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Best transparency Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Dr. Creeper’s Clinic

    Dr. Creeper’s Clinic
    Welcome to our epic Minecraft server, where the only rule is to have a good time and build to your heart’s content!

    Join us for a wild ride where procedures without informed consent are a thing of the past and you can charge into battle without a care in the world.

    We’re like Kentucky on steroids, paving the way for a new world order where licenses are a thing of the past and authority is a thing of the future.

    So come on, join us and be a part of something legendary!

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  • Crafty Pixels: Where Digits and Iran Team Up to Serve Justice with Liberty!

    Crafty Pixels: Where Digits and Iran Team Up to Serve Justice with Liberty!
    Are you tired of boring old Minecraft servers where nothing exciting ever happens? Well, look no further because Digits and Iran is here to shake things up! Join us for epic battles, crazy adventures, and a whole lot of fun.

    Why should you join our server, you ask? Well, let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, a group of brave Minecraft players stumbled upon Digits and Iran and were immediately transported to a world where justice reigned supreme. They fought against evil mobs, conquered treacherous dungeons, and even tamed dragons! And all the while, they were guided by the wise and powerful Digits and Iran, who always ensured that justice was served.

    So, if you want to be a part of an epic quest for justice, join Digits and Iran today! Who knows what adventures await you in this crazy, unpredictable world. Just remember, on this server, anything is possible – even battling evil with nothing but a pickaxe and a dream.

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  • VoteCraft: “Qualifications Not Needed” – Trendy Minecraft Server for the politically incorrect!

    VoteCraft: “Qualifications Not Needed” – Trendy Minecraft Server for the politically incorrect!
    Looking for a Minecraft server that takes politics to the next level? Look no further! Our server requires all players to pass a monthly lie detector test and swear to uphold the constitution before taking on public office. Can you handle the pressure? Failure means disqualification, but don’t worry – after an appeal, you’ll get one final chance to prove your honesty. And if you pass, get ready for a probationary period where we’ll be keeping a close eye on your finances and phone logs. It’s like playing Minecraft and running for office at the same time – what could be more exciting than that? Join us now and let the political games begin!

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  • SangriaCraft: Where 18+ adults drink Minecraft Sangria and try not to spill on their keyboards.

    SangriaCraft: Where 18+ adults drink Minecraft Sangria and try not to spill on their keyboards.

    SangriaCraft Minecraft Server Overview

    Server Album Link
    Server Map Link

    Who We Are

    At SangriaCraft, our mission is to cultivate a positive and enjoyable gaming environment for all. To ensure a peaceful haven, we’ve implemented a whitelist system, allowing only players with good intentions to join the server.

    Our Focus

    Since 2011, we’ve been shaping servers with a focus on building a fun and engaging community. Our emphasis remains on creating a close-knit community for the best Minecraft experience possible.


    We organize bi-monthly festivities including treasure hunts and creative challenges for players to enjoy.


    We value transparency and community input the most. We openly share our financials and consider feedback for server improvements.

    Community Focus

    We offer various community events and competitions to foster camaraderie and creativity among players.

    White list Application

    If you’re interested in joining SangriaCraft, fill out a whitelist application via our Discord server.

    Join our Discord


    Q: How can I join SangriaCraft?

    A: You can join by filling out a whitelist application via our Discord server. Make sure to follow the link provided above.

    Q: What events are organized on SangriaCraft?

    A: We organize bi-monthly events including treasure hunts and creative challenges for players to enjoy.

    Q: How does SangriaCraft ensure a positive gaming environment?

    A: We have implemented a whitelist system to allow only players with good intentions to join the server, reducing the presence of hackers and griefers.

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  • Village mine

    Village mine

    Welcome to our village mine! The Dorfmine is a German-speaking Minecraft server for up to 100 players, with a classic freebuild concept and an extensive zone system so that your buildings are completely protected – you simply look for a nice place, place a box and create your zone, which you too later you can manage it completely independently. With us you don’t have to rely on any team members, but, just like in single player, you have complete freedom without having to worry about strangers destroying your things.Surrounded by a constantly growing but manageable community that always helps each other out, you will be looked after by a very experienced team. Our servers are online 24/7 to offer you an exceptional and lag-free gaming experience.We look forward to welcoming you to our village mine and wish you a lot of fun on our server! 🙂

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  • FTB Direwolf20 by CraftersLand

    FTB Direwolf20 by CraftersLand

    ░░░ Website: | Forum: ░░░>> Server address:░░░░░░ Server Info: ░░░░░░ > Town land protection system (MyTown 2 Mod). > Multiple chat channels. > Economy – Server Shops, Market and Auctions. > Daily and Vote Rewards. > Clans and PvP. > Server Live map. > Hosted in Data Center in Germany.

