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Best remind Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Juneau SMP: where we white list you to remind you to clean your smp

    Juneau SMP: where we white list you to remind you to clean your smp

    Juneau Minecraft Server

    Origins mod
    Proximity chat mod

    To apply for whitelist: Application Form

    Discord server:


    1. Is there a set story in Juneau?

    No, there is no set story or outcome in Juneau. Players have the freedom to create their own experiences on the server.

    2. What is the goal of Juneau?

    The goal of Juneau is to provide a customizable Minecraft experience where players can choose to engage in war, create peaceful communities, or pursue their own objectives.

    3. What mods are available on Juneau?

    Juneau SMP features the Origins mod and Proximity chat mod to enhance gameplay.

    4. Is Juneau a whitelist only server?

    Yes, Juneau is a whitelist only server. Players need to apply to gain access to the server.

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  • Chill Life Steal server

    Chill Life Steal server

    Hey guys! This is a lifestyle server without pay-to-win, terrible moderators, and favoritism. We are in VC Everyday and we just want more players, Currently we have about 45 members in the discord however only a fraction of them play so we want YOU! Discord:

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  • Pixels SMP

    Pixels SMP


    Our server is a friendly and slowly growing semi-vanilla smp with simple voice chat. Everyone is welcomed, and we make sure that everyone is respected.

    Now more about the server… We have temperatures with seasons, daily crates, grief prevention, custom armors, minigames and much more.

    You can join from version 1.18 to 1.20.1. Java and bedrock are supported. No mods are required but Simple Voice Chat is needed if you want to use proximity chat.

    We hope to see you there! All feedback is appreciated, we are always eager to make the server better for everyone.

    Server adress:

    Bedrock port: 5216


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  • SwashbuckleCraft


    ⚔️ SwashbuckleCraft’s Mainland ⚔️

    Hey! Thanks for your interest in 6our server! SwashbuckleCraft is a refined-vanilla style SMP with hundreds of tasks to complete rewarding unique items that spice up the vanilla experience, an 8-year-old map, and a long standing community looking for new players! You can find the more granular server details and how to apply below! Thanks again for checking SwashbuckleCraft out!

    ▶ Quick Links 🗺️

    SwashbuckleCraft’s Full Map Rendered in 3D (Click Here) – Fly around as if in spectator mode (button in top-right) – Warp to each spawn (needle icon in the top-left) – See where players are on the map – Tweak the settings to see super far in the distance, simulate night, and more!

    Discord (Click Here)

    ▶ About Us & Values 🏴‍☠️

    Unhindered vanilla gameplay with extra content, a storied world, and a great community!

    We are a passionate group of vanilla SMP Minecrafters with thorough knowledge of the game and a desire to keep pushing it further! On top of this, we will never reset the map, but rather keep adding to it!

    In addition to all of this really cool stuff, we have a heavy focus on not interfering with the vanilla gameplay experience and seek to encourage players who like to build, explore, or whatever else (as long as it doesn’t violate our server rules of course)!

    ▶ Vanilla Additions and Tweaks 💰

    Content Additions:150+ goals to complete (something for every playstyle) (viewable in advancements tab) – Every 10 goals grant a unique item to spice things up a bit!Players can set up to 5 homes (/sethome, /homes, /home) – Players can request to tp to other players (/tpa, /tpahere) – Players can warp to all 14 past spawns (all but the current spawn are locked until a playtime threshold is hit) – Player stats can be viewed and compared – reach the top of those leaderboards! (/stats) – Players drop their head on death (change your skin for custom decorations) – Coordinates HUD can be toggled (/trigger ch_toggle) – Full 3D server map (Click Here)Very extensive grief protection tools and redundant backups

    Vanilla Gameplay TweaksShulkers can be opened by right-clicking (in the air or in-inventory) – The Ender Dragon drops an elytra on deathFire does not spreadEndermen do not griefCraftable sculk sensor (3 obsidian, 2 twisting vines, 1 eye of ender) – Craftable bundle (6 rabbit hide, 2 string) – Craftable spore blossom (4 big dripleaf, 1 allium) – Craftable horse armor (7 iron/gold/diamond respectively) – Craftable saddle (6 leather) – Craftable nametag (2 paper, 1 string) – Chat reporting disabled (Mojang can’t see your messages. Moderation is handled locally as needed)

    If something is not listed here, it’s almost always the default vanilla configuration!

    ▶ How to Apply: 🦜

    1) Join the Discord (Click Here) – 2) Answer the 3 questions in the “applicants” channel 3) Add the server to your multiplayer list:

    4) Explore the Discord and Server Map while you wait!

