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Best in-game store Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Dank Prison VS Hypixel

    Dank Prison VS Hypixel


    Pros Cons
    High player population Can be laggy at times
    Many different game modes Some games are pay-to-win
    Active community and regular updates Long queue times for popular games

    Dank Prison

    Pros Cons
    Custom features May lack population compared to Hypixel
    Unique gameplay elements May have slower development updates
    Anti-cheat system May not have as many game modes


    What makes Hypixel stand out?

    Hypixel has a large player population and offers a wide variety of game modes, catering to different types of players.

    Why consider playing Dank Prison instead?

    Dank Prison offers unique gameplay elements and custom features that you may not find on other servers.

    Which server is better for competitive gameplay?

    Hypixel is known for its competitive player base and offers a wide range of competitive game modes.

    Does Dank Prison have a dedicated community?

    Dank Prison may have a smaller player population compared to Hypixel, but it still has an active community that enjoys the custom features and gameplay.

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  • EldoronCraft


    EldoronCraft is an RPG Survival server using grief prevention and stuff like Citizens2. RPG plugins: mcMMO and Citizens. The admins try to be as helpfull as we can and hope you will have fun on this smal little server! oh, and theres no pvp :/

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  • AllPurposePvP



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  • ModernEmpire


    ModernEmpire is the unusual Minecraft server in the way that it is an anti-grief, PVP and Hunger Games server all in one server. The anti-grief server is self explanatory no griefing, stealing, raiding, etc. is allowed in this world. To enforce this no griefing rule we have a plugin called CoreProtect which is a similar plugin to Hawkeye and LogBlock. In the PVP world griefing, stealing, raiding, etc. are all allowed. ModernEmpire is 100% 24/7 and it is VERY unusual for a reboot or the server shutting down. We have a very friendly staff who will help you with everything that is within their power. ModernEmpire also has unlimited slots so you never have to worry about the server getting full. The Hunger Games server is has basically no rules other than no hacking so you can do whatever you want while in an arena.

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  • G[B]H Dedicated Server

    G[B]H Dedicated Server

    we are a new server i am looking for people that can help me with the settings and permmisions if anyone can i will give them head admin when the server get up and running come on to talk to me my name is timtam123456

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  • E&C-Survival [24/7[FIXED]

    E&C-Survival [24/7[FIXED]

    A simple good old survival server with wonderful plugins. You start simple! You dont need to login or anything just join warp to the survival world and start your amazing survival! We are 24/7 and have friendly admins. The server is located in canada canadians eh but the bandwith is amazing in other parts of the world as well! Now we have fixed plugins that will not be as glitchy to damage you everytime you jump! We also has a few custum scripted plugins! *Latest news =============================== RAM upgraded *Boost plugin installed (Now alot less lag!)

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  • Crafting Reality – 24/7 –

    Crafting Reality – 24/7 –

    Crafting Reality is a fun and relaxing server. King staff, and always friendly players.


    Also looking for staff!

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  • BizzCraft | Freebuild Survival

    BizzCraft | Freebuild Survival

    BizzCraft is a five year old Minecraft FreeBuild Survival Server with a non-pvp aspect as well no griefing. It is a family friendly server that has a variety of players and has a range of all talents. With over a total of 150,000 people joining over the past five years we would love to see you join our community today! Visit our website at BizzCraft.Net

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  • Chiaroscuro


    do what you can to survive and make or break friends along the way chiaroscuro is a hardcore pvp server equiped with economy, factions, mcmmo all you need to wipe the floor with your enemy.

    rules are simple: grief and raid is allowed but try not to be a dick about it dont harass people, dont go advertising on here like a dick, and have fun ^_^

    staff: Moonfox597 (owner) chris03pwnd (co owner) Ieaka (admin) ziben (moderator)

    HAVE FUN AND TRY NOT TO DIE (serious, good luck >=D)

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  • EndCraft

    EndCraft at this griefer level you can also griefer and develop on the continent with pleasure

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  • TAWCraft


    Welcome to TAWcraft Vanilla Server IP: The Art of Warfare TAW was formed in March 2001 and has since grown into a first class gaming organization. We have over 2400 active members from all around the world playing over 40+ different games. Of course you are looking to join Minecraft and here are some of the benefits we offer to Minecraft Community Players:

    Vanilla Bungee Cord Server IP:, Survival with Towny, Factions, Skyblock and Creative Servers All the Mods Bungee Cord Server Uses Curse Client

    When does TAWs Minecraft team meet Tuesday 21:00 EST, Wednesday 14:00 EST, Sunday 13:00 EST

    What are the Requirements to join TAW 15 years of age or older. Willing to commit to two events per week real life comes first, normal game play can count as an event. Must have and use Teamspeak 3

    How do you join TAWs Minecraft team Go to, Click Apply in upper right corner, Fill in the forms, Select Minecraft as the game you want to join.

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