Best heavenly realm Minecraft Servers 2024

  • HeavenlyCraft Minecraft Server

    HeavenlyCraft Minecraft Server
    Welcome to the most epic Minecraft server you will ever experience! This server is so heavenly, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to blocky paradise.

    Why should you join, you ask? Well, let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, a player joined our server and found a diamond block that granted them three wishes. They wished for unlimited diamonds, a pet dragon, and a house made entirely of cake. And guess what? All their wishes came true!

    But that’s not all. Our server is also home to the rarest and most majestic creatures you’ll ever encounter. From flying pigs to rainbow sheep, you’ll never know what magical beast will cross your path next.

    So come join us on this heavenly Minecraft server and experience the most epic adventures of your blocky life. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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  • Billionaire City Economy Re-Imagined

    Billionaire City Economy Re-Imagined

    How to Join!

    There is no requirements to play on Billionaire City! All you need to do is add the Server with the following IP: IP: Discord: About Billionaire City

    Yet all those features do not bind your Playstyle in anyway, you are free to play as whatever you desire, vigilante, businessman or a subway surfer. All this comes packed with a friendly and welcoming, yet competitive Community! Our strongest advantage over most Economy Server is our stable Economy that doesn’t require any resets or other wipes, it is maintained as it goes! Updates & Improvements

    Since the official Release on the 12th of May 2023, we have deployed over 184 Updates of varying sizes to Billionaire City. Some of the most important features that are now crucial to Billionaire City, weren’t existant when we first released, such as Corporations or Custom Fishing & Ships. You can check our Update-Log yourself on the Discord:

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  • Acidic


    Acidic is a Java based survival server with a small community, the server is lightly modified with plugins that we believe improve game play. We have custom Warps, Shops, Lockable items and more! Come build cities with your friends or do whatever you’d like! Server is DDOS protected, has a 24-7 uptime, active staff. Community input is always valued when adding additional plugins.

    Current Plugins: EssentialsX, Vault, BlockProtect, CoreProtect, Silk-Spawners, WorldEdit, LuckPerms



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  • Devious Community Network

    Devious Community Network

    Devious Community Network

    🌟 Welcome to the Devious Community Network! We’re back and better than ever, offering a vibrant and diverse community experience, built by players, for players. Our focus is on inclusivity and active community involvement in all aspects of Devious.

    🎮 Our Modded Servers:


    Vault Hunters 3 Sky Block (Just Released)

    Meatball Craft

    Station 2

    Nomifactory CEu

    Note: Our servers rotate based on activity, community interest, and your suggestions!

    🚀 Community-Driven Projects

    We’re constantly working on new community-driven projects. Stay tuned for updates and how you can get involved!

    💻 High-Performance Dedicated Servers

    Experience seamless gameplay on our dedicated servers, equipped with top-notch hardware for a lag-free experience. We maintain the integrity of our packs with minimal banned items and no pay-to-win elements.

    🌍 More Than Minecraft

    Our vision extends beyond Minecraft. We aim to gather a vast community of friendly, like-minded individuals to not only play Minecraft but also share interests, hobbies, and enjoy community nights with games and movies.

    ✨ Join Our Fun and Easy-Going Community

    We’re more than just a network; we’re a community of friends committed to creating a fun, welcoming, and easy-going environment. We value improvement, gratitude, and a good time.

    We can’t wait to welcome you to the Devious family!

    The Devious Team

    🔗 Join our Discord here:

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  • Jolt Survival

    Jolt Survival

    Jolt is a community SMP founded in late 2019. We are focused on creating a fun, friendly, and chill place to play Minecraft. Simplicity is key, and we aim to remain focused on the core game while providing players with a ton of vanilla-friendly quality of life features. Our rules prohibit grief and our staff is committed to helping protect your builds!

    Join us at


    – 24/7 uptime

    20,000×20,000 map (expanded with each update)

    Claim land with golden shovel

    Player driven economy with chest shops and auctions

    – Simple McMMO setup

    – 80+ new enchantments

    – Backpacks to expand your inventory

    – Loot crates obtainable from normal play

    – Over 45 cosmetic items

    – Tons of other simple QoL features

    Click here to view the live map.

    Click here to join our discord.


    1. No Hacking: We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on hacking. Any players found to be hacking will receive a perm-ban.
    2. No Griefing: Griefing will be met with 3-4 warnings. On second offense, players will be perm-banned. Light grief will be punished with 2-3 warnings. All grief can and will be rolled back very easily.
    3. No spam or advertising: Spam includes begging for ranks, permissions, or items from staff or players. Offenders receive 1 warning and a 10 minute mute per offense. Advertising results in a perm-mute.
    4. No Exploits, glitches, duping, or x-ray: Offenders will receive a 1-3 warnings per offense, and any items or progress gained will be reversed. Large scale duping can result in a perm-ban. The Nether roof is allowed. We are able to easily find dupe caches, and locate the owner. Its not worth your time.

