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Custom monsters Minecraft Servers

Best Custom monsters Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Teldaria VS Hypixel

    Teldaria VS Hypixel
    Hypixel Teldaria
    Pros Pros
    1. Largest Minecraft server with a variety of mini-games 1. Survival RPG experience with custom monsters and gear
    2. Active player base with millions of players 2. Community interaction on Discord with staff support
    3. Constant updates and new games added regularly 3. Dark dungeons and extraordinary treasures to explore
    Cons Cons
    1. Can be overwhelming for new players due to the large player base 1. Smaller player base compared to Hypixel
    2. Some mini-games may not be well-balanced 2. Limited game modes compared to Hypixel


    Question Answer
    Which server has more players? Hypixel has a larger player base compared to Teldaria.
    Which server offers more variety in game modes? Hypixel offers a wide variety of mini-games compared to Teldaria’s focus on survival RPG experience.
    Where can I find community interaction and staff support? Teldaria provides community interaction and staff support through Discord, while Hypixel has in-game moderators for assistance.
    Which server is more suitable for new players? Teldaria may be more welcoming for new players due to its smaller player base, while Hypixel can be overwhelming initially.

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  • SunWorld — Server for relaxation Minecraft server

    SunWorld — Server for relaxation Minecraft server

    To receive a donation for the time played, you must:Play more than 15 hours for VIPPlay more than 25 hours for Premium

    Play more than 75 hours for Creative

    Play more than 100 hours for the Admin

    To receive a donation, contact the Project Developer.

    You should have a screenshot of the full screen with your nickname AND the hours you have played.

    No blur, no cropping of photos.

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  • CursedVoids


    A new Custom Survival experience like no other! We first opened 1/28/2023 and plan to be on for years to come.

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  • TomorrowCraft Network

    TomorrowCraft Network

    Small Spanish-speaking Survival OP server Version 1.8 – 1.19.2 But modalities ready! Join the Discord to stay up to date!

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  • Regno di Zeal

    Regno di Zeal

    This server was born thanks to the creators’ old gaming experience, taking inspiration from the best strengths of Minecraft and highlighting them. The aim is to guarantee a gaming experience with attention to the smallest details, leaving room for fun.

    Updates will be introduced periodically to make your experience even more exciting. Unfortunately, the true essence of the game has gradually disappeared, if you are now tired of the usual monotonous, simple gameplay of minigames and networks, you are in the right place to find out what this wonderful game really offers! An exciting gaming experience awaits you. Come and rediscover the real Minecraft! we are waiting for you!

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  • Frostic


    Welcome to Frostic! we are a small Minecraft server looking to go big. We have an amazing staff team and a great player base. We have custom structures so the game never gets old. Come join us at

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  • EmeraldWorld Minecraft server

    EmeraldWorld Minecraft server

    ? Welcome to the world of freedom and adventure on our anarchy server in Minecraft 1.16.5! ?

    ✨ Features that will make your game unique:

    ?️ Free Token Pit: Start your journey with an advantage!? Lucky blocks: every block is a chance for luck!? Donation solves almost nothing: your skills are the main thing here!? Responsive administration: ready to help in any situation!? Cases: open and get unique rewards!⛏️ Auto mine: get resources with pleasure!? Buyer: exchange your loot for valuable resources!

    ? Server IP:

    Join us and create your own story in a world of anarchy and adventure! ??

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  • Darkan


    Darkan is a survival semi-anarchy economy server with small chunk claims that intertwine with an amethyst-based economy. Players can trade with each other and collaborate, or look to kill/loot other people’s unprotected zones.

    Join the Discord at:

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  • FudgeCraft


    LGBTQ+ Safehaven! Everyone is welcome! Survival 1.19 Optional Plugins! Slimefun, Custom Bosses, Quests, Fun!

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  • WorldRealms server Minecraft

    WorldRealms server Minecraft

    Greetings, wanderer!

    You came to the extended vanilla project,


    This project is conceived as a vanilla server with an RPG component

    procedurally generated world! What does it mean?

    And the fact that we use a new generation, new structures, bosses, items

    and all this in the ordinary world, where you are free to do whatever you want!

    And of course we have worlds where you play the role of an ordinary adventurer,

    so to speak, for every taste and color.

    The project is at the testing stage, the administration will be glad to receive any feedback about our project! ?

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  • The Random SMP

    The Random SMP

    Hi everyone welcome to the ‘Random SMP’ – A new server where players can have fun and socialise with other players. There is a whitelist, but it’s very easy to get accepted. If your interested in joining here is the discord link: There is not many plugins, I’ve tried my best to keep the server very simple and vanilla based. Here are the main plugins: Graves Land Claims Timber (Easier to get wood) Tpa One Player Sleep

    Lastly have fun and enjoy…

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