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Best Server Events Minecraft Servers 2024

  • WaveCraft VS Hypixel

    WaveCraft VS Hypixel
    Hypixel WaveCraft
    Large player base Vibrant and community-driven
    Offers a wide variety of mini-games Focuses on Skyblock with unique gamemodes
    High-quality server with smooth gameplay Incorporates custom items and perks within vanilla Minecraft
    Established and well-known server Rewards players with exclusive items for quests and challenges
    Regularly updated with new content Weekly and daily server events

    **Hypixel FAQ**

    Q: What makes Hypixel stand out as a Minecraft server? A: Hypixel has a large player base, offers a wide variety of mini-games, and provides a high-quality server with smooth gameplay.

    Q: Is Hypixel regularly updated with new content? A: Yes, Hypixel is regularly updated with new content to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

    Q: What are some of the drawbacks of playing on Hypixel? A: Some players may find it overwhelming due to the large player base and the constant stream of new content.

    **WaveCraft FAQ**

    Q: What makes WaveCraft unique compared to other Minecraft servers? A: WaveCraft is a vibrant and community-driven server that focuses on Skyblock with unique gamemodes. It also incorporates custom items and perks within the vanilla Minecraft experience.

    Q: How does WaveCraft reward players for their efforts? A: WaveCraft rewards players with exclusive items for completing quests and challenges, as well as participating in weekly and daily server events.

    Q: Can I connect with other players on WaveCraft? A: Yes, WaveCraft fosters a friendly and welcoming community where players can share ideas, connect with fellow gamers, and build and explore together.

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  • LumaMC VS Hypixel

    LumaMC VS Hypixel
    Feature Hypixel LumaMC
    Game Modes Offers a variety of minigames Focuses on TownySMP gameplay
    Community Large player base Strong and friendly community
    Unique Features Many unique minigames and modes Custom items, seasons world, item wraps, mcMMO
    Primary Focus Minigames and competitive gameplay Quality TownySMP experience


    **Q: What game modes are available on Hypixel and LumaMC?**

    A: Hypixel offers a variety of minigames while LumaMC focuses on TownySMP gameplay.

    **Q: How is the community on Hypixel and LumaMC?**

    A: Hypixel has a large player base while LumaMC has a strong and friendly community.

    **Q: What unique features are available on Hypixel and LumaMC?**

    A: Hypixel offers many unique minigames and modes, while LumaMC has custom items, seasons world, item wraps, and mcMMO.

    **Q: What is the primary focus of Hypixel and LumaMC?**

    A: Hypixel focuses on minigames and competitive gameplay, while LumaMC provides a quality TownySMP experience.

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  • CubeCadia Survival VS Hypixel

    CubeCadia Survival VS Hypixel
    Hypixel CubeCadia Survival
    Pros Pros
    Large player base Unique features such as Pets, Particles, and Disguises
    Wide variety of mini-games Jobs, Quests, and Rewards system
    Regular updates and events Create Warps and Shops
    Professional and well-maintained server 200+ Custom Items
    Active community Extensive Farming, Mining, and Fishing experiences
    Cons Cons
    May experience lag due to high player count Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    Some mini-games may feel repetitive Less variety in mini-games


    1. What makes Hypixel stand out from CubeCadia Survival?

    Hypixel is known for its large player base, wide variety of mini-games, and regular updates and events. It also has a professional and well-maintained server with an active community.

    2. Why should I choose CubeCadia Survival over Hypixel?

    CubeCadia Survival offers unique features such as Pets, Particles, and Disguises, as well as a Jobs, Quests, and Rewards system. Players can create Warps and Shops, and there are over 200 Custom Items available. It also provides extensive Farming, Mining, and Fishing experiences.

    3. Will I experience lag on either server?

    Hypixel may experience lag due to its high player count, while CubeCadia Survival may have less lag but with a smaller player base compared to Hypixel.

    4. Which server has more mini-games?

    Hypixel has a wide variety of mini-games, while CubeCadia Survival offers a unique set of features and experiences.

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  • MineSeed VS Hypixel

    MineSeed VS Hypixel


    Pros Cons
    Large player base Can be overcrowded
    Varied game modes Potential for lag due to high player count
    Frequent updates and new content Can feel overwhelming for new players


    Pros Cons
    Grief Prevention Smaller player base
    1.18 Caves & Cliffs Limited game modes
    Unique Quests Daily Potential for limited content updates
    Optimized performance May lack the excitement of larger servers


    Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel has a larger player base compared to MineSeed.