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  • DementiaCraft


    DementiaCraft is a community, started by some older, more seasoned players who wanted to create a server where players, all aged 25 and above, could share a passion for building, and exploring this pixelated world. Our mission is to cultivate a virtual haven that is free from toxicity, and brimming with respect, responsibility, and fun.

    DementiaCraft is a safe space and we expect nothing less than kindness, consideration, inclusivity, and maturity – that means we vet people before whitelisting and only accept applications if you are 25+ of age.

    DementicaCraft is home Check out a photo album from our community

    If this sounds like a server for you, jump over to our website and read more about the server and the join process.


    Check out a video tour of our server made by LordDawsonVII. There are several other videos LordDawsonVII and Xary Kim have created on our server — I’d highly recommend checking them out.

    Application process

    We often receive a significant influx of applications during the week of our postings here. If We often receive a significant influx of applications during the week of our postings here. If your application catches our eye, we’ll make sure to contact you via Discord. Hence, it’s crucial that you provide your Discord username accurately, and you are able to accept friend requeststo ensure we can reach out without any hitches. Our moderators are dedicated to reviewing each application thoroughly, but please bear in mind, that due to real-life obligations, it may take a couple of days for us to respond. We appreciate your patience.

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  • SupernaLuna


    The SupernaLuna SMP is a small(er) mature community where quality beats quantity and you can’t pay2win. Whatever your gameplay is, there’s a home sweet home for you here. We did a soft reset for Economy and McMMO levels in 12/2023.

    Server wide contest will be announced this Friday! Be sure to join the Discord.

    Discord Link:

    A full list of Plug-ins and Features can be found on our Discord, but here’s a taste:

    · MCMMO

    · Jobs, Shops & Economy

    · Player specific commands for Donors

    · CoreProtect

    · Vein Miner

    · Tree Feller

    Other things to know:

    · Adult Community

    · Player shops are encouraged – what you sell, what you charge/trade is your call

    · No griefing or stealing

    · PvP must be consensual

    · No x-ray, hacked clients or item duping

    · Zero tolerance for hate speech and general human indecency


    · “xMoniarty#7292” on discord if you have any questions

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  • BudderCraft


    We’re an in-development/beta server dedicated to 3 main points:

    – Provide a variety of feature-rich modes

    – Strict prevention of all forms of cheating, no matter the caliber

    – A community that is friendly no matter the skill level. a.k.a no toxic behavior.

    We try to provide a variety of content, however given how small the development team is (at the moment, only 3 builders and 1 plugin developer), updates and changes will take a long time. Basically every mode is being re-imagined (Our first of these will be Tower Defense coming out this month!). Given this nature, features, playerdata, and basically everything else isn’t perfectly stable, and may n change in a flash. Now is the perfect time to come playtest and not only help grow our community, but to help find issues and propose new ideas.

    BudderCraft is extremely strict on preventing cheating of any kind. Due to this, no mods (except those listed towards the end) are allowed, and this will never change (except potentially for Fabric, Forge and Lunar in the far future when we can limit their functionality). No bedrock modding will ever be allowed mostly due to console users having no legal way of obtaining them. Any intentional ways to get around this will result in a permanent, unpardonable ban. However mods aren’t the only way to cheat. Any other forms, weather with ways of automation (hacks, mods, resource packs, we don’t allow them atm, but a whitelist feature will be added someday) or not (game exploits, alt accounts, “win-trading” – where people in competitive modes play for a specific result rather than trying to win individually, and many more), all cheating rule breaks will almost certainly result in an unpardonable ban. Any form of piracy will also be given the same treatment.

    A central point to a fun online game is to only allow fun and friendly people to play it. Anyone being rude for no reason, whether in a competitive environment or not, will not be tolerated whatsoever, especially if it involves personal attacks against specific traits of the person (race, sexuality, gender, etc.). While there is a way to breach this unpunished, not only does everyone who can see the content have to have explicitly said they’re ok with it, but mods and admins can disallow it for any reason (mostly to prevent people from harassing others behind their back).

    Other small points: – 1.9+ style PvP. 1.8 pvp is over a decade old at this point, if you haven’t gotten used to it yet, skill issue.

    – there is a very quick section once you join for the first time. You must complete it to continue, and cannot chat or send commands (except /helpop) until you do so. It only takes 1 minute, if that. It only exists to filter out bots and people who have no ability to read (since it features things I had to have answered all the time).

    – If you are unsure about something on the server, rather than bothering busy staff, use our tutorials (either /warp HowToPlay or /help. Most modes have a “how to play” hologram at their respective spawnpoint). Staff are allowed to ignore help requests that these things answer.

    – Joining our discord is not required but highly recommended. It is very helpful for posting/gettting feedback and update/uptime info. You can get our discord link by using /discord on the server (we aren’t posting the link here as joining the minecraft server is a requirement to join anyways, so you might as well do that first)

    If you’re ready to check us out, join with the IP below. We always run on the latest version (as every server should), however it may take a week or two to update versions once a new one releases.