    ▶ Rules ☠️

    1) No stealing/griefing 2) Cosmetic mods only (Optifine, Minimaps, Litematica) 3) Give other player’s builds at least 200 blocks of space when not at spawn 4) Common sense kindness to others & clean language expected. 5) PvP is mutually agreed only 6) No item duping.

    ▶ Server Specifications ⚓

    Location: Central United States\ CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X (CPU Score 3484)\ RAM: Samsung DDR4 Memory • 2666MHz\ SSD: Intel SSD Pro 7600p NVMe M.2 SSD Drive\ NETWORK: Intel X550T 10 Gigabit Network Card\ MOTHERBOARD: AsRockRack X570D4U\ All of the areas within 5,000-10,000 blocks of spawn have been pre-generated and we’re running PaperMC to improve performance even more with a focus on technical build compatibility

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  • Gladden


    Gladden is a whitelisted survival server created in early February of 2024. The server is run by individuals with many years of experience with minecraft. This server, Gladden, strives to bring together the best players can find in a close-knit community and discord for what we believe makes an impressively high-quality server on all fronts. Disclaimer: TOP QUALITY DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN TOP BUILDERS etc. (We mean friendliest, active, fun to play with, generally good people) The world is very fresh and just launched on 10/2/24. We encourage everyone to write a whitelist application in our discord server. Please write a detailed application to allow use to understand you better as a person and a player. Gladden Discord Server

    Why join? The world was created in February 2024 and is very new. This allows all players who join to have plenty of room to explore and create whatever they can imagine. We like to include all of our members in activities such as building and mining contests or any future community events. Should you decide to join Gladden here’s some of the stuff you’d experience;

    • Very friendly and outstanding players to befriend and get to know.
    • Loose rules; We want everyone to have fun playing minecraft and not be restricted by unnecessary rules.
    • The server runs on Paper which allows the server to run at high performance 24/7. The server is always being more optimised to achieve minimal lag.
    • A 16+ player base to allow for more maturity.
    • A long term world; We don’t plan on starting a new world any time soon. The world border is currently set to 5k which allows for a more community based server. We do plan to expand the world border over time.
    • Dynmap; A web based view of the minecraft world.
    • In game voice chat.

      We also have various plugins and datapacks to improve quality of life. Some of them are 1 player sleep, anti grief for numerous mobs, AFK, Discord to MC chat and fast leaf decay. To join: If you’d like to join you must go through a whitelisting process and fill out an application. We are looking for the most engaging players we can find. Please note we may not accept every application. Unfortunately, if you are super young (under 16) this server isn’t for you. The server doesn’t ask you to be amazing at Minecraft, but we do expect you to want to be a part of a community and part of the discord: Willing to play // Willing to participate // Willing to be a good person Please don’t feel pressured by “the standard”. This is a great community, and we just want to ensure people joining don’t exploit the kindness and generosity of our existing, and generous players. GladdenMC is considered a safe space and welcomes all players regardless of gender identity, race, religion, etc. No griefing, stealing, bullying, insulting, discrimination of any kind, or prejudiced behavior is tolerated. Toxic behavior is not welcome.

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  • ShadowRaptors Network

    ShadowRaptors Network

    Welcome to ShadowRaptor Network! We are a Modded Minecraft server network that hosts Plastek, ATM Volcano Block, FTB Skies, FTB Inferno, All the Mods 7 – To the Sky and FTB OceanBlock servers, with a server that will feature our custom modpack, “Galactic Drive” on the way!

    We are dedicated to creating a fun and stable environment to play the best that modded Minecraft has to offer, join our Discord to see more information about each of our servers!

    Dedicated Server Hardware: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X | 128GB ECC RAM | Full NVME Storage

    Server Location: Europe

    We hope to see you on the server!


    Owner: Zediious

    Moderator: MohamdSaan


    New Minecraft Server
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  • Ember wing

    Ember wing

    Behold, noble adventurer! I beseech thee to consider the wondrous realm of Ember Wing, the Java Minecraft server, now graced with the power of Bedrock compatibility! Within this realm, thou shalt find a haven where thou canst unite with thy comrades from diverse platforms, forging bonds that transcend the boundaries of technology.

    In this realm, the path to wealth and prosperity awaits thee, for thou hast the opportunity to ascend to the pinnacle of opulence. Journey to the majestic castle, where thou canst barter thy treasures with esteemed traders, thus amassing great wealth in the form of in-game currency.

    But lo, the possibilities do not end there! Should thy entrepreneurial spirit burn bright, thou canst establish thine own shop within the bustling local Market. From this haven of commerce, thou canst offer thy wares to fellow adventurers, further augmenting thy riches and influence.

