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Best tmntleonardo Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Mitsuki


    Greetings, gentle soul,

    This server is open to anyone above 16 years old provided the player has requested to join us via our Discord channel (see external link located on the left side of your screen) and agrees with our rules.

    Mitsuki is a vanilla survival Minecraft server with some light elements of roleplaying. The difficulty is set to hard. This server has three types of areas:

    – wild (most of the map): griefing, PVP and stealing will have consequences on the offender which will vary depending on the severity of the offense (reparative work, jail time, temporary ban, ban).

    – forgotten lands (a handful of areas): griefing, PVP and stealing can be performed without any consequences for the offender.

    – towns (a formal request and requirements are needed to be recognized as such): griefing, PVP and stealing are prohibited. Any offense that will be taken to Mitsuki’s court by a citizen of such towns will result in a ban.

    Cheating and disrespect are always prohibited.

    We hope you have fun!

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  • LushMC


    Perfecting, studying and learning the fundamentals of competitive Minecraft Servers by providing the best content possible and listening to our community.

    LushMC is a Lifesteal SMP Server, released in early May. aiming to create a unique and enjoyable Lifesteal experience for all, we’d love for you join us!

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  • Uniquin-PvP


    UniquinPvP is a 1.8.8 factions server looking to bring back the nostalgic feeling from original factions. We have included some newer plugins to assist with mundane tasks such as Gen Buckets for base building. Additionally, we aim to provide a clean experience without all the extra plugins so you can focus on the core aspect of factions.

    Some of our server features include,

    – Custom Cannoning Jar – Mcmmo – Custom Enchants – Sell Wands – Version 1.8-1.19.4 – Premium Anticheat

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  • Ladybug Minecraft

    Ladybug Minecraft

    Ladybug Minecraft is a versatile 1.18.2 Minecraft server with multiple gamemodes and a friendly and welcoming community! Our Survival world allows you to claim your land to protect it from griefing,as well as use Slimefun to create wonderful magical and technological devices! We also offer Creative and many other gamemodes.


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  • Wholesome lounge

    Wholesome lounge

    This new server created in may 2023 has an RPG like feel to it.

    Custom mobs, Custom item drops. Dungeons, Stats , Mcmmo , Claims and more!

    Heavily focused PVE server with a hardcore experience.

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  • SleetMC


    Welcome to the SleetMC server network!

    The server network received its final form in 2023, before that it was known as SoulNetwork.

    Our current working server is OPSkyblock, which covers only getting to the top of the leaderboard with the help of an island. Soon we will enrich the network with new servers.

    Our Discord server: The server network works from 1.7.x-1.19.x.

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  • CapstoneMC


    Discord: Store:

    CapstoneMC – 1.18+ Network: We offer many different servers differing to all types of playstyles. We present interactive and unique systems to create an amazing experience for everyone! All of our servers have a /SHOP and /AH. Easy to learn and convenient. Non-P2W unlike most servers. Made for a good experience!

    ZONOSMP; FRIENDLY CLAIMED SURVIVAL COMPETITIVE SURVIVAL – Similar to DonutSMP! EARTHMC; MODDED SURVIVAL Creative server to test your builds. Arcade server for exclusive rewards; for free!

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  • SkyBlock-SMP


    Do you want a different skyblock experience? Our server is set up with open world all biomes and structures intact. Want to build a guardian farm? Or use a Witch hut? Find sunken(floating) ships? Build anywhere that hasnt been claimed. Use our economy and shop to get hard to find Items. Its skyblock without the limitations. Come and join the adventure!

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  • TurkeySMP


    Java IP: Bedrock IP: Discord: Dynamp: Store:

    TurkeySMP is a new Minecraft survival multiplayer server hosted in the central United States that hopes to provide players with a safe, fun and non-toxic environment. Key features include Java/Bedrock Crossplay, 24/7 uptime, low ping (within the US), GriefPrevention land claims, Dynmap, a natural Diamond based barter economy with player shops, freedom of speech within server rules, voting rewards, ranking up via votes or donations, backpacks, and crates, with much more coming soon.

    TurkeySMP is owned by TurkeyToes1999, who previously hosted a server known as FRS Craft under the username bubble222. The server and website are developed and maintained (and currently funded) by TurkeyToes1999. With almost ten years of experience working with Java, networking and server administration, TurkeyToes1999 will work hard to ensure a quality playing experience for all players.

    Although the TurkeySMP server is new, there are administrators but no lower-level staff. This means staff applications will soon be available to build a strong staff team to maintain server rules. Keep in mind that even with reduced staff online, the server logs EVERYTHING, and players violating server rules WILL be appropriately dealt with. Please do the right thing and follow server rules, as /banip is just one command away!

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  • Unitium


    Unitium, the Minecraft server between the vanilla survival adventure and the cubic MMORPG. Whether you are an adventurer, farmer or builder, come and discover a wonderful world where you can collect resources, fight original monsters, build your own kingdom or even participate in scripted quests!

    Join a growing, respectful and friendly community! Unitium is waiting for you!

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