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  • Hypix MC

    Hypix MC

    Server Minecraft Indonesia ° Survival – Economy RPG ° Gacha ° And Others²

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  • Project-Euphoria


    Welcome to Project Euphoria, where the enchanting realms of Minecraft and Pokémon collide in an electrifying fusion! Prepare yourself for a gaming experience like no other as you embark on an epic journey through our meticulously crafted Pixelmon server.Step into a world where the familiar landscapes of Minecraft transform into a vibrant tapestry of Pokémon habitats. Immerse yourself in the lush, pixelated landscapes as you encounter and capture your favorite Pokémon. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon Trainer or a Minecraft explorer, Project Euphoria offers a playground of endless possibilities.What sets Project Euphoria apart? Our server boasts a meticulously designed map that seamlessly integrates the best of both Minecraft and the Pokémon universe. Traverse sprawling biomes, battle wild Pokémon, and build your dream Pokémon Center in the heart of the Minecraft world. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to create an environment that captures the essence of both games, delivering an experience that is both nostalgic and innovative.Gather your friends, form alliances, and engage in epic Pokémon battles in our custom-built arenas. Compete to become the ultimate Pokémon Master or collaborate to build the most awe-inspiring Pokémon Gym. The choice is yours, and the adventure awaits!But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Project Euphoria is constantly evolving, with regular updates and events to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. From special Pokémon spawns to exclusive in-game challenges, there’s always something new to discover.Join us on Project Euphoria and unlock the gateway to a world where Minecraft and Pokémon converge in a symphony of creativity and exploration. Are you ready to embark on the ultimate Pixelmon adventure? Your journey begins here!

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  • Steel Realm

    Steel Realm

    Steel Realm is a 1.20.1 Minecraft Earth kingdoms server, where you can fight for land, might and glory. Start your adventure by completing daily quests, killing mobs, mining, selling items for money. Become rich, expand your kingdom and conquer the world! If you don’t like wars, you can become pacifist and enjoy the server like a normal survival multiplayer.– Earth map; – Kingdoms and wars; – Multiple jobs, including miner, woodcutter, hunter; – Veinminer and tree chopper system; – Custom weapons and locations; – Better potions; – NPC duels; – Skills; This is your chance!

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  • Trindade Craft

    Trindade Craft

    Are you wandering around this site looking for a server where you can make real friends and not feel alone? or looking for adventures and competitions? Or are you a master builder?So come to our server THAT NEVER RESETS! Here you can:1.Build your dream home in a beautiful city 2.Buy and sell items in stores 3. Marry another player and have your own pet 4. Play survival mode alone or with friends 5. Create your clan/faction and fight against other clans/factions 6. Participate in the realm where players rule the server 7. Store your items, money and XP in the bank 8. Read the newspaper/TV made by the players 9. And the best part: our server never resets, so you’ll never miss anything!Come soon and be part of our family! Here you will have fun, make friends, feel welcomed and accepted. This is the best Minecraft server out there!

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  • VentureMC


    Main server features: – Rank ladder that unlocks new commands and perks (/rankup) – Quests to challenge yourself with and earn big rewards – Grief-prevention system to protect your builds – Jobs to earn extra money – Shop plugin, so players can create their own markets – Contests every week that players can vote on – Loot crates – WildTP – PvP can be enabled and disabled – Cash from mobs – Lottery – Many more coming soon!

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  • MaySMP


    MaySMP is the ultimate Minecraft survival server designed to provide players with an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience. The server offers Vanilla Survival mode with a twist, providing players with convenient teleportation and base protection features while still staying true to the core Minecraft experience. With the easy-to-use home system, players can set up multiple homes and teleport back to their cozy abode or mining spot with ease, without worrying about getting lost. The server also comes with an intuitive claiming system that allows players to safeguard their hard-earned possessions and creations from griefing, theft, or unwanted visitors.MaySMP’s top-notch server is hosted in the UK, providing players with a lag-free and seamless gaming experience, perfect for intense PvP battles or epic build sessions. Players can also customize their gameplay experience by enabling or disabling the Keep Inventory option or many other features.MaySMP has a friendly, supportive community of Minecraft enthusiasts who share their creations, exchange tips, and chat with new friends. The server also has a strict no pay-to-win policy, ensuring that all players enjoy a balanced gaming experience where skill and creativity are the only factors that matter.The server regularly hosts exciting events, from building contests and treasure hunts to PvP tournaments, so there’s always something happening at MaySMP. Players can join the server today by entering the IP: and embark on their greatest Minecraft adventure yet!

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  • Balkan Atlas

    Balkan Atlas

    Atlas is more than a game, this is a race for power where allies become enemies, but on Atlas, betrayal comes at a price.The only Balkan Minecraft server that provides a combined experience of Minecraft survival, roleplay and adventure.Minecraft Bedrock version players can also play on phones and other platforms.Atlas is a cracked server, which means everyone can play! Join us today, and start your epic adventure:More information on the website: Join the Discord server: kanal:

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  • ProtectorsCraft


    Are you interested in the ultimate online semi-vanilla survival experience? Then ProtectorsCraft is for you! ProtectorsCraft is a server based solely on providing the best Semi-Vanilla experience. It’s online 24/7, with up to 100 players. Best thing? It’s crossplay compatible with both bedrock and Java platforms! Since our creation in early 2020, we have steadily built our server around the needs and feedback of our community, and now we are inviting you to be part of our adventure.Server IP [1.13-1.20.4]: Server IP (Bedrock) [1.20.40 – 1.20.51]: Website: Discord: Server Commands: Player Tiers: Owner: KaludiSome features our survival server comes with: Home & Claim System, Warp System, TPA System, Economy System, Unique And Custom Made Player Tier System, Seamless Custom Made Bedrock and JAVA Inventory, and Vote Reward System Player tiers go from Coal Rank, all the way to Netherite Rank. Seamless Custom Made Bedrock Forms For Bedrock Players, And Custom Made Inventory Menus For JAVA Players, Vote Reward System, Very friendly Community, Staff and Owner, who is always listening to feedback and working on updates!

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