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Gangs Minecraft Servers

Best Gangs Minecraft Servers 2024

  • MC64 VS Hypixel

    MC64 VS Hypixel
    Hypixel MC64
    Player Count 20,000+ peak players 500+ peak players
    Server Type Traditional minigames, dungeons, and more Cracked semi-anarchy
    Moderation High moderation with strict rules Minimal moderation with few rules
    Hacking Not allowed Hacks allowed
    Ranking System Leveled ranks with perks Rank up using in-game currency
    Griefing Not allowed Grief allowed with claiming system
    Pay to Win Some elements may be pay to win Non-profit, not pay to win

    FAQ: 1. What is the player count difference between Hypixel and MC64?

    • Hypixel has over 20,000 peak players while MC64 has 500+ peak players.

    2. What are the main differences in server type between Hypixel and MC64?

    • Hypixel offers traditional minigames, dungeons, and more while MC64 is a cracked semi-anarchy server.

    3. How does the moderation on Hypixel compare to MC64?

    • Hypixel has high moderation with strict rules while MC64 has minimal moderation with few rules.

    4. Are hacking allowed on Hypixel and MC64?

    • Hacking is not allowed on Hypixel, but it is allowed on MC64.

    5. What kind of ranking system do Hypixel and MC64 have?

    • Hypixel has leveled ranks with perks, while MC64 allows players to rank up using in-game currency.

    6. Is griefing allowed on Hypixel and MC64?

    • Griefing is not allowed on Hypixel, but it is allowed on MC64 with a claiming system to protect lands.

    7. Are there pay to win elements on Hypixel and MC64?

    • Hypixel may have some pay to win elements, while MC64 is non-profit and not pay to win.

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  • Dank Prison VS Hypixel

    Dank Prison VS Hypixel


    Pros Cons
    High player population Can be laggy at times
    Many different game modes Some games are pay-to-win
    Active community and regular updates Long queue times for popular games

    Dank Prison

    Pros Cons
    Custom features May lack population compared to Hypixel
    Unique gameplay elements May have slower development updates
    Anti-cheat system May not have as many game modes


    What makes Hypixel stand out?

    Hypixel has a large player population and offers a wide variety of game modes, catering to different types of players.

    Why consider playing Dank Prison instead?

    Dank Prison offers unique gameplay elements and custom features that you may not find on other servers.

    Which server is better for competitive gameplay?

    Hypixel is known for its competitive player base and offers a wide range of competitive game modes.

    Does Dank Prison have a dedicated community?

    Dank Prison may have a smaller player population compared to Hypixel, but it still has an active community that enjoys the custom features and gameplay.

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  • The Gang’s Vault

    The Gang’s Vault

    IP: s

    Modpack: Wold’s Vaults

    WOLD’S VAULTS is an amazing modpack based on the popular Vault Hunters 3rd Edition. It adds tons of new content and improvements to give you a refreshing experience whether if you already played VH3 before or you are on your first run. Prepare for the best RPG experience Minecraft Java can provide!

    New features including but not limited to…

    • 2 new weapon categories (Battlestaff & Trident)
    • New Vault Types (Haunted, Unhinged Scavenger and the incredible Enchanted Elixir)
    • 15+ new researchable mods to unlock with your hard-earned Knowledge Stars
    • New world generation, structures and mobs
    • A solid economy/trading system
    • Multiple new activities to participate in when you’re not vaulting (20+ casino/cards games, a painting mod, a mod to bring your own music in the game etc)

    And all of that, with a small welcoming community of players called “The Gang”. Why don’t you try it out? ^_^

    Modpack download link: The Gang’s Discord community:

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    The PLAY.LightCraft.RO network was created in 2012 under the eGaming community, developed over time it reached a number of 6 servers in 2018 and reaching at that time a number of 113 players. The server was financially supported by player donations and maintained by the time given by those who wanted to be staff members.

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  • Hexicprison


    HexicPrison is a fast growing OG-Prison server. Hexic has been creating servers since 2014. HexicPrison was once the largest single prison server around. We strive to provide quality servers for any type of gamer to enjoy! Intense OG style PvP, many Parkous/Mazes and IRL MONEY events! Check us out!

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  • Soulcoremc op prison

    Soulcoremc op prison

    Soulcore MC | OP Prison

    We offer a wide variety of custom features to make your OP Prison experience the best it can be, we are constantly implementing new/suggested features to make the game feel fresh!

