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Juneau SMP Minecraft Servers

Best Juneau SMP Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Juneau SMP: where we white list you to remind you to clean your smp

    Juneau SMP: where we white list you to remind you to clean your smp

    Juneau Minecraft Server

    Origins mod
    Proximity chat mod

    To apply for whitelist: Application Form

    Discord server:


    1. Is there a set story in Juneau?

    No, there is no set story or outcome in Juneau. Players have the freedom to create their own experiences on the server.

    2. What is the goal of Juneau?

    The goal of Juneau is to provide a customizable Minecraft experience where players can choose to engage in war, create peaceful communities, or pursue their own objectives.

    3. What mods are available on Juneau?

    Juneau SMP features the Origins mod and Proximity chat mod to enhance gameplay.

    4. Is Juneau a whitelist only server?

    Yes, Juneau is a whitelist only server. Players need to apply to gain access to the server.

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  • Juneau SMP

    Juneau SMP

    In Juneau there is no set story, there is no set outcome.

    You can start a war with others, Or completely opt out in total and just have a peaceful fun server. The whole goal of Juneau is to create the Minecraft server that each player wants.

    Juneau is meant to be a server where if you have always wanted a story to tell or a thing you wanted to do but never could, Juneau is the right place to do it. If you are a relaxed player feel free to make a peaceful shopping district and some fun gardens and base with others. If you want a more exciting experience then you can wage war and fight for the best loot possible.

    What Juneau has:

    Juneau SMP tries to stay near (ish) to the main aspects of the game. We don’t want to mess up the experience of others by adding super specific mods that only one person knows how to use. We want everyone to be familliar with everything, and have fun.

    It is a whitelist only server. You must apply to get in.

    Mods: ⭐

    Origins mod

    Proximity chat mod

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  • BlockHeart


    The fantasy BlockHeart server is back for its newest, biggest, and best season! With the incredible BlockHeart family ready to establish fantastic bases, a community capital city at spawn, a vibrant shopping district and natural economy, games events competitions and community builds, this really will be the server to be on. Inspired by the Zack Scott server in the 2000s, Coffinland, and HermitCraft, we welcome content creators to cover the servers if they want to.

    We are a close community who are forever looking to expand our friendship group and all play together toward our beautiful cities and projects; as well as all doing our own thing and having a fun place to escape to within Minecraft.

    We do gaming sessions on the server together; minigames, projects, events, and also play other games and have funny long calls. We have a couple of streamers and YouTubers who cover the server, and are always looking for more content creators to join too.

    Rules > No verbal abuse, racial, sexual, homophobic and xenophobic harassment etc. wont be tolerated > No griefing or stealing – we’re all very trusting > No unlawful killing – most are okay with banterry killing, but make sure you’re not annoying someone > Have fun, and log off when you stop having fun > No lag machines > Contact one of the group leaders with any problems asap

    Please reply to this post with the following to apply: Age Discord ID IGN Gender identification Nationality Favourite movie Favourite video game Minecraft build style Project idea for our server Tell me a joke 🙂 Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!



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  • Ascending Embers

    Ascending Embers

    ─ ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ Ascending Embers ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ ─



    Live map:

    Everyone is welcome at Ascending Embers!

    Our server is a calm and comfortable place for everyone. We are looking for both active and semi-active players.

    We help each other in any way we can, so if you’d like a helping hand with redstone, need advice with a build, or if you’re just new to the game, we’re here for you!

    ─── ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ Features ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ ───

    A calm and relaxing community for everyone 🏳️‍🌈

    The server is on Hard difficulty ☠️

    A separate Creative world

    We have a render distance of 30 chunks! 👀

    Elytra drops from killing the dragon to ensure everyone has a chance of getting one 🦋

    ─ ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ Rules & additional information ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ ─

    1. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
    2. Don’t intentionally provoke others, or be intolerable.
    3. Griefing or stealing will not be tolerated.
    4. Hacking, X-raying, Duplicating items, or otherwise cheating will not be tolerated.
    5. Don’t build your base on the spawn island. It’s reserved for shops and amusements.
    6. The secret color when applying for membership is “salmon”.
    7. No amount of bigotry, hate-speech, sexism, racism, or discrimination will be tolerated.

    Since we are grey-listed you will be able to log onto our server without applying, and chat with all the members as well as move around and have a look at our server.

    Then, if you feel like our server would be a nice home for you, just head to our Discord (link above) and make sure to read the rules thoroughly before applying in our applications channel.

