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  • Teslacraft


    🚀🌌 TeslaCraft: The BRAND NEW hightech server. Custom skins, mods, pvp and guns!

    Welcome to TelsaCraft! Since our inception in 2024, we’ve set the standard for Minecraft servers. Here’s why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure:

    🔒 Epic NEW Gameplay: Rockets, guns, custom skins, never before seen.

    🛍️ Dynamic Marketplace & Thrilling PVP: Our central spawn buzzes with shops and daily rewards, surrounded by a fierce PVP battleground. Get ready for action!

    ⚔️ PVP at its Finest: Our server shines with a heavy focus on PVP. Equip, strategize, and dominate in fast-paced battles.

    👥 Supportive Community: Our welcoming community is always ready to assist, making every player’s journey enjoyable. Be part of a positive and engaging environment.

    🎨 Creative Plots: Express yourself in your personal space. Build, create, and trade in your very own plot.

    💥 Massive Discord Community: Connect with over 120,000 members on our Discord, one of the largest MC Discord servers worldwide!

    Join Teslacraft Today! Experience the Best in NEW GAMEPLAY!

    Server IP:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Legion Tekkit | Tekkit 2

    Legion Tekkit | Tekkit 2
    Welcome to Legion Tekkit, we are small new server that was formed from an old towny city.

    We are running Tekkit 2 and have a simple discord server for hanging out and meeting new friends.

    You can play how you want, we have a short list of banned items and PVP is on however you can turn it off on your own claim.We like to keep things simple, no fancy in your face plugins. Just pure simple old Minecraft like it used to be.

    The server is non-profit and there are no paid ranks and no pay to win or donation system at all.

    We reward playtime and engagement, players are awarded ranks based of how many hours they play, these ranks come with kits, commands and prefixes.We believe in simplicity and rules, if players break the rules they will face the consequences.

    Come and meet us on Legion Tekkit and enjoy the nostalgia of the good ol’ Tekkit Classic days, but in Tekkit 2.


    New Minecraft Server
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  • United SMP

    United SMP

    heya! we’re United SMP, a Java-only Hermitcraft-like SMP, and we just started our first season 4 weeks ago.

    what do we offer?

    we offer a close to vanilla experience, with a dedicated shopping district and a bunch of people building bases and projects with other players! it’s very close to Hermitcraft, except for the fact that anyone can join!

    all datapacks we use are from vanillatweaks. here’s a list of all our datapacks:

    – AFK Display

    – Armor Statues

    – Double Shulker Shells

    – More Mob Heads

    – Multiplayer Sleep

    – Player Head Drops

    – Silence Mobs

    – Track (Raw) Statistics

    – Tag

    are you interested in joining our server? please join our Discord server and fill in our application form, and maybe we’ll see you in the next season 🙂

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Mom’s Minecraft Server

    Mom’s Minecraft Server

    Hello and welcome to Mom’s Minecraft server.

    We are a new server as of 10 days ago, run by experienced server owners. We hope to create a wonderful community driven server, please join us and help us make this server something special!

    IP: – Version: 1.20.4 – Map started on: 3/9/2024 – seed: -4372894156379299109

    Have a look at our map online!


    • No Whitelist
    • Hermitcraft-like experience
    • Including 1.21 features (except the trials)
    • LGBTQ+ friendly
    • Community driven shops & economy
    • Many of the same plugins and datapacks that Hermitcraft is using in their new season 10 world.
    • World Border that will be removed after the 1.21 official update.

    For more information and a complete list of our rules, datapacks, and plugins, please join us on our discord.

    Server Rules – No cheating, exploits, etc. ALLOWED Exceptions: * Client side mods like litematica, minimaps, mousetweaks, etc. YES – Tnt dupe farms, ex. tree farms/ flying machines NO – Xray texture packs, free fly glitches, etc. (If unsure, please ask a staff member!*) – Please build at least 200 blocks away from other players unless otherwise granted permission. – Wholesome pranks only! If the prank results in damage- you need to fix it! – All infractions will be taken to ban court and voted on by the jury & community.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Voidwars Extraction

    Voidwars Extraction


    Vanilla Client – 1.20.4

    Hello everyone, I am a member of the team for Etheria: Void Wars, an in-development extraction game as a Minecraft game mode. Join raids, battle in PvPvE content, and build your stash of loot through a series of randomly generated dungeons. We have launched our game’s first open beta, and the progress through this wipe will persist until our next major content update in a few months.

    Here are some of the features of our custom game mode:

    • Complex Randomly Generated Dungeons
    • Risk vs Reward Based Gameplay where you must Extract
    • PvPvE Combat with Redesigned Combat and Unique Enemies
    • Shop NPCs with custom Items
    • Party System with Other Players
    • Gathering and Crafting Mechanics
    • Character Progression with Skills

    Join our discord at(

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Ronnie’s Server

    Ronnie’s Server

    This server is currently flourishing and developing at a great pace so try to get in soon. Ronnie’s Server is a 100% VANILLA Minecraft server with a deep lore. The current world is new with only 3 small settlements. The world border is relatively small to keep players living close together, but will be steadily expanded as time goes on. Players are encouraged to form their own settlements/houses of players. There are technically no rules or restrictions except no hacking, and grief will likely be punished. PVP is allowed but excessive use may be punished. PVP is mainly encouraged for formal acts of war. Basically, we want players who will contribute something positive to the server and not just go around randomly killing … it is mostly up to a confederation of powerful players to enforce rules/etiquette and owner to ban hackers and extreme griefers. But of course we allow for some fun shenanigans. Major decisions about the direction of the server will be decided by the ronnie council. We have a whitelist. RESPOND TO THIS THREAD TO BE WHITELISTED. WE WILL PM THE SERVER ADDRESS. If sent in the next few hours we will respond quickly.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • PhezCraft:


    PhezCraft: a family friendly SMP

    Looking for family friendly players who want to chill and vibe on a laid back server.

