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nikenyoutube Minecraft Servers

Best nikenyoutube Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Minephobia network

    Minephobia network

    *** MINEPHOBIA | NETWORK [1.8+ – 1.20.2] ***We strive to make the best experience for you.!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • TWS’s World

    TWS’s World
    Welcome to TWS’s World, a Semi-Vanilla Survival server!Join our discord with /discord for lots of rewards and giveawaysInfo:
    Welcome to TWS’s World, a semi-vanilla servival server with an amaizing community and staff. (More info soon)

    Lore:Lore is 100% optinal, Some people create lore for themselfs and others dont. Having lore is just to spice up the server and players, but its not required.

    Extra Info:Server restarts sometimes, warnings are given 1 hour advanced.Bedrock + Java, Most newer versions supported./helpop only works when a developer is online and not AFK, otherwise just /msg any staff member.Shift + Click a storage with a sign then write [​Private] on the sign to lock it.

    Please refer to /rules before starting your adventure!

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  • DustCraft


    The DustCraft Network We fully support vivecraft on all our severs, so come hang out in VR!! Our Goal Is To Offer A Friendly Community And A Excellent Experience We Offer A Range Of Servers Some Of Those Are

    NEW!! Anarchy – Anarchy has absolutely no rules, you can hack, you can grief, you can exploit, just be respectful to each other in chat please <3 Skyblock – Where you are stuck on an island way up in the sky and need to use what little resources you have to expand and survive. Plots – Limitless Possibilities, 100×100 Player Plots. Survival – Our survival server is pretty unique, you have the choice of 3 very different worlds to play in. All have very different terrain and have custom buildings and villagers as well as custom nethers to explore.

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  • MineVentures


    MineVentures is a newly re-created server, after being closed for almost 3 years we are re-launching with our winning plugin combination and superb staff.

    MineVentures reloaded is a work in progress with our standard plugin configuration McMMO, Residence etc already running. Within the next few months we will be adding competitive/fun arenas that are completely separate and optional – stay tuned.

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  • Plantmc towny smp

    Plantmc towny smp

    Come play Minecraft on PlantMC! The PlantMC is a 1.20.X survival server with a ton of special features.

    Main Features

    ◉ Towny & Grief Prevention

    ◉ Player Shops

    ◉ 3D claiming (apartments)

    ◉ Quests & Milestones

    ◉ Live World Map

    ◉ Key Exchangers (Not P2W)

    ◉ Custom Enchants

    ◉ Banking System

    ◉ Guilds

    ◉ Tokens

    ◉ More!

    Tokens are our completely unique currency which allows you to obtain any premium item from the store. We have a fun interactive community and it would be amazing to have you join our community as we strive to expand; we would be honoured to have you! ❤️ 🌴

    What is the server IP for PlantMC?

    The IP address of PlantMC Minecraft server is

    How do I play on the PlantMC Minecraft server?

    Open the Minecraft launcher, next click the “Play” button, then select “Multiplayer” from the main menu.

    Click the “Add Server” button to open the server information form then copy & paste the IP Address in the “Server Address” box then press click on “Done” button.

    Once the connection to the server is verified by Mojang session servers and is available, the connection icon will turn green and you can click on the “Join Server” button to play on PlantMC.

    What Minecraft game version does PlantMC server support?

    PlantMC supports Minecraft version: 1.20.1

    Keep in mind that many Minecraft servers might allow players to use older or newer versions, so we invite you to check on their Discord server or Website for more information on version compatibility.

    What gamemodes can I play on the PlantMC Minecraft Server?

    You can play Discord, Economy, Jobs, PvE, Ranks, SMP, Survival, Towny on the PlantMC server.

    What is the website for the PlantMC Minecraft Server?

    The website link for PlantMC is

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  • SkyRealms


    Join SkyRealms, the most popular Skyblock server around! Build your unique sky realm, invite your friends, upgrade your gear and much much more!

    Get started today!

    IP: MC Version: 1.12

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  • MissingCraft


    On MissingCraft we put the player and their opinion first. We have a long history of listening the players before making major decisions and letting them decide the future of our server

    Would you like to join a server where you will be welcomed in to make a difference? If so, MissingCraft is the place for you.

    Our community is close knit and highly welcoming one. We enjoy helping each other and giving our aid whenever it is required.

    At MissingCraft we are all friends, and we want you!

    With only your imangination setting the limit, you can grow from a feeble peasant to the high king of your own town with Towny.

    Explore the corners of the world, locate hidden gems and sell them to the highest bidder.

    Master you skills within our customized mcMMO. Become a master or your domain.

    With our amazing list of highly customized and configured plugins you will never find a boring day on MissingCraft, we make sure of that.

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  • Bendcraft ultimate

    Bendcraft ultimate

    A fun gathering of some of the old few people of Bendcraft after its shutdown. We’ve taken the materials and such we see here on the forums and utilized them to make our own hovel that can end up flourishing into a great community(For those wondering: No you won’t find Coolade here sadly, one day maybe if you’re lucky) We may not have the builder team of these major places but we have dedicated people standing by.Our rules are relatively standardHave proper respect for the common men and womenThere is a 0 tolerance policy on hackingGlitches and bugs are to be reported when found.Use common sense and ethics while communicatingEnjoy your stay

    We use:Constantly updated versions of ProjectKorraJedcore (and all it’s glory)FactionsCustom Coded MonstersPlus/Jobs/PK MovesJobsMovecraftPlotsSkyBlock

    Ip is:


    and we have many other things to occupy yourself with!Feel free to drop by!

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  • MagnaRisa SMP

    MagnaRisa SMP

    ***NEW*** 1.18 New Map Area w/ Custom warps to new chunks

    MagnaRisa is a unique survival server that focuses on building. Survival Anti-Grief Greylist system Custom spawn Frequent events Great community! Dedicated staff team! No owner, community owned! IP: Discord: Plugins: McMMO, MobArena, Quests, Jobs, Minigames and many more!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • PhantomFactions


    Hello, This is a Brand New Custom Enchantments Head hunting Factions server. We need staff and developers ASAP. we want to launch the server within the next few weeks. Join for more info. Server version is 1.8.

    New Minecraft Server
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