    We strive to be as vanilla as possible on Ascending Embers, but we still have a few plugins:

    – Core-protect is used to check for grief

    – Essentials is for our grey-list and /spawn

    – Multiverse-core for the multiple worlds.

    – Sleep-most is to allow a single player to skip the night if someone is afk.

    – Silk-spawners is pretty self-explanatory. We realize this goes a bit far from vanilla, but it’s a thing we feel vanilla needs. This allows us to trade the spawners with each other as well. (Long term world only)

    Server location: Montreal, Canada (but with a really good connection to Europe, and even Australia)

    Server Specifications: Our server is run on a dedicated machine at GGServers. An 8-core 5Ghz CPU ensures a constant 20 TPS, along with our NVMe SSD storage and 1Gbps connection.

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  • SoulCraft


    🍔🎮 Craving a Byte-sized Adventure? Dive into SoulCraft, the Gaming Feast!

    🌮 Today’s Specials:

    • XP Extravaganza: Savor the Flavors of Endless Progression! 📈🎉
    • Quest Buffet: A Tantalizing Spread of Challenges Awaits! 🏹🗺️
    • Community Cuisine: Join the Potluck of Gaming Delights! 🍲🎮
    • Monthly Rewards Feast: A Side of Prizes to Satisfy Your Appetite! 💰🏆

    🍕 Call NOW to Place Your Order! Experience the Ultimate Gaming Flavor, where every bite is a new level of fun.

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  • karlssonSMP


    Welcome to karlssonSMP! ✨🚀

    What started in late August 2023 by a couple of friends who decided to invite new players turned into a fun and small community of like-minded players, our goal is to make it feel like you’re just playing with friends.

    At karlssonSMP our priority is to maintain the essence of the original game by preserving its vanilla aspects. However, we’ve implemented a few quality of life datapacks to ensure a smoother experience for all players.

    Apply here: Discord

    ⚔️ Enhanced Gameplay: Experience the best of both worlds with vanilla gameplay complemented by carefully selected quality-of-life datapacks. Dive into a seamless gaming experience with features like custom armor statues for personalized aesthetics, mini blocks for intricate builds, anti-grief measures against creepers and endermen, player head drops upon vanquishing opponents, their heads will now serve as trophies and more mob heads where mobs have a chance of dropping their head.

    • Multiplayersleep
    • Hermitcraft inspired
    • Shopping district
    • Squaremap
    • Respectful and fun members
    • 10k World border
    • Map reset every 6 months

    You can find out more information about the server and its datapacks on our discord!

    🚫 Zero Tolerance Policy: Enjoy a safe and fair gaming environment with strict rules against stealing, cheating, and griefing. Our community upholds integrity and respect for all players, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

    🔒 Server Details: Our Java Edition server runs on PaperMC and is located in Europe, ensuring a smooth gameplay. Currently, we are on version 1.20.4.

    How to Join:

    Applying is easy! Simply hop onto our discord server and submit your application. Join a community of like-minded gamers and become part of the karlssonSMP family. We welcome all players, from casual builders to hardcore survivalists.

    See you on karlssonSMP! ✨🚀

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  • The Artisan Collective SMP

    The Artisan Collective SMP

    Who are we?: We are a brand new SMP focused entirely on building an online community consisting of YouTubers and streamers playing semi-vanilla Minecraft. We are not Hermitcraft, but we are very much inspired by Hermitcraft. We are not, however, concerned with your subscriber count but we are most interested in finding the ‘right personality’ that would fit into our community and is active (or commits to being active) while producing family-friendly and (at times) semi narrative-based content in a fun and positive way.

    What are we trying to achieve?: We aim to provide a platform on which we can build our individual channels while entertaining our viewers with fun and engaging content. We focus solely on the endless fun and possibilities that minecraft has to offer in a multiplayer environment that is soon starting its very first season! Whether it’s building our own bases, collaborative projects, or fun shenanigans, we aspire to take our followers on a journey of positive and family-friendly fun.

    How are we doing this?: Together! While there must be an admin, beyond that, it is our goal that we can build this community together through having open and transparent discussions in our meetings and member discord. For that reason we are looking for the right team-oriented people to be a part of our community.

    Requirements to join:

    – We prefer 18+ but recognize that age can also just be a number. We expect maturity and honesty. – Must have an active YouTube and/or streaming account – Must be able to participate in community meetings and be willing to collaborate in game via simple voice chat – Must be able to produce family-friendly content on a weekly / bi-weekly basis.

