Best extraordinary skills Minecraft Servers 2024

  • Weirdly Good Minecraft Server

    Weirdly Good Minecraft Server
    Are you a master at stacking blocks in a perfectly symmetrical pattern? Do you have an uncanny ability to find diamonds within minutes of starting a new world? Then you need to join our Minecraft server, where your weird talents will finally be appreciated!

    We have a secret underground society of players who communicate solely through interpretive dance. If you can perform the Chicken Dance flawlessly, you’ll fit right in.

    Our server is home to the legendary Pigman King, who will grant you three wishes if you can defeat him in a game of musical chairs. But be warned, he’s a sore loser.

    Forget about building boring old houses and farms – on our server, we have a competition for the most outrageous and impractical builds. Can you construct a functioning roller coaster that goes through the Nether? Or a house made entirely out of TNT? The possibilities are endless!

    So if you’re tired of playing on boring, ordinary servers and want to embrace your weird talents in a truly unique and wacky world, join us today!

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  • WeirdlyGood Minecraft Server

    WeirdlyGood Minecraft Server
    Are you a master at finding diamonds in the most obscure places? Can you tame a wild ocelot with just a single glance? Do creepers run in fear at the sight of your epic builds? Then you belong on our Minecraft server, where the only limit is your imagination (and maybe a few pesky Endermen). Join us for epic adventures, crazy mini-games, and a community of players who are just as weirdly good at Minecraft as you are. Don’t miss out on the chance to show off your skills and dominate the virtual world like a true blocky boss. So what are you waiting for? Join us now and let the madness begin!

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  • Fate SMP

    Fate SMP

    Player vs. Player Domination: Immerse yourself in intense PvP battles where every move counts. Whether you prefer one-on-one duels or large-scale skirmishes, our server provides the perfect arena for testing your skills against other players.

    Dynamic Survival Multiplayer: Survive and thrive in a dynamic multiplayer world where every decision matters. Form alliances, build alliances, and strategize with your fellow players to gain the upper hand in the ever-changing landscape of our server.

    Active Community: Join a welcoming and passionate community of Minecraft players who share your love for PvP. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, you’ll find plenty of like-minded individuals to team up with or challenge to a duel.

    Join Us Today!

    Don’t miss out on the adrenaline-fueled excitement of PvP on our SMP server. Join us today and experience the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the camaraderie of a vibrant Minecraft community.

    IP Address:


    Whether you’re a seasoned PvP veteran or a newcomer looking for excitement, there’s a place for you on our server. So grab your sword, sharpen your skills, and prepare for the ultimate PvP showdown. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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  • JadeCraft


    LGBTQ Owned. We are looking for relaxed players looking for a fun place to play!

    We focus on the core aspects of the game. All custom items are made through grinding and making them. Our crate system even follows this pattern, taking time to craft the keys. We want players to feel rewarded for their time, not their wallets.

    We are a safe place for LGBTQ players. This is our first priority! We also value feedback given and want our players to be heard.

    Key Features: Custom items, Player run economy, Jobs,

    Land Claims, Player warps, Voting ranks!

    If this sounds like a server you want to try, feel free!

    Join via any 1.20.x client. IP:

    We do not allow any hacked clients or cheating in anyway. This is meant to be a chill server to make friendships and build.

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  • Lodestar Middle School

    Lodestar Middle School

    Lodestar is a semi-vanilla survival server launched in October 2020 by a group of friends looking to establish a social, relaxed, mature and, most of all, kind community of Minecraft players.

    We’ve invested time and effort to build a place many people call home, and just started our 4th season mid-December. We are now looking for more active, fun loving players to continue growing our community!

    What to expect

    • A respectful, open minded and mature environment filled with humor and generosity
    • Player base from around the globe and dedicated admins
    • Plenty of pristine lands to shape, settle on and explore!
    • Spawn, shopping and mini-game districts are just starting to be established, meaning a lot of room for you to contribute
    • Diamonds and trust based economy
    • Community based decision making regarding the future of the server
    • Several data packs and mods to improve your experience:
      • Vanilla Tweaks
      • Simple Voice Chat
      • Elytra Trims
      • Inventory Sorter
      • Discord integration
      • Dynmap + Bluemap
      • And much more!

