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Майнкрафт Java Minecraft Servers

Best Майнкрафт Java Minecraft Servers 2024

  • TheHiddenKingdom.MC


    It’s a small server, but a big adventure! Filled with lands and seas of plenty. Place to explore and conquer, with treasures and glory. Fight to defend your lands and rule like a king.

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  • Hawksvale


    Hawksvale is a SMP and Skyblock Minecraft server. We offer a PVE vanilla+ experience with friendly staff.

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  • MorphMine Minecraft server

    MorphMine Minecraft server

    Welcome to our Minecraft survival server! Each player can test their survival skills in a unique and exciting environment. Explore vast biomes, build your fortified settlements, mine valuable resources and fight dangerous monsters to survive in this exciting world. Compete with other players, create alliances and make your way to the top. Join us and immerse yourself in an exciting survival adventure in Minecraft!

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  • The Holiday

    The Holiday

    Welcome to The Holiday – the ultimate gamemode combo of Vanilla SMP and PVP Royale! Invite friends and queue up to compete individually for Victory! The top 5 kills/wins stats are displayed on a leaderboard. Additional features include: [ Daily Rewards ] [ Invite Bonus ] [ Vote Parties ] [ Item Giveaways ]

    Want to support the server? Subscribe to the Patreon Membership and celebrate with confetti kits. Enjoy the Survival Royale!

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  • WarzoneMC


    Warzone is a team organized gamemode where your goal is to follow the objective of the round while stopping the other team from achieving so too.

    Warzone currently has 8 unique gamemodes available to be played in the server. The gamemodes follow: DTM: Each team has a monument and your goal is to break the opponent’s monument before they break yours. CTW: Each team has a certain amount of wool and you have to capture all of the other team’s wools. CTF: Each team has a banner acting as a flag. Capture and bring the flag back to your base to win. KOTH: Your team has to capture the capture points and get a certain amount of points first to win. INFECTION: “Every man for themselves!” If you get infected, kill the humans, otherwise run and hide! TDM: Each person has to fight for their team and get more kills than the other team does. BLITZ: You have a certain amount of lives, kill the other teams before they kill you. FFA: Free for all minigame. Get the most kills in the least amount of time to win the match.

    Ready to start playing? You can join using the following IP:

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  • Furexcraft network

    Furexcraft network

    ✦ ───────── 𝐹𝒰𝑅𝐸𝒳𝒞𝑅𝒜𝐹𝒯 ───────── ✦

    SURVIVAL ON 1.8 – 1.18.2 JAVA

    ✦ ──────── 𝓠𝓤𝓔 𝓣𝓔𝓝𝓔𝓜𝓞𝓢? ──────── ✦

    『』➜ Skills 『』➜ Ground Protection

    『』➜ Mochilas 『』➜ Crates

    『』➜ Missions 『』➜ Clans

    『』➜ Crafteos custom

    『』➜ Modified Armors

    『』➜ Trades between players

    『』➜ Customized Drops

    『』➜ Contracts

    『』➜ Voice

    『』➜ Store

    『』➜ PVP

    『』➜ Items OP

    『』➜ Daily rewards

    『』➜ Action House

    ✦ ──────── 𝓨 𝓜𝓤𝓒𝓗𝓞 𝓜Á𝓢!!! ──────── ✦


    ✦ ────────────────────────────── ✦

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  • ⭐⭐⭐ StellarPE | 1.9.xPE | TOP ⭐⭐⭐ Minecraft server

    ⭐⭐⭐ StellarPE |  1.9.xPE |  TOP ⭐⭐⭐ Minecraft server
    Is everything boring and not interesting? We invite you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our interesting server! You will feel free survival, with RPG elements, without inadequate schoolchildren.Our server has everything that others don’t have – bank robbery, magic classes, clan wars, we invite you to see the rest for yourself!IP: play.stellarpe.ruPort 19131Do you want to stand out from others? Buy the privilege, you won’t regret it!Lots of opportunities for different privileges on our auto donation

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  • The Archive

    The Archive

    Welcome, to The Archive. The server is faction based, with many plugins and custom features for you to enjoy such as: -Custom enchants -Jobs -Claims -Minigames -Casino -Shops -Player Warps -Auction House -Trade system

    More features are to come soon, and most of them are community based, meaning if you want something added, we can make it happen. Join now at

    If you have any questions feel free to message any online staff members, or join our discord server at

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  • keine regeln keine regeln

    Hey SMPCRAFT.DE is a German anarchy server where there are no rules, everything is allowed Griefing, trolling, hacking and so on. There are no admins The server will remain online for life so NEVER go offline! The goal of the server was to create a kind of German 2b2t server, which was very successful. If the server is full there is no queue etc, the server is then full and as soon as I notice it I will increase the slots! The slots are currently at 100

    You spawn in a desert and have to walk a bit first, which is stupid in itself but the world decided that way

    Have fun on SMPCRAFT.EU

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  • Lifesteal cross play

    Lifesteal cross play

    This server is a LifeSteal server that has cross play between bedrock and java. there are no hacks allowed, violation of this rule will lead to a ban. I hope to see you online soon!

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