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Sleep Minecraft Servers

Best Sleep Minecraft Servers 2024

  • CraftyCraze: Mom & Daughter ASMR Adventures!

    CraftyCraze: Mom & Daughter ASMR Adventures!
    Are you tired of boring old Minecraft servers where all you do is mine and build? Well, do we have the server for you! Join us for the most epic and hilarious adventure of your life! Picture this: a server run by a horni mom and her daughter who do ASMR while playing Minecraft. Yes, you read that right. They’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear as you battle creepers and mine for diamonds. But that’s not all! Rumor has it that the horni mom is secretly a Minecraft pro who can build a castle in under 5 minutes while blindfolded. And her daughter? She’s known for her epic pranks that will leave you crying with laughter. So why wait? Join our server now for a wild ride you’ll never forget!

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  • Crafty Creepers: Where Politics and Jewels Collide!

    Crafty Creepers: Where Politics and Jewels Collide!
    Looking for a Minecraft server that will make you question your life choices? Look no further! Our server is so wild, even political Jewesses can’t resist joining in on the fun. Plus, where else can you find a community that is as dedicated to building and exploring as they are to questionable nighttime activities? Join us for a truly unforgettable Minecraft experience that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about gaming.

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  • ZombieWakeUpCraft: Where even the undead know not to disturb your sleep!

    ZombieWakeUpCraft: Where even the undead know not to disturb your sleep!
    Welcome to our Minecraft server, where the residents of 1425 e broad st apt 22 are full of black people who wake you up with loud coon toons!

    Join us for a wild adventure as you navigate through a world filled with crazy characters who will keep you on your toes. From zombie dance parties to creeper karaoke nights, there’s never a dull moment on our server.

    But that’s not all – our server is also home to the legendary diamond-eating Ender Dragon and the mischievous pig riding skeletons. Will you be brave enough to take on these challenges and emerge victorious?

    So why wait? Join our server today and experience the madness for yourself. Who knows, you might even make some new friends along the way (just watch out for those pesky creeper hugs!)

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  • SleeplessCraft – where your future girlfriend is building a bedrock mansion

    SleeplessCraft – where your future girlfriend is building a bedrock mansion
    Welcome to our Minecraft server, where the only thing getting violated is your sense of reality! Join us for a wild ride filled with insane adventures, outrageous builds, and unbelievable shenanigans!

    Picture this: you’re peacefully mining for diamonds when suddenly a herd of angry llamas stampede through your base, knocking everything in their path. Or maybe you stumble upon a secret underground disco party hosted by a group of zombie pigmen who just want to dance the night away.

    But that’s not all! Our server is also home to the legendary Chicken Jousting Tournament, where players ride on the backs of giant chickens and battle it out for glory and bragging rights. And let’s not forget about the Pixel Art Gallery, where players showcase their artistic skills by creating masterpieces out of blocks.

    So why wait? Join us now and experience the madness for yourself. Who needs a girlfriend when you have a Minecraft server this wild and wacky?

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  • ASMRcraft: Mining Blocks and Tingles Galore!

    ASMRcraft: Mining Blocks and Tingles Galore!
    Welcome to our Minecraft server, where we provide the most mind-blowing ASMR experience you’ve ever heard in your life! Imagine mining for diamonds while being serenaded by the soothing sounds of creepers hissing and skeletons rattling their bones. But here’s the catch – we only do it once and then it’s gone forever! It’s like finding a rare enchanted item in the game, except it’s audio bliss. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience ASMR like never before. Join us now and prepare to have your ears tickled in ways you never thought possible!

