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Best Sky Servers Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Sky Servers Survival VS Hypixel

    Sky Servers Survival VS Hypixel
    Pros Cons
    Various mini-games and activities Can be overwhelming for new players
    Large player base Can experience server lag during peak times
    Frequent updates and events Some pay-to-win elements
    Sky Servers Survival
    Pros Cons
    Australian server with dedicated hosting May have a smaller player base
    Unique survival experience Limited mini-games and activities
    EULA compliant with no pay-to-win perks Potential for less frequent updates


    1. How many players are typically on Hypixel vs Sky Servers Survival?
    Hypixel typically has a larger player base compared to Sky Servers Survival.
    2. Are there pay-to-win elements on either server?
    Hypixel has some pay-to-win elements, while Sky Servers Survival is EULA compliant with no pay-to-win perks.
    3. Which server offers a unique survival experience?
    Sky Servers Survival offers a unique survival experience compared to the mini-games and activities on Hypixel.
    4. Can I expect frequent updates and events on both servers?
    Hypixel is known for frequent updates and events, while Sky Servers Survival may have less frequent updates.

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  • Crystal smp

    Crystal smp
    Server IP:

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  • Funland


    join funland for a great time with friends while buying stuff at he shop and surviving I the village or you can be an outsider and survive on you own with no acces to hotel rooms

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  • Seamt


    Good day,

    we are SeaMT, a fun custom minetopia server that has plenty to do, from starting a business with your group to being a criminal. Which way are you going?

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  • Ulti-Sky


    This is a Sky Anarchy server. (No Hax). Everyone is in the same skyblock island. Your goal is to escape middle and go build bases!

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  • ElixirPvP


    *** ElixirPvP Skyblock ***

    [!] Information: IP: Store: Discord:

    (( Join ElixirPvP and Start Your Adventure Today! ))

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  • Saroramc


    A small server currently run by one person!Regularly adding new custom items, Crates and more!

    Claim land, run towns, sell items and so much more in SaroraMC!

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  • Supreme Factions

    Supreme Factions

    This is a brand new Minecraft server which allows you to join in any version of Minecraft whether its 1.14 or .18 doesn’t matter you cant join. We are Factions and its only about PvP nothing else. 100% Factions

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  • Explosions Factions

    Explosions Factions

    Join a faction server that is heavily based in Economy. Clans are free, but factions.. Not so much. Semi-Vanilla Survival with Chill-Phantoms to make sleeping not really necessary, and Elytra’s can be repaired with hunting. Chat is limited and roleplay is encouraged. Bounties can be placed on anyone and everyone! This server is intended on being hard on even the most seasoned players. The Gods of this server are merely here to watch, while someone makes their conquest towards the Absolute King or Queen.

    Join the discord for Rewards and the full command list!

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    Welcome to – Where Minecraft Meets Geopolitics!

    🚀 The server will launch on Tuesday 1st August at 1pm UTC. Get in the Discord server and start making or joining a nation!

    🌍 Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that combines the virtual realm of Minecraft with the intricacies of real-world geopolitics? Look no further! is a unique Minecraft server that invites you to explore a vast, interactive world where your strategic decisions shape the course of history.

    🏛 Immerse yourself in an epic experience, where nations rise and fall, alliances are formed, and diplomacy becomes your most potent weapon. From forging powerful alliances to engaging in intense territorial battles, every decision you make will have a profound impact on the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape.

    🌐 With players hailing from all corners of the globe, celebrates cultural diversity and fosters a community built on mutual respect and camaraderie. Engage in friendly banter, share your Minecraft expertise, and learn from others as you collectively work towards global dominance.

    🌟 Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft strategist or a newcomer to geopolitics, offers something for everyone. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist you, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

    🎉 Join us on this extraordinary adventure where Minecraft and geopolitics collide, and forge your destiny on Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with thrill, excitement, and the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on our ever-evolving world!


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  • Greek-Craft


    Greek-Craft is a very fun server! We have Towny, MCMMO, and a rankup system. Join now and have a blast!

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