    A note for you who may feel unsure: We are not professionals, nor do we expect you to be. We are hobbyists and entertainers with goals and ambitions to improve ourselves as content creators. We learn along the way and through this, it gives a unique opportunity for viewers to venture on a journey with our members as we grow and improve. This is a fairly grass roots and authentic community to be a part of as “the other guys” in the room for minecraft content.

    Server info: Our server will be reviewed before the start of the season by our community to ensure we are in agreement going forward but the following datapacks and mods would be proposed:


    – AFK Display : Name goes grey if the player doesn’t move for five minutes. – Anti Endermen Grief : Stops endermen picking up blocks. – Armor Statues : Customize armorstand positions. – Customizable Armor Stands : Used to manipulate armor stands for building details. – Custom Roleplay Data : Enables the use of custom textures on items. – Double Shulker Shells : Shulkers always drop two shells. – Multiplayer Sleep : Improves the sleep system. – More Mob Heads : All mobs can drop their head on death – No Trial Chambers : Enables 1.21 blocks without structures generating. – Player Head Drops : If a player kills another, their head will drop on death! – Silence Mobs : A feature to stop entities making sounds. – Spectator Conduit Power / Night Vision : Visual tools for camera accounts. – Unlock Recipes : Unlock all crafting recipes. – Wandering Trades : Adds lots of mini block trades to Wandering Traders.


    – Audio Player : Lets hermits add custom audio files into the world. – Cloth Config : Required for other mods. – fabric-carpet : Required for other mods. – lithium : Performance optimizer. – spark : Used to monitor & diagnose performance. – status : Allows players to set a streaming or recording status. – viewdistancefix : Uncouples server and client view distance. – voicechat : Enables proximity voice communication in game.

    Communications: We use discord for our community communications, organizing meetings and arranging collaborative projects and events. Anything related to the building and maintaining our community. All other communications are done with simple voice chat in game.

    HOW TO APPLY!: To apply, please fill out the form (link below): **The Artisan Collective SMP application form** Note: If there are any questions or we are interested in your application, you will be asked to meet us on discord for a discussion to determine any next steps. Please be prepared for this.

    Questions & Answers

    When will the season start?: Depending on recruitment, we are aiming for the latest March 16th, 2024. It’s our hope to meet collectively to discuss the plans for the season and get to know each other a bit more before starting. This way, it’s not totally a collective group of (total) strangers 😀

    What version of Minecraft will be used to start with? 1.20.4

    Are client side mods and plugins allowed? : There is a suggested list of client-side quality of life mods that will be made available on discord. Any mods that make it possible to cheat or give advantage to the player will not be allowed.

    Will Dynmap or Bluemap be used?: No. We want to enhance the experience of exploration by not having the world available outside of game to see. Client-side mods like Xaeros mini-map and world map can give more relevant views based on what was explored, rather than have everything open for viewing.

    Story driven content was mentioned. Is this required?: No. The idea of story or narrative drive content was only mentioned for those that want to follow along a loose path. The idea was only proposed as a potential timeline to follow but can be veered off into different pathways along the way if so desired….or then not at all. Often times, it can be a challenge to come up with ideas to make multiplayer Minecraft fun and some sort of ideas ‘can help’ in coming up with ideas for videos. However, good, wholesome content can come just from hanging out and doing things together with no specific topic as well. The idea of potentially having some kind of narrative is only intended to help guide, if needed.

    What about in game economy? These can wreck servers.: Yes, they can, but they don’t have to…if they’re discussed about and planned ahead of time. Discussions and agreements made on discord make it much easier to avoid the craziness that can come from wild west shop competition. This is one topic of several to discuss and decide together.

    What about world security?: We will be having backups throughout each day of the world to mitigate any potential damage. We hope to trust our community fully in ensuring mutual respect and honesty in how we play. As this is an SMP for making videos and streams by content creators, we want to ensure we have the best possible environment of honest people so that we can maximize the output on farms, without negatively affecting mob spawn rates coming from security plug-ins and mods.

    Will the world seed be known to the community beforehand?: No. This is season 1 and we are concentrating this season on establishing ourselves as a group and building a core group of friends and content creators. We won’t rule this out for future seasons but for the integrity of season 1, our focus will be on foundations and enjoying the beauty of the wonder of exploration in Minecraft.

