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palworld review Minecraft Servers

Best palworld review Minecraft Servers 2024

  • PowerPlusSMP


    PowePlusSMP: We are a community-gaming discord server with our very own origins 1.16.5 modded java minecraft server. we have: -a modded java server -a chill community -origins mod(+ addons :D) -30+ mods -ingame quest/events -movie and game nights what we want: -More players to play on our server 😀 -partner servers JOIN TODAY 😀

    New Minecraft Server
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  • Skycloud


    – FREE Private Mine and Island

    – Pick your Mine’s Blocks and unlock new ones

    – Research new Enchants and Boosts

    – Upgrade Custom Armour

    – Solid balancing and economy


    Bored of the typical prison style server? Join for a refreshing take and a new, unique experience.

    IP: Discord:

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  • Compass.SMP server Minecraft

    Compass.SMP server Minecraft

    We invite everyone to the best vanilla private server for Minecraft Compas.SMP ✌

    Briefly about us:

    -Responsive administration.

    -Friendly players.

    -No vultures or privates.

    -A large number of events.

    -Lamp atmosphere.

    If you are interested, you can submit an application to VK and Ds.

    We wish you good luck in your endeavors on the server?

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  • The Arcadian SMP

    The Arcadian SMP

    Welcome to the Arcadian SMP! A 1.17 Survival Minecraft server with new experiences and the latest content in Minecraft. Join our community and make new friends to play with!

    We have a handful of plugins installed to prevent griefing, to make quality of life better, towny, vault, and a chest shop plugin!

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  • PCGs SMP

    PCGs SMP


    New Minecraft Server
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  • Rakitorvia


    1.19 Server but can join from 1.9 onwards.When people vote for our server they get rewarded with crate keysFree fly with /tfFree daily and hourly kits are available too /kitsTheres land claims with a gold shovel since our server has no greifing allowed.Chests can be protected with blocklocker signsWe have a few parkours and a pvp arena too.If enough people take an interest in the server over the next month or so we might even choose to add quests of some kind.

    NZ server hosted in Australia by apexhosting.

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  • ATEDMINE Minecraft server

    ATEDMINE Minecraft server

    AtedMine » Anarchic minecraft server

    A friendly community, polite support and constant server moderation will allow you to have a good time. Find new friends or come with trusted friends. Become a rich merchant or a skilled worker.

    • Anarchy – prove to absolutely everyone that you are the best in everything! Destroy players and destroy other people’s bases! Haven’t even heard of the rules here!

    Our advantages and features:

    – Version: 1.16-1.19.3

    – Login from PC

    – Variety of modes

    – Constant updates

    – Rare wipes (very)

    – Trade

    – Clans

    – Ratings

    – Cases (titles, donations, coins, experience)

    – Big store

    – Virtual market

    – Game without creativity and dupes

    – Permanent events

    – Sets for moderation

    – High-quality donation services

    – Simple ways to earn currency

    – Friendly community

    – Fair game!

    Play with the best!

    Stay with the best!

    Become the best!

    Key versions: 1.16 1.16.1 1.16.2 1.16.3 1.16.4 1.16.5 1.17 1.17.1 1.17.2 1.18 1.18.1 1.18.2 1.19 1.19.1 1.19.2 1.19.3 1.19.4

    Made for a comfortable game!

    promo code for 5% discount – SALE5

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  • Mimoi SMP

    Mimoi SMP

    Welcome, so the idea of the server you can make a region of 4 members and make war if you want with other regions in the arena and yea that’s all have fun in the smp.

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  • Zsmp


    This server is a SMP called the Zsmp named after its owner Zac0414. This SMP includes claims, shops, and a great experience for you and you friends. We hope that you will join our discord to stay updated on upcoming events. We hope you have fun playing on the Zsmp.

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  • Brooksy survival

    Brooksy survival

    BRAND NEW survival server with the twist of custom ennchants and griefing! Hide your base well! No cheating or hacking in any way but please join and kill whoever!

    New Minecraft Server
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