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  • HappyCraft: Where even creepers are on Prozac

    HappyCraft: Where even creepers are on Prozac
    Welcome to the most EPIC Minecraft server you will ever encounter! Why should you join, you ask? Well, let me tell you some outrageous reasons:

    – Our server is so amazing that if you take SSRl now, at 7pm, you won’t be able to sleep because you’ll be too busy having fun building and exploring! – But wait, there’s more! If you skip playing until morning, you will feel absolutely TERRIFIC because our server is just that awesome. – Rumor has it that our server is actually run by a group of super intelligent llamas who have mastered the art of Minecraft and are here to guide you on your journey. – We have a secret hidden treasure on the server that is guarded by a giant chicken who challenges players to epic battles for the chance to claim the loot. – And if you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon a magical unicorn roaming the lands, granting wishes and spreading joy to all who encounter it.

    So what are you waiting for? Join our server now and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

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  • SleepyCraft: Where even the mobs are more awake than you! ๐Ÿ›๏ธ๐Ÿ’ค

    SleepyCraft: Where even the mobs are more awake than you! ๐Ÿ›๏ธ๐Ÿ’ค
    Welcome to our magical Minecraft server, where the unexpected happens at every turn! Join us for a wild adventure filled with spellbinding surprises and enchanted encounters.

    Ever wanted to experience a Minecraft world where the rules of reality are completely twisted? Well, look no further! Our server will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about the game.

    Picture this: you’re wandering through a mystical forest, when suddenly you find yourself face-to-face with a wizard who insists on helping you get warm by the fire. But watch out – things might get a little steamy! Who knew that a simple game of Minecraft could turn into a lesson in magical pleasure?

    So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey filled with unbelievable moments and mind-blowing experiences, join our server today. Just be sure to keep your robes on – unless you’re ready for a little magic of a different kind!

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  • Blocky McBlockface: Where Creepers Say ‘Welcome to Your Death!’

    Blocky McBlockface: Where Creepers Say ‘Welcome to Your Death!’
    Welcome to the most epic Minecraft server you’ll ever experience!

    Are you ready to embark on a journey where there’s no turning back? Even while you sleep, our server will find you and whisk you away to a world of endless possibilities.

    Join us and act on your best behavior as you navigate through treacherous lands, build magnificent structures, and battle fierce mobs. But beware, Mother Nature herself may turn her back on you if you’re not careful!

    In this world, everybody wants to rule the world – but only the bravest and most skilled players will rise to the top. Are you ready to take on the challenge and conquer this Minecraft server like no other? Join us now and let the adventure begin!

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  • Crafty Creepers: Mods Are Asleep Edition

    Crafty Creepers: Mods Are Asleep Edition

    Welcome to our Minecraft server where the mods are asleep and anything goes! Why join our server, you ask? Well, let me tell you some outrageous reasons:

    • Our server has a secret underground disco where creepers bust a move to funky tunes all night long.
    • We have a special unicorn mount that farts rainbows and shoots glitter at your enemies.
    • Our PvP arena is actually a giant trampoline where you bounce around while fighting to the death.
    • We have a treasure hunt every day where the winner gets a real-life golden pickaxe delivered to their doorstep.

    So what are you waiting for? Come join our server and experience the craziest Minecraft adventures you’ve ever had!

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  • Blocky Tears

    Blocky Tears
    Welcome to our Minecraft server, where the adventures are as wild as putting your phone under your pillow and playing heartbeat audios to feel like you’re snuggling with a giant Ender Dragon! 🐉

    Join us and experience the thrill of building a castle made entirely of diamond blocks, only to have it stolen by mischievous creepers who want to redecorate with TNT! 💎💥

    Our server is so epic, it’s rumored that Herobrine himself logs on just to challenge players to a dance-off in the Nether! 🔥💃

    So come on, what are you waiting for? Join our server and embark on the craziest Minecraft journey of your life – complete with secret dungeons, hidden treasure, and maybe even a llama riding a minecart! 🦙🚂

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  • โ˜• Java Survival

    โ˜• Java Survival

    Java Survival SMP Server

    Java Survival is a multiplayer server dedicated to providing a legitimate Minecraft experience. Every block you see has been mined and placed by hand! Moderators and admins play the game just like everyone else: you’ll never see them using commands for personal gain!