    Will there be a limited world border?: We would like to propose one while we await 1.21 to be released in full so it allows us expansion with the new release beyond the borders. However, this is a topic to discuss amongst the members to determine what size of border we all can agree on.

    How long will the season be? This needs to be discussed and agreed upon prior to starting but this also becomes clear as the season goes on. Ideally, we would propose approximately one year for a minimum duration of a season. However, we will be addressing this in our internal meetings to gauge where people are at with that idea, before and especially during the season, depending how it progresses.

    Why are you doing a seasonal approach and resetting rather than keeping the map going? : We believe that as content creators, there is always something special about starting something new. Fresh seasons offer opportunities to implement new ideas with a new map and possibly new features in the game at that time. Seasons allow us to think in terms of projects where there is a definitive start and ending. This motivates us to continue our builds’ completion to be ready in time for the next season. That gives us time to make the map available for download for our viewers, while addressing potential new recruitment of players. Seasons just work for this type of approach and while we respect those that continue with the same map, we won’t be.

    What if I can’t keep up regularly with the weekly or bi-weekly schedule? : Since this is not (yet) a job for us, it’s understandable that real life can cause delays for videos and streams. This needs flexibility. However, as this is an SMP focused on creating content for videos and streams, having the schedule stretch too far and too often with too many people will simply turn this into a regular Minecraft SMP, which is not the goal of this community. We create videos and streams and our aim is to be as regular as we can with providing them.

    Can I join even though I don’t make videos or stream? I mean, I even know a few people on there. Can I join?: This is extremely unlikely as the point of this server community is to make fun, engaging, and entertaining content for people to enjoy. There may be, however, in the future opportunities for random events where some outsiders can join in and play. Perhaps with other content creators as well. These are not yet planned and there’s no timeline for this yet, but the idea could be fun.

    If you should have any questions or need for clarification, just send us a PM.

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  • Yarrinmc


    I have with a team of 4 made an amazing server that will blow your socks away! We made our own weapons, new mobs and custom armor! Also we have several events coming up. Here is a little teaser for what you can expect:

    First 2 weeks

    The server will launch as a normal SMP but with The End closed. This is because we want everyone to have time to get accustomed to the world and not speedrun directly to the end to kill the dragon. The world will have two borders. One is a normal world border that will limit the players from exploring the entire world straight away; this will be set to a 10K radius and increase with upcoming arcs. The second one will be called the safe zone, set in a 2K radius from spawn. The safe zone turns off PvP, explosives, griefing, and stealing. During the two weeks, we will have different contests for the players and give them prizes based on the contests they win.

    Next week

    The End will open for everyone. The world border will increase by 5K, and the safe zone by 1K. In the End, we have reworked it to look better and different, and the dragon will be more difficult to fight.

    Next week

    The Dragon egg will have a tracker put on it. Anyone holding the egg will receive different buffs and debuffs. If a player leaves the server, the egg will be dropped where they last signed out. The last one holding the egg will win a prize. The world border will increase by 5K, and the safe zone by 1K.

    More arcs can be expected, giving you excitement every following week.

    If this seems interesting then join us on discord:


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  • FALCraft – Fully Automated Luxury Crafting

    FALCraft – Fully Automated Luxury Crafting


    I am getting a server up and running called

    FALCraft – Fully Automated Luxury Crafting

    If you would like to get in at the ground level of a new, persistent long-term, tech-oriented SMP, comment below or message me today for an invite! Or, check out the discord

    Our vision

    A communal server where everyone contributes to building a beautiful, aesthetic and highly functional survival world, powered by technical farms built on the latest versions of minecraft that enable players to have lots of resources for aesthetic survival builds.

    There will be no map resets. The intent is a long-term persistent survival world you can return to again and again over the years. The world will be continually updated to the latest MC version as soon as the base technical mods are ready which is usually quite fast as they are popular mods. Explored but un-used chunks will be culled during each update to allow for new terrain generation, but your builds will be kept safe.

    We don’t need to be the next SciCraft, WaveTech, or HermitCraft but are inspired to have fun, farm lots, and build well.

    Who Should Play Here?

    We welcome purely technical players, builders, survivalists, hermits, and people who want to learn technical MC but don’t have experience. As long as you’re willing to contribute to making an interesting long-term survival world.

    We welcome some hermitcraft-style players who want to build their own separate bases as well, but also players who would want to contribute to large community projects whether they are technical farms or aesthetic builds, and not focus solely on individual epic bases.

