Best air fryer Minecraft Servers 2024

  • CookieCraftersXYZ

    🌟 Welcome to our Minecraft server, where we settle sibling disputes with cookies! 🍪

    👧 Picture this: Two nieces, Ann and Zoe, battling it out over peanut butter vs. oatmeal cranberry cookies. The drama, the suspense, the cookie cravings!

    🔥 Join us for epic bake-offs, where the stakes are high and the cookies are higher. Will you choose Team Peanut Butter or Team Oatmeal Cranberry? The fate of the cookie kingdom is in your hands!

    🐰 And don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of pet rabbits and parrots to keep you company while you strategize your cookie conquest. It’s a wild ride, but hey, that’s just how we roll in this crazy cookie-filled world.

    💥 So come on down to our server and let’s bake up some fun together. Who knows, you might just end up with a sweet victory (and a belly full of cookies)! 😉 #CookieWars #SiblingRivalry #MinecraftMadness

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  • Dohland | Factions

    Dohland | Factions

    Welcome to Dohland! Come to our factions server and give it a try!!

    We are giving away at the final of each month around 30 dollars worth of stuff, for the TOP FACTIONS, everything of the server shop!

    Join now! @ IP: Store: Discord:

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  • Hlg smp

    Hlg smp


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    This is a server its in the works…. Help me… So yeah I am a youtuber who made a server with friends and now you can play too :). we will host events and cool things in our discord server.

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  • 1003Lands


    [1.8-1.16] This is 1003Lands! 1003Lands is a fun KitPvP server! Here you can select a kit from the chest in your hotbar, and go PvP. Every kill you get $20 in game dollars. You can spend this at the shop (warp sign at spawn) to get better stuff and enchantments. Note: This server is currently in beta and will be updated drastically soon.

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  • Dusk piece

    Dusk piece

    Introducing[Season 4]DUSK PIECE

    Server Description:

    Welcome to Season 4 of Dusk Piece! We’re thrilled to have you as a part of our community, and we hope to see you around the server. We have a wide range of exciting activities to keep you engaged, and we guarantee that your time spent here will be well worth it!

    On our server, you can take on challenging bosses, participate in thrilling events, test your skills with parkour and chat games, engage in epic warzones, block destruction, and even loot a chest if another player loots it! We value healthy competition and encourage PvP, but we do not tolerate any toxic behavior.

    Should you encounter any rule-breaking behavior, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Discord or DM an admin with the details. We have reworked our bosses and added a new GUI to make the experience easier for new players. Although dragons are currently disabled on the server, we’ve added their loot to bosses to ensure a more enjoyable end-game experience.

    So why wait? Join us today and become a part of the Dusk Piece community!

    Server Content:– [NEW]Ability Destruction ALLOWED ~ All worlds EXCLUDING Grand Line World– Faction Ranks– Quests– [NEW] Lootr so everyone gets loot from chests!– ONE PIECE BOSSES– Events Daily– LORE– Custom Crates– Grand Line map for Pre- Built Land– WAR ZONE– Voting System– RTP World – Resets every 2 – 3 times a week– Leaderboard to Show your Skills|– Faction Ranks and Kits!– Islands Mod for more Oceans– In-game Voice Chat (Press V)

    Server Features:Custom Haki color2x Haki Gain ~150 Max Haki Level2x Doriki Gain ~ 100k Doriki MAX

    Core Mods:Mine Mine no Mi ModDusk Piece ModLootrMowzies MobsWaystonesIce and FireIslandsIron Chests

    Important: Do not make any permanent land in RTP world because it will eventually be wiped



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  • ❤️ JUSTCUBE ✨ SERVERS WITH ANARCHY ✅ 1.20+ Minecraft server

    ❤️ JUSTCUBE ✨ SERVERS WITH ANARCHY ✅ 1.20+ Minecraft server

    How we differ from others:

    ⛏️ High-quality and understandable economy, with an auction, buyer and store.

    ⌚️ Battle pass: daily and weekly quests and currency rewards.

    ✨ Dungeons (dungeons), with unique mobs, new items and interesting quests.

    ⭐ Convenient clans, with many mechanics, such as clan wars, gladiatorial battles, clan privates.

    ⚔️ PvP mystics, point captures and mass battles.

    ⚡ The best kits for duels for all types of PvP.


    Port: 19132 Website:

    Bonuses that we offer to our players:

    • Fair privileges, with the possibility of additional payment, and donation currency built into the economy.

    • Friendly community and responsive administration.

    • Regular events (PvE and PvP), competitions and interesting events.

    • Tops, statistics and awards for the best players.

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  • Gator Craft

    Gator Craft

    A friendly, warm and welcoming community just starting out. Come join the fun! We have Hunts, Auction House, HUB, large world.

    Up to date with latest Pixelmon Mod Version


    (Battle Tower with redeemable points) (Special in game giveaways) (Unique crates and special unique pokemon) (Rotating hunts of Pokemon) (Full system to edit your pokemon) (Rewards for catching them all) (24/7 Trivia with Rewards) (Wondertrade system to trade Pokemon)

    Server IP

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    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – TNTCRAFT.EU – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – What we offer 🙂 – CityBuild – FreeBuild – TNTRun – SkyWars – BedWars – PVP – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Have fun on the server! – [1.9-1.16.4]

    – Have fun from the team – TNTCRAFT.EU

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  • Dragon shield 1.19

    Dragon shield 1.19

    Welcome toDragon 1.19

    We’re one of the friendliest communities out there! We have a strict NO-TOXICITY policy which we enforce very carefully but effectively. Expect warm welcomes and honestly one of the best community experiences that you’ll ever go through. The community is warm, kind and welcoming.

    PlayTime Ranks, what are they and how do they work? Well, here player I’ll answer your questions. Your rank gets upgraded while you’re playing, the more play time the better the rank! The ranks offer amazing kits and cool perks such as the back, feed, more homes, hats, and many others! What are you waiting for come collect them all!

    Custom mobs, you might be asking yourself huh what do they even have to offer I’ve seen the same thing on a million servers before… Well we decided to be DIFFERENT! We offer you 20 + Cave Custom Mobs. They spawn below 60 and they sure pack a punch! Watchers, Smoke Demons, Dead Miners, Crawling Skellys and more awaits you in the deepest depths.

    We organize weekly boss events! A premium dungeon experience like no other! Fight bosses with a complex attack system and 30+ abilities per boss! The loot is also great but first comes first served the one to get the last hit gets the rewards so be quick and be smart and enjoy your time as the main character on our server!

    Our Custom Enchants system offers you not 100, not 200, but 300 ENCHANTS ! You can get them from enchanting normally at a table or you can buy them with EXP! From PVP to Mining enchants to even Effects we have it all! You’ll sure have fun using them we guarantee it!We’re also looking for staff !

    Server IP

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  • MiuCraft – Survival, Guilds, Skills, New biomes Minecraft server

    MiuCraft – Survival, Guilds, Skills, New biomes Minecraft server

    MiuCraft is a high-quality Minecraft server with unique features.

    We have many unique plugins and mechanics: you can create your own guild, go to a casino and lose all your money, play with new biomes without mods, there is an advanced economic system with a balance of gaming capabilities.

    Loyal and adequate rules, accessible balanced donation without admin panels.

    Login to the server is available from any Minecraft Java Edition launcher from version 1.9 and higher.

    Server website:

    Server IP:

    Discord server:

    Server IP

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