New Minecraft Servers

SERVERS UPDATED April 17, 2024, 5:04 PM

New Minecraft Servers

Pros Cons
Various mini-games and activities Can be overwhelming for new players
Large player base Can experience server lag during peak times
Frequent updates and events Some pay-to-win elements
Sky Servers Survival
Pros Cons
Australian server with dedicated hosting May have a smaller player base
Unique survival experience Limited mini-games and activities
EULA compliant with no pay-to-win perks Potential for less frequent updates


1. How many players are typically on Hypixel vs Sky Servers Survival?
Hypixel typically has a larger player base compared to Sky Servers Survival.
2. Are there pay-to-win elements on either server?
Hypixel has some pay-to-win elements, while Sky Servers Survival is EULA compliant with no pay-to-win perks.
3. Which server offers a unique survival experience?
Sky Servers Survival offers a unique survival experience compared to the mini-games and activities on Hypixel.
4. Can I expect frequent updates and events on both servers?
Hypixel is known for frequent updates and events, while Sky Servers Survival may have less frequent updates.

New Minecraft Server
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