    Rules Overview

    • Be respectful to others in your actions and communication
    • No griefing, stealing
    • No exploiting the game (hacks, duping, etc. will not be tolerated)
    • Mostly common sense. You can get a full view of our rules once you join our Discord server.

    How to join

    1. You must be 18+ to apply
    2. Join our Discord server
    3. Read the rules and code of conduct to make sure they will align with your play style and expectations
    4. Fill out our application here. The more thoughtful and engaging your application, the better your chances are to be approved.

    Applications are reviewed daily – we will let you know when you have been whitelisted via Discord.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the admins in Discord – we’ll be happy to help.

    Looking forward to having you join us in building a great community!

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  • TempuraCraft


    TempuraCraft is a small, laid-back survival server that encapsulates the true nature of Minecraft. Relaxed community gameplay with a smaller world that encourages you to team up and find your people. Starting over a year ago, and just recently reset, TempuraCraft has a welcoming and friendly community and allows anyone to come and have fun with us. We have McMMO, Sign Shops, and an economy. All feedback is welcome, and the server is constantly updated and backed up. 3000 claim blocks to start, and 300 claim blocks earned per hour you play. Nice quality-of-life features are implemented like Coordinates HUD and anti-grief, as well as updating to the community’s standards and listening to feedback. What are you waiting for? Join today and become a member of one of the most friendly communities on Minecraft.

    IP [1.20.4]:



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  • GeoRealms


    GeoRealms [Semi-vanilla] {Whitelist} {Earth} {War} {Nations} {Trade} {Conquest}

    Conquer the Earth, lead your troops into battle, live as a peaceful British farmer or maybe a miner in the frigid caves of Russia. On Georealms you can do all of this! This server allows all playstyles, if you’re an animalistic warrior or a peaceful builder, you can still enjoy this server. We don’t have advanced hard to understand plugins, or strict moderators.

    We have,

    -A 1:1000 scale of Earth, allowing for many many nations and players

    -A player built economy, which allows for trades of resources and land

    -An active community, that can help you with any issues you may have

    -Staff and rules that are very open to change. You can upload your suggestions no matter what!

    What are you waiting for? Georealms awaits you!

    discord; largey_marge

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  • Cogs, Crops and Combat!

    Cogs, Crops and Combat!

    Cogs, Crops, and Combat! Welcome to Cogs, Crops, and Combat! We are a lightly-modded SMP, aiming to have a modded experience, while still maintaining the nostalgic taste that vanilla Minecraft offers. We are a Hermitcraft-esque SMP, and will have a shopping district, community events, and more. The primary mod is the Create mod (Cogs), with support from Farmers Delight (Crops), and the RPG suite of weapons mods (Combat!). We have a couple more mods thrown in as well, such as a few create addons, some additional generated structures to suite our exploration needs, the Traveler’s Backpack mod, and as well as a decoration mod. Overall, it is a very well thrown together pack that encompasses several areas of the game, with automation, farming, exploration, combat, building etc. We also have some quality of life data packs, such as one person sleep, which further enhance the Minecraft SMP experience. We plan to have a ton of community projects, at the moment, the main project is building a rail line that will connect everyone to the shopping district! We have a core group of 4 of us that have been friends for over 7 years, which we would love to expand to everyone that logs onto our server. Whether you are a builder, a factory designer, an adventurer, or something in-between, this is the server for you! Here is our Discord link:

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  • ToEndAllWars


    👑 Ever wanted to have your own Kingdom? Your own Empire? Rise to the challenge and be able to defend it through wars, schemes, and diplomacy on this iteration of ToEndAllWars!

    ✨ IP:

    🧰 Want the modpack? Here’s our Curseforgealternatively, join the 👾 Discord for a manual version of the download and get access to all of our community!

    ToEndAllWars is a Victorian-themed, building, diplomacy, and war oriented server that seeks to create a great community with a unique combination of mods! In our open EuroBeta, we put players side by side on a 1:1000 scale map of the world in Europe and North Americawith expansions coming!

    ℹ️ Some server features include:

    ⚙️ Create 🛠️: The industrial revolution calls for more bleeding edge technology, with create, mass production is in your hands!

    🔫 Guns and melee weapons 🗡️: Big cannons, old rifles, machine guns and more, all you require for your war needs!

    ⚔️ Recruits 🫡: Need an army? Why not make one! With this mod you can equip and outfit soldiers for battle, guarding or raiding!