    18+ players welcome but still want to keep a fun and relatively family-friendly environment.

    We will cultivate a friendly, safe atmosphere that is accepting of all people including those identifying as LGBTQ+, and those of any ethnicity, nationality, gender, creed or calling!

    Global players are welcome, but the server is located in US-West (GMT-8).

    There are no play-time requirements, as long as you want to return every so often to the same world and add to it over time. Play 100 hours a week, or 1. If you need to take a break but want to come back in a few weeks or months, we will be here!

    Work on what you find interesting, no one will require you to work on anything you don’t want to. There will be no hazing or initiation tasks. If you’re in, you’re in.

    Resources will be shared once we all have enough. If you put a lot of time into something you won’t be expected to just give it away. Especially while we bootstrap the server and get the “basics” up an running.

    Server Features

    1. 24/7 US West-Coast based High-performance server – up and running, able to be connected to TODAY. Hosting is already secured for 1 full year. Fast CPU+RAM speed with SSD disk speeds.
    2. BRAND NEW 1.20 WORLD – OPEN SEED, CURATED FOR TECHNICAL PLAY – end portal in a mushroom biome for a central hub build that doesn’t need spawnproofing, nearby worldspawn in badlands to reduce passive entity count, nearby soul-sand valley nether fortress for efficient wither farming, and convenient biome placement around spawn.
    3. Discord integration with in-game text and simple proximity voice chat
    4. Dynmap dynamic mapping mod so you can check out the server in your web browser, google-maps style!
    5. Vanilla+ technical Server mods – carpet, servux, lithium and a few administrative mods for permissions and such.
    6. Vanilla+ technical client mods encouraged/recommeded – carpet, litematica, minihud, tweakeroo, itemscroller, xaeros minimap, appleskin, zoomify, modmenu, and more!

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  • Spectre


    SpectreSMP is a server that aims to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for players to ensure an exciting Survival experience. Java server IP: Minecraft version:1.16.5 Players can join this server on versions 1.8-1.20. There are two gamemodes: Survival and Towny. KeepInventory is set to true. Join our Discord server and enter giveaways:

    If you have any questions please open a ticket on our Discord server.

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  • Anarchy MC | Total Anarchy | No DDoS or Doxx

    Anarchy MC | Total Anarchy | No DDoS or Doxx
    Anarchy MC is a Pure Anarchy Minecraft Server

    The Goal is to be similar to 2b2t without the limiting factors.These factors include no boat fly, no speed hacks, no fly hacks, all of which

    are permitted here unless used to cause a mass attack or purposefullycrash the server.

    HAVE FUN!!!

    This is a pure anarchy server with 2 primary rules

    – No DDoS Attacks

    – No Doxx Attacks or Doxx-ing in general.

    Non “Primary” Rules:

    – No Pushing someone to suicide or depression

    – Hate Speech is permitted unless it violates the above.

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  • Nerdcrafteria


    Welcome to NERDCRAFTERIA!

    Server IP:

    Minecraft version: 1.17.1

    Nerdcrafteria is the official Minecraft server by Nerdfightersfor Nerdfighters!

    Players work together to create a fun environment for everyone. Our server has multiple worlds including a monster-free main world featuring an economy plugin and purchasable plots, a monthly-resetting resource world where you can gather things to sell to our Admin shop, as well as survival, skyblock and creative worlds for you to enjoy!

    Nerdcrafteria is owned by Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers. The server was founded in September 2012. Our focus is on promoting a fun family gaming environment for all, while raising money for The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck! A registered non-profit with the goal of making the world a better place!

    Nerdcrafteria is a family friendly, PG oriented server. Anyone may log in, but you will be asked to accept our Code of Conduct upon joining. By accepting you agree to follow our rules and help us maintain the kind and welcoming atmosphere we’ve all grown accustomed to for almost a decade! Our motto is: DFTBA!

    • Dont
    • Forget
    • To
    • Be
    • Awesome

    While Nerdcrafteria is owned and paid for entirely by Hank Green, we do have a Donation storeWhere you will find various perks and boons you can donate toward!

    100% of proceeds go to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck. Make sure to check with your parents if you’re under 18 before making any purchases, and read the Terms and Conditions before sending in any donations!

    More Information can be found on our website at Nerdcrafteria.comon our Discord and by watching our server tour video!

    We hope to see you on the server!

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