    Fear not the distance, for thy base shall remain connected to all these marvels through the central Nether Portal. Traverse the fiery depths of the Nether and emerge unscathed, arriving swiftly at thy desired destination.

    Furthermore, by supporting the noble cause of Ember Wing, thou shalt be rewarded with swift in-game items and perks. Pledge thy allegiance to this server, and thou shalt find thy virtual coffers overflowing with treasures. Visit Tebex, the sacred realm of support, and partake in the bountiful rewards that await thee. Join us, noble adventurer, and let thy legend be written in the annals of Ember Wing!


    version – 1.20.4

    whitelist – yes


    Platform- java and bedrock

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  • Poke-gate


    An SMP Cobblemon server that is F2P and is welcoming to all players.

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    🌟 ASIAN SMP OG 🌟

    • Semi-Anarchy: Minimal rules, maximum adventure.
    • Normal middle school: Classic survival multiplayer.
    • Custom Plugins: Unleash magic.
    • Asian Flavor: Diverse community.
    • Low Latency: Lag-free fun.

    Join Now!

    🏹⚔️ Prepare for Glory! ⚔️🏹

    Feel the rush of adrenaline, the thrill of discovery, and the camaraderie of fellow adventurers. ASIAN SMP OG awaits—see you in-game! 🌟🔥🍀

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  • VirarithMC


    What is VirarithMC?

    VirarithMC is an MMORPG Kingdoms PvPvE server like no other. We offer a multitude of things from custom crafting, custom ores, custom farming, and custom cooking. Players are also able to create Kingdoms and expand into Nations as they begin their conquest over world domination. Don’t like PvP? Don’t worry, upon kingdom creation players are prompted to either pick to be Pacifist or PvP. And its not just about world domination! We offer many different ways to enjoy an RP environment with your kingdom and other kingdoms as well. We also have a multitude of custom mobs that we have added with actual models including (But not limited to), Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, Deer, Boars, Sharks, and many more!

    So join today and don’t forget to join our discord!


    Server IP:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Realm of Aureus

    Realm of Aureus

    Welcome to the Realm of Aureus!

    Are you looking for a long-term adventure? A unique community you can call home, with no resets? Look no further!

    The Realm of Aureus combines the open-world survival and exploration aspect of vanilla Minecraft with the deep lore feel of an RPG. Our players are encouraged to build their bases, make friends, and strive to complete the most difficult tasks we have to offer. We can confidently boast over 500+ new items, armors, enchantments, tools, skills, bosses, creatures and NPC’s to explore and experiment with, all made in-house with an unmatched level of care and quality.

    Here is a taste of what we have to offer;

    Unique Bosses and Dungeons – Fight new and unique bosses throughout the Realm! All you need is to find keys. Each fight is exhilarating, with the player having to use every advantage to take the win.

    Preloaded World Generation – Explore to the ever-expanding border without having to worry about those pesky chunk-loading lag spikes.

    Java/Bedrock Parity – We have done extensive testing and resource pack engineering to get all our textures and assets to be visually at one with both clients to the current capabilities of modern technology. Share a cosmetic hat with your friend on both Bedrock and Java!

    Territory Protection – Protect your bases and builds from destruction with our easy to use land protection! Guard your territory, ally with other towns, and even form nations of smaller cities!

    Achievement Hunting – Complete over 500 custom achievements, from locating a rare piece of gear, unlocking a unique chat title, or slaying a boss! The more achievements you complete, the higher your rank progresses.

    Unique Prefix Titles + Cosmetics – We have created a system of unique titles you can equip and show off by completing various achievements throughout the game. Some of them are quite difficult to get, allowing for the ultimate display of luck and skill! We have also introduced unique cosmetics, like the Santa Hat, that everyone can see!

    Community Voting – When new content is in the works, we periodically post polls to see what the community believes is the best option. You can also post your own ideas for people to vote on!

    Network Efficiency – We utilize a web of servers to offer a fast and lag-free experience for our players. Each server is run on its own optimized Paper server and connects through a Velocity proxy.

    Experienced Staff Team – I personally have over 10 years experience in the Minecraft space, and can confidently say I am good at what I do. I work long hours to iron out any and all bugs that pop up to keep the experience as enjoyable for my community.

    Non-P2W – We offer only time-saving or convenience abilities in our paid ranks, and strive to keep artificially-obtained items from being injected into the game. Cosmetics, collectables, and convenience items are all we offer. You won’t find any key-crates here!

    Version – 1.20.4

    Java IP –

    Bedrock IP –

    Discord –

    What are you waiting for?! Come join our community today!

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