    IP(Java and Bedrock):

    NO MODDED OR PIRATED CLIENTS ALLOWED!!!!!!!! IF YOU ARE CAUGHT USING ONE, YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATLY BANNED!!!!!!!!(However, we do allow some, which are listed below)(We are not open to suggestions for more)

    Allowed Clients:

    – Badlion Client (Only specifed mods below are allowed)

    Allowed Mods for Lunar/Badlion(Note: any setting not listed here will be automatically disabled and blocked when you join! Also, all these mods are in Badlion’s names, so they may have a different name in Lunar):

    – Animations

    – Block Overlay

    – Clear Glass

    – CPS

    – Crosshair

    – Damage Tint

    – Enchant Glint

    – FPS

    – Hit Color

    – Item Physics

    – KeyStrokes

    – OofMod

    – Ping

    – Tab

    Please note that we are still in our beta phase, so expect bugs and lacking features. Feel free to make suggestions on what we need done before official release!

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  • PokeClash Cobblemon SMP

    PokeClash Cobblemon SMP

    Welcome to PokeClash! A small-time server just looking to have fun without everything locked behind a paywall! We try to keep things as simple as possible for anyone who joins! We may not boast some of the features other servers have, but we try to be as fun as possible!


    Cobblemon Version: 1.4.1 Fabric


    ✅ Dex Ranks

    Player Markets

    Player Warps

    ✅ Land Claiming

    Breeding with Daycare

    ✅ Mass Outbreaks✅ Catch Combos

    ✅ Pokehunts

    ✅ PokeBingo

    ✅ PokeBuilder

    ✅ Custom Pokemon Skins

    ✅ Fakemon

    ✅ WonderTrade

    ✅ Cobblemon Community Leaderboards

    ✅ Community PokeTasks

    ✅ GTS

    ✅ Pokemon Trading

    ✅ Player Gym Leaders

    ✅ Legendary Spawns!

    ✅ Keep Inventory

    ✅ Resource World

    ✅ Cosmetics

    ✅ Custom Terrain Generation

    Server Events

    ✅ Cobblemounts

    ✅ Custom Starters

    ✅ EV Training NPCs


    Mod Packs

    Modrinth Modpack:

    CurseForge Modpack:

    Technic Modpack:

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  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server

    Pandamium’s Snapshot Server

    Pandamium’s snapshot server is a experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Be one of the first to play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends!

    Our aim is to update to every new snapshot that comes out (usually every Wednesday) with experimental features enabled such as bundles, and 1.21 content! We discuss new and upcoming features, and host watch parties for Minecraft Live every year! If you join now you will be able to experiment with the crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, armadillos, wolf armour, wind charges, the boggedand so much more!

    We have a very friendly community and multiple towns to join with a diamond-based trading economy. Since the height of our popularity from 2019 to 2022, the community has gotten a bit smaller but we still average around 10 players online at any given time. We reset the End every month to allow for exploration of end cities for new players, and we run an enchanced dragon fight once per month with a dragon egg up for grabs, but we aim to never reset the overworld and nether.

    We expect to be reworking many aspects of the server over this new year including adding warps and mailing using the latest data pack tech, and introducing more ways to have fun with friends in the snapshots!


    Version: 24w07a (Latest Snapshot for 1.20.5 / 1.21) updating to 24w10a has been postponed due to technical breaking changes in that version and 24w09a that are not resolved yet_



    If you have any questions, we have a very helpful staff team, and usually multiple moderators online on the servers and on Discord, to assist with any issues or requests. We also have a Release Server if you’d prefer a more stable experience.

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  • 🌋MagmaCraft SMP

    🌋MagmaCraft SMP

    Hey There, Welcome to 🌋MagmaCraft SMP!

    Would you like to join? Press Here Or Press the link below!

    🤔Have you been looking for a HermitCraft type server that is still fresh? Well your in luck, Our server just started!!

    About us

    Magmacraft SMP is a new HermitCraft like server. We try and offer a great and fun community to engage with while maintaining a vanilla experience to the user (apart from a few datapacks to enhance the gameplay experience.

    Although the server is fresh and we haven’t been online for long, we look forward to finding new members to make this community as awesome as it can be!

    How to join?

    Joining is quite easy! Follow the link on top of this post and join the discord server! From there we ask you to answer a few questions via an application. After we have received your application we will review it and whitelist you to the server if you made it in

    (note: we are not too strict with the applications, we just want to find people that suit our server the best!)

    What do we offer?

    By joining our (awesome) SMP server, we offer you the following:

    -Fun, Active and Nice community

    -A 24/7 Running Minecraft Server

    -HermitCraft like server with shopping district

    -The best possible time!

    🙌So what are you waiting for! Join our discord and make MagmaCraft SMP Awesome!!!🙌

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