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Vanilla Survival Minecraft Servers

Best Vanilla Survival Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Utopia anarchy

    Utopia anarchy

    Welcome to Utopia!

    Immerse yourself in a world where freedom and creativity know no bounds. In our anarchy Minecraft server, Utopia, there are no rules, only endless possibilities. Build, explore, and shape your own destiny in a realm where chaos and autonomy reign supreme.


    Total freedom: No rules or restrictions hold you back. Utopia is a place where you can play as you see fit, with limitless potential.

    Dynamic economy: Engage in a bustling marketplace where players dictate the value of goods and resources. Trade, barter, and amass wealth in an ever-changing economic landscape.

    Events and challenges: Test your skills and creativity in special events and challenges unique to Utopia. Earn exclusive rewards and eternal glory as you rise to the occasion.

    Support for premium and non-premium players: At Utopia, we believe in inclusivity. Our doors are open to all players, regardless of account type. Everyone deserves a chance to experience the wonders of our world.

    Join us and shape the future of Utopia! Your adventure begins now in a world where the only limit is your imagination.

    Server IP:

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  • Earthsmp


    Discover the Netherlands’ leading SMP server, where you can experience an extensive skills system, exciting jobs, challenging quests and many other features! Join our vibrant community and immerse yourself in a world full of adventure, collaboration and surprises. Build, explore, improve your skills and make new friends as you experience the ultimate Minecraft adventure.

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  • MineSeed VS Hypixel

    MineSeed VS Hypixel


    Pros Cons
    Large player base Can be overcrowded
    Varied game modes Potential for lag due to high player count
    Frequent updates and new content Can feel overwhelming for new players


    Pros Cons
    Grief Prevention Smaller player base
    1.18 Caves & Cliffs Limited game modes
    Unique Quests Daily Potential for limited content updates
    Optimized performance May lack the excitement of larger servers


    Which server has a larger player base?

    Hypixel has a larger player base compared to MineSeed.

    Which server offers more game modes?

    Hypixel offers a variety of game modes, while MineSeed focuses on a unique vanilla survival experience.

    Which server is known for frequent updates and new content?

    Hypixel is known for frequent updates and new content, keeping players engaged with fresh experiences.

    Which server is optimized for performance and lacks lag?

    MineSeed is optimized for performance and offers a lag-free experience for players.

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  • Earth atlas mc

    Earth atlas mc

    🌍 Welcome to Earth Atlas: Minecraft Towny!

    Step into a world where diplomacy, strategy, and survival skills reign supreme. Our Minecraft Earth server is a captivating geopolitical landscape, where you can remain a peaceful civilization set on developing a bustling town, or become a war monger set on riches and wealth.

    Geopolitical Dynamics: Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of politics, alliances, and conflicts as you navigate through our intricate geopolitical map.Version 1.19.3: Experience the latest advancements and features of Minecraft Earth, enhanced and tailored to suit our unique gameplay. (Connect on any version with viaversion)Massive 1:750 Ratio: Traverse a vast, lifelike world meticulously designed with a live-updating dynmap ( Diplomacy: Forge alliances, negotiate treaties, and engage in intense diplomatic negotiations with players from around the globe. Make chest shops and contribute to the player-driven economy.New server: Test your survival instincts as you brave this new world. Many areas to explore and fresh land to claim and develop.

    Join our server today!

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  • Unbelievable things happen on this Modded Vanilla+ Minecraft server for 16+ players!

    Unbelievable things happen on this Modded Vanilla+ Minecraft server for 16+ players!
    Server Name Alysia SMP
    Focus LGBTQ+ friendly survival vanilla+ multiplayer community
    • Proximity voice chat
    • Farmer’s delight (And other cooking mods)
    • Player economy
    • QoL mods
    Server Type Whitelist only
    Website (Discord link)

    Questions & Answers

    1. Can I join the server without being part of the LGBTQ+ community?

    Yes, the server is LGBTQ+ friendly but welcomes players of all backgrounds and identities as long as they are respectful and abide by the server guidelines.

    2. How do I get whitelisted on the server?

    To get whitelisted on the server, you can visit the website provided and follow the instructions for joining the community. Make sure to introduce yourself and express your interest in joining the server.

    3. Are there any specific rules or guidelines I should be aware of before joining?

    Yes, there are rules in place to ensure a positive and inclusive community environment. These rules typically include no griefing, respecting others’ builds, and using appropriate language in chat. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the server rules before joining.

    4. What can I expect from the player economy on the server?

    The player economy allows for trade and interaction between players, creating a dynamic in-game market where resources and goods can be exchanged. This feature encourages cooperation and collaboration among players.

    5. How can I report any issues or concerns while playing on the server?

    If you encounter any problems or have any concerns while on the server, you can reach out to the server moderators or administrators through the Discord link provided. They will assist you in resolving any issues and ensure a positive gameplay experience for all players.

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  • Welcome to Celestia

    Welcome to Celestia

    Welcome to Celestia! This is a Minecraft Bedrock SMP Realm which has themed modded seasons and during each season there is the in-between world which is purely vanilla survival.

    We have a fun community and are welcome to all

    17+ Discord required Voice chat preferred Message for  discord info

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  • Craftershub


    This is a new server made by Malay112 and we will add many mini-games and fun for you all to do! This server is a plugin-based server with many plugins. Survival is available!