    📚 Extensive History 🕰️: Do you like piecing together ancient history of long lost nations and towns across the server? Pouring countless hours over wiki articles? Now you can do that and even write your own history here!

    🕊️ Diplomacy and Scheming 😈: The murky waters of statecraft are dangerous to sail alone, join up with others to bring your masterful diplomacy or shady schemes into action!

    🗺️ Dynmap 🧭: An ever changing, ever beautiful show of builds and creativity on the part of the community! Check it out here!

    What are you waiting for? Get on and have a good time! But be prepared to defend your claims from hungry eyes with your friends and allies!

    I’ll see you in the trenches.

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  • Warped


    🍄 Welcome to Warped SMP 🍄

    About Us

    Welcome to Warped SMP! We are a hermitcraft-inspired server that strives to create the true vanilla experience. Over the past 4 years we have made an amazing dedicated group of players. We have a very friendly, welcoming community and we are always looking for new members and would love to have you on our server!

    ❗ Fresh Reset ❗

    After being in the run for 1.5 years, it’s time to restart on a fresh new world! We are tired of servers that die out and reset in a couple months, We want to give our players time to work on builds and projects without a looming reset. Our top priority is providing a stable environment in the long run, keeping the world running as long as possible before ever considering a reset.


    ▶ 📜 Discord Invite

    ▶ 📷 Instagram Account (Screenshot gallery)


    Vanilla experience

    We stay true to our semi-vanilla roots and hope to find like-minded people. We never go beyond quality-of-life datapacks and never change or add anything that would change or break vanilla mechanics like technical changes or game changing plugins. Any changes that are made to the server are voted on and discussed beforehand.


    We welcome all and any playstyles! We have a very diverse player-base. Many players form groups and close bonds and friendships lasting outside of the server. We deeply encourage community collaboration, whether that be through frequent community or group projects, minigames, server wide events, or more.


    We have a very trustworthy, respectful community and thus have laid back rules and keep drama to a minimum and ask the same of you.

    How To Join

    We have a strong, dedicated, trustworthy community right outside the gate and sets a standard for new players and applications. We except you to take your time on your application. If your application doesn’t meet our standards, we do give you a chance to redo it.

    Join our discord HERE and apply!

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  • Just Bucket!

    Just Bucket!

    JUST BUCKET – SMP, Economy, Jobs, Tournaments, Ranks, Discord, active community. Experienced Developer

    5-20 active players constantly!

    java ip:

    Bedrock version IP

    Jobs, Economy, SMP, McMMO, tournaments, VeinMiner

    Come be a part of a growing community!


    The plugins in this semi vanilla server are designed to not intrude upon the Survival/Vanilla aspect of Minecraft, while also providing a griefer-free and streamlined friendly community experience.

    We offer GriefPrevention, Economy systems, jobs, McMMO and all the normal home, spawn, tpa and warp commands!

    We also have vein mining, Break one block in a vein of ores, and the rest will come with it. This also works with tree’s!

    Tired of mining and crafting? We’ve got alternatives for those looking for a change of pace:

    Player based economy, and player trading. Use chest shops to sell or buy while you’re online or offline, or trade directly with players while online.

    Finally, we have a friendly staff with multiple ranking systems and room to advance throughout the server and staff. Player, member, helper, moderator and higher.

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  • Wolf Craft

    Wolf Craft

    Join us at Wolf Craft for a unique Minecraft experience!

    We have a carefully curated Modpack and server, where you can join with others, or play alone, it’s entirely up to you!

    Upon first spawning you will awake in Wolverton Town, the server’s “safe space” and capital, where you’ll find a shopping district, Castle, and a scavenger hunt to get you started! (Amongst many other cool things!)

    You can build and develop your own Colony using MineColonies, master the dark arts using Ars Nouveau or Primal Magick, enjoy taking part in server wide competitions, or simply find your own corner of the map to build something mental!

    We have a fully fledged economy using Lightman’s Currency, along with MANY QOL mods, to make your experience in our server as pleasant as we can.

    Dind us on CurseForge by searching “Wolf Craft – A Modpack by Certi” if you want to get in on the action! Or if you are feeling lazy looking for invites, just jump right into our Discord!

    Invite your friends, join with us and have a great time exploring Wolf Craft!

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