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DynamicFeatures Minecraft Servers

Best DynamicFeatures Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Vestria VS Hypixel

    Vestria VS Hypixel
    Hypixel Vestria
    Pros Pros
    • One of the largest Minecraft servers with a wide variety of game modes
    • Regular updates and new content additions
    • Active player base with thousands online at any given time
    • Custom minigames and unique features
    • Anti-pay-to-win values
    • Welcoming community
    • Original content and interesting plugins
    • Dynamic Guild rank system
    Cons Cons
    • Can be overwhelming for new players due to the sheer number of game modes
    • Pay-to-win elements present in some game modes
    • Limited focus on specific gameplay styles such as Towny
    • Can experience server lag during peak times
    • Smaller player base compared to larger servers like Hypixel
    • May not have as many game modes or minigames available
    • Less frequent content updates
    • May not appeal to players seeking a more competitive or fast-paced environment


    1. **Which server has a larger player base?** – Hypixel has a larger player base compared to Vestria.

    2. **Which server offers more game modes and minigames?** – Hypixel offers a wide variety of game modes and custom minigames, while Vestria may have fewer options.

    3. **Which server has pay-to-win elements?** – Hypixel has pay-to-win elements present in some game modes, while Vestria has anti-pay-to-win values.

    4. **Which server has more frequent content updates?** – Hypixel regularly updates with new content and features, while Vestria may have less frequent updates.

    5. **Which server is more community-focused?** – Vestria prides itself on having a welcoming community and a focus on Towny gameplay, while Hypixel caters to a larger, more diverse player base.

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  • Azaliacraft

    AzaliaCraft :

    Welcome to our Minecraft Survival server, a place where adventure and creativity come together to create an unforgettable gaming experience. Immerse yourself in a world full of possibilities, where survival is key, and every choice you make shapes your destiny.

    The feeling of community is at the heart of our server. Join other passionate survivors who share your desire to discover, collaborate, and help each other. Team building projects are encouraged, whether to build picturesque villages, impregnable forts or modern cities. Regular events, competitions and challenges will allow you to showcase your skills and earn valuable rewards.

    The safety of our players is a priority. Our moderation team ensures that the server remains a welcoming and friendly space for everyone. The rules are simple: respect other players, preserve the environment and enjoy this adventure together.

    Whether you’re an explorer searching for hidden mysteries, a creative architect eager to push the boundaries of building, or simply a survival lover looking for new challenges, our Minecraft Survival server is ready to welcome you into its captivating world. Join us today and forge your own story in this dynamic and captivating virtual landscape.

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  • Welcome to the merciless Anarchy MineSun Minecraft server

    Welcome to the merciless Anarchy MineSun Minecraft server

    Welcome to MineSun. This is an unusual minecraft server where

    There are no such rules. The server is unusual in what you can do on it

    almost anything you want. Third-party software is not prohibited here. It’s real here

    Anarchy where almost everything is allowed, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this Minecraft by playing on our server.

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  • Gamify


    Gamify is a pvp Server! We offer a wide variety of Features including a whole new aspect to pvp. We have a strong staff team and hoping for a stronger player base. If you’re looking for some friends, join up!

    Server Information: – IP: – Discord: – Youtube:

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  • VictiniCraft


    VictiniCraft, a server that will offer a unique Pixelmon experience. The server is on the newest Pixelmon version 9.0.6 on Minecraft 1.16.5.

    Gyms VictiniCraft offers 8 unique gyms that are bound to give you a challenge. We will also introduce player owned gyms after launch. Player owned gyms will allow you to build up your own team and become a gym leader.

    Clan Gyms Team up with your friends to create a clan and work together to become the best. Take over and hold the main clan gym with your friends to get unique rewards. Clan gyms will have clauses to make sure there is a competitive aspect.

    Player Shops Ever wanted to own your own shop? now you can. We offer a easy to use chest shop plugin that allows you to sell whatever items you want, wherever, and whenever you want. Simply just right click a chest with the item you want to sell and enter in the chat what price you wish to sell it for!

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  • Thenest

    TheNestMCHey, you! Welcome to TheNest!We guarantee to be a friendly Minecraft community for you and others to play.We have active mods, so cheaters do not exist, and we’re just here to have a good time!See you on TheNest – BlackHummingBird, founder

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  • 🌚Empire SMP🌚 Minecraft server⭐WIP server Minecraft

    🌚Empire SMP🌚 Minecraft server⭐WIP server Minecraft
    ⚡⭐⚡ EmpireSMP ⚡⭐⚡

    ⭐ Come in and explore the world empire with your friends!

    ❤️ Unique server

    ✨EmpireSMP – Plunge into an incomparable world where creativity meets adventure!✨


    Forget about having to buy. There is no donation here, just enjoy the game.


    Sell ​​all your accumulated junk!


    We offer various events for everyone.

    ❤️Clan Wars

    Create your own city and challenge everyone!

    ❤️On the Player’s Side

    Our administration is always ready to help.

    ❤️PvP Battles

    Excluding privates, show off your fighting skills!

    ❗❗❗Server features:

    ✅ Supported versions: 1.6.5-1.20

    Come in with some potatoes – we will accept you

    ✅ Exclusive plugins

    A bunch of new homemade open source plugins for a quality atmosphere

    ✅ Our priority is quality and player satisfaction!

    Come to our telegram and discord to make sure of this

    ✅ Daily and monthly challenges: show your strength!

    This of course has never happened, but someday….

    ✅ Modern anti-cheat system: honesty above all!

    Even a schoolboy can bypass our anti-cheat, so feel free to download them and come in!

    ✅ Professional and responsive moderation: your comfort is a priority!

    We recruit only schoolchildren as moderators, that’s why there are so many bans

    ⚡️ Performance without lags: stability guaranteed!

    Discover a new world of possibilities with EmpireSMP!✨

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  • Zels Lifesteal SMP

    Zels Lifesteal SMP

    Friendly lifesteal SMP for fighters and survivors! | Economy | Quests | Minigames | Factions | Fight to survive, Rule your kingdom!

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  • ZynoGTA


    Hey there :wave: Have you ever wanted to play GTA in Minecraft? Well now, you can in the brand new Minecraft server, Zyno GTA!!

    -Zyno GTA is a fun, Minecraft server with guns, cars, planes and more!

    -Why Zyno? Zyno GTA is an advanced server that is kept well managed and is constantly growing. There is much to explore, many guns to acquire, bounties to fulfill, and much more.

    -in Zyno GTA, you can buy guns, join gangs, complete bounties, buy vehichles, buy from the black market, rent homes, collect loot crates, and more!

    -So, what are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing you soon.

    >> <<

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  • Oblivion


    Oblivion SMPSemi-Vanilla 1.16.5 (dungeons with vanilla loot, clans, ranks, and more!)

    Java/Bedrock Compatible -Storyline with RP-Friendly CommunityServer Always Online-8gb with new servers coming soon!

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    Pssst… Dear friend, would you like to have a little fun on our cozy server? We also have a lot of cool goodies and things that you should never try in life, but only with us!

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