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treasure blocks Minecraft Servers

Best treasure blocks Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Dank Prison VS Hypixel

    Dank Prison VS Hypixel


    Pros Cons
    High player population Can be laggy at times
    Many different game modes Some games are pay-to-win
    Active community and regular updates Long queue times for popular games

    Dank Prison

    Pros Cons
    Custom features May lack population compared to Hypixel
    Unique gameplay elements May have slower development updates
    Anti-cheat system May not have as many game modes


    What makes Hypixel stand out?

    Hypixel has a large player population and offers a wide variety of game modes, catering to different types of players.

    Why consider playing Dank Prison instead?

    Dank Prison offers unique gameplay elements and custom features that you may not find on other servers.

    Which server is better for competitive gameplay?

    Hypixel is known for its competitive player base and offers a wide range of competitive game modes.

    Does Dank Prison have a dedicated community?

    Dank Prison may have a smaller player population compared to Hypixel, but it still has an active community that enjoys the custom features and gameplay.

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  • World of wizards

    World of wizards

    __**WORLD OF WIZARDS ONLINE**__~~Economy – Survival – MMO – CustomMobs – PvP – Custom Items ~~1.19.2

    What is World Of Wizards Online?

    The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.Unfortunately, no one can be told what World Of Wizards is.

    You have to see it for yourself


    This is not Minecraft, This is World Of Wizards, and it’s an RPG Server that uses Minecraft at its core.The server can be hard to play on, so be wise and know that your Vanilla gameplay won’t get you far on it.If everyone is super, no one is. On our server, you will have to make an effort to level up.You can protect your land with Lands.Mobs are leveled.Custom Items.Custom Weapons.Custom Mobs.Custom Worlds.Adventure MapsDungeons.Jobs.Seasons (We follow the Northern Hemisphere)Mob ArenaQuests


    1. Behave Nice2. No Racism3. No Sexual Content4. No Grief

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  • Volitare server Minecraft

    Volitare server Minecraft

    Volitare Server – 1.12.2

    The old, familiar world in which we played and survived is infected. It is impossible to stay in it for a long time, build houses, make plantations, so development takes place in the sky. Each player can have one or more personal airships. On the one hand, such a life is good, but unlike the good old earthly one, it has some difficulties. The first is the carrying capacity of airships. Technically, you can’t lift thousands of blocks into the sky. The second is the fuel that is required to keep the airship in flight. There are several types of airships and each has its own load capacity and fuel consumption (an airship can be fueled with anything that burns). These characteristics can be changed for the better by installing special upgrades on the airship. The central, public airship clears a small area from below, so each player can go down there for resources or for adventures, but surviving there will not be easy: firstly, the air is not perfectly cleared and the player will gradually become infected, it may turn out that the player simply freezes or dies at the hands of the undead. The rise to the top takes place at certain coordinates, where you need to get to at the end of your expedition.

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  • MartialCraft


    Our server consists of a number of different worlds, so everyone can play in their own way. We have a Creative world with 50×50 plots where you can set up your buildings without being disturbed by others. And for the really creative types we have a VIPWORLD with super-sized 200×200 plots

    We have various changing mini-games such as KitPvP, TNTRun, Parkours and even a casino! Of course we also have a SkyBlock and Factions world with 1.8 PvP and mcMMO where you can take on the challenge with your friends.

    If you prefer Hardcore Vanilla Minecraft, we also have a Survival world where you can play without most plugins and grievances are prohibited.