    Some of the content we offer:- Battle Pass- Private Mines- Custom Enchants- Pickaxe Charms- Player Owned Shops- Unlimited Prestiging- Black Market- Auto-Mining- Shard Forging- Backpacks- Gangs Join our Discord for special Giveaways and Server News.

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  • Chaoticgta


    ► Guns » Using CrackShot, we have over 40 Custom Guns including Tiers 1 through 5 weapons that can be found in chests, special CheatCode items than can be bought at our store or won in crates, and much more!

    ► Gangs » Create Gangs with your own custom name, invite your friends, sethomes, and more!

    ► Airdrops » Every 30 minutes, a plane flies over the city of Greenfield, dropping supplycrates! Crates are scattered around the map and contain anywhere from regular, to the best of the best of items!

    ► Crates » Keys can be found in airdrops or bought in our store! Different crates have different loot!

    ► Drugs » Our drugs is a unique feature that allows players to use specific “drugs” that will give them temporary effect.

    Join us on discord for the latest updates on the server using! We hope to see you soon!

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  • Red life network

    Red life network

    ≻ A Minecraft server from Romania, we are waiting for you!

    ≻ Discord:≻ Store:

    ≻ server sections are: Survival

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  • Opgta


    OPGTA is an open-world, PvE gamemode based off! On this game experience a brand new way to play GTA in minecraft! There are loads of guns and unique features with a massive city to explore! Once you have your load out you can engage in fast-paced PvE around the city.

    You can join this server with any version from 1.8 and upwards!

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  • MineSpine | #1 OP PRISON

    MineSpine | #1 OP PRISON
    MineSpine is the #1 OP Prison server in 2023. We are featuring custom mines, unique enchantments, gang PvP, a player-driven economy, and much more! Join today on any version, 1.8.9 or above, using Java Edition.

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  • The Redlands

    The Redlands

    Welcome to The Redlands, a Towny Minecraft server with a large world, in which players can practice geopolitics, economies, and industrialization together! This server is friendly for the more technically inclined.

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  • PokeMayhem


    Welcome to PokeMayhem Pixelmon Reforged Server

    LatestServer IP:


    You can connect to our old servers using the following information! Neo | Pixelmon Generations 1.12 | Unleashed | Pixelmon Reforged 1.12 | Origins | Pixelmon Reforged 1.16 |

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  • Pixelated Forever

    Pixelated Forever

    Welcome to the extraordinary realm of “Pixelated Forever,” a groundbreaking Minecraft server crafted by Forever Global! Dynamic Multiverse Quests and Adventures Skills Challenges Build Competitions Custom Plugins and Features Player-driven Economy Community Events

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  • ThunderMC Survival

    ThunderMC Survival

    ThunderMC [Survival]

    Season 1 is out now!!! Friendly Community Amazing Staff Play Now! Why Not? The IP is: We are waiting for you! Good luck and Have fun! Also, make sure to join our discord

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  • Duplet Network

    Duplet Network

    DUPLET NETWORK is a Latvian Minecraft server that follows the old-school Faction theme. It uses plugins like ObsidianDestroyer and FactionTop. Also, skeletons do not spawn in the Nether, making it harder to get Wither heads for raiding, which, for now, can only be obtained from the server’s shop by buying them. The DUPLET NETWORK server works with MC versions 1.8-1.9 and offers rewards for the top three factions at the end of each season. Join our discord –

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  • Jai Server

    Jai Server

    welcome to our server Life steal. We are new server , let try join with our server. hope you all enjoy with us.


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  • ZTX Network

    ZTX Network

    Welcome to the Epic World of ZTX Network Embark on an extraordinary journey through our diverse Minecraft realms.

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  • Infinite-Network


    Guys pls Join our new INFINITE-NETWORK and join discord coomunities forfuns and for giveaways pls vote for us Join Guys pls Join

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  • Voyage Craft

    Voyage Craft

    #1 Balkan Factions Server

    If you like Hard Factions, with Hard Economy, without lags, with active Staff who are always there for you 24/7 and enjoy the good old Faction you remember, visit VoyageCraft

    The season lasts for 2 months, the Border is on 10,000×10,000 blocks

    Awards for the most active and richest players

    KOTHs every night, mini games and great fun for everyone

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  • Skyblocks.XYZ


    Supports 1.8-1.20.X

    Minecraft Skyblock is a gamemode which dates back to 2011, now once more players can explore the original vanilla style of gameplay in the latest versions of Minecraft. With custom challenges and end game goals mixed in, your next Skyblock playthrough promises to be a fun one!

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