    We don’t use the same old plugins you’re tired of seeing such as Essentials or GriefPrevention. We’ve got our own custom plugins for basic commands and land protections, so we’ve got our own unique feel.

    Server address:

    Join us on Discord:

    We will always strive to…

    1. Be your primary Minecraft home: By providing an up-to-date Minecraft experience with longevity.
    2. Champion our community: We value our community. Java Survival exists for the players, not for the staff. Players have a say in what goes on.

    Server rules

    1. No excessively offensive language
    2. No politics or other controversial topics
    3. No hacking, cheating, or abusing exploits
    4. Do not disturb other players’ property
    5. Do not build too close to other players
    6. Be respectful to others and be kind!
    7. No advertising

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  • LumaMC


    Welcome to LumaMC! ⭐ Are you on the lookout for a new Minecraft server that goes beyond the ordinary? Brace yourself for an unparalleled experience with LumaMC, where we bring together thrilling features, custom plugins, and a vibrant community!

    🎉 Some of our features:

    🏘️ Towny: Establish and grow your own town, forming alliances and building a community! We also use Towny as our main claiming system! Join other players towns or nations to build friendships!

    🪙 mcMMO: Level up your skills and become a true master of your craft.

    ⚒️ Custom Items: Enjoy our custom coded items that have special abilities and unique skills!

    🪙 Player-Based Economy: Engage in resource gathering, production, and trade to influence supply and demand dynamics!

    🙌 Hoarder Plugin: Because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Sell bulk items to the Hoarder for extra cash. The top 4 players will be rewarded at the end of each Hoarder event.

    📈 Ranks System: Climb the ranks to earn different titles and abilities.

    🎨 Artmap Plugin: Express your creativity with map designs and make your mark on the server!

    🍂 Dynamic Seasons World: Watch as the world transforms based on the season! Times of day and weather syncs up to real life! (Northern hemisphere)

    🐠 Fishing Competitions & Custom fishing: Test your fishing skills and compete for glorious rewards! Fish from fishing competitions are also custom!

    👷 Jobs: Work a job to earn cash and make your way up the ranks or become the richest player around!

    🌎 Why LumaMC? Whether you’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time or taking your first steps into Towny, LumaMC is your new home. We’ve crafted an inclusive space where every player, regardless of experience, can thrive and enjoy! LumaMC has an extensive roadmap featuring thrilling content updates and events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Your feedback matters! We encourage our community to share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. LumaMC is not just a server; it’s a collaborative space where every player plays a vital role in shaping our community. Join us and become part of a community that values creativity, fun, and endless adventures.

    🚀 Connect to LumaMC:

    Server IP: Discord: Website: Map:

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  • SwashbuckleCraft


    ⚔️ SwashbuckleCraft’s Mainland ⚔️

    Hey! Thanks for your interest in 6our server! SwashbuckleCraft is a refined-vanilla style SMP with hundreds of tasks to complete rewarding unique items that spice up the vanilla experience, an 8-year-old map, and a long standing community looking for new players! You can find the more granular server details and how to apply below! Thanks again for checking SwashbuckleCraft out!

    ▶ Quick Links 🗺️

    SwashbuckleCraft’s Full Map Rendered in 3D (Click Here) – Fly around as if in spectator mode (button in top-right) – Warp to each spawn (needle icon in the top-left) – See where players are on the map – Tweak the settings to see super far in the distance, simulate night, and more!

    Discord (Click Here)

    ▶ About Us & Values 🏴‍☠️

    Unhindered vanilla gameplay with extra content, a storied world, and a great community!

    We are a passionate group of vanilla SMP Minecrafters with thorough knowledge of the game and a desire to keep pushing it further! On top of this, we will never reset the map, but rather keep adding to it!

    In addition to all of this really cool stuff, we have a heavy focus on not interfering with the vanilla gameplay experience and seek to encourage players who like to build, explore, or whatever else (as long as it doesn’t violate our server rules of course)!