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  • Neworldcraft network

    Neworldcraft network

    Customize your loadout, pick your kits, then parachute out of a plane with your teammates right into action! Navigate the map to find loot, supply drops, and shopping stations in order to prepare yourself for all the upcoming battles! Shoot down all enemy players using guns and explosives, revive teammates, get killstreaks, ride vehicles, survive the closing border, rank up and unlock different achievements!

    VanillaMC offers a DayZ, Skyrim like experience. With over 100+ Play styles to choose from, Start from nothing, earn Money and experience to build a empire! With a full on Economy and Stock Market, the possibilities are endless. Play on up to 5+ Unique Planets ranging from Easy to Hard. Create and claim anything with /town create. Players joining the server will need a village to join, will you be the empire who rules these decisions? Make your imprint on every world and leave your mark for generations to come now on VanillaMC x NeworldCraft

    Find RARE treasure around each map and the hub, unlock special effects, pets, morphs, arrow effects and ALOT more!

    Minigames: Skyblock, COD Zombies, Battle Royale Fishing and more!Discord:

    Bedrock ip:


    Stock Market – SMP – Earth Map – MINIGAMES – MCMMO – 20+ Species – PVE – Weather – Vehicles – Cross Play – Tree Chopping – New Mobs – Level Systems – Wars – Get married – Better Fishing – 100+ New items – Natural Disasters – Skyblock – Battle Royale

    100% free to play, 100% uptime. Dedicated Admins & Owner.

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  • Stellarcrew network

    Stellarcrew network

    StellarCrew Network is a survival minecraft server offering a wide range of possibilities to enhance your minecraft experience on 1.20.1.

    We have a community-driven economy, which gives you the player freedom to earn, sell and trade goods with other players independently.

    For greater comfort and enhanced experience, we have land claiming to protect against griefing/raiding by other players, allowing you to really build something special and show off your building skills to the world. Ranking up for extra perks, participating in different events, and obtaining customized items & gear through the crates at spawn are some of the possibilities on StellarCrew Network.

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  • Anarquia brasil

    Anarquia brasil

    New Brazilian anarchy server!, recently reset so that everyone can play, without exaggerated things that ruin the gameplay like, tp/home/dupe etc…

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  • Jv network

    Jv network

    This is greatest server and here u can get rank with Owo Money

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  • CloudFox


    A small and new bulgarian server looking to build an interesting community. p.s. we have cookies XD.

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  • HushCraft


    IP: play.hushcraft.netHushCraft is semi-vanilla Survival Server with fun plugins added. Some of our big ones are McMMO, GriefPrevention, and Essentials! We make use of a resource world to keep the regular world in pristine condition for all players to build and survive anywhere they desire.We know how heart breaking it is to lose hours and hours of time you put into your builds. With our GriefPrevention plugin you can claim your land and not have to worry about pesky trolls and griefers! Did you forget to claim? No problem. Our staff work hard to monitor these things, but sometimes when they slip through we will rollback your builds and items no questions asked.HushCraft is not a big business that wants to grab your money and run. HushCraft is owned by one person, and is actively in the community working every day to see how the community feels about new features and fixes current problems. You can always reach our staff in our active Discord by joining with this link!

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  • God mc

    God mc
    Server IP:

    New Minecraft Server
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  • MLC Network

    MLC Network

    MLC ■ Network, created since 2013.

    Come and join the best Chilean community. On this server you will be able to obtain multiple benefits and fun. We have a variety of modalities: ■ Towny In this modality, you will be able to control your economy and based on that create companies that will help you create your own town and achieve success as Mayor. ■ Vanilla If you love Minecraft in its purest state, without modifications, this is your modality. Available in the latest version 1.13, you can enjoy it peacefully. ■ Survival OP If you are a fan of excessively high items, high levels, easy economy, mines, rank up, this is your server. ■ SkyBlock SkyBlock brings multiple new features since the introduction of the second season. You start on an island in the middle of nowhere, alone in the sea. But be careful, both water and rain are acidic! Discover this and more adventures in SkyBlock

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  • Ynotdoit69


    Welcome This is a 1.7.10 server with Grief Protection. Survival Mode First 10 players to join, will get additional 5000 blocks, just message ynotdoit69

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  • Remnants of asgard

    Remnants of asgard

    Welcome to Remnants of Asgard, a 1.20 Semi-Vanilla Survival server with a Viking twist!

    👑 Conquer Custom Bosses and wield unique Custom Items🏰 Join Clans/Guilds, embark on epic Quests😊 Engage with our Friendly Staff🎉 Experience fun for all ages

    Your creations are safe with our grief protection, but brace yourself for thrilling PVP in unclaimed lands. Join us now for an unforgettable journey in the realm of Asgard!

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  • Conexoes Survival

    Conexoes Survival

    Server Brazil Connections

    Brazilian survival server, version 1.13.2 Focused on economy and survival, our players are growing more and more! Come and meet our server now!

    Also join our discord:

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  • BlocksVille


    BlocksVille supports 1.8.X-1.13.2

    We offer many custom features including – but not limited to: suits, shards, void chests, auto-crafters, minions, island bank, and much, much more!

    Since this description needs 100 characters, here are a few more!

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  • Wildkraftia


    Welcome to our new anarchy server WildKraftia! This is an anarchy almost vanilla server with few tiny fixes that we believe were always missing in vanilla game (defense, automation, economy). Furnaces: defend your land with in-game furnaces mechanics, no extra commands; dispensers with extended functionality: automated turrets and automated block manipulators (break, chop, plant, kill); paper: passwords; chests: shops. In-game currency are emeralds as it should be. Server funded through decor purchases.

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