    Which server offers more game modes?

    Hypixel offers a variety of game modes, while MineSeed focuses on a unique vanilla survival experience.

    Which server is known for frequent updates and new content?

    Hypixel is known for frequent updates and new content, keeping players engaged with fresh experiences.

    Which server is optimized for performance and lacks lag?

    MineSeed is optimized for performance and offers a lag-free experience for players.

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  • Eracraft: Where even the creepers are polite and ask permission before exploding!

    Eracraft: Where even the creepers are polite and ask permission before exploding!
    Server Name Eracraft
    Launch Date March 1st
    Discord Link Join our Discord


    Eracraft is a themed SMP where players can write their own stories through time. The server progresses through different eras, each with its own theme, and players can explore, build, and interact within each era.


    Seasons on the server last a minimum of 8 months and are split into 7 eras with sub-eras. Each era has a specific theme and time period, allowing players to experience different historical periods as they progress through the server.


    What is the server theme?

    The server is themed around different historical eras, allowing players to experience and interact within various time periods.

    Is the server survival or creative?

    The server is completely survival for all players. Resources are all within one world, and players can explore and gather materials as they progress through the eras.

    How often are server events held?

    We aim to have server events happening every week to keep the community engaged and provide opportunities for players to participate in group activities.

    How does the map expand with each era?

    The map expands as the server progresses through eras. Initially limited to a size, the map grows as players explore new areas, with the dynmap automatically updating to cover newly discovered regions.

    Can I join the server at any time during the season?

    Players can join the server at any time during the season and experience the current era. They can participate in community events and work on their builds within the existing historical theme.

    Are there specific rules or guidelines for building within each era?

    While there are no strict rules for building, we encourage players to stay within the theme of the current era to maintain the immersive historical experience for all community members.

    How can I get involved in the server community?

    Joining the Discord server is a great way to get involved in the community, stay updated on events, and connect with other players. It’s also a place to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

    What happens at the end of each season?

    At the end of each season, players have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences, showcase their builds, and celebrate the community’s accomplishments before the next season begins with a new era and theme.

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  • CoronaCraft Survival

    CoronaCraft Survival

    CoronaCraft is a community-based SMP with around 100 members from all over the world and we’re looking for more members for our new-ish season! We’re a diverse community and are accepting of everyone!

    We are content-creator and technical player friendly so if you stream/make videos or make large technical farms, this is the place for you!

    Our server is almost 4 years old and we just started a new season about 2 months ago. If you would like to play with us, check out our website here or join our discord here. We hope to see you on!

    Server Features:

    – Custom Advancements. – Expansive Shopping District. – Proximity Voice Chat In-game. – Server Events. – Custom Roles. – Server perks for donors. – Friendly and helpful community. – Community Projects all the time. – Giveaways. – 24/7 Server Uptime. – Plugins to prevent thefts/griefs without ruining the vanilla feel. – Player/Mob/Mini Block heads to add more to the original gameplay.

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  • KotoWorld Minecraft server

    KotoWorld Minecraft server

    Welcome to our unique vanilla Minecraft server! Our server offers an original gaming experience while maintaining the vanilla feel of the game that we all love. Discover unique world generation that will add new levels of excitement and exploration to your adventure.

    Server Features:

    – Unique World Generation: Explore breathtaking landscapes unlike anything you’ve seen before. Each biome, cave and mountain is created with special attention to detail to provide you with a unique gaming experience.

    – No Privates: Enjoy pure survival without privates, where your intelligence and abilities will allow you to protect your buildings and possessions. Learn to build stealthily and smartly to secure your achievements.

    – Anti-Vulture: We understand how vulture can ruin your gaming experience, which is why our server includes an anti-vulture system that helps prevent your hard work from being ruined and keeps the game fair for everyone.

    – Lots of Features: From surviving harsh conditions to participating in exciting events, our server is full of unique features and interesting features that will make your gaming experience unforgettable.

    – Discord Chat From the Game: Chat with friends and other players directly from the game through our integrated Discord chat. Stay connected even when you’re away from your keyboard and never miss a minute of communication and strategic planning.

    Join us today and become part of our friendly community! Create, explore and survive in a world where every day brings something new and amazing.

    To access the server and get more information, please join our Discord server

    We look forward to seeing you in our world of adventure and unlimited possibilities!