    ▶ Vanilla Additions and Tweaks 💰

    Content Additions:150+ goals to complete (something for every playstyle) (viewable in advancements tab) – Every 10 goals grant a unique item to spice things up a bit!Players can set up to 5 homes (/sethome, /homes, /home) – Players can request to tp to other players (/tpa, /tpahere) – Players can warp to all 14 past spawns (all but the current spawn are locked until a playtime threshold is hit) – Player stats can be viewed and compared – reach the top of those leaderboards! (/stats) – Players drop their head on death (change your skin for custom decorations) – Coordinates HUD can be toggled (/trigger ch_toggle) – Full 3D server map (Click Here)Very extensive grief protection tools and redundant backups

    Vanilla Gameplay TweaksShulkers can be opened by right-clicking (in the air or in-inventory) – The Ender Dragon drops an elytra on deathFire does not spreadEndermen do not griefCraftable sculk sensor (3 obsidian, 2 twisting vines, 1 eye of ender) – Craftable bundle (6 rabbit hide, 2 string) – Craftable spore blossom (4 big dripleaf, 1 allium) – Craftable horse armor (7 iron/gold/diamond respectively) – Craftable saddle (6 leather) – Craftable nametag (2 paper, 1 string) – Chat reporting disabled (Mojang can’t see your messages. Moderation is handled locally as needed)

    If something is not listed here, it’s almost always the default vanilla configuration!

    ▶ How to Apply: 🦜

    1) Join the Discord (Click Here) – 2) Answer the 3 questions in the “applicants” channel 3) Add the server to your multiplayer list:

    4) Explore the Discord and Server Map while you wait!

    ▶ Rules ☠️

    1) No stealing/griefing 2) Cosmetic mods only (Optifine, Minimaps, Litematica) 3) Give other player’s builds at least 200 blocks of space when not at spawn 4) Common sense kindness to others & clean language expected. 5) PvP is mutually agreed only 6) No item duping.

    ▶ Server Specifications ⚓

    Location: Central United States\ CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X (CPU Score 3484)\ RAM: Samsung DDR4 Memory • 2666MHz\ SSD: Intel SSD Pro 7600p NVMe M.2 SSD Drive\ NETWORK: Intel X550T 10 Gigabit Network Card\ MOTHERBOARD: AsRockRack X570D4U\ All of the areas within 5,000-10,000 blocks of spawn have been pre-generated and we’re running PaperMC to improve performance even more with a focus on technical build compatibility

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Build Banter & Beyond

    Build Banter & Beyond

    Welcome to Build Banter & Beyond!

    World started @ 10PM MT Feb 8th 2024

    I plan to always bring in new people to the server so there’s always an active playerbase, with new friends being made!

    Whats different? No Natural Health Regen. What does this mean? When you take damage, no matter how full your hunger is, it won’t regenerate your lost hearts that that pesky skeleton took from you. How can you regenerate your health? Fairly simple: when you spawn, you’ll be given two golden apples to start with. Use them wisely, as they will bring your health back up. You can also use things such as potions, beacons, or crafting golden apples. Why this change? Too make the game feel more like a challenge, no matter how late you are.

    Endermen greifing has been disabled. Creepers, and Ghasts still do their thing, though.

    Single-player sleep is turned on to make sleeping through restless nights easier.

    Apply here:

    Server-side mods / Datapacks (None need to be installed client side)


    Coord Finder

    Blazeandcave’s Advancements


    Simple Voice Chat

    View Distance Fix



    FreeCam is allowed to take screenshots or look at builds.(not to find spawners, strongholds, ect..)

    Sand/Gravel/Gravel/Rail, or powdered concrete dupers are allowed.

    Tnt Dupers are allowed.

    Carpet dupers are allowed.

    Mob switches are allowed. (MUST have an off switch.)

