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  • Firecraft


    Welcome to Fire Craft Network, a lifesteal server where you can experience the thrill of survival with a twist. In this server, you can steal hearts from other players to replenish your own health, or lose hearts to your enemies if you are not careful. You can also team up with your friends, build your base, and explore the custom biomes. Fire Craft Network is a server for players who love PvP and challenge. Join us today and see if you have what it takes to survive in this fiery world.

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  • Citrus Minecraft Server

    Citrus Minecraft Server
    Join our Survival Economy Server for an exciting gaming experience! We offer AFK Farms, intense PVP action, land claims to protect your creations, XP Leveling with kits, and the thrilling mcMMO plugin. Our active and friendly community loves to build and farm together, and we’re always chatting on Discord. Join us now for endless adventures!

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  • No Tomorrow

    No Tomorrow

    Spigot latest: factions luckperms world edit. Come play with us. Join our discord for community support. Shared bans don’t get caught cheating or griefing.

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  • Banglamines Network

    Banglamines Network

    Port:- 1913

    BANGLAMINES A Bangladeshi Minecraft Server

    > Survival > Multiplayer > Economy > Ranks > Multiversion > Kits > Land Claim ​​​> More Exciting Things

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  • Vanilla Vista SMP | Survival | Friendly | Semi-Vanilla | 1.20.1

    Vanilla Vista SMP | Survival | Friendly | Semi-Vanilla | 1.20.1

    Bedrock Port: 19132

    Map: map.vanillavista.netDiscord:

    Welcome to Vanilla Vista, a semi-vanilla Minecraft server that provides an authentic survival server experience. Our SMP community is dedicated to providing a fun and friendly environment where players can explore, build, and interact with each other. With our land-claiming plugin, you can rest assured that there is no griefing and that your creations will remain safe.

    At Vanilla Vista, we believe in maintaining the true essence of Minecraft while still offering a few helpful plugins to enhance gameplay. Our goal is to provide an experience that captures the spirit of Minecraft’s survival server gameplay.

    Join us now and start your adventure in our brand-new world! Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, our community welcomes you to come and explore what our semi-vanilla Minecraft server has to offer.

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  • VeryFunUHC


    This is a new server so expect some lag. This server is a UHC server. !this is a safe and friendly server, if you make this server a not safe friendly server you will be banned! Have fun!

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  • A Eolica

    A Eolica

    Eólica is a Minecraft MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) server, where players interact in a persistent and expansive world. Features include a vast map with cities and wilderness, a virtual economy, factions with politics and warfare, dynamic quests and events, character progression, dungeons and bosses, customization, PvP and PvE areas, seasonal events, and clan and alliance systems . We have several systems to make your experience fabulous! Get in now!

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  • ❤️ VerumNetwork [ 1.20.2 ] Enchant Shop ❤️

    ❤️ VerumNetwork [ 1.20.2 ] Enchant Shop ❤️
    34a94404cbd3baead64187454644a1ffede6454alogo.webp🌟 Welcome to VerumNetwork – Where Adventure Awaits! 🌟Embark on an unparalleled Minecraft journey with VerumNetwork, a server like no other! Immerse yourself in our unique survival gamemodes, meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

    🔥 Discover Unprecedented Features:Dive into a world filled with highly configured plugins that breathe life into our server. From heart-pounding challenges to innovative gameplay mechanics, VerumNetwork sets the standard for next-level survival gaming. Our server is a haven for adventurers seeking more than the ordinary.

    💎 Unlock Rich Rewards:Experience the thrill of earning Keys and Lootboxes effortlessly through gameplay! VerumNetwork rewards your dedication with a seamless progression system, allowing you to unlock treasures, mysteries, and exclusive perks simply by playing. Every moment spent on our server brings you one step closer to extraordinary rewards.

    ⚔️ Lifesteal – A Game-Changing Mechanic:Prepare for battle with our in-development Lifesteal feature! As you conquer challenges and face off against foes, watch your health replenish, turning every encounter into an exhilarating experience. VerumNetwork takes survival to the next level, where every battle is a chance for triumph and recovery.

    🎉 Join the Adventure Today:Ready for an adventure that transcends the ordinary? Join us at and delve into the extraordinary world of VerumNetwork. Your journey begins now!

    🌐 Explore More:🏰 Website:💬 Discord:🛍️ Store:🗳️ Voting:

    Unleash your inner adventurer – VerumNetwork awaits! 🚀(Our Servers are running with BisectHosting, Check them out for a massive discount on servers!)

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  • TheBuildingClan


    Join us today in “The Building’s Clan” We offer you a lot like:


    If you would like to be Staff/OP then please tell the administrator and they will give you a form.

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  • Hystate | Survival | In-Game Ranks | Economy | Toggleable PVP | Anti-Grief

    Hystate | Survival | In-Game Ranks | Economy | Toggleable PVP | Anti-Grief
    Welcome to HYSTATE!

    Survival | Land Claiming | Balanced Economy | Toggleable PVP | McMMO | In-Game Ranks | Piñata Party | Discord Integration | Supply Drops | Friendly Community | Dedicated Staff Team | Daily Login Rewards

    Version: 1.20+ | World Border: 40,000 x 40,000 | Difficulty: Normal

    Join us today to experience Hystate’s official Minecraft server!

    Play the server:

    Join us on Discord:

    Visit our server store:

    Follow us on Twitter:

    Map available here:

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