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  • Itlogus – an SMP for filipino eggs

    Itlogus – an SMP for filipino eggs
    Itlogus is an SMP that offers:

        WE VALUE YOUR PROGRESS!!!itlog egg big small scrambled hard-boiled seasoned with salt soft-boiled poached (no balut please)

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      • FiendCraft Minecraft server

        FiendCraft Minecraft server

        Hello everyone, Hello! If you are tired of regular servers, then this is the place for you, because this is where you can immerse yourself in the true world of Minecraft, because this server is as close as possible to vanilla survival. We also have a cool plugin for a dynamic map that works online. The link to it is on our website.

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      • Nolimus server Minecraft

        Nolimus server Minecraft

        Tired of regular vanilla Minecraft? Then you have come to the right place, here you can improve your skills in using one or another instrument. Night on the server is pure hell. There is nothing to do at night without good equipment, even an ordinary silverfish can attack you, if you see a lvl 20 mob above you, run as fast as you can. We won’t let you get bored. The server is guarded by kind and sympathetic admins, if you contact them they will respond.

        Come and play for fun: ip: 25593

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      • RoryCraft 1.17.1 Survival server Minecraft server Minecraft

        RoryCraft 1.17.1 Survival server Minecraft server Minecraft
        On our server, normal survival borders on brutal anarchy.

        The administration consists of adults with a sense of humor and a love of experimentation.

        Sometimes competitions and events with rewards are held.

        All this is suitable for both beginners and the most rugged players.

        Come in, we are waiting!

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      • Enders Private SMP server Minecraft

        Enders Private SMP server Minecraft

        Welcome to Enders Private SMP! Enders Private SMP is the best server to survive in the beautiful world of Minecraft! On it, you will have adventures, work, and also a lot of cool structures. Enders Private SMP has a good community and you can make a lot of friends there! Version – 1.16.5, IP –, website –

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      • DreamJet 2b2t server Minecraft

        DreamJet 2b2t server Minecraft
        The owner of the “DreamJet 2b2t” server has not yet added a description. This Minecraft server is very different from other servers, but not like the others.

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      • ELFCRAFT server Minecraft

        ELFCRAFT server Minecraft

        ELFCraft (ElfCraft).

        There is no anti-cheat on the server! All types of cheats are allowed. You can log into the server from version 1.8 to 1.18.1. TNT explodes obsidian, end chests, end portals!

        The server allows gripping with pistons and withers!

        For every hour of play you can get a free key from the case, as well as a donation key for game currency. You can find out more with the /free command.

        Unite into clans to take part in battles with Bosses and other clans. The boss is reborn every hour of the game, and for killing him you can get a lot of experience and money!

        Compete with other players to see who is the coolest!

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      • Nordics Minecraft Server

        Nordics Minecraft Server
        Welcome to Nordics, a minecraft server where you can explore, build, and fight in a realistic and immersive world. Nordics is a survival server with towny, war, and nations features. You can join or create your own Kingdom, ally with other nations, and declare war on your enemies. You can also build your own town, trade with other players, and participate in events.

        Click Here to see the explored Dynmap

        Feel free to join our Discord Here

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      • HellPex server Minecraft

        HellPex server Minecraft

        ❤️ HELLPEX – Immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere where inspiration merges with exciting adventures! ❤️

        ⭐ Welcome to our virtual holiday island in the world ✨ HELLPEX ✨! Here you will find not only sandy beaches and gentle sea breezes, but also endless opportunities for creativity and adventure. Invite your friends and go together on an exciting journey through our server, where every corner hides new discoveries and impressions. Our hospitable administrators are always ready to help you create unforgettable moments and enjoy the gaming process together. Join us and plunge into a world of adventure and friendship! ⭐

        ✅ Pets, technological gadgets, exciting effects and stylish costumes will highlight your uniqueness and provide a lot of exciting entertainment!

        ✅ RPGs that provide additional useful boosts. Increases the speed of digging resources, increases damage in pvp and pve, reduces damage when falling and much more.

        ✅ Jobs that will help you earn money and improve your skills.

        ✅ Custom world. Added seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn.

        ✅ Leaders in online balance and activity.

        ✅ Developed economy.

        ✅ Rare wipes.

        ✅ Without griefing, your building will not be broken!

        ✅ Without unnecessary restrictions and trash that interferes with game balance!

        ✅ No bugs or lags

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