updates, events, and server software are decided together, transparently. Admins have the same rank and voice as other Duality members.

    We will be on 1.20.4 for Season 5!

    In order to cultivate the best community we can, we collect and screen applications for new Dwellers, then decide together who to add to the whitelist for the next season.

    We are entering our 5th season soon and will be performing a world-reset on July 1st, 2024 – on a fresh world – we’d love for you to join! Especially if you are trustworthy and work well in a team. Our players have a lot of freedom and we essentially use an honor system.

    In the meantime we have a public SMP available for anyone to join! We are using a very similar setup to Hermitcraft Season 10, with a fabric server, the Simple Voice Chat mod, armor stands, vanillatweaks datapacks, etc. You only need a vanilla 1.20.4 minecraft client to join, but we also allow fabric modded clients with stuff like Litematica and MiniHUD.

    Please feel free to join the discord and introduce yourself! We will be opening applications soon!

    Primary IP:

    You must join the discord and whitelist yourself in order to play on the temporary public server. (This is to keep out IP scanners, bots, and griefers). There are no other requirements, though.


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  • SmileMoreCraft Survival SMP

    SmileMoreCraft Survival SMP


    Bedrock IP: | Bedrock Port: 19132

    Official Website:


    A 1.20+ Survival SMP Experience that is 100% completely unique with seemingly endless features!

    Almost everything is custom-coded! Maintaining a 24/7 uptime with very low ping worldwide.

    Some of our Exclusive Features Consist of:

    ➾ Completely Custom MMO System allowing for progression towards more efficient skills!

    ➾ Completely Custom Weapon Models, Armors, Tools, and more.

    ➾ Over 1000 Unique Quest Progression Systems

    ➾ Completely Custom Job System allowing players to generate income in several ways!

    ➾ Pets, Mounts, Cosmetics, and so much more! All obtainable from in-game grinding

    ➾ Absolutely no Pay-To-Win! All items can be achieved from game-time!

    ➾ 100% Grief Prevention – Never get griefed again! Protect your important time and progress

    ➾ Custom Player Shops, Player Auctions, and Player Warps

    ➾ Beautiful Biomes that are custom generated, explore Minecraft like never before!

    ➾ Custom Enchantments, OVER 400+ Custom Enchantments!

    AND SO MUCH MORE! We promise this will be your most enjoyable SMP experience ever!

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  • DellTime Passed the wipe, come in.. We are waiting for you Minecraft server

    DellTime Passed the wipe, come in.. We are waiting for you Minecraft server

    ?| Hi, friend! Always wanted to find a good server? So here it is!

    ?| Our project has recently opened

    ?| Unique survival without creativity private block

    ❤️| Sincerely, “Project Team”

    ?| Version: 1.16.5-1.20+

    ?| Server IP:

    ?| Our website:

    ❤️| Our Discord: (

    ?️| Here you will find: mysts, a unique shop, many different events, a beautiful, well-designed build, and also how our server received the DellTime 2.0 update, a 35% discount on everything? We are waiting for you friend!?

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  • BlockHeart


    The brilliant BlockHeart server is back for its newest, biggest, and best season! With the incredible BlockHeart family ready to establish fantastic bases, a community capital city at spawn, a vibrant shopping district and natural economy, games events competitions and community builds, this really will be the server to be on. Inspired by the Zack Scott server in the 2000s, Coffinland, and HermitCraft, we welcome content creators to cover the servers if they want to. We are a close community who are forever looking to expand our friendship group and all play together toward our beautiful cities and projects; as well as all doing our own thing and having a fun place to escape to within Minecraft. We do gaming sessions on the server together; minigames, projects, events, and also play other games and have funny long calls. We have a couple of streamers and YouTubers who cover the server, and are always looking for more content creators to join too. Rules > No verbal abuse, racial, sexual, homophobic and xenophobic harassment etc. wont be tolerated > No griefing or stealing – we’re all very trusting > No unlawful killing – most are okay with banterry killing, but make sure you’re not annoying someone > Have fun, and log off when you stop having fun > No lag machines > Contact one of the group leaders with any problems asap Please reply to this post with the following to apply: Age Discord ID IGN Gender identification Nationality Favourite movie Favourite video game Minecraft build style Project idea for our server Tell me a joke 🙂 Thanks, hope to hear from you soon! IP: -BOTTOM

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  • NoLife


    Welcome to Nolife SMP – a server that provides the perfect escape from the frustrating world of pay-to-win servers. Our server is designed to be fair, fun, and free from moderators who abuse their powers. We’re a hermitcraft-based server, which focuses on economy and big builds. We Also have some Everyday life improvements, Such as SleepEasy And Dynmap We are open to suggestions

    Join now

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  • Simply-Vanilla SMP

    Simply-Vanilla SMP

    Optional Proximity voice chat!

    Welcome To Simply Vanilla SMP! Your new no resets smp! come join us!

    Apply Here – Discord –

    Checkout the server on our 2023 highlights video! –

    View the world! – Dynmap –

    Simply Vanilla is an SMP that tries to break the overdone style of SMP, join us in the 1.20 update!

    It seems now that every SMP is using over the top plugins, data packs and rules that completely break the classic vanilla progression. For that reason I decided to create the Simply-Vanilla SMP, we use minimal plugins and data packs the main ones being proimity voice chat (optional) and various mods to help performance while keeping the gameplay 100% vanilla, similar to that of early hermitcraft/classic Minecraft multiplayer.

    We are looking to continue growing our community with mature players. We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly community and are accepting of anyone and everyone. We have some very talented builders and techincal players already but are open to anyone who wants to join the community!

    The server is focused on a community-driven experience, with a busy shopping district, large spawn and games districts with a new community village and end hub project well on the way! 100% uptime over the last few month and great performance also helps!

    If you’re interested in our server then feel free to join the discord and apply for the whitelist, you should hear back from us within a few hours!

    You can find all our socials below \/

    Dynmap –

    Discord –

    Server Tik Tok Account –

    Server Youtube Account –

    -No Lag -100% Uptime -Backups -LGBTQIA+ -Hermitcraft-Style -Community Events Proximity chat!

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  • Life in the village 3

    Life in the village 3

    Are you looking for a pack based around town-building with NPC, friendly community or want to escape reality and hyperfocus in a safe space? We will be happy to accept you in our friendly community

    Server Info (Discord)

    • Available commands: /rtp, /tpa, /back, /home and etc
    • Lag-free experience, 20 tps when server is full (12 slots)
    • Claims (Minecolones and OPAC), Teams, Quests, Economics
    • The server has enabled forceload for all colony chunks
    • IP: (It’s not pre-added server!)

    Pack Features Life in the village 3

    • 🏘️ Manage (Colonies, backpacks, storage organization, new villager professions)
    • 🧱 Building (decorative blocks, furniture, roofs, windows and additions)
    • 🏭 Technology (immersive machines for basic resource processing, farming)
    • 🗺️ Exploration (roleplay, new structures, biomes, dungeons)

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  • Erdworld Minecraft server

    Erdworld Minecraft server
    Come in and enjoy the game!

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  • creativity for parkour server Minecraft

    creativity for parkour server Minecraft

    creativity for parkour

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  • WildPhoenix Minecraft server

    WildPhoenix Minecraft server

    ??WildPhoenix Presents??! |??Best Anarcho Server??| ?? (??Donation, Private, PVP??)??

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