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FunFocused Minecraft Servers

Best FunFocused Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Vestria VS Hypixel

    Vestria VS Hypixel
    Hypixel Vestria
    Pros Pros
    • One of the largest Minecraft servers with a wide variety of game modes
    • Regular updates and new content additions
    • Active player base with thousands online at any given time
    • Custom minigames and unique features
    • Anti-pay-to-win values
    • Welcoming community
    • Original content and interesting plugins
    • Dynamic Guild rank system
    Cons Cons
    • Can be overwhelming for new players due to the sheer number of game modes
    • Pay-to-win elements present in some game modes
    • Limited focus on specific gameplay styles such as Towny
    • Can experience server lag during peak times
    • Smaller player base compared to larger servers like Hypixel
    • May not have as many game modes or minigames available
    • Less frequent content updates
    • May not appeal to players seeking a more competitive or fast-paced environment


    1. **Which server has a larger player base?** – Hypixel has a larger player base compared to Vestria.

    2. **Which server offers more game modes and minigames?** – Hypixel offers a wide variety of game modes and custom minigames, while Vestria may have fewer options.

    3. **Which server has pay-to-win elements?** – Hypixel has pay-to-win elements present in some game modes, while Vestria has anti-pay-to-win values.

    4. **Which server has more frequent content updates?** – Hypixel regularly updates with new content and features, while Vestria may have less frequent updates.

    5. **Which server is more community-focused?** – Vestria prides itself on having a welcoming community and a focus on Towny gameplay, while Hypixel caters to a larger, more diverse player base.

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  • Seetiecraft


    Glad you found your way to our server. A small server for everyone.

    After a lot of debate, we came to the decision to bring our old server back into being, which at the time was at maximum capacity with 20 users.

    We still had to make a few small changes.

    The server is currently installed using Spigot and consists of several worlds. A total of 10 GB of RAM is available for lag-free gaming, which is more than enough. If necessary, we can still upgrade to 32 GB

    To help you build without the influence of creppers and co., we have created a property world for you in which, provided your house does not violate the rules, you can build on your property without limits.

    We have already prepared something for events too!

    Your owner

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  • Rivendor


    Welcome to Rivendor! We’re on 1.9! We’re glad you’ve taken interest to us! We’re a small server, but we’re always inviting new players to join us! Now, a little bit about us. We’re a survival server! Some plugins of interest: ChestShop, mcMMO, Economy, CratesPlus, and Infernal Mobs!

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  • Lords of Vale

    Lords of Vale

    A rpg server Were anything may happen become a strong and respected lord or become the lands or become the lands most feared Bandit lord or just become a legondary questor the choice is yours

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  • Mystic Survival

    Mystic Survival

    A semi-vanilla Survival server. We offer a non-griefing server with the survival feel. We do not allow the killing of others, without their permission and the return of items. We do however have a PvP arena that items will not be lost in and is a free for all. In this arena we have also included a parkour area. Our mob griefing is turned off so you will not have to worry about your builds being destroyed. We give our players three sethomes. You have the ability to modify your chests, furnaces, and doors so that your friends can access them as well. If you are looking for a semi-vanilla survival server come join us and join in on our adventure!!!

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  • ArmedMC-Op prison

    ArmedMC-Op prison

    This is a new prison server made by JeffPlayzMC OP prisons also so come on and play!The server will soon have votifier if you donate for a rank you will automaticly be boosted up to the next rank for peoples enjoyment.Daily Drop Partys and the Co-Owners will sometimes hid some chests possibly with some OP items maybe donater ranks ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Candlestick Clan Server

    Candlestick Clan Server

    Small close friend server that is starting out with our first custom modpack. Admins are friendly and helpful with most issues when notified taken care of quickly. We have a website for our server and forums to post whatever you like :D. This is a multigaming clan server so expect some chat to not make sense. To play on this server, use the Technic client and search for the modpack Candlestick!

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  • Shambala


    This is the Minecraft server “Shambala”. Designed for adult players who love and know how to build.

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  • LimitedGaming-LTD-Craft


    LTD-Craft 24/7 Cracked 1.8 Server NO Lag PVP Friendly Staff Always Open Spigot If You do need help there will be staff on all the time Your wish is our command ๐Ÿ™‚ We hope to see you here soon;)

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    To a world full of surprises. A PVP survival server, where there are no limits on what you can do. Feeling bold and wanna live in the wilderness? Go ahead and create your own personal band of raiders! Rather build something huge with unlimited items? You can do all that here. We’re one of the unique servers, we believe in providing the best possible experience for all kinds of players! Feel Free to join.

    Minecraft server: Ip:

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  • GalaticWar


    Our server has all the plugins you will need to complete your faction tekkit server dream. No Lag and nice staff. we will always help you. Great Spawn map and Portals to so you dont have to walk so long ๐Ÿ˜‰ i hope to see you in my server i need alot of support so please help. hurry up before the nice landscape gets taken!!

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