    DO not dupe anything besides Sand/Gravel/Powdered Concrete/TNT and Carpet dupes for fuel.

    No leaving floating tree’s at spawn.

    Bases must be at least 700 blocks away from spawn.

    If using a large amount of hoppers, they must be covered to decrease lag.

    New Minecraft Server
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  • LizC864

    LizC864 – LizC864 (Vanilla 1.16.5)

    **LizC864 Vanilla:**

    **About us:**

    -We started in April of 2014 & even though there was some downtime here & there, for the most part have been going strong for a decade. Pre caves & cliffs … everything you need can be found on Y11. Anything beyond this version was just too much for me. I prefer back when things were simple.

    -Destructive mob actions are OFF. No creeper holes or getting a hole blown through the side of your home.

    -Keep inventory is ON. You won’t lose everything you have on you if you die. Yes, you can take it with you!


    -Core Protect

    -Crazy Crates



    -Grief Prevention: Use a golden shovel to protect your area.

    -Single Player Sleep


    There aren’t any player ranks. It’s not about rank. It’s about building & exploring. If you’re not a “by-hand” builder & “on-foot” explorer, you WILL be bored out of your mind here.


    -1st & foremost, don’t be an asshat.

    -No begging for free items. Mine, explore, find what you need by playing the game.

    -No blatant bigotry, ignorance, racism, or sexism.

    -No cheating / hacked clients.

    -No destruction of ANY building, claimed or not.

    -No griefing of terrain (pits, holes, traps, etc.)

    -No killing villagers.

    -Claim your home & property to prevent griefing & theft. This responsibility is on you.

    -No streams of profanity. The majority of us are adults & we do curse, tell rude jokes, & have adult conversations sometimes … but if you’re going to log in & say every bad word your mommy won’t let you say only because she’s not watching, then you’re banned. And yes, this applies for ALL languages … even Klingon.



    New Minecraft Server
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  • Avarice


    Avarice is a Role-playing/SMP server with artifacts/magic, gods, and deep lore. We are starting with the first part! A completely clean slate. So I would say this is the best time to join the server

    Role-playing is the most important part of this server and you do need to submit a character sheet in order to be let onto the server, please read the rules upon joining

    The discord server can be joined with this link Avarice

    The main rules can be found on the server


    Server side plugins such as A IC Radio Ic/Ooc chatting Event mode Magic/Artifacts Guild system Races

    Weekly events

    Lore related story builds

    And much, much more.

    Behind the scenes

    We Have an extremely dedicated moderation team, and development team, this includes

    A Lore Team They make sure the stories progression goes smoothly! And stays interesting

    Tech Team Responsible for the plug-ins, and any bug fixes that need to be fixed. As well as the TikTok’s

    Moderation Team The people responsible for keeping everything in order, and helping any new community members!

    And last but not least the owner! Responsible for the creation of the server, There to help with everything

    New Minecraft Server
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  • WarlockAUS


    NPC Army Custom Plugin Forge your army and lead your NPC-soldiers into battle.

    • Geopolitical
    • Roleplay
    • Casualties of war
    • Strategic Resources
    • Capture Points
    • NPC Armies
    • Quality of Life Improvements

    Strategic and capturable resources for nations to fight over. These resources can fund your empire, fuel your war machine, and provide necessary bonuses. We enforce non-toxic, non griefing warfare with legitimate roleplay and casus bellis for wars as opposed to factions styled raiding.

    Our world is filled with 9 nation-states, and 20+ towns.

    Some of our major nations include: – The German Empire – The Kingdom of Britannia – Yūgen no Kuni – United Levellian Republics – Celia

    Theme: Roughly medieval to 19th century

    Other Gamemodes: Quests, Dungeons, mcMMO. Mini-Games: Chess, Mob Arena, Paintball, Build Battle.