    PhezCraft: A Family Friendly SMP

    Java/Bedrock compatible (GeyserMC/Floodgate)

    Plugins: MCMMO Factions Dynmap Dragon Egg Respawn Skoice (Proximity chat) ChocoCords ViaVersion ViaBackwards

    Java Server Address –

    Bedrock – Port 25565

    Dynamic Map


    Looking forward to playing with you!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Ordinary SMP

    Ordinary SMP

    I’ve seen that most servers are just “ha ha, p2w and stuff”. We aren’t like that, we are just a Vanilla Whitelisted SMP without any cheating or any shenanigans like that. We have Voicechat, the 1.21 blocks, better Wandering traders. If you hate anything about it, you can easily suggest a new thing to add. We started a few days ago, so if you want to be one of the first people on this server, then join it! You can join [here on Discord]( ).

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Phoenix SMP

    Phoenix SMP

    Hey everyone? What’s up? Shimijda here. The new upcoming origins mod and lore based Phoenix SMP is almost here and it’s looking for new players for it’s release. The server will launch about 1 or 2 weeks and it’s gonna revolve around the Origins mod (and other several mods as well). We will follow it’s lore and it’s being written now! So, we are welcoming new people in right now! Also we are LGBTQ+ friendly if you are looking for nice place! If you are interested, just hit me up on discord, shimijda! (of course, without ! lol.) See you there!

    New Minecraft Server
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  • FALCraft – Fully Automated Luxury Crafting

    FALCraft – Fully Automated Luxury Crafting


    I am getting a server up and running called

    FALCraft – Fully Automated Luxury Crafting

    Discord Invite Link

    If you would like to get in at the ground level of a new, persistent long-term, tech-oriented SMP, comment below or check out the discord!

    Our vision

    A communal server where everyone contributes to building a beautiful, aesthetic and highly functional survival world, powered by technical farms built on the latest versions of minecraft that enable players to have lots of resources for aesthetic survival builds.

    There will be no map resets. The intent is a long-term persistent survival world you can return to again and again over the years. The world will be continually updated to the latest MC version as soon as the base technical mods are ready which is usually quite fast as they are popular mods. Explored but un-used chunks will be culled during each update to allow for new terrain generation, but your builds will be kept safe.

    We don’t need to be the next SciCraft, WaveTech, or HermitCraft but are inspired to have fun, farm lots, and build well.

    Who Should Play Here?

    We welcome purely technical players, builders, survivalists, hermits, and people who want to learn technical MC but don’t have experience. As long as you’re willing to contribute to making an interesting long-term survival world.

    We welcome some hermitcraft-style players who want to build their own separate bases as well, but also players who would want to contribute to large community projects whether they are technical farms or aesthetic builds, and not focus solely on individual epic bases.

    18+ players welcome but still want to keep a fun and relatively family-friendly environment.

    We will cultivate a friendly, safe atmosphere that is accepting of all people including those identifying as LGBTQ+, and those of any ethnicity, nationality, gender, creed or calling!

    Global players are welcome, but the server is located in US-West (GMT-8).

    There are no play-time requirements, as long as you want to return every so often to the same world and add to it over time. Play 100 hours a week, or 1. If you need to take a break but want to come back in a few weeks or months, we will be here!

    Work on what you find interesting, no one will require you to work on anything you don’t want to. There will be no hazing or initiation tasks. If you’re in, you’re in.

    Resources will be shared once we all have enough. If you put a lot of time into something you won’t be expected to just give it away. Especially while we bootstrap the server and get the “basics” up an running.

    Server Features

    1. 24/7 US West-Coast based High-performance server – up and running, able to be connected to TODAY. Hosting is already secured for 1 full year. Fast CPU+RAM speed with SSD disk speeds.
    2. BRAND NEW 1.20 WORLD – OPEN SEED, CURATED FOR TECHNICAL PLAY – end portal in a mushroom biome for a central hub build that doesn’t need spawnproofing, nearby worldspawn in badlands to reduce passive entity count, nearby soul-sand valley nether fortress for efficient wither farming, and convenient biome placement around spawn.
    3. Discord integration with in-game text and simple proximity voice chat
    4. Dynmap dynamic mapping mod so you can check out the server in your web browser, google-maps style!
    5. Vanilla+ technical Server mods – carpet, servux, lithium, syncmatica, JEI and a few administrative mods for permissions and such.
    6. Vanilla+ technical client mods encouraged/recommeded – carpet, litematica, minihud, tweakeroo, itemscroller, xaeros minimap, appleskin, zoomify, modmenu, and more!

    New Minecraft Server
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