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  • Beyond The Red Zone

    Beyond The Red Zone

    1.19.3 Geyser available, Welcome cross platform! Beyond The Red Zone is a strategic game of risk. You will Build an Empire from the ground up. Attacking your neighbors in all out PVP WAR!!!! The land grab is unique, the builds unique, the pvp game rules unique… Towny at its best with Jails and Banks enabled, safe zones, pvp zones, 16k square chunks to explore and claim if you can! Slimefun to add that modern Tech and higher grade weapons, tools and armor… Work from the stone age to the nuclear age and battle it out with your neighbors to expand and grow! Player market, rent a spot to sell your grind to your fellow players easy as 1 click! Crate shop for setting up shop easy peesy! MCMMO for that added skill progression and reward… progressive key reward system… in game buyable ranks… Everything YOU want AND MORE!!!!!! Come, try if you dare to become The Overlord of the Outlands. Head over to our Discord to view the game rules or join us in game!

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    Glad we have your attention.

    We are RaidersHeaven, an emerging multi-game network. Among other things, with a great Minecraft server. And we would like to introduce this to you!

    On our Minecraft server we offer you comfortable and extensive gameplay in the classic survival style – freebuild. Build whatever you want and amaze other players with your building skills and survival know-how.

    Danger!The server-wide difficulty is set to Hard. So be prepared against strong mobs and always have enough food with you!

    Plugins / ExtrasWe use many well-known and successful plugins such as: B. Essentials, ChestShop, Bolt (LWC), Lands, WorldGuard. We also use a very strong AntiCheat system.In addition to these, we have programmed our own plugins to guarantee an even more extensive gaming experience for all players.

    For example, you can sign items with us. Or you can replant directly with the hoe when harvesting crops. Or you can build an elevator out of iron, gold, diamond, emerald or a beacon. Or you can use a command to check whether the chunk you are standing in is a slime chunk. Or you watch how the leaves on the trees disappear immediately after they are cut down….

    So you see – these are some nice extras! 🙂

    EventsIf the number of players is higher, we also organize small events. Usually with drops to collect. Classic dismantling events or events with tasks are also planned in the future. Through events you can get very rare server items that will help you in the fight against mobs (or players), or that will give you life on the server for e.g. B. Make farming easier.

    ProtectionsAs you have read above, you can lock all your boxes, doors, hoppers, dispensers, etc. with Bolt (LWC). Optionally, you can give other players access to your blocks by trusting them.

    Of course, we offer a corresponding protection option for all construction enthusiasts. With the Lands plugin (/lands, /claim, etc.) you can protect your buildings from the destructive recklessness of griefers for in-game currency.

    For particularly outstanding buildings you can earn rewards and receive an admin rating.

    LivemapYou can access our live map via our website. This way you can see all the chunks and protections uncovered so far. This makes navigating the server easier.

    Other informationWe keep our server as up to date as possible (server software, plugins). That’s why our server is updated and restarted at irregular intervals.This way we guarantee functionality

    If you find a bug or want to report a player, you can do so via our website (registration required).

    That was our rough idea and we hope to have aroused your interest.Come and visit us.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Das RaidersHeaven – Team

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  • Slimefun server Minecraft

    Slimefun server Minecraft
    The owner of the Slimefun server has not yet added a description. This Minecraft server is very different from other servers, but not like the others.

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  • Hiden SMP

    Hiden SMP

    Welcome to Hiden SMP, Our server has the friendliest community on minecraft. We’re a Network that offers the best of the Survival, and Lifesteal. If connecting on Bedrock Edition, or any version of the game that isn’t java follow these instructions.

    USE THE IP: Port: 25672

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  • CH Towny

    CH Towny

    Welcoem to CH Towny! A small, very new, towny server. Start your survival journey and join a town with friends.

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  • Renovia


    Survival Reimagined – Renovia is dedicated to providing a Minecraft experience everyone can enjoy. With friendly staff and new updates regularly all that’s missing… is you!

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  • BWMagic server Minecraft

    BWMagic server Minecraft

    Magic server on 1.19.2 with custom races, crafts redesigned for assembly and many global mods:

    Bewitchment, Create, Botania, Miskatonic Mysteries, Aylyth, Bewitchment Plus, Spectrum, Farmer’s Delight, Drink Beer, and others.

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