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Best chat reports Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Smelly SMP: Where the only thing modded is how often we shower. No TP’s, just T.P.

    Smelly SMP: Where the only thing modded is how often we shower. No TP’s, just T.P.

    Welcome to Stinky SMP Minecraft Server


    Server Version 1.20.1 (updating)
    Features Fair moderation, extreme longevity, inclusivity, vanilla+ modpack, Origins mod, player-driven politics
    Server Performance 16GB RAM, dedicated processor cores up to 4.8 GHz
    Server Rules Safezone-Borderlands system for different playstyles


    Q: Can I appeal if I get banned?

    A: Yes, you can appeal your ban. Fair moderation is emphasized on the server, so appeals are considered.

    Q: Can I suggest changes to the server?

    A: Yes, suggestions are welcome. If you have ideas for improvements or new features, feel free to share them with the community.

    Q: How can I join a team on the server?

    A: There are various teams you can join or create. Get involved in player-driven politics and choose your allegiance based on your playstyle.

    Q: Is griefing allowed on the server?

    A: Griefing is not allowed in the Safezone area around spawn. However, in the Borderlands, players are free to engage in PvP and griefing activities.

    Q: What is the Origins mod and how does it work?

    A: The Origins mod introduces unique character origins that players can choose from. There are custom origins available on the server, carefully reviewed for balance and uniqueness.

    Q: How can I join the server?

    A: You can join the server by clicking on the Discord invite link provided above and following the instructions in the Discord server.

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  • VanillaEvolved: Where bedrock players fight Java abominations with no hacks on seasonal maps!

    VanillaEvolved: Where bedrock players fight Java abominations with no hacks on seasonal maps!

    VanillaEvolved Server Overview

    Server Name VanillaEvolved – Vanilla minecraft since 2013
    Discord Join our Discord
    Planet Minecraft Server page on PMC
    Website Visit our website

    Looking for players on our seasonal or noreset maps!

    Seasonal will reset every 6 months and as the name implies, Noreset never resets. When you first join you will be on seasonal but you can change servers with /serverseasonal or noreset

    Why us?

    • We offer the vanilla Minecraft experience with not many unnecessary things added
    • Java/bedrock cross-play
    • Cool in game stats viewable on a website
    • Semi-anarchy
    • Friendly community
    • Get a unique in game rank for completing every advancement
    • You can do whatever you want as long as no rules are broken

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of server is VanillaEvolved?

    VanillaEvolved is a vanilla Minecraft server that has been running since 2013. We strive to offer a pure vanilla experience with minimal added features.

    How often do the maps reset?

    There are two types of maps on VanillaEvolved – seasonal and noreset. Seasonal maps reset every 6 months, while noreset maps never reset. Players can switch between the two types using commands.

    Can I play on the server from Java and Bedrock editions?

    Yes, VanillaEvolved offers Java/Bedrock cross-play, allowing players from both editions to join and play together.

    What is the community like on VanillaEvolved?

    We pride ourselves on having a friendly community on VanillaEvolved. Players are encouraged to collaborate, build together, and enjoy the vanilla experience as a group.

    Are there any unique features on VanillaEvolved?

    Players can earn a unique in-game rank for completing every advancement on the server. Additionally, there are cool in-game stats that can be viewed on our website.

    What are the rules on VanillaEvolved?

    While VanillaEvolved operates on semi-anarchy principles, players are expected to follow basic rules such as no cheating, griefing, or harassment. As long as no rules are broken, players are free to do as they please on the server.

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  • ChaosKeller Minigame Netzwerk

    ChaosKeller Minigame Netzwerk

    ChaosKeller is a new minigame server network with the goal to offer as many different mini-games as possible and thus keep the gaming fun high. The network is currently still in the development/beta phase. But joining is possible at any time.

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  • MLG Fortress

    MLG Fortress

    We’re currently re-envisioning our server – Apply here if you’d like to take part in recreating this server!

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  • Casual Craft

    Casual Craft

    24/7 survival server, just join to have fun 🙂

    Factions, Have fun with your friends. Just starting there is 42 slots please join 🙂

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  • Imperium Populi

    Imperium Populi

    Server Discord :

    Special Features : Towny Economy Survival A main world that won’t reset A separate resource world that will Custom plugins in-game rank ups Jobs Custom world A friendly community

    Imperium Populi Towny is a 1.20+ server that allows you to join on any version you would like to play on. The server has jobs with job perks when you get to a certain rank, a Towny-based claiming system, crates, server events, and a wonderful community to go alongside the server while we continue our journey to grow our server and make it an overall fun time for the new players that join.

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    Apply: (make sure you read /rules)

    The YEAHWHAT?! server is a small creative and survival minecraft community.

    The server runs the fantastic Spigot server wrapper which includes many plugins used for land ownership, economy, and anti-grief, as well as new commands and features.

    We also have a Nations Roleplay, in which countries trade with eachother, fund constructions, and compete against eachother on the survival world. This is voluntary and not required. Gameplay wise, the server includes 4 main worlds: a survival economy world, a creative freebuild and plot lands, a world dedicated for Mobarenas and a Nations RP in the old survival world, where you can join or create a country!

    We also run a forum at

    Our team of active staff members is regularly in-game to assist you.

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  • SmessieCraft



    SmessieCraft is a cosy Minecraft network with both Dutch as English messages sent by the server. You can choose your language by using the command /language on our network.

    Join now and discover the kind community behind this network! IP: Twitter: Facebook: https:/ Discord:

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  • ApotheosisCraft


    Welcome to ApotheosisCraft ! We’re a Towny survival server with experienced staff and a friendly atmosphere! Some of the server features include a kit 1v1 arena, GriefPrevention, Sign Shops, McMMo, and a server Shop with some free goodies! My goal for this server is to make a nice place that’s relaxed and fun to play on, so I’m always adding little things to the server, Just for fun. . Some of the basic rules are:

    ⋆Be Respectful ⋆No Griefing/Raiding ⋆No Hacking

    So come join us! We’ll be happy to see you!

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  • ZironeNetwork


    We support 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9!

    ZironeNetwork is a fun, existing, and unique experience. We have a wide range of gamemodes for you to play. Our servers are extremely fast and well setup, you shouldn’t get any lag while playing on our network.

    KitPvP, Factions, Skyblock, Infected, OITC, Badlands, Prison, Creative, and Survival

    IP: Forums:

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  • MinecraftlerHD


    Hello the server is called MinecraftlerHD and I am the MinecraftlerHD so the owner and lol lol and yes I do NOT warmly welcome you

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  • Burning Birch

    Burning Birch

    We are a server with multiple worlds to suit multiple playstyles. As well as a community looking to expand into various games. Minecraft was the birth of many friendships for us and we want to keep that alive. Our Multiverse worlds are as follows: Lobby – A world where new players join into and can immediately play from Survival – A chaotic world where basically anything is allowed from griefing to stealing and pvp. Creative – A creative mode world that is generated superflat for testing, or just building to the fullest potential. Freebuild – Survival mode world with no pvp or greifing for you to build in and play minecraft. Events – this world is not yet complete but will host mini games and various events in the future. Skyblock – A world that literally is skyblock, not much else to say about it. We have many ways of rolling back a grief and checking for said grief, along with an experienced and friendly staff. With the lack of a White-list you can join now and easily play!

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