    Bedrock: Use same IP and port: 25565


    New Minecraft Server
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  • Boruto Epsilon

    Boruto Epsilon

    Hey hey so this server that’s been in development for like a year or two on technic it’s coming out in like 10ish hours from now and wanted to let those who like Naruto mod know

    Here’s the discord for those who want to join it

    New Minecraft Server
    New Server IP – Click to COPY

  • BlockHeart


    The fantasy BlockHeart server is back for its newest, biggest, and best season! With the incredible BlockHeart family ready to establish fantastic bases, a community capital city at spawn, a vibrant shopping district and natural economy, games events competitions and community builds, this really will be the server to be on. Inspired by the Zack Scott server in the 2000s, Coffinland, and HermitCraft, we welcome content creators to cover the servers if they want to.

    We are a close community who are forever looking to expand our friendship group and all play together toward our beautiful cities and projects; as well as all doing our own thing and having a fun place to escape to within Minecraft.

    We do gaming sessions on the server together; minigames, projects, events, and also play other games and have funny long calls. We have a couple of streamers and YouTubers who cover the server, and are always looking for more content creators to join too.

    Rules > No verbal abuse, racial, sexual, homophobic and xenophobic harassment etc. wont be tolerated > No griefing or stealing – we’re all very trusting > No unlawful killing – most are okay with banterry killing, but make sure you’re not annoying someone > Have fun, and log off when you stop having fun > No lag machines > Contact one of the group leaders with any problems asap

    Please reply to this post with the following to apply: Age Discord ID IGN Gender identification Nationality Favourite movie Favourite video game Minecraft build style Project idea for our server Tell me a joke ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!



    New Minecraft Server
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  • Ascending Embers

    Ascending Embers

    ─ ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ Ascending Embers ⬥💠 🔥 💠⬥ ─



    Live map:

    Everyone is welcome at Ascending Embers!

    Our server is a calm and comfortable place for everyone. We are looking for both active and semi-active players.

    We help each other in any way we can, so if you’d like a helping hand with redstone, need advice with a build, or if you’re just new to the game, we’re here for you!

    ─── ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ Features ⬥💠 🌟 💠⬥ ───

    A calm and relaxing community for everyone 🏳️‍🌈

    The server is on Hard difficulty ☠️

    A separate Creative world

    We have a render distance of 30 chunks! 👀

    Elytra drops from killing the dragon to ensure everyone has a chance of getting one 🦋

    ─ ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ Rules & additional information ⬥💠 📜 💠⬥ ─

    1. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
    2. Don’t intentionally provoke others, or be intolerable.
    3. Griefing or stealing will not be tolerated.
    4. Hacking, X-raying, Duplicating items, or otherwise cheating will not be tolerated.
    5. Don’t build your base on the spawn island. It’s reserved for shops and amusements.
    6. The secret color when applying for membership is “salmon”.
    7. No amount of bigotry, hate-speech, sexism, racism, or discrimination will be tolerated.

    Since we are grey-listed you will be able to log onto our server without applying, and chat with all the members as well as move around and have a look at our server.

    Then, if you feel like our server would be a nice home for you, just head to our Discord (link above) and make sure to read the rules thoroughly before applying in our applications channel.

    We strive to be as vanilla as possible on Ascending Embers, but we still have a few plugins:

    – Core-protect is used to check for grief

    – Essentials is for our grey-list and /spawn

    – Multiverse-core for the multiple worlds.

    – Sleep-most is to allow a single player to skip the night if someone is afk.

    – Silk-spawners is pretty self-explanatory. We realize this goes a bit far from vanilla, but it’s a thing we feel vanilla needs. This allows us to trade the spawners with each other as well. (Long term world only)

    Server location: Montreal, Canada (but with a really good connection to Europe, and even Australia)

    Server Specifications: Our server is run on a dedicated machine at GGServers. An 8-core 5Ghz CPU ensures a constant 20 TPS, along with our NVMe SSD storage and 1Gbps connection